Tommy Vext Issues New Statement Regarding His Departure From Bad Wolves

As previously reported, Bad Wolves recently parted ways with Tommy Vext. Now, the frontman has taken to social media to further discuss his departure.

Vext said the following [transcribed by The PRP]:

“Dear friends,

Let me start by expressing a huge debt of gratitude to all the fans, all the people at the label, the management, and everyone who helped in establishing my band Bad Wolves’ career.

I take great pride and sincerity in what we have accomplished together. Bad Wolves became the fastest rising rock band of the last decade with 5 number one consecutive hit singles. Thanks to the massive support from our fans we exploded into mainstream rock consciousness and (no small feat for a metal band) we even held the #1 spot across the entire Apple Music Platform on all continents. We accumulated hundreds of millions of streams, and as a result YOU helped us we giving back hundreds of thousands of dollars to various charities.

Our future was bright, and our trajectory was undeniable, until Covid struck and changed all our lives. I saw things happening that I didn’t understand. During the first quarantine I publicly voiced my concerns about where we are going as a nation and what is happening to America, the country I love.

I voiced my disappointment of protests turning into violent riots. Cities, businesses, lives destroyed “mostly peacefully”. I criticized the media standing idle and even condoning that behavior. I pointed out that Good causes were infiltrated by bad actors, hijacked and delegitimized a good movement. I dared to question who financially benefits from this and who was funding these events.

I questioned the lockdowns as small businesses were driven into bankruptcy yet big chains were allowed to operate. I questioned the imposed social distancing and why rioting and looting are exempt, or why you can’t have family gatherings or eat at restaurants unless you are a politician. This is a repeated hypocrisy we saw time and again.

And for this they came after me.

Me, an African American artist speaking his mind. I became unacceptable by the gatekeepers because I walked off the plantation. I had to be silenced. Cancel culture came after my band. I was threatened, ridiculed, blackmailed and smear campaigns were launched to destroy my career, my reputation and my livelihood.

These events really opened my eyes, because this was no longer just an urban legend or conspiracy theory, this was literally happening to me. Censorship became very real and I was fighting organized hit job after organized hit job aimed at my character and even my physical freedom.

This is when I realized what I was up against. This is bigger than me. This is when and why I publicly endorsed the sitting President of the United States of America, because I believed he was fighting the same big tech, the same media, the same gatekeepers, the same faceless radicals who wish to destroy our first amendment rights.

But I will not be silenced.

I will not abandon my values and my love for the flag of this country. I will fight for the Constitution. And our freedom of speech, which hopefully now all of you can see is being blatantly violated by big tech.

However, this is my fight. I realize I cannot drag my band members and people around me into this. I on my own decided to go solo. This way, everything I say and do will affect only me. I wish the best for the guys in Bad Wolves, we had some of the best times of my life building a band together, and I love those guys. But you guys know me. And I have to fight back. This is who I am.

I can’t expect you to put your lives on the line to defend me, especially when we don’t have the same ideologies in mind, I can’t accept the label to fight my battles on my behalf. And to all the fans to my friends to my family. Thank you for always supporting my voice. I’m excited to start the next phase of my career.

Over the past year I’ve recorded over 37 songs by myself. Due to COVID. There was no way for the band to get together and to work on a record. And so I worked fever feverishly in the studio with different artists producers and songwriters, and after 37 songs were completed, it was very clear that I had become a solo artist.

I don’t want anyone to say negative things to my former band members. Those guys are going to have a hard enough time. Processing all this, finding a new singer, and finishing a record when they couldn’t work all last year.

I don’t want anybody to say hateful things on my behalf. I don’t have negative feelings toward these guys, and we had a really great run, and we accomplished some great things. I’m still part owner of Bad Wolves, and I want them to succeed.

For me right now. I’m going to be moving on. So, in the link in my bio. I have a Linktree, and I’m starting a GoFundMe page. Because I have to finish paying for the studio. So basically, now that I’m stepping down. I have a massive studio bill that was supposed to be covered by an advance from a record label I no longer have.

What I will do is, whether you donate $1 or $10 or $100—whatever you donate, you will get a free copy of the cover album, and a link that will go out to everyone who participates in the GoFundMe. I put up an Only Fans—there are no nudes on there. And then all of the, the entire cover albums, the double cover albums—all the songs, the 22 songs, those songs were not recorded by members of Bad Wolves.

They were recorded with my studio team, it’s the same, the same guys, Philip Naslund, the Swedish producer, and Max Karon, who’s a guitar player and producer out of Las Vegas who also are the artists who played on ‘Zombie‘ that everybody knows. So, this has been my creative writing team.

And I’m going to continue to work with these guys. And I’m really, really looking forward to getting music out as soon as possible. So as soon as, as soon as I get this stuff done. I’m going to be putting up a shop, I’m going to be collaborating with other artists—I’ve already talked to so many, so many like a-list artists have reached out to me from the hip hop world, from rock bands, from metal bands, it’s been overwhelming. I know I’m taking a bullet. I’m taking an arrow straight to the face. But this is sometimes you have to do what you have to do when you believe in something.

And when things are wrong. You can either shut up and play the game. Or you can speak the truth and speak what you think is is what’s right. So, I love all you guys. Please, anybody who’s screen recorded this go over to my Facebook, either Vext or Tommy Vext and post it on the page. Share it with whoever you like, share it on your stories.

But this is very real and everyone’s seeing it we’re seeing celebrities and politicians being completely deleted from social media platforms. We’re seeing—I’m not the only artist who has been dropped from his record label, because of some of the political statements that have been made. This is a widespread issue, and it’s it’s up to you guys.

You know I’m somebody who, as I previously said I’ve donated over $350,000 in my career, which is more than what I’m worth to to various charities, including Dolores O’Riordan‘s family, and most recently the police officers who were shot in the ambush in Compton. And I’m not somebody who’s comfortable asking for help. And this is a real humble moment for me, because I have, I have to continue to do my art. I have to continue to make music. I have to continue to get it out to you guys.

I’m going to be starting a website, and you guys can sign up for, for all that stuff as it comes. And if you guys can give and you can’t give, that’s okay. If you have any, you can just leave positive reinforcing messages. And again, you know, you have to understand, Doc and John and Chris and Kyle are like my brothers. I’ve known these guys for 20 to 20 to 10 years is the shortest amount of time I’ve known those guys.

They have a right to continue to do what do what they’re doing. They have a right to have their own career, and they have a right to their own political beliefs, which are which you know, it’s not fair for them to take heat for beliefs that they don’t have—these are my beliefs. So I’m going to do my thing. I really, really appreciate you guys, I really love you guys. You know, this is, this is going to be a positive thing. And there’s going to be a healthy competition—I can’t wait to hear what comes out of them musically.

You know I’ve got a shortlist of singers… I’m fingers crossed of singers that I’m a fan of that I hope they get. And, you know, I just, you know, I’m gonna go, I’m gonna crush it.

And so I’m just gonna keep making music and keep doing my thing. And, you know, thank you guys I really appreciate it, and it’s been my honor and privilege to meet you guys, and to perform for you guys and to share experiences with you guys. And, you know, every day I get offstage every time we play a show I end the show by saying, you know, thank you for giving me an opportunity to live a life beyond my wildest dreams.

And no matter what the media can do to me, no matter what the gatekeepers can do to me, or big tech or this at the other. I literally am someone who was, I was a drug addict. You know who got clean and I had this amazing journey, and I’ve been all over the world and I’ve saved other people’s lives. There are people who, you know, there, there are people who are, I look up to, that are artists that would not be alive if it wasn’t for me.

And that’s been the great privilege of my life is to be someone who, you know, when, when my higher power called me to show up for other people, you know, I knew what to do. And so, I love you guys, I love my life. I love making art. I love this country fucking god bless America, god bless all you guys, god bless everywhere. It’s a crazy time and you know I’m keeping the faith. And, you know, this is Vexit 2021. All right, thanks.”

It’s worth noting that Vext’s departure came after he continued to make headlines for his right-wing and conspiracy theory beliefs, including his controversial takes on racism. It also comes after the vocalist was accused of domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend Whitney Johns, who has since been granted a two-year domestic violence restraining order against him. Vext claimed those allegations were part of an “extortion attempt” and that he had been exonerated. For their part, Bad Wolves said the split was “not about cancel culture“.

Bad Wolves On Parting Ways With Tommy Vext: “This Is Not About Cancel Culture”

Bad Wolves guitarist Doc Coyle and drummer John Boecklin have further discussed their decision to part ways with frontman Tommy Vext during a recent livestream. According to them, “it was just past the point of going back” and the split was “not about cancel culture.”

Boecklin said the following:

“It’s sad to say that we had to part ways, or that he left, or that he was fired, whatever. Like, fuck all that shit. It’s just something that had to take its course like this. It was just past the point of going back. We understand where any fan would come from. ‘What’s this band without Tommy?’ or whatever, we understand it. But we’re here and we’re going to write the sickest record that we’ve ever done with a new guy and you can take it or leave it. Not as, like, a threat or anything, it’s just kinda like, you know, we’re here to just do business as usual. We’re musicians and that’s all we’ve ever done. Now we’re just going to push forward.”

“And it’s like ‘Is this about politics?’ ‘Is this about this and that?’ Right now, what we would like to say is this is not about cancel culture, in what has transpired with the band. Doc has had his political views since I’ve known him. Since, fuck, when we first met in 2004. Tommy definitely became much, much, much more of a political person in the light of COVID when that hit.

However, they were still managing since the band began, if he had these ways or whatever. So it’s not all about canceling someone over some bullshit. We have too much to hold on to cancel someone over their political beliefs of anything. So I want to keep certain words out of it and all that crap and I know I sound like I’m being vague and cryptic, I’m not trying to be. I’m just not trying to be a drama bitch that’s just letting everything bleed out. We want the best for everyone who was and is in this band.”

Coyle added:

“And, kinda to that point, I just want to say, we live in very divisive times right now, where whatever is going on kind of in the big picture is really turning friend against friend, family member against family member. And, to me, music, heavy metal, rock and roll, hardcore, punk, was about overcoming our differences, you know? And, it’s like, you go to a Metallica show, and is it about what political party you’re from? Or is it like, we’re all going to sing along to ‘Creeping Death‘? The whole point of it is that we want to put forward a more inclusive idea that, I don’t care, I REALLY do not care who you support, where you’re coming from, it’s about the music.”

“Ultimately, that’s the thing that matters. And I have family members that disagree with me on certain things and friends. That’s not the most important thing to me. It’s not. I would never, ‘I don’t want to talk to you cuz you believe…’ No! I’m not about that. At all. So I just want to set that straight. That’s not how it is. I just think we need to, we need to as a band, set a standard of casting a wide net and saying everyone’s welcome here. And that’s something… that’s just a value that I hold true.”

Boecklin continued:

“I mean, I will say that the band did kind of feel, to express how much this isn’t about cancel culture. The band definitely…Tommy’s views are very strong and very outspoken and out there. Where the band was being perceived, sort of, a certain way. As being extreme right wing. And we still, we would’ve and did…I would hang out with Tommy all the time recording this third record. Which is going to be a different thing now, but I would never speak of anything he posted about.

I would always try to disconnect from that and just remain being friends. I would never talk politics with him….I would just let him use that part of his life to get what he wanted out of it and express how me and him… we never had one political argument. Ever. I promised myself I wouldn’t say ‘politics’ in this, but I did. I’m just saying, it’s not about cancel culture once again.”

It’s worth noting that Vext’s departure came after he continued to make headlines for his right-wing and conspiracy theory beliefs, including his controversial takes on racism. It also comes after the vocalist was accused of domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend Whitney Johns, who has since been granted a two-year domestic violence restraining order against him. Vext claimed those allegations were part of an “extortion attempt” and that he had been exonerated. The singer is now planning to start a solo career and says there is “no animosity” between him and the band.

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Tommy Vext Says He Has “No Animosity Toward” Bad Wolves

As previously reported, Bad Wolves recently parted ways with Tommy Vext. Now, the frontman has issued a new statement saying that he has “no animosity toward the boys.”

Vext said the following on his Instagram stories:

“Guys please listen:

you can support me without bashing my former band mates in @badwolvesofficial. I understand emotions are high and there’s a lot of speculation but just chill. I will make a statement when legal documents are finalized. I have no animosity toward the boys, the media once again ran with rumors and forced my ex bandmates to make an ill timed response.

I am grateful for your support & reassurance and it’s actually moved me to tears. But we don’t need to spread negativity to the other guys.

We have very different political and spiritual beliefs but they are good human beings & the way I see it is we will have a healthy competition to create awesome music. So everyone wins.

I Love John, Doc, Chris & Kyle. Please Don’t bully my homies.”

Guitarist Doc Coyle and the band have also issued new statements as well:

[via The PRP]

Bad Wolves Part Ways With Tommy Vext

Bad Wolves have parted ways with Tommy Vext. The band plan to continue with a new vocalist.

The group issued the following statement:

“It is true that Bad Wolves and vocalist Tommy Vext have parted ways. The four of us plan to continue making music and a new album is planned for later this year. Tommy has been a big part of Bad Wolves and we are grateful for his contributions. There is not much else to report at the moment but to send love and gratitude to the fans who have supported Bad Wolves from day one. We would not be here without you.

All the best,

Chris, Doc, Kyle, and John.”

According to MetalSucks, Vext also addressed his departure during an Instagram livestream:

“Reliable sources who saw the live broadcast tell MetalSucks that Vext claimed his conservative political views caused an irreconcilable schism with his bandmates and their record label, Better Noise (formerly Eleven Seven), and that he felt leaving the band was his only option.

He said that Bad Wolves will continue without him, that he will launch a solo career, and claimed to have written all or most of the band’s new record himself (whether he was talking about their 2019 album, Nation, or an unreleased future effort isn’t clear).”

This news comes after Vext continued to make headlines for his right-wing and conspiracy theory beliefs, including his controversial takes on racism. It also comes after the singer was accused of domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend Whitney Johns. Vext claimed those allegations were part of an “extortion attempt” and that he had been exonerated. However, it’s worth noting that Johns was granted a two-year domestic violence restraining order against him.

Bad Wolves Frontman Tommy Vext Says He Was Exonerated Of The Physical Abuse Allegations Made By His Ex-Girlfriend

Bad Wolves’ Tommy Vext has once again commented on the domestic violence accusations that were made against him by his ex-girlfriend Whitney Johns. According to the frontman, the court has since exonerated him of any physical abuse allegations. This news comes after it was recently revealed that Johns was granted a two-year domestic violence restraining order against Vext.

Vext said the following:


Sitting here in quarantine the last few days of this Covid bullshit and the irony of hindsight being 2020 is not lost on me.

This year has been the most insane roller coaster of seemingly endless nonsense and fuckery I have ever experienced. I had to cut a lot of toxic people out of my life this year. I waved my flag and said who I was and in the end it will have cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars. But I have to look at it like this, if I was a slave on a plantation would I pay all I had to be free? Well the answer is yes.

So although once again 2020 delivered the disappointing blow of injustice, at least The Honorable judge Joshua D Wayser was kind enough to publicly exonerated me in his ruling of any physical abuse accusations made by someone with a personal vendetta. There were no criminal charges filed against me. None.

I lost a civil case because I refused to keep my mouth shut as the press attempted to assassinate everything I had built over the past twenty years. Press who never had an issue with me before I proudly stood up as a patriot this year.

But a miracle also happened. After clearing out space in my life, I found someone whole. Someone strong, with integrity and honesty. Someone who built an empire with their mind. An equal partner. Sounds like a fair trade to me. God has a funny sense of humor, so does she. #SmallLoss #BigWin

#rememberwhen #ifionlyknewthenwhatiknownow #2020 #AlmostDone #TheGreatAwakening #God #StillTheKing #weKeepFighting #IDidntComeThisFarToOnlyComeThisFar #KeepItMoving #AmberHeard #TheOtherSideOfMeToo”

Bad Wolves Frontman Tommy Vext’s Ex-Girlfriend Granted Two-Year Domestic Violence Restraining Order Against Him

According to MetalSucks, Whitney Johns, the ex-girlfriend of Bad Wolves’ Tommy Vext, was granted a two-year domestic violence restraining order against the singer by the Superior Court Of California following a five-day virtual trial. This news comes after Johns was previously given a temporary retraining order against Vext after accusing him of assaulting her multiple times. For his part, Vext has tried to downplay the allegations, calling them “fake news” and claiming that they are part of an “extortion attempt.”

Bad Wolves Frontman Tommy Vext Calls Domestic Violence Allegations An “Extortion Attempt”, Says He’s Being “Cancelled” For His Right-Wing Beliefs

During a recent appearance on “The Tin Foil Show,” Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext further discussed the domestic violence allegations that were made against him by his ex-girlfriend Whitney Johns. The frontman claims those accusations were part of an ongoing “extortion attempt.” On top of that, Vext also rambled about being “cancelled” due to his controversial right-wing views and conspiracy theory beliefs.

Vext said the following about the domestic violence allegations [transcribed by The PRP]:

“This a good example of cancel culture. I’m currently… like many of my friends who are who are professionals and public figures are wealthy, I’m currently engaged in an attempted #metoo campaign. And I’ve been going through an extortion attempt for 10 months. I dated a girl. I didn’t know a lot of things about her. She had a history of doing certain things.

You know she was not well. She was physically violent, and our relationship was toxic and I was like, ‘see you later.’ And this actually happened—our breakup happened on the heels of… a girl friend of mine was murdered by her ex-boyfriend.

So my friend Amie Nicole Harwick, she was a doctor. She had a stalker. She dated this guy. Amy and I were friends for 14 years. And, you know, they had a toxic relationship she broke up with him, had to get restraining orders, moved on and he found out where she lived nine years later, and then murdered her on Valentine’s Day.

And I went on stage—I was in Europe—and I was beside myself and Amie was friends with a lot of people. Her ex-husband was a drummer so she knew all the musicians. So I’m on tour with Five Finger Death Punch and Megadeth, this is a lot of people crying. I mean she was a wonderful, wonderful person. I printed out her picture and I went on stage and I gave this speech about domestic violence. And that you know, if you’re in a domestic violence situation you have to leave.

And I came home, and my old lady punched the shit out of me for posting a picture with another woman who was my dead friend and that was pretty much the end of it. And we tried to be friends after that, it was not possible. And like most guys I kept moving and I started seeing somebody else. And that’s when the craziness started.

And then it was like, you know, police reports, fake police reports and that and the other. And the D.A. looked at all that, there was no evidence so they threw it out, so she went and got a restraining order then said, If I give her $20,000 she’ll walk away.

And then it was $40,000 to walk away, then it was $60,000 to walk away. And we are engaged in a civil dispute right now. So we’ve been in trial, we have one one more day. And it’s not looking good for her, so she went to the press.

And I mean the things that I’m accused of is like, you know, it’s like attempted murder shit, like beating and strangulation. Things that like you know I’m 260. I’m 6’1. Like, if you’re a guy and I and I did this to you, you’d die.”

He also commented on the backlash he received for his right-wing views and conspiracy theory beliefs:

“I think being in the entertainment industry and having come out pretty early on this year with some of my more conservative-leaning ideology, the backlash is insane. To me, there’s been a weaponization of a health crisis to leverage an assault on small businesses. This is just another version of cancel culture.

So, like, if you’re in the entertainment industry if you’re an actor, you’re an artist—you know I’ve had incredible backlash. I’ve lost, you know, I had a book deal for a lot of money; I lost a book deal, I’ve lost endorsements because I’ve come out and supported a candidate.

I’ve been, like, you know, blocked at radio stations because of my political views. Cancel culture is out there and they [are] like really running at me. And a lot of people have had to deal with this, you know it’s like you see somebody like Ice Cube.

He comes out and he sends two bills to both political parties, and the left are like, you know, ‘whatever we’ll deal with this another time.’ And the right are like, ‘well let’s take these into consideration immediately and let’s see how we can help African American community’. And then he gets he gets reamed out because he’s cooperating with a party who wants to actually help and put into effect change that will change society and change the urban environment.”

Vext also had the following to say about being “cancelled”:

“You have to learn to manage fear. I am in the entertainment industry, I’ve been canceled. Like, I’m cancelled right now. They’re trying to get rid of me because I supported Trump publicly. They’re trying to get rid of me, because I ask people questions. They’re trying to get rid of me because my following is growing, because we’re having these conversations and engaging in diversity of thought.

I’m somebody… I got murdered. I was murdered in 2010. Okay. I survived that, I was revived. And I testified against my twin brother who tried to kill me who was a gangster. He hired someone to murder me after he failed to do so so I couldn’t testify against him. And so I lived in the witness protection program for 11 months. Cancel culture? It doesn’t scare me.

That time was one of the hardest times in my life. But at the end of the day, it was a gift. Because I learned how to survive and lived off $300 a month, which is like back to being poor. I lost everything.

But every day, I was determined to survive. And if everyone adopts this attitude as a nation, as small business owners, as thought leaders, as the inspirational people that we’re determined to preserve everything that’s great about this country, and reject these false ideological bullshit mentalities that they’re trying to poison out brothers and sisters with, we have a chance. We have a chance. But it’s in our hands, it’s up to us.”

He later added:

“For example, I deal with this stuff. Like, I’ve been banned from radio stations right? This has been going on all year. It’s like if I posted a picture with a MAGA hat: banned from radio stations. Or I reposted Justin Trudeau saying that he’s working to help the 2030 agenda and the great reset.

And I’m like these are conspiracy theories and you’re a world leader of a first world nation on camera, talking about a communist agenda that’s supposed to be a conspiracy theory. And the Canadian radio stations: ‘oh we can’t have this’. You know, IHeartRadio, they have me blocked right now.

…It’s not a theory anymore if it comes to reality. But that’s the backlash is, I think and when I try to understand, like I don’t ever really get mad. I try to analyze this stuff. And a lot of these program directors, they have to go through collegiate indoctrination to get the positions that they have.

And I think around 2004 this was implemented. And there have been a lot of really good schools who took a lot of money from foreign nations to implement these kinds of liberal arts ideologies, gender studies, you know, race this—all these things that you can get a degree in, but you can’t get a job with it.

But that whole indoctrination process… it shapes your view. So when you’re in college, that’s a very pivotal point in a person’s life where they’re deciding who they are and what they believe in what they stand for. So they’re being targeted at that point, and even before and even earlier now.

But when somebody who is—and these are people who are nice people, they believe in being good and doing this—and their, their perception is that the truth is dangerous.”

Vext also addressed racism in the United States, which he previously said doesn’t exist, before claiming his comments were “misunderstood”:

“I had the same experience as somebody like Lil Wayne. Look, you know, Lil Wayne, they asked him how do you think there’s a problem with race in America and he said ‘I don’t believe it.’ He’s like, I came out on stage. I remember this, and there was only white people. I was like, ‘cool, cool.’

And I’m in a rock band, in a multi-platinum internationally successful rock band, and little white kids run up to me and give me hugs. And so do black kids. People don’t care, you know what I mean? And so, I do remember there was a time like in the 80s in the 90s, race, still was an issue.

I think after 9/11, there was a significant psychological shift in the unification of Americans—and people need to understand to—I grew up in New York but I’ve been touring for 20 years in this country. I’ve gone to all the places. I’ve gone to all the backcountry in the teeny tiny, you know venues and Alabama or Mississippi or wherever, Louisiana, Texas. Just like and I’ve lived in all the big cities I lived in New York, I lived in San Francisco, I’ve lived in Vegas, I’ve been in Los Angeles, I’m in Huntington Beach now. I experienced this country.

And especially after Obama was elected president, to me, as an African American man who is in a white dominated industry, that was probably the last putterings, that was the last embers ashed out. I don’t know, maybe I’m not having this experience, but I think that there’s a component of self-victimization to believe, you know to insist that you’re being mistreated, because the color of your skin when it’s not happening.”

Furthmore, the singer also shared some controversial thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic:

“…Let’s rattle out some statistics. This is my favorite argument point. People are like ‘Oh 200,000 people died.’ And I’m like I don’t give a shit. Not that I don’t care that people died, but listen, people die every day and now I’m going to talk about that.

7.2 million people die every year from cigarettes. You say ‘Tommy‘, that’s voluntary it’s not the same.’ Oh, 800,000 people die of secondhand smoke. They didn’t choose to. They just lived with or were in an environment where there was smoking. Okay, we don’t outlaw cigarettes.

Do you know in America that 2300 and about 78 people a day die of heart disease, in America. Every day, 123 people commit suicide.”

The host went on to say that issues with comorbidities are being linked to COVID-19 deaths, to which Vext responded:

“Well, the CDC announced it. Was it August? They released a study that showing 9300 people died of COVID period, and then everyone else… they had cancer, they had heart disease, they had pneumonia they had, you know… 2.6 comorbidities. Which means the average person was dying of two other two and a half other things.”

Vext also had the following to say about Democrats:

“This is one of the really funniest things to me. You know my friends who are liberal—and these are not our enemies—they’re just, they just believe a lie. And they think we’re crazy for having diversity of thought and questioning and researching and, you know, understanding manipulation.

I just want to put this together. A lot of these people think that they’re the resistance, right, like if they’re in ‘Star Wars‘ and they’re fucking Luke Skywalker and Han Solo and they got to fight the evil empire. But what they don’t realize is academia, the mainstream media, big tech, all social networks, Hollywood, the Democratic Party, CCP and these trillion dollar corporations and these, these billionaire super PACs. They are the ones driving a narrative against one dude. Because he’s a threat.

So if you think you’re the resistance. You’re a misguided Stormtrooper for the Empire, you’re lost, you’re a pawn. Just like in ‘The Force Awakens‘, Finn realizes what is happening is wrong, and takes his helmet off and walks away. And a lot of us have done that.

I was a Democrat, most of my life, I identified as democrat like, you know. And it’s been a six year journey of realizing it’s bullshit. Malcolm X warned us of this shit. You know what I mean it’s like it’s funny to watch LeBron James, you know obviously, he didn’t read Malcolm X‘s book. And it’s just like you got to open it and read the pages. Yeah, you know, I mean? And stop taking money from China. *cough* Nike.”

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Bad Wolves Frontman Tommy Vext Denies Domestic Violence Accusations

Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext has officially commented on the domestic violence allegations that were made against him by his ex-girlfriend Whitney Johns. The frontman claimed that the accusations are “not true.”

Vext told MetalSucks the following:

“The allegations made against me by my former girlfriend are not true. Given the ongoing civil dispute between us, I am not at liberty to say any more at this time. I look forward to resolving this matter in court.”

He also commented on Twitter:

He seemingly addressed the situation on Instagram as well:

“Anyone who’s come to our shows can tell you how seriously I stand against suicide & self harm. For many years of my recovery I have been outspoken about my past struggles and how I came to overcome depression & suicidal ideation through helping others.

We all know that we are living in strange times in 2020. People are scared, angry and financially desperate.

Some people can become so financially desperate that they hurt themselves. This is not a solution. Some become so financially desperate that they try and hurt others or take what is not theirs. This is also not the solution.

As we grow in our success we will see that sometimes other people will attempt to hurt or extort us, but we do not have to retaliate. We can keep our dignity and personal power intact by simply detaching with love.

Often people lie this desperate aught to be treated like a drowning victim. They can grab onto you and pull you under in an attempt to save themselves.
We do not need to lower ourselves to keep their heads above water. Can have compassion for them without engaging or consigning their behavior.

We say no thank you & we keep it moving. We observe “NO” as a complete sentence as we continue to focus on our responsibilities & healthy relationships.

Sending Love tonight to anyone who is hurting. Thinking of hurting themselves or hurting someone else. You don’t have to act on it. One day at a time.”

As previously reported, Johns claimed that Vext assaulted her multiple times. This includes a number of disturbing incidents in which he allegedly hit her in the face, dragged her by the hair, put her in a chokehold, and more. The next court hearing is expected to take place today (December 9).

Bad Wolves Frontman Tommy Vext Accused Of Domestic Violence

Bad Wolves’ Tommy Vext (aka Thomas Cummings) has been accused of domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend Whitney Johns. MetalSucks got ahold of various documents that were filed in the Superior Court of California in which Johns claimed that the frontman assaulted her multiple times. This includes hitting her in the face, dragging her by the hair, putting her in a chokehold, and more. A domestic violence restraining order filed against Vext in April has since been partly approved and the case is still moving through the courts.

MetalSucks detailed some of the disturbing incidents:

“On January 1, 2020, Johns alleges, Vext “struck [her] in the face… hard enough that [she] cut the inside of her lip and her nose and [her] lips were bleeding profusely.” She claims that Vext then took her to her home, “refused to leave her residence, then choked her as he verbally threatened to kill her.” Johns’ “lips were swollen and bruised for the next three days and she was forced to cancel all Client meetings as a result.

She alleges that he hit her in the face again on January 14.

On February 29, Johns claims that as she was preparing for a photo shoot, she got into an argument with Vext, during which the singer threw water on her face — twice. When she “instinctively scratched [Vext] in self-defense,” he became angrier and “tackled her to the ground, put his hands around her neck, and choked her while slamming her head into the ground [for] ten to fifteen seconds,” nearly rendering her unconscious. Subsequently, Johns went to stay with her mother in Utah, “as she feared for her life, and missed a week’s worth of work appointments as a result.” This, according to Johns, marked the end of her romantic relationship with Vext.’

“On April 10, 2020, [Vext] called [Johns] and stated that he wanted to kill himself and begged her to come to his residence. Feeling guilty and concerned, [Johns] went to [Vext’s] residence to console him. The parties watched a movie and [Johns] stayed overnight; the parties were not intimate.

“On April 11, 2020, [Vext] asked [Johns] why they could not resume their dating relationship. [Johns] attempted to leave [Vext’s] residence but he blocked the door and stated he wanted to finish the conversation with her. [Vext] is 6’ 1” tall and approximately 260 pounds.

“When [Johns] attempted to calm [Vext], he mentioned a male friend of [Johns’] and lunged at her. She fell off the couch where she was sitting as [Vext] began to choke her. [Johns] screamed as the windows were open and she hoped that the neighbors would hear her. [Vext] then grabbed [Johns] by the hair and dragged her into his bedroom where he placed her in a chokehold.

[Johns] almost lost consciousness when [Vext] appeared to realize what he was doing and let her go. [Johns] quickly collected her belongings and left the residence. [Vext] left visible finger marks on [Johns’] neck, and bruises on her chin and neck. [Johns] suffered from swollen knots on her head and had neck pain for several days after the incident.

“[Johns] immediately went to the local police station which was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic but called the police who responded with paramedics. The police went to [Vext’s] residence but he had left; when they called [Vext], he stated that he was with his lawyer. An Emergency Protective Order was issued on April 11, 2020 due to this incident, but it could not be served to [Vext] as he could not be located.”

Vext has yet to comment on the allegations and the next hearing is reportedly scheduled for tomorrow (December 9). You can read more over at MetalSucks.