Nita Strauss Working On Second Solo Album

Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper, etc.) has revealed that she has started working on her second solo album. The guitarist told Heavy1 TV the following:

“I wrote the majority of ‘Controlled Chaos’ while I was on the previous Alice Cooper tour, so I’m falling right back into the pattern of writing my album on days off. I’ve got my Pro Tools rig out here, so I’m just writing and recording. And we’ll do some more clinics, do some more solo touring, do some more touring with Alice, and then I’m hopeful for a second album release in late 2020.”

[via Blabbermouth]


Body Count Mixing New Album

According to Ice-T, Body Count have officially started the mixing process for their new album “Carnivore.“ He tweeted the following:

Saint Asonia (Ex-Three Days Grace, Staind, Etc.) Premiere New Song “Beast”

Saint Asonia (ex-Three Days Grace, Staind, etc.) have premiered a new song titled “Beast.” This track is from the band’s new album “Flawed Design,” which will be released on October 25.

“Flawed Design” Track Listing:

01. “Blind”
02. “Sirens” (feat. Within Temptation’s Sharon den Adel)
03. “This August Day”
04. “The Hunted” (feat. Godsmack’s Sully Erna)
05. “Ghost”
06. “Beast”
07. “The Fallen”
08. “Another Flight”
09. “Flawed Design”
10. “Justify”
11. “Martyrs”

Tommy Lee (Mötley Crüe) Says His Upcoming Solo Album Will Feature “Literally Every Single Different Genre That You Could Imagine”

During a recent interview with Billboard, Tommy Lee (Mötley Crüe) talked a bit about his upcoming solo album. The effort is expected to be released in March and Lee says it will feature “literally every single different genre that you could imagine.”

The effort is tentatively titled “Trans Genres” because as Lee says “one side is all female energy and the other side of the record is all male.” He continued:

“It’s very eclectic, and I think everyone’s gonna really enjoy it. That’s what I’ve been excited about lately. What a labor of love.”

Lee also added:

“[The album has] literally every single different genre that you could imagine. That’s why I want to call it ‘Trans Genres’ because it’s literally all over the place, which I love. It’s my favorite thing. I love swishing it up from track to track. But this is literally a whole side of one kind of eclectic thing and one side of the other kind of eclectic thing. I like records like that. I don’t like records that sound like it’s pretty much the same thing.”

He went on to reveal that the record will include a “slowed-down” and “insane” cover of Prince’s “When You Were Mine” and a number of guests including: Push Push, Julia (Plya), Ellie, Shotty Horroh, Lukas Rossi (ex-Rock Star Supernova), and Foreign Beggars.

Blut Aus Nord Release New Album “Hallucinogen”

Blut Aus Nord have decided to release their new album “Hallucinogen” ahead of its planned October 11 release date due to it leaking online. Debemur Morti Productions commented:

“Considering the album is spreading with no respect to its creators, we’ve decided to release the Blut Aus Nord album earlier than expected. We’ll be shipping the CD/Cassette version to people who pre-ordered it next week. Vinyl isn’t here yet, thanks for your patience. Our eternal thanks to those who respect our work.”

Skyblood (Ex-Candlemass) Premiere New Song “The Voice”

Mats Levén (ex-Candlemass, etc.) has announced that the debut album from his Skyblood project will be released on November 22. You can find a lyric video for the effort’s first single “The Voice” below:

Track Listing:

01. “Skyblood Manifesto”
02. “The Voice”
03. “The Not Forgotten”
04. “Wake Up To The Truth”
05. “Once Invisible”
06. “One Eye For An Eye”
07. “Out Of The Hollow”
08. “For Or Against”
09. “Le Venimeux”

It’s worth noting that the album is expected to feature a number of guests including: Martin “Axe” Axenrot (Bloodbath, etc.), Nalley Påhlsson (Treat, etc.), Snowy Shaw (ex-KIing Diamond), and Petter Karlsson (ex-Therion, etc.).

Tobias Forge On Ghost’s New Album Progress: “I’ve Only Recorded, So Far, A Demo Of One Track”

During a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar, Tobias Forge offered an update on the new Ghost album. So far, the frontman has recorded one demo track for the effort and he is planning to start the “real process” in January.

Forge said the following:

“I’m still yet to start the real process. The real process being: in January, I go into the studio, Monday through Friday, every week, just finishing tracks. That’s how it works.

So up until then, I don’t know, there might be a song in my head but it’s not finished until it’s recorded. I’ve only recorded, so far, a demo of one track, just to get my rocks off and feel that I’ve started doing something.

So one track is sort of listenable and then I have maybe 50 ideas for tracks but generally, in order to make a song, you need about three ideas to be put together into a song. So I feel that four months from now, the pile of ideas – riffs, vignettes, lyric ideas, and all these different things.

‘From the Pinnacle to the Pit’ [from Ghost’s third album, 2015’s ‘Meliora’] was written on bass. That’s why it sounds like that. Some are written as a drum idea, like ‘Death Knell’ [from Ghost’s 2010 debut ‘Opus Eponymous’] was written as a drum idea. So there are so many different angles that the songs can start from.

But now, knowing that I have one song I can listen to and the pile of ideas, I feel very confident that [I can get a new album done] from January to September [2020] – that’s the production window – January is starting and September is mastering, basically. I feel as prepared now as I have going in to make any of the previous albums.”

He also added the following when asked if “Kiss The Go-Goat” and “Mary On A Cross” are any indication of the band’s new material:

“Well, they were recorded 50 years ago so they have nothing to do with the new record.”