Ghost To Release New Album “Impera” In March, Premiere “Call Me Little Sunshine” Music Video

Ghost will be releasing their new album, “Impera,” on March 11. With this news, the band have also premiered a new video for their new song “Call Me Little Sunshine”:

“Impera” Track Listing:

01. “Imperium”
02. “Kaisarion”
03. “Spillways”
04. “Call Me Little Sunshine”
05. “Hunter’s Moon”
06. “Watcher In The Sky”
07. “Dominion”
08. “Twenties”
09. “Darkness At The Heart Of My Love”
10. “Griftwood”
11. “Bite Of Passage”
12. “Respite On The Spital Fields”

Undeath Premiere “Rise From The Grave” Music Video

Undeath have premiered a new video for their new song “Rise From The Grave.” This track is from the band’s new album “It’s Time… To Rise From The Grave,” which will be released on April 22.

Guitarist Kyle Beam commented:

“‘Rise From The Grave‘ is Undeath refined to its deadliest aspects. Blood curdling vocals, bonesaw guitars, slamming bass, and skull crushing drums, fused with a focused hook that brings the decayed mass together as a banging death metal track. We hope you all enjoy, bang your head and scream along.”

Vocalist Alexander Jones added:

“We knew we wanted to go kind of over-the-top with this video but still have it feel like something you might catch on Headbanger’s Ball in the ’90s. Think ‘Sentenced To Burn‘ or ‘Rapture‘. Luckily enough we met Errick while we were recording the album and when it came time to start plotting out the video, we knew he was the guy for the job. I think the end result is a great little encapsulation of what our band is all about – big riffs and plenty of gore.”

“It’s Time… To Rise From The Grave” Track Listing:

01. “Fiend For Corpses”
02. “Defiled Again”
03. “Rise From The Grave”
04. “Necrobionics”
05. “Enhancing The Dead”
06. “The Funeral Within”
07. “Head Splattered In Seven Ways”
08. “Human Chandelier”
09. “Bone Wrought”
10. “Trampled Headstones”

Joe Satriani Premieres “Sahara” Music Video

Joe Satriani has premiered a new video for his new song “Sahara.” This track is from the guitarist’s new album “The Elephants Of Mars,” which will be released on April 8.

“The Elephants Of Mars” Track Listing:

01. “Sahara”
02. “The Elephants Of Mars”
03. “Faceless”
04. “Blue Foot Groovy”
05. “Tension And Release”
06. “Sailing The Seas Of Ganymede”
07. “Doors Of Perception”
08. “E 104th St NYC”
09. “Pumpin'”
10. “Dance Of The Spores”
11. “Night Scene”
12. “Through A Mother’s Day Darkly”
13. “22 Memory Lane”
14. “Desolation”

Extinction A.D. Premiere “Mastic” Music Video

Extinction A.D. have premiered a new video for their new song “Mastic.” This track is from the band’s new album “Culture Of Violence,” which will be released on March 18.

The group commented:

“Choosing to be an outlier in society so you can go on a path that gives you a higher fulfilment than a stacked bank account is exactly what the modern world is against. We’ve based our entire lives around following that road and have been forced to make many sacrifices along the way that other people have crumbled under at just the thought of. If you know Mastic, New York, you know it’s a very nuanced place. If you don’t, you’re better off staying where you are.”

“Culture Of Violence” Track Listing:

01. “Culture Of Violence”
02. “Dominion”
03. “Thirteen”
04. “Mastic”
05. “1992”
06. “Heads Will Roll”
07. “Behind The Times”
08. “Star Spangled Banner”
09. “Praise The Fraud”
10. “National Disaster”

Impending Doom Premiere “Culture Of Death” Music Video

Impending Doom have premiered a new video for their song “Culture Of Death.” This track is from the band’s latest EP “Hellbent.“ Brook Reeves commented:

“‘Culture Of Death‘ is a song about sacrificing your beliefs to become someone you’re not for people who don’t care only to feel numb in the end and the wanting to feel alive again.”

The Hellfreaks Share Video For Cover Of Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage”

The Hellfreaks have released a cover of Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” You can find an official video for that below:

The group commented:

“Everyone who knows our history might not be surprised by the unpredictable steps of The Hellfreaks. We love to challenge ourselves and see this mindset as the oil for our engine, that is why we decided to do something we never did before – to cover a song that represents a legendary piece of rock music history.

The four members of The Hellfreaks are from different musical corners, so it wasn’t an easy task to find the song that feels right to all of us, but when the idea of Beastie Boys “Sabotage” popped up in the air, we were all immediately on board! We admire the band, but at the same, we saw how we could spice the song with some Hellfreaks spirit to turn it somehow to our own.

That being said we decided to record the instrumental part not instrument by instrument, part by part as it’s usual, but recorded it all together, live, to keep the essence of Beastie Boys in our own version too. On the top we wanted to set a sign of our roots visually as well. The New York based Beastie Boys came straight from the undergound and had a massive influence on rock music till these days. To respect that, we recorded the video in the heart of our hometown, Budapest, over the rooftops of our city on the Gellért Hill, which is also the home of Hungary’s Liberty Statue.

We loved working on this very much and hope that you’ll enjoy our version!”

Vampires Everywhere! Premiere “Sudden Death” Music Video

Vampires Everywhere! have premiered a new video for their new song “Sudden Death.” You can check that out below:

Michael Vampire commented:

“I am beyond excited to continue my 12-year journey with Vampires Everywhere into 2022. Bringing back Vampires has inspired me and given me a fresh outlook on my music career. That being said I’m stoked to release our next single ‘Sudden Death.’ I wanted to tackle my love for the occult and my relationship demons. This song is a direct hybrid of those elements. The music video was so fun to shoot this time. Everything was perfectly planned out and storyboarded. It’s about a girl that is trapped in her own head, toying with the idea of taking her own life. She’s been turned into a monster, a vampire by me. She’s watching me from this creepy TV HQ-type space debating her next move. She ultimately decides to destroy me to get revenge to appease her own demons. I’m excited for people to see and hear the new 2022 Vampires Chapter. I am grateful we will be hitting the road in February to play ‘Sudden Death’ live as I’m stoked to see how it translates on a stage.”

The Veer Union Premiere “Standing My Ground” Music Video

The Veer Union have premiered a new video for their new song “Standing My Ground.” This track will appear on the band’s upcoming album “The Butterfly Effect.”

The group commented:

“When you’re knocked down to the lowest point in your life you really have two choices; you can roll over and die or you can face your demons head on. Sometimes you have to dig the deepest you ever have to find the strength to get up, to keep fighting and to push the hardest you ever have to get your life, dreams and/or your sanity back on the trajectory required to find the happiness and sense of accomplishment we all seek. ‘Standing My Ground’ is the heaviest track we’ve every released. It’s an anthem for those who are about to, or have almost lost everything. It serves a reminder that no matter what, no matter how huge the adversity may be, keep going.”

Heart’s Ann Wilson Shares Music Video For Her Cover Of Alice In Chains’ “Rooster”

Heart’s Ann Wilson has shared a new video for her cover of Alice In Chains’ “Rooster.” You can check that out below. This news comes after the singer previously honored Alice In Chains by performing the song at the MoPOP Awards. The track is also featured on the b-side of her limited edition 45rpm single.