Bassist Todd “Sexy T” Strange To No Longer Tour With Crowbar, Band Announces “Odd Fellows Rest” 20th Anniversary Show

Crowbar have announced that bassist Todd “Sexy T” Strange will no longer be touring with the band. His last performance with the group will be an “Odd Fellows Rest” 20th anniversary show, which is set to take place on August 4 at the Southport Hall in New Orleans, LA. The band commented:

“Crowbar will be performing Odd Fellows Rest 20th anniversary show at Southport Music Hall August 4th! We did it at Roadburn Fest in The Netherlands, and want to share this classic in our hometown!! Sexy T will be playing this show but will no longer be our touring bassist. All of us in Crowbar believe that family comes first!!! Gonna be a great show!!! Be there!!


Korn Will Not Be Playing “Follow The Leader” In Full At Upcoming 20th Anniversary Shows

Korn previously announced a few “Follow The Leader“ 20th anniversary concerts, but it doesn’t appear that they will be playing the album in full at these shows. Jonathan Davis told 93.3 WMMR radio the following:

“We’re not gonna do it in its entirety. There’s a couple of songs that are just dumb [laughs], that we don’t wanna play. We were really drunk when we made ’em. But we’re gonna play the majority of the record.”

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Incubus Are “Entertaining” The Idea Of “Make Yourself” 20th Anniversary Touring

It looks like Incubus are “entertaining” the idea of doing a “Make Yourself” 20th anniversary tour. Drummer José Pasillas II said the following on Jon’s Untitled Podcast:

“Make Yourself” will be 20 years… I think that was 1999. Yeah, so that’s gonna be 20 years—so crazy. And we kinda messed around with the idea when “S.C.I.E.N.C.E.“, our first record turned 20. So we do have these great opportunities to do stuff like that. And I think we’re entertaining it more now than we ever have—we never really thought of that before. But I think that would be great. I think just sort of having a theme around a record would be great. Obviously we have so many other songs, we have such a long list of songs that people would want to hear that we can always play as well, but the theme would be sort of around that record. Maybe in the future we’ll take it more seriously and do something like that. But it’s funny that you mentioned it because we just started talking about it as of late.”

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Death’s “Leprosy,” “Individual Thought Patterns,” & “The Sound Of Perseverance” To Receive New Anniversary Vinyl Pressings

Relapse Records have announced that they will be releasing deluxe anniversary vinyl reissues of three Death albums on July 20. They include a 30th anniversary edition of “Leprosy,” a 25th anniversary edition of “Individual Thought Patterns,” and a 20th anniversary edition of “The Sound Of Perseverance.“ Pre-orders can be found HERE.

Track Listings:

“Leprosy” (2xLP):

LP 1:

“Born Dead”
“Forgotten Past”
“Left To Die”
“Pull The Plug”
“Open Casket”
“Primitive Ways”
“Choke On It”

LP 2:

“Leprosy” – 9/23/87 Rehearsal:

“Open Casket”
“Choke On It”
“Left To Die”
“Left To Die” (take 2)

“Leprosy: – 12/05/87 Rehearsal:

“Left To Die”
“Open Casket”
“Pull The Plug”
“Choke On It”
“Born Dead”
“Forgotten Past”

“Individual Thought Patterns” (2xLP):

LP 1:

“Overactive Imagination”
“In Human Form”
“Trapped In A Corner”
“Nothing Is Everything”
“Mentally Blind”
“Individual Thought Patterns”
“Out Of Touch”
“The Philosopher”

LP 2:

Live In Germany – April 13th, 1993:

“Leprosy” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)
“Suicide Machine” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)
“Living Monstrosity” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)
“Overactive Imagination” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)
“Flattening Of Emotions” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)
“Within The Mind” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)
“In Human Form” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)
“Lack Of Comprehension” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)
“Trapped In A Corner” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)
“Zombie Ritual” (live in Germany, April 13th, 1993)

“Individual Thought Patterns” – Studio Outtake:

“The Exorcist” (studio outtake):

“The Sound Of Perseverance” (3xLP):

LP 1 & LP 2:

“Scavenger Of Human Sorrow”
“Bite The Pain”
“Spirit Crusher”
“Story To Tell”
“Flesh And The Power It Holds”
“Voice Of The Soul”
“To Forgive Is To Suffer”
“A Moment Of Clarity”
“Painkiller” (Judas Priest cover)

LP 3:

“Spirit Crusher” (1998 demos) (no bass)
“Flesh And The Power It Holds” (1998 demos) (no bass)
“Voice Of The Soul” (1998 demos) (no bass)
“Bite The Pain” (1998 demos)
“A Moment Of Clarity” (1998 demos)
“Story To Tell” (1998 demos)
“Scavenger Of Human Sorrow” (1998 demos)
“Bite The Pain” (1997 demos)
“Story To Tell” (1997 demos)
“A Moment Of Clarity” (1997 demos)

Korn Announce “Follow The Leader” 20th Anniversary Shows

Korn will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of “Follow The Leader“ with three special shows in September. Here’s the dates:

09/12 San Francisco, CA – The Masonic
09/13 Los Angeles, CA – Hollywood Palladium
09/15 Las Vegas, NV – Pearl Concert Theater

Pitchshifter Announce “” 20th Anniversary UK Tour

Pitchshifter have announced a ““ 20th anniversary UK tour. Here’s the dates:

11/20 Manchester, UK – Academy 3 (with Earthtone9)
11/21 Bristol, UK – Thekla (with Earthtone9)
11/22 London, UK – The Garage (with Earthtone9)
11/22 London, UK – The Garage
11/24 Nottingham, UK – Rock City (with Earthtone9 and The Blueprint)

Social Distortion Announce “Live At The Roxy” 20th Anniversary Reissue

Social Distortion have announced that they will be reissuing “Live At The Roxy” as a double-LP set for its 20th anniversary. The effort will be available on June 29 and pre-orders can be found HERE. If you want a limited edition green smoke version, head to the band’s web store.