James LaBrie (Dream Theater) To Release New Solo Album “Beautiful Shade Of Gray” In May

James LaBrie (Dream Theater) is planning to release a new solo album, titled “Beautiful Shade Of Gray,” on May 20. The singer worked on the effort with Paul Logue (Eden’s Curse).

LaBrie said the following about working with Logue during a recent appearance on “The Everyman Podcast“:

“I sang on one of [EDEN’S CURSE’s] songs back in 2010 called ‘No Holy Man’; so I guest on that. And I really liked Paul’s writing. To me, Paul’s writing was more from a classical era — like the ’70s; that classic rock approach. And I had a lot of ideas in that vein.

Paul and I actually bumped into each other — you think fate isn’t there with you; holy shit… The day after we finished the show — DREAM THEATER in Glasgow [on] February 23rd [2020]. I’m waiting for my flight on the 24th to go to London and then Toronto, and Paul walks by me and he goes, ‘James!’ I’m, like, ‘Oh my God!’ He goes, ‘You know I was at the show last night.’ He kept trying to e-mail me on my old e-mail address. And he goes, ‘Listen, let me know. You wanna get together? You wanna do some writing?’ And I said, ‘I’d love to.’ At the time, I said, ‘I don’t know. Some freaky shit’s going on. You’re hearing about this virus?’ ‘Yeah. Yeah.’ [I said] ‘We’ve gotta go to Asia, then we’ve gotta go to freakin’ South America and North America and all that.’ I said, ‘So we’re probably not gonna be done till October, but why don’t we start writing then? Or why don’t we start throwing ideas back in the meantime, and I can even be on the road and working on it?’ And he goes, ‘Great.’ All of a sudden, the world closes down. So we got on it… It was probably… Everything closed down March 15th, I believe, and by March 20th, him and I were already passing ideas back and forth.”

“We started as, we said, ‘Let’s just keep it real raw and acoustic-based — that’ll be the fundamental of this album,’ and then it kind of morphed into more of an ensemble, so [with] keyboards… Marco Sfogli is playing lead guitar on all the tracks. Paul is playing all the rhythm acoustic guitars and bass. And then [my son] Chance [LaBrie] is doing drums. Christian Pulkkinen is the keyboard player, who’s a fantastic keyboard player, piano player. All the lyrics, except one, I penned.

It was really interesting how it came together, whether I’d be throwing [Paul] a riff or I’d be throwing him a melody idea that became a chorus to one of the songs or verses. And then he’d throw me back his ideas musically. And we slowly but surely put it all together. We had everybody fully involved. And it came out fantastic. The label is really stoked about it. It has that kind of ZEPPELIN-esque feel to it, but still the modern-day aspects of it as well are there. So it’s great.”

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Shaman’s Harvest Premiere New Song “Under Your Skin”

Shaman’s Harvest have premiered a new song titled “Under Your Skin.” This track is from the band’s new album “Rebelator,” which will be released on March 11.

Vocalist Nathan Hunt commented:

“‘Under Your Skin’ is a vibrant new track with pulsing guitars pushing forward the energy of the track. ‘Under Your Skin’ slams with a four on the floor, high energy, heavy riff that has just enough spooky vibes to fit with a Halloween release. We aspire to have anyone hearing the song bangin’ their head by the second measure.”

Guitarist Josh Hamler added:

“’Under Your Skin’ is a song that’s relentlessly coming for ya. From the massive guitar riffs to the thunderous drums and melodic vocal hook, it leaves no doubt…This one Slams!”

“Rebelator” Track Listing:

01. “Under Your Skin”
02. “Toe the Line”
03. “Flatline”
04. “Voices”
05. “Wildfire”
06. “Lilith”
07. “Mama”
08. “Hurricane”
09. “Pretty People”
10. “Wishing Well”
11. “Bird Dog”

Voivod Finish Recording New Album

Voivod have officially finished the recording process for their new album. Guitarist Daniel “Chewy” Mongrain commented:

“New Voivod Album is done and at the Mastering with Maor Appelbaum Mastering! Crazy intense past 4 months of writing demoing recording mixing…! Thanx to the Francis Perron, RadicArt Recording Studio for his total dedication, hard work and passion! Thanx to Lapointe amplification for the amazing guitar tone I got from your amp! And Bond Instruments for making my beautiful guitars and DiMarzio pickups to make my finger sing! Sophia Tremolos for enable me to express myself in total control with their amazing trems! and Graph Tech Guitar Labs for the total reliable gear ,helping my guitars staying in tune and making my life easier!”

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators Premiere “The River Is Rising” Video, Announce New Album & Tour

Slash Featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators have premiered a new video for their new song “The River Is Rising.” This track is from their new album “4,” which will be released on February 11.

Slash commented:

“There’s two or three songs on the record that were written during the pandemic; everything else was written before. ‘The River is Rising’ was one of the last songs I wrote before we started pre-production, and because it was so fresh and has a certain groove and energy to it, it was the first thing we really attacked. It’s the newest song on the record, and as for the double-time part, that was something that I came up with and tagged onto the end of the arrangement. Then when we were over at RCA, Dave Cobb suggested we do it right after the breakdown. So, we went straight into the fast part, and I just started doing the guitar solo over it. It was one of those things where we were jamming around, trying to fish out the arrangement, and it just happened.”

Myles Kennedy added:

“The lyric ultimately explores how humans can be brainwashed or indoctrinated by some sort of dangerous idea. Once we shot the demo back and forth a few times, I personally felt confident that we had the album opener. To me, it’s an important track.”

“4” Track Listing:

01. “The River Is Rising”
02. “Whatever Gets You By”
03. “C’est la vie”
04. “The Path Less Followed”
05. “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”
06. “Spirit Love”
07. “Fill My World”
08. “April Fool”
09. “Call Off The Dogs”
10. “Fall Back To Earth”

In other news, the band have also announced a headlining North American tour:

With Dead Sara:

02/08 Portland, OR – Roseland Theater
02/09 Seattle, WA – Paramount Theatre
02/11 Brooks, CA – Cache Creek Casino Resort
02/12 San Francisco – CA, Warfield
02/15 Phoenix, AZ – Arizona Federal Theatre
02/16 Valley Center, CA – Harrah’s Resort Southern CA
02/18 Los Angeles, CA – YouTube Theater
02/19 Las Vegas, NV – Theater at Virgin Hotels
02/22 Salt Lake City – UT, Delta Hall-Eccles Theater
02/23 Denver, CO – Paramount Theatre

With Plush:

02/25 Kansas City, MO – Arvest Bank Theatre-Midland
02/26 Prior Lake, MN – Mystic Lake Casino-Mystic Showroom
02/28 Milwaukee, WI – Riverside Theater
03/02 Chicago, IL – Riviera Theatre
03/04 Windsor, ON – Caesars Windsor-Colosseum
03/05 Waterloo, NY – The Vine-Del Lago Resort
03/07 Boston, MA – House of Blues
03/09 Silver Spring, MD – Fillmore-Silver Spring
03/11 Atlantic City, NJ – Tropicana-Atlantic City
03/12 New York, NY – Beacon Theatre

With Tash Neal:

03/14 Richmond, VA – Dominion Energy Center
03/16 Nashville, TN – Grand Ole Opry House
03/18 Atlanta, GA – Coca Cola Roxy
03/19 Durham, NC – Durham Performing Arts Center
03/21 Charlotte, NC – Fillmore-Charlotte
03/23 Charleston, SC – North Charleston Performing Arts Center
03/25 Clearwater, FL – Ruth Eckerd Hall
03/26 Orlando, FL – Hard Rock Live-Orlando

(hed)p.e. To Release New Album “Califas Worldwide” In December

(hed)p.e. have revealed the details for their new album “Califas Worldwide.” The effort will be released on December 17 and it will feature members of Bad Brains, Fishbone, Porno For Pyros, Crazy Town, and tons more.

“Califas Worldwide” Track Listing:

01. “Not Today” (feat. The Final Clause of Tacitus)
02. “Choose Sides” (feat. Mr. Talkative)
03. “Fuck What You Say” (feat. Breez)
04. “Your Pride” (feat. Lio Mori)
05. “Across the Universe” (feat. Ipcus Pinecone of The Villebillies)
06. “All That Matters” (feat. Brandon the Wizard)
07. “Leave Em All Behind” (feat. Johnny Richter of King Klick and formerly of the Kottonmouth Kings, John E. Necro of OPM, and The Lost Soul)
08. “Hurricane” (feat. Sad Silence)
09. “Nothing” (feat. MUSICATRISK)
10. “Stand Or Fall” (feat. Hunter Friary)
11. “Hate (Is the Weapon)” (feat. Full Frontal Lobotomy)
12. “Stop Time” (feat. Lio Mori)
13. “Time Is Up” (feat. Nail)
14. “Portal” (feat. Brandon the Wizard)
15. “Enemies” (feat. Electric Poets)
16. “Crazy I Like” (feat. Chubby Unicorn)
17. “Just Like You” (feat. Attack Mods)
18. “One Nite” (feat. Lio Mori)
19. “Draw The Line” (feat. Lio Mori)
20. “Red Herring” (feat. Lucid)
21. “PMA All Day” (feat. Shifty of Crazy Town, DJ 6Blocc, Angelo Moore of Fishbone, HR of Bad Brains, Mikal Blue, Norwood Fisher of Fishbone, Peter Distefano of Porno for Pyros, Proto and Crazy Town)

Frontman Jared Gomes commented:

“When the first phase of the pandemic hit, all of our tours were canceled and we had just released ‘Class of 2020‘. Rather than sit around waiting for this thing to end, I decided to channel all my energy into creating music and to work with new artists from a variety of styles. We had people from all over the world from places like Belarus, Russia, England, France, Argentina, Italy, and Germany send in tracks.

When I finished I realized there were some really cool vibes here; so I sent a selection to the record label and they agreed. They offered to release a record with all these different artists. The word Califas is Spanish slang for California. I feel like my vocals have a SoCal vibe to them, so the title was a cool way of tying together all the tracks from all over the world with my Cali vibes.”

Of Mice & Men Premiere “Fighting Gravity” Video

Of Mice & Men have premiered a new video for their new song “Fighting Gravity.” This track is from the band’s new album “Echo,” which will be released on December 3. That effort will feature the group’s recent EPs, “Timeless” and “Bloom,” and a new EP titled “Ad Infinitum.”

Aaron Pauley said the following about the new song:

“‘Fighting Gravity‘ is about learning to let go, while also recognizing the impermanence and shortness of life. We think we’re in control of so much, but we’re really not, and that existential dilemma is at the foundation of the human condition.”

The band also added the following about the album:

“‘Echo‘ is a snapshot of the last year-and-a-half of our lives. It covers loss and growth, life and impermanence, love, and the infinite – how the most wonderful and most tragic parts of the human experience are deeply intertwined.”

“Echo” Track Listing:

01. “Timeless”
02. “Obsolete”
03. “Anchor”
04. “Levee”
05. “Bloom”
06. “Pulling Teeth”
07. “Mosaic”
08. “Fighting Gravity”
09. “Echo”
10. “Helplessly Hoping” (Crosby, Stills And Nash cover)

Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst Hints At Releasing More New Music Soon

Limp Bizkit recently released their new song “Dad Vibes” and it looks like more new music will be surfacing soon. Fred Durst said the following on his Instagram Story:

“Should I drop a new song? Maybe ‘Turn It Up Bitch‘ or ‘Goodbye‘? Hmm, or should I just drop the whole new album, all 12 songs. What do you think?”

[via The PRP]

Venom Prison To Release New Album “Erebos” In February

Venom Prison have announced that their album, “Erebos,” will be released on February 4. The band commented:

“Being able to work with our dear friend Eliran [Kantor] on another piece of art for Venom Prison has been exciting as always. Kantor knows the band perfectly well to capture our music and poetry into a visual masterpiece every single time. ‘Erebos‘ was a personal one for both Eliran Kantor and ourselves. This artwork captures the moment a young person dies inside as they are surrounded by horror. In the moment their innocence is lost and desensitization will from now on fuel the repetition of the cycle of violence in their life. This is ‘Erebos‘ the one born from chaos.”

Taproot Launch GoFundMe Campaign For New Album

Taproot have launched a GoFundMe campaign for their new album. You can donate to that HERE.

Frontman Stephen Richards commented:

“Hey guys, this isn’t how I wanted to do it but.. With bills/Studio/Mastering/Production/Guest potentials/Promotion/Filing /Registrations and Finalizing approaching blah blah blah, I have to reach out for sum help I guess.

The worst part to keep in mind is that this is NOT for a purchase of the new record, just to help me wrap this project up as soon as possible (which sucks, I hate this). If I don’t meet this goal, I totally understand and will still continue on to try to figure this process out either way, so please just do what you can or want to.

I think you will love the new 11 tunes (or most of them anyways haha). It’s probably gonna sound like garbage lol, but has been a lot of fun doing everything myself so far and having you along with me on the ride. I appreciate all of your guys’ support for so many years, and I love staying in touch with you all on social media and sharing my progress through videos (and random “live” streams) and enjoy the positive emotions and stories you all share with me in return over the years.

There are way more important stories on this platform that need help as well, I’m just looking for some aid if ya can (insert stupid Steve joke here..), especially with Christmas around the corner.. In which I’ll likely be selling the record for more money by then hahaha”

Black Map Delay New Album “Melodoria” To February

Black Map have postponed the release of their new album “Melodoria.” The effort will now be available on February 18.

The band commented:

“We wrote and recorded a great record we are incredibly proud of and couldn’t be more excited to share with you. We’ve also been rehearsing nonstop to bring you another great live show. But having both our fall national tours unexpectedly and beyond our control be cancelled we’ve decided to move the release of Melodoria to February 18th, 2022.

With that, we’ll be rolling out a couple more new tracks shortly across all our streaming/social sources. Stay tuned.

If you have pre-ordered any merchandise, it will begin shipping in early November.

Thanks for your patience and support. We’ll see you on the road next year.

Much love,
Ben, Mark & Chris“