Dream Theater Share Second Video From Drum Tracking Sessions For New Album

Dream Theater have shared another video from the drum tracking sessions for their new album. The effort is expected to be released in early 2019.


Paul Seidel Says The Ocean’s “Phanerozoic” Double Album Will “Follow The “Story” Traced By ‘Precambrian‘”

During a recent interview with Arcticdrones.com, The Ocean drummer Paul Seidel talked a bit about The Ocean’s new double album “Phanerozoic.” According to him, the effort will “follow the “story” traced by ‘Precambrian'” and that the first part will probably arrive in November.

Seidel said the following:

“…We’ve already started recording the new album which will follow the “story” traced by ‘Precambrian‘. Thematically it picks up where ‘Precambrian‘ left off. Basically, ‘Precambrian‘ is the drawing of the Earth as it is, while the new album will take on the birth of living organisms, how they prospered, and their evolution until pretty much the arrival of human beings.

It’s a big task, which is why it’s going to develop into two records, with the first part probably due in November. As for recording a record, it’s all a matter of characters in the band.

It’s about people’s characters and what ideas different people bring to the table and with The Ocean it’s a little different because it’s always been Robin who takes care of a lot. He always has a certain vision in mind. I’m never sure if it’s a full-grown idea or a mega-concept floating around, but its’ a long process from formulating an initial idea and drawing it into something that everyone kind of understands in the band.

Because I can record a drum demo at home and have all the melodies ready in my head but as long as that is not turned into something other people will not understand that. So the process with this record was pretty much Robin having an idea and writing a record that fits that idea. Now we’re in the middle of shaping the diamond, like this gem that you find and now everyone is working hard on shaping it into something beautiful.”

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Rob Zombie Signs With Nuclear Blast Records

Rob Zombie has signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast Records and is planning to release his new album through the label in 2019. He said the following:

“I am very excited to work with the fine folks at Nuclear Blast. The combination of the label’s grassroots urge to get the hustle done mixed with the detonation of our most combustable melodic masterpiece yet should prove to be a winning hybrid of hellacious hullabaloo.”

All That Remains Are “Just About Finished Writing” Their New Album

It looks like All That Remains are almost done with the songwriting process for their new album. Phil Labonte told Rock 94.7 the following during the Rock USA festival in Oshkosh, Wisconsin:

“We have another record that we are just about finished writing. We are working. We’ll have it out sometime either end of this year [or] beginning of next year. I don’t have a solid date yet, so I can’t tell you exactly when, but it’s coming very soon. We’ve got a bunch of stuff already written; we’ve got some stuff recorded already as well. So keep an eye out; it’s coming.”

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Alkaline Trio Premiere New Song “Blackbird”, Reveal Details For New Album “Is This Thing Cursed?”

Alkaline Trio have premiered a new song titled “Blackbird.” This track is from the band’s new album “Is This Thing Cursed?,” which will be released on August 31.

“Is This Thing Cursed?” Track Listing:

01. “Is This Thing Cursed?
02. “Blackbird
03. “Demon And Division
04. “Little Help?
05. “I Can’t Believe
06. “Sweet Vampires
07. “Pale Blue Ribbon
08. “Goodbye Fire Island
09. “Stay
10. “Heart Attacks
11. “Worn So Thin
12. “Throw Me To The Lions
13. “Krystalline

Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel To Release New Album “Patina” In November

Red Dragon Cartel, the band led by Jake E. Lee (ex-Ozzy Osbourne, etc.), have announced that their new album “Patina” will be released on November 9. The group’s current lineup features Lee, along with singer Darren James Smith, drummer Phil Varone, and bassist Anthony Esposito.

“Patina” Track Listing:

01. “Speedbag”
02. “Havana”
03. “Crooked Man”
04. “The Luxury Of Breathing”
05. “Bitter”
06. “Chasing Ghosts”
07. “A Painted Heart”
08. “Punchclown” (bonus track)
09. “My Beautiful Mess”
10. “Ink & Water”