Dead Cross (Ex-Slayer, Faith No More, Etc.) To Release Debut Album In August

Dead Cross, the band featuring Dave Lombardo (ex-Slayer), Mike Patton (Faith No More), Justin Pearson (The Locust, Retox, etc.), and Mike Crain (Retox), will release their self-titled debut album on August 4. Pearson confirmed the news during a guest appearance on the Peer Pleasure Podcast.

Papa Emeritus Discusses Ghost Lineup Changes & New Album

Ghost frontman Papa Emertius (Tobias Forge) was recently interviewed by, and discussed the band’s lineup changes and his plans for their upcoming album. The interview was conducted in French, but you can find some translated excerpts below, courtesy of The PRP.


He said the following when asked if members were contractually required to keep their identities a secret:

“I think one of the mistakes was not putting pressure on them and not imposing a contract on them [laughs]. Let’s just say that obviously there was no such clause, because I thought that it was [tacitly] part of our agreement, but it was not, so … There was not a formal prohibition of revealing his identity.”

He also discussed the reasoning behind the recent lineup change:

“I can not tell you the whole story but without going into the details, the whole thing, and it’s a fact, is that Ghost was never formed as a band and its first line-up was formed after the first album was recorded, and it was only a live line-up.

And from this line-up, it has changed many times. If you have been following us since we started performing in concert in October 2010, you will have noticed that there have been many changes over the years. None of the line-up people who were active in November last year played on Opus Eponymous, for example, know [laughs].

We never formed the band together, it was always, I suppose, a band in the Bathory, Where there were people who played live and the people who played live were not necessarily the same who played on the albums.

On Opus and Meliora, there is a drummer who has never played live with us, for example. For my part, there has never really been … What some fans seem to think is not true. So, for me, the fact is that a time will come when people will discover that what they say or think is not correct, it is not based on the truth, but it suits me, No problem, no worries!”

He added the following when asked if it’s difficult to get new members into the groove of things :

“[Little laughs] Sometimes the key is to teach them to think more simply. I’m a good drummer, I’m a good bassist, I’m a correct keyboardist and I’m a pretty good guitarist. And the trick is to push them to play below their abilities [little laughs] when they are together. It helps if you have everything fixed at the level of the instrumental parts, because my way of playing the bass is all over the bass parts, my way of playing drums is everywhere on the drum parts and my keyboard approach is everywhere On the keyboard parts.

So the only thing I have to teach them is “this is how you play this riff” “But it’s so easy! “Yes, that’s the goal” [laughter]. I mean, it takes a lot of time, of course. It’s time-consuming when you have to teach everybody how to adapt to a style, but that’s how the band started, that’s what I was saying. Opus Eponymous was recorded with a session drummer and nothing else. So it lays a little on the basics, that’s how it sounds and that’s how it’s supposed to sound, it’s on that basis that the music has developed. And this, in turn, becomes a blessing and a curse. But that’s how it works, so … In itself, becomes a blessing and a curse. But that’s how it works, so … In itself, becomes a blessing and a curse. But that’s how it works, so …”

He also commented on the band’s upcoming album:

“You can expect forty-five minutes of music on vinyl [laughs]. No, actually, I’m going to record all through the fall and the new album will be released within a year from now. It will be a darker album, it’s a bit of an idea, because the album takes place at a time I suppose full of people, especially in Europe, have found completely apocalyptic, and this period has made a lot of.

But it also led the continent to prosper after the fact. It is an album that will be completely impregnated by death, but it will also be an album on survival. Combining these two things is my driving force in the design of this album. Because it will be dark but there will be … You know, in order to really, really see the darkness, we need light, So as to have a reference and know to recognize the darkness. It is my vocation today, make this album.”

It is worth noting that the interview was conducted before it was revealed that Papa Emeritus is being sued by former members of the band.

Black Veil Brides Finish New Album

It looks like Black Veil Brides have officially finished their new album. Jake Pitts revealed the news via Instagram:

It was an absolute pleasure to work with @johnfeldy on the new @blackveilbrides album and even though it was a hell of a long time to make this album, we are excited to say it's officially mixed and mastered which equals DONE!! When we first worked with John back in 2012 I didn't always see eye to eye with him and I was a little close minded. I'm happy to say that I have grown so much as a musician, songwriter and producer and I owe it all to him! My mind has been opened up, and I have gained so much knowledge from just being in the same room as him. I am happy to call someone I aspire to be like and who inspires me a friend. This album kicks a lot of ass and I cannot wait for you all to hear it! Thanks to everyone who who helped make this album amazing! @andyblack @ceesespieces @jinxxed4life @zakkcervini @mattpauling @blasko1313 @itsjasonflom

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The Faceless Nearly Done With New Album, Plan To Release 10th Anniversary Edition Of “Planetary Duality”

The Faceless’ Michael Keene was recently interviewed by Metal Wani and and revealed that the band’s new album “In Becoming A Ghost“ is nearly complete, and that it will most likely arrive in August release date. You can listen to him discuss that, the 10th anniversary edition of “Planetary Duality,“ and more in the below video:

Keene said the following [transcribed by THE PRP]:

“The current status is this: all tracking is done. Mixing is done. Basically I’m in the mastering stage. I kind of mix and master at the same time, so it’s kind of final touches of the mix and just getting the mastering tweaked just right on the record. Which is literally like, we’re talking a couple days here. The master will be turned into Sumerian in just a few days. And I was very explicit with them that I did not want them to set a release date until I turned the masters in.

Because on previous records there were release dates set and then things ended up taking longer and of course what’s the last that happens, the last thing is the mix. So the mix is the thing that suffered. On “Planetary Duality” for instance I essentially didn’t mix the record because there was no time.

They told me that if I didn’t get the record to them in 24 hours that we were going to miss street date. And I stayed up all night, worked for 24 hours. I had listener fatigue, so I couldn’t even hear the mistakes I was making. And I turned it in as was and then come to find out it sat on their desk for 10 days before they even turned it into the press plant.

So I had 10 days I could have worked on the mix and could have gotten it great, but instead that happened and now I have to live with it forever—well I don’t have to live with it forever because I’m actually doing a re-mix of “Planetary Duality“—re-mix/remaster of “Planetary Duality“—which will be hopefully released next year as a ten year anniversary. But anyway, all that to say, that in the next few days the record will be turned in and street date will follow shortly after.”

He also added the following about “In Becoming A Ghost”:

“It’s the most diverse record that I’ve made for sure. I mean, to give you an idea there’s a flute solo in a song. You don’t have any of that in death metal too often. As a matter of fact, the same guy that played sax on the last record played the flute solo on this record.

Actually one of the things that took… held the record up a little bit was that I was actually kind of having a hard time finding uniformity in the mix, because the material was so diverse. It was really hard to find a universal mix to start from. Because generally with metal—with other styles of music if the mix is different from one song to another, that’s totally fine—with metal everyone expects there to be a certain amount of uniformity. They expect the drum sounds, the guitar tones to be the same, etc., etc.. With how different the material was from song to song, it was hard to find sort of like a base mix—a universal base mix—to start from.”

He continued:

“It still very much sounds like Faceless album, it’s just even more diverse. And I even went into the writing process with a concept in mind of writing something that had the signature sort of technical death metal sound that was created on “Planetary Duality” combined with the sound of “Autotheism“. Somewhere in-between there, but its own thing as well. So, trying to kind of lay it somewhere between there and then also have it be its own thing and push the boundaries even further of what’s acceptable and still being able to call it metal.”

Rex Brown (Pantera, Etc.) Premieres New Song “Crossing Lines”, Reveals Details For New Album

Rex Brown (Pantera, etc.) has premiered a new song titled “Crossing Lines,” via Loudwire. This track is from his debut solo “Smoke On This,“ which will be released on July 28. You can preorder that over at PledgeMusic.

“Smoke On This” Track Listing:

01. “Lone Rider”
02. “Crossing Lines””
03. “Buried Alive”
04. “Train Song”
05. “Get Yourself Alright”
06. “Fault Line”
07. “What Comes Around …”
08. “Grace”
09. “So Into You”
10. “Best Of Me”
11. “One Of These Days”