Rody Walker (Protest The Hero) Releases New Solo EP “Sharks Fly”

Protest The Hero frontman Rody Walker has released a new solo EP titled “Sharks Fly.“ The effort, which can be streamed below, features the following tracks:

01. “Sharks Fly”
02. “Hey Stephen King”
03. “Summer ’06”

Rody Walker (Protest The Hero) To Release New Solo EP “Sharks Fly” This Month

Protest The Hero frontman Rody Walker will be releasing a new solo EP titled “Sharks Fly“ on February 28. The effort is expected to feature three tracks and the cover art for it can be seen below:

Watch Protest The Hero, Dethklok, Etc. Members Cover Oingo Boingo’s “Dead Man’s Party”

“Two Minutes To Late Night” have shared footage of their host Jordan “Gwarsenio Hall” Olds performing a quarantine cover of Oingo Boingo‘s “Dead Man’s Party” with Rody Walker (Protest The Hero), Nili Brosh (Danny Elfman, “Cirque du Soleil”, etc.), Pete Griffin (Giraffe Tongue Orchestra, Dethklok), and Mike Ieradi (Protest The Hero). “Two Minutes To Late Night” commented:

“It’s the Halloween jam you never knew was you needed! We asked Nili to shred on this track before anyone knew she was Danny Elfman‘s new guitarist. Trick or Treat! This is our 27th bedroom cover made with the support of Patreon. With so many musicians stuck at home with no outlets, we’re going to keep producing these style videos and use Patreon to give some money to everyone who has a part in them. Please support our friends by donating to our newly redone Patreon at”

Protest The Hero Release “Palimpsest” B-Sides EP “Fabula & Syuzhet”

Protest The Hero have released a new EP titled “Fabula & Syuzhet.” That effort comes with two songs including “Gift Horse” and “The Duelling Cavalier.“ Both of those tracks were previously only available as bonus tracks on select editions of the band’s latest album “Palimpsest.“

Protest The Hero’s New Album “Palimpsest” Will Be Released A Day Earlier Than Previously Planned

Protest The Hero will now be releasing their new album “Palimpsest” on June 18 instead of June 19. The band made the change out of respect for Juneteenth, the annual holiday that commemorates the end of slavery in the U.S. The group said the following:

“Many months ago, when we set the date of our record release, we decided on the date of June 19th. When we realized our scheduled release day coincides with Juneteenth, we didn’t feel right about celebrating our album when we should be observing the holiday. Recently we have been doing our best to look inward and acknowledge our prejudice and privilege. In doing so, we must recognize the importance of Juneteenth, and we don’t want to detract from it in any way. Palimpsest will now be released on Thursday, June 18th. Detailed information on where/how you can purchase/stream the record will be provided tomorrow.”

Protest The Hero Premiere New Song “The Canary”, Reveal Details For New Album “Palimpsest”

Protest The Hero have premiered a new song titled “The Canary.” This track is from the band’s new album “Palimpsest,” which will be released on June 19.

The following was said about the new song in a press release:

“The single, named after Amelia Earhart’s bright yellow bi-plane, is inspired by the American aviation pioneer, who was the first female flyer to cross the Atlantic solo.”

Guitarist Luke Hoskin also had the following to say about the album:

“‘Palimpsest‘ is by far the most challenging record we have worked on. The writing and recording process saw so many delays, it’s honestly hard to keep them straight. We are very proud of how each hurdle was handled though, and the end result is a record that we believe is deserving of such an endeavor.”

Frontman Rody Walker added:

“This record was extremely difficult for me personally. With my first child on the way, I built a studio in my basement to ensure I wasn’t leaving my wife alone with a new child for weeks on end.

I haven’t left my house since. What made it most difficult was the change in my voice. During our final tour just before we were set to start recording, I blew my voice out, and it didn’t come back. I spent a long time fighting with it trying to bounce back and failing.

Finally, through coaching and rehearsal, I got it back in shape. For the first time in my life singing felt like an actual job and I’m still pissed about it. I have never worked harder to put out music in my life and I am extremely proud of the product.”

“Palimpsest” Track Listing:

01. “The Migrant Mother”
02. “The Canary”
03. “From The Sky”
04. “All Hands”
05. “The Fireside”
06. “Soliloquy”
07. “Reverie”
08. “Little Snakes”
09. “Gardenias”
10. “Rivet”

Protest The Hero’s Rody Walker Guests On Punk Rock Factory’s Cover Of Meat Loaf’s “Bat Out Of Hell”

Protest The Hero’s Rody Walker is featured on Punk Rock Factory’s cover of Meat Loaf‘s “Bat Out Of Hell.“ You can find a video for that below. The track appears on Punk Rock Factory‘s latest album “The Wurst Is Yet To Come.“

[via The PRP]

Protest The Hero Finish Recording New Album

Protest The Hero have officially finished the recording process for their new album. The band confirmed the news in the below post:

Protest The Hero Offer New Album Update

Protest The Hero have offered an update on their new album progress. You can read what they had to say below. The band have been working on the effort for awhile, but they had to take a break last year due to Rody Walker’s vocal issues.

Here’s the group’s latest update:

“Oh, Hello There…

It has been a little over 6 months since our last update in February. So it needs to be said off the top – thanks for your patience! Believe it or not, a lot has happened since February.

Let’s get right to it shall we?

Choady seems to be winning his quarrel with voice-burglars. After off-and-on months of recording what they could, the month of June presented Rody and our vocal producer (Cam) with a decision. Cam was leaving forever on tour with Daniel Caesar (Cam does front of house sound for DC). It sounded like Cam and Rody wouldn’t be able to continue recording until 2020, when Cam would be available again.

Obviously, another delay in recording was not something any of us were prepared to consider. Then, as if summoned from some heaven-like cloud-city where people are significantly more attractive than here on earth, our friend / producer Anthony K turned up to lend a hand. Actually, he simply left his house near Yorkdale Shopping Center and drove to Whitby where Choady had been recording.

Together, both Rody and Anthony agreed that it was time to say ‘fuck it’ and get this thing dusted. And so, that’s exactly what they are doing. At it again full time, Rody has reported his voice feels better than he can remember. The rough mixes of these tracks are telling a similar story – he sounds great, confident, and a bit more pissed off than usual. It’s awesome to hear it come together!

Cam and Anthony will continue to produce the vocals together. We also haven’t forgotten about Dez (nor he about us) – as he is still providing crucial notes from his castle in Washington, and is set to be the master of puppeteers when it comes to the handling of mixes and delivery of the final album.

While all this vocal progress is being made, the rest of us are working with our friend and composer Milen to orchestrate additional instrumentation on each song. Our goal is to create our biggest sounding record yet, and that includes opening ourselves up to new instruments and arrangements. It really is some exciting new territory… (while at the same time, kind of familiar – as records like Fortress were peppered with crazy additional production).

We have hired an incredible artist to take the reigns on the record’s artwork…and let’s just say after seeing some initial sketches, they know what the fuck they are doing! As you may know, the artwork for our records has always been important to us. So, with this record, we made sure to share the lyrics for each song, and explained the concept clearly before then turning it over to the artist completely. It’s very satisfying when an artist just ‘gets it’ so quickly and confidently.

All this positive news is still accompanied with some question marks… As of now, we aren’t sure who will mix and master the record – but you will know when we do. We also don’t have any confirmed release date either. But if we are speaking realistically, it’s toward the very end of this year or the first few months of next.

This record has been our most trying. It has demanded our utmost patience and perseverance, but we are finally turning a corner. Feels like we have really had to fight for this one – and the struggle has really made us appreciate how lucky we are to still be in the position to make music. An immense thanks for your patience (if you are still with us!). The hardest part is in the rearview.

More updates soon.