Joyous Wolf Premiere “Quiet Heart” Music Video

Joyous Wolf have premiered a new video for their song “Quiet Heart.” This track is from the band’s latest EP “Place in Time.”

Frontman Nick Reese told Loudwire the following about the song:

“I wrote it about the first time I ever really fell in love with somebody — you know when you’re in your early teens and it happens really hard for the first time, and you feel like if you don’t let that person know then you’re gonna explode [laughs].

It’s not so much about the romantic aspect as much as it’s about the fact that I was a really shy person growing up, and I was proud of myself, I guess, that I was even able to go through with it. I think a necessary step of growing up is being able to tell somebody how you feel, whether it’s love, dislike or anything. Coming clean to somebody for your own sanity.”

He also added the following about the video:

“Talking with the director, Natalie, she was like, ‘What are you trying to convey?’ It was mostly a very simple idea of the light and the darkness in the hearts of people. That’s something I really wanted to try and come across, and I think in a way it did because there’s two very different sides to the video. There’s a very spectacle side of it with the lights, and there’s also a very shadowy, dark visual to it as well. I feel like it’s a clash of that.

“I feel that there’s a dark side to people, everybody has one of different shapes and sizes. I figure there’s a lot of darkness in the hearts of people. But I do believe that in most people, what keeps them strong and what keeps them determined is the shining light in the middle — that’s just how I visualize it. It’s really all just about that it doesn’t matter how dark everything is around you. If there’s a little bit of light, you can make a lot of light and a lot of good.”


Loathe Premiere New Songs “Gored” & “New Faces In The Dark”

Loathe have premiered two new songs, “Gored” and “New Faces In The Dark.“ You can find an official video for “Gored” and stream “New Faces In The Dark” below. The band’s new album is expected to be released in 2020.

Davey Suicide Premieres Music Video For New Song “Medicate Me” Feat. The Word Alive’s Telle Smith

Davey Suicide has premiered a new video for his new song “Medicate Me.” This track features The Word Alive’s Tyler “Telle” Smith and it will appear on Davey’s new album “Rock Ain’t Dead,” which is expected to be released in January. Davey commented:

“‘Medicate Me‘ is about breaking free of the cycle that keeps you in your addiction, or toxic relationship. A part of you doesn’t want it to end and just when you’re almost free, you have a weak moment and fall back into the cycle.”

“Rock Ain’t Dead” Track Listing:

01. “Rock Ain’t Dead”
02. “Medicate Me” (feat. Telle Smith of The Word Alive)
03. “Animal” (feat. Gustav Wood of Young Guns)
04. “One Of My Kind”
05. “Death Wont Tear Us Apart”
06. “Flyaway”
07. “Disappear”
08. “Sinner”
09. “Riot”
10. “Bad Reputation”
11. “Addict” (feat. Hyro the Hero)
12. “I Need You” (feat. Blacklisted Me)
13. “I Need You” (Original Version)

Leprous Premiere “Alleviate” Music Video

Leprous have premiered a new video for their new song “Alleviate.” This track is from the band’s new album “Pitfalls,” which will be released on October 25.

Einar Solberg commented:

“‘Alleviate‘ is a very important song to me. It carries hope within the melancholy. Not only is it one of, if not the most accessible tune we’ve ever done, but it also carries a deeper message. No doubt it for some will be a controversial track considering where Leprous started, but that’s what Leprous is all about: Moving forward! Also we couldn’t be happier about the amazing piece of visual art done by the extremely talented video director Troll Toftenes.”

Danko Jones Premieres “Fists Up High” Music Video

Danko Jones has premiered a new video for his song “Fists Up High.” This track appears on his latest album “A Rock Supreme.” The song has also been released as a digital single, along with a cover of Peaches’ “You Love It.”

Jones commented:

“‘Fists Up High’ is my favorite song on our new album, ‘A Rock Supreme’. We’re very excited for everyone to see the new video and can’t wait to play it when we hit the road with Volbeat.”

He also added the following about covering “You Love It”:

“We love Peaches, and watched her start up in Toronto and take over the world. ‘You Love It’ has the attitude and energy that makes you want to bang your head and dance the night away.”

Strigoi (Paradise Lost, Ex-Vallenfyre) Premiere “Phantoms” Music Video

Strigoi, the band featuring Greg Mackintosh (Paradise Lost) and his former Vallenfyre bandmate Chris Casket, have premiered a new video for their new song “Phantoms.” This track is from their debut album “Abandon All Faith,” which will be released on November 22.