Behemoth Premiere “Rom 5:8” Music Video

Behemoth have premiered a new video for their song “Rom 5:8.” This track is from the band’s latest album “I Loved You At Your Darkest.” A new tour edition of that record will be released on January 24 and it will feature the original album, as well as a BBC Radio 1 session, new artwork by Nicola Samori, and a previously unreleased documentary called “Thou Darkest Art,” which was filmed at the band’s art gallery in London, England.

Slipknot, Mastodon, Trivium, Etc. Members To Guest On New Me And That Man (Behemoth) Album “New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 1”

Behemoth frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski has revealed the details for his new Me And That Man album “New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 1.” The effort, which will be released on March 27, features a number of guests including Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, Mastodon’s Brent Hinds, Trivium’s Matt Heafy, and more.

“New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 1” Track Listing:

01. “Run With The Devil” (feat. Jørgen Munkeby of Shining)
02. “Coming Home” (feat. Siver Høyem of Madrugada)
03. “Burning Churches” (feat. Mat McNerney of Grave Pleasures)
04. “By The River” (feat. Ihsahn of Emperor)
05. “Męstwo”
06. “Surrender” (feat. Anders Landelius of Dead Soul / Rob Caggiano of Volbeat)
07. “Deep Down South” (feat. Nicke Anderson of Entombed / Johanna Sadonis of Lucifer)
08. “Man Of The Cross” (feat. Jerome Reuter of Rome)
09. “You Will Be Mine” (feat. Matt Heafy of Trivium)
10. “How Come?” (feat. Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour / Brent Hinds of Mastodon)
11. “Confession” (feat. Niklas Kvarforth of Shining)

Nergal commented:

“With the utmost pride and… kind of relief;,I present to you, the second ME AND THAT MAN album — ‘New Man, New Songs, Same Shit, Vol. 1′. This time ’round, I wanted to take on a different challenge and curated an album of 11 songs — each with their own character and vibe, alongside the most talented and important individuals across the whole scene. Together, we take trips to the lands of blues, folk, country and even spaghetti western. Only time will tell if we hit the mark, but I deeply believe so. I’m very proud of this piece of work and it has been a monumental task to achieve.

I would like to thank EACH one of our guests for being part of this project: Mat and Matt, Niklas and Jørgen, Corey, Alan, Addi, Brent, Vegard, Sivert, Anders, Rob, Jerome, Johanna and Nicke. I LOVE you all from here to the moon and back! Without the passion and heart you granted us, this wouldn’t have been possible!”

Two songs from the album, Run With The Devil” (feat. Jørgen Munkeby) and “Burning Churches” (feat. Mat McNerney), have already been released and a video for the third single, “Surrender” (feat. Anders Landelius and Rob Caggiano), can be found below:

Behemoth Planning To Reissue Their Back Catalog

According to Behemoth frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski, the band are planning to reissue their “back catalogue with massive bonus content, both audio and aesthetics.” The first release in the series is a reissue of the group’s debut EP, “And The Forests Dream Eternally,” which is expected to be released in May.

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When I thought that all of those tapes were long gone buried by time and dust I came across this hidden treasure…! One of my garage band’s names was Centaur and we played… Black Death metal! It must have been ‘88 or ‘89 I believe. All I remember from those “session” is that there was a song called “Necromancer”. Now I’m waiting for a friend of mine to bring the cassette player so I can check if the tape is legit. It should be! I don’t think it’s ever worth publishing but for my personal archives and the whole career profile it is pretty crucial. For all the @behemothofficial fans out there, along with this tape I found several Behemoth demo masters, rehearsal cassettes and live recordings from late ‘90! What I am working on now is reissue of the back catalogue with massive bonus content, both audio and aesthetics! Stay tuned! “…And the forests dream eternally” comes out first in May 2020!

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Me And That Man (Behemoth) Premiere Animated Video For New Christmas Song “Burning Churches”

Me And That Man, the blackened blues project featuring Behemoth’s Nergal, have released a new Christmas song titled “Burning Churches.“ This track features Mat McNerney (Grave Pleasures, etc.) and an animated music video for it can be found below:

Nergal commented:

“If someone would have told me one day, I’d release a Xmas song, I would have burst into laughter. Hell freezes over and I present to you, ‘Burning Churches‘. This time I team up with Mat McNerney from the legendary Beastmilk, Grave Pleasures, DHG and Hexvessel. Make yourself comfortable around the Christmas tree, stoke the fire and grab yourself a drink! Hallelujah.”

A press release offered more info on the track:

“The story of ‘Burning Churches‘ goes much deeper than a first glance or listen might suggest. The new single tackles the dark, mournful tale of a young boy who was abused by a priest in his childhood. By swearing vengeance on the church and radicalizing himself, he transforms into a sort of satanic anti-hero who seems to gather more followers by the second. ‘Burning Churches‘ to the ground, one by one, he gets his revenge. Me And That Man presents the story in yet another grim snapshot with an elaborate comic strip depiction.”

Watch Nergal (Behemoth) Perform Hellhammer’s “Aggressor” With Triumph Of Death

During last night’s (December 15) “Merry Christless” show at Progresja in Warsaw, Poland, Adam “Nergal” Darski (Behemoth) joined Triumph Of Death onstage for a performance of Hellhammer’s “Aggressor.” You can see footage of that below:

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Sooo… in 1992 with @behemothofficial we recorded our first ever cover by legendary Hellhammer, “Aggressor”. There was no way we could find the lyrics so I improvised… which is pretty obvious when listen to it. It was pre-internet times kids, I was a poor metalhead, I couldn’t even afford buying an original LP (was there even a lyric sheet?), not even mentioning none were available in Poland. Last nite I had an immense pleasure and honor to join one of my heavy metal heroes, personally a friend, to perform “Aggressor” on stage in Warsaw during Merry Christless festival. The circle is completed. I’m beyond fulfilled and eternally grateful for this life’s opportunity Tom! Loved EVERY fuckin’ second of it! @triumphofdeathofficial

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Behemoth & Twisted Sister Members Add Fuel To Rumors Regarding New AC/DC Music

For over a year, rumors of AC/DC releasing a new album featuring late guitarist Malcolm Young have been circulating online. Now, Behemoth’s Nergal and Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider have both added fuel to the fire by claiming that the band’s surviving members are planning to release new music containing material that Young recorded before his death.

Nergal told Loudwire the following:

“I know there’s a new AC/DC album in the making with Malcolm Young. It’s coming. It’s going to be an outtake from Rock or Bust. What do I expect? I expect nothing more and nothing less, just give me fucking rhythm and Angus and Malcom’s guitar. Don’t give me anything extra. [Brian Johnson] is back in the band.”

Snider also commented on Twitter, while responding to a fan who asked if a member of AC/DC is sick:

“He died. RIP Malcolm Young. But all four surviving members have reunited WITH tracks recorded by Malcolm while he was still alive. Malcolm’s nephew Stevie Young is replacing him (he’s done this a couple of times before). It’s as close as you can get to the original band.”

Rumors of a new AC/DC album have been heating up ever since photos leaked of Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, Angus Young, and Stevie Young at Vancouver’s Warehouse Studio last year. Johnson also added fuel to the fire after reportedly telling Terrorizer that the rumors were true. After that, another photo surfaced suggesting that Cliff Williams may be involved in the album, despite his retirement. More recently, the band’s longtime engineer Mike Fraser confirmed that the band have “been in the studio doing something.”

Behemoth To Release Tour Edition Of “I Loved You At Your Darkest”

Behemoth have revealed that they are planning to release a new tour edition of “I Loved You At Your Darkest.“ This version features the original album, as well as a BBC Radio 1 session that was recorded in October of 2018, new artwork by Nicola Samori, and a previously unreleased documentary called “Thou Darkest Art,” which was filmed at the band’s art gallery in London, England last year. The “I Loved You At Your Darkest Tour Edition” will be available during the band’s European tour with Slipknot. Before that run, the BBC Radio 1 session will also be released as a digital EP on January 10. You can check out a live video for “Wolves Of Siberia” from that session below: