Ligature Marks (36 Crazyfists, Vintersea) To Release Deluxe Edition Of “Set Oceans On Fire”

Ligature Marks (36 Crazyfists, Vintersea) will be releasing a new deluxe edition of “Set Oceans On Fire” on June 11 via Bandcamp. The effort will come with two bonus tracks including “Noise In The Signal” (feat. It Prevails’ Ian Fike) and “Fell For Fiction.“ If you missed it, a recently released music video for “Noise In The Signal” can be found below. Vocalist Benjamin Charles commented:

“We are really excited about this release of “Set Oceans on Fire”. It’s been a long road to get to this point and the last year certainly provided no shortage of obstacles. One thing that seems evident is that chaos can often times be a catalyst for inspiration and that seemed to be the case for us. We stuck to our goal of writing a ton of new music and managed to shoot a music video for every single song we’ve released. Being isolated with the world at a standstill over the last year the band has really had a chance to developed our own sound and we figured out how to create really good art together, but we absolutely can’t wait to get back out there.”

Stone Temple Pilots To Release 25th Anniversary Edition Of “Tiny Music… Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop”

Stone Temple Pilots have announced that they will be releasing a 25th anniversary edition of “Tiny Music… Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop” on July 23. The effort has been remastered and it will be available as a standard edition, a deluxe edition, and a super deluxe edition. Pre-orders can be found HERE and an alternate version of “Big Bang Baby” can be streamed below:

Here’s the track listing for the super deluxe edition:

Disc One: Original Album 2021 Remaster:

01. “Press Play”
02. “Pop’s Love Suicide”
03. “Tumble In The Rough”
04. “Big Bang Baby”
05. “Lady Picture Show”
06. “And So I Know”
07. “Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart”
08. “Art School Girl”
09. “Adhesive”
10. “Ride The Cliché”
11. “Daisy”
12. “Seven Caged Tigers”

Disc Two: Early Versions, Instrumentals, & Alternate Mixes:

01. “Press Play” (full-length version) (previously unreleased)
02. “Pop’s Love Suicide” (early version) (previously unreleased)
03. “Tumble In The Rough” (early version) (previously unreleased)
04. “Big Bang Baby” (early version) (previously unreleased)
05. “Lady Picture Show” (early version) (previously unreleased)
06. “And So I Know” (early version) (previously unreleased)
07. “Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart” (early version) (previously unreleased)
08. “5 Or 4 Times (Art School Girl)” (early version) (previously unreleased)
09. “Adhesive” (instrumental) (previously unreleased)
10. “Ride The Cliché” (instrumental) (previously unreleased)
11. “Seven Caged Tigers” (early version) (previously unreleased)
12. “Big Bang Baby” (alternate version) (previously unreleased)
13. “Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart” (percussion mix) (previously unreleased)
14. “Art School Girl” (jaw harp version) (previously unreleased)
15. “Kretz’s Acoustic Song” (previously unreleased)

Disc Three: “MTV Spring Break” Live at Club La Vela, Panama City Beach, FL (3/14/97):

01. “Crackerman” (previously unreleased)
02. “Meatplow” (previously unreleased)
03. “Tumble In The Rough” (previously unreleased)
04. “Vasoline” (previously unreleased)
05. “Wicked Garden” (previously unreleased)
06. “Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart” (previously unreleased)
07. “Plush” (previously unreleased)
08. “Big Empty” (previously unreleased)
09. “Interstate Love Song” (previously unreleased)
10. “Lady Picture Show” (previously unreleased)
11. “Unglued” (previously unreleased)
12. “Big Bang Baby” (previously unreleased)
13. “Dead & Bloated” (previously unreleased)
14. “Sex Type Thing” (previously unreleased)

“Big Bang Baby” 7-inch:

Side A:

“Big Bang Baby”

Side B:


Lamb Of God To Release Deluxe Edition Of Self-Titled Album, Stream “Ghost Shaped People”

Lamb Of God have announced that they will be releasing a deluxe edition of their self-titled album on March 26. The effort will feature several bonus tracks including “Ghost Shaped People,” which can be streamed below. That song was previously only available on the Japanese and digipak box set editions of the record.

“Lamb Of God” Deluxe Edition Track Listing:

01. “Memento Mori”
02. “Checkmate”
03. “Gears”
04. “Reality Bath”
05. “New Colossal Hate”
06. “Resurrection Man”
07. “Poison Dream” (feat. Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta)
08. “Routes” (feat. Testament’s Chuck Billy)
09. “Bloodshot Eyes”
10. “On The Hook”
11. “Ghost Shaped People” (bonus track)
12. “Hyperthermic / Accelerate” (bonus track)

A bonus live album, titled “Live In Richmond, VA” will also be included. That effort was recorded during the band’s September 18, 2020 livestream concert at The Broadberry in Richmond, VA and the track listing for it can be found below:

01. “Memento Mori” (live)
02. “Checkmate” (live)
03. “Gears” (live)
04. “Reality Bath” (live)
05. “New Colossal Hate” (live)
06. “Resurrection Man” (live)
07. “Posion Dream” (live)
08. “Routes” (live)
09. “Bloodshot Eyes” (live)
10. “On The Hook” (live)
11. “Contractor” (live)
12. “Ruin” (live)
13. “The Death Of Us” (live)
14. “512” (live)

Pre-orders for the deluxe edition of “Lamb Of God” and “Live In Richmond, VA” can be found HERE. Notably, the CD version will also come with a “Live In Richmond, VA” DVD.

Guitarist Willie Adler commented:

“This album, and in particular this deluxe edition, is something I’m incredibly proud of. Throughout the process of writing, recording and the subsequent filming of the live stream, I knew we were creating much more than a collection of songs. Much more than a simple streamed performance. This was focused energy. Energy that, to me, is very tangible. And now, more than ever, in an era where human interaction is so limited, art…. be it music, visual or otherwise, is a human connection point. And we need as much of that as possible! I hope everyone enjoys this deluxe edition as much as we enjoy

The Black Queen To Release Fifth Anniversary Edition Of “Fever Daydream”

The Black Queen (The Dillinger Escape Plan, etc.) have announced that they will be releasing a fifth anniversary edition of their debut album “Fever Daydream.” A deluxe digital edition will be available via Bandcamp on February 5, before hitting other digital outlets on February 19. The effort will come with the “original ten songs as well as instrumental and vocal only versions of each track.” Bonus recordings and demos will also be included. Furthermore, pre-orders have also launched for new limited edition vinyl pressings.

Frontman Greg Puciato commented:

“In 20 years of making albums, there are a few that stand-out as being really special. They felt special when they were being made, and they still stand-out after the passing of time. If every album is a point on a timeline, these points are a little bigger than the rest. ‘Fever Daydream‘ is one of those points. We had no idea when we made it whether other people would connect to it in the way that we did, but it turns out that a decent amount of people did.

This was the gateway into a lot for me on the release-side too, the genesis of what would become Federal Prisoner, and the start of a real passion for releasing records, and for owning my output. Personally it was a really transitional time too, with a lot of growth happening, and I can hear all of that in this. We had a special bond as friends and musicians during the years that we spent making this, and a couple of my current closest relationships both personally and professionally were formed during this time.

So we, and I, are proud to re-issue this, in new packaging, with new variants, and some extra stuff on the digital side. Thanks everyone. We hope to see you at some shows before too long. Now back to the new record ;-).”

Stitched Up Heart Planning To Release Deluxe Edition Of “Darkness” With Bonus Tracks

Stitched Up Heart’s Alecia “Mixi” Demner has revealed that the band are planning to release a deluxe edition of their latest album “Darkness” complete with bonus tracks. She told Underground’s Voice the following about that:

“We wrote 70 songs for that album, so we plan to release a deluxe version of it with, I think, five new tracks. They’re a lot heavier; there’s a lot more energy. It’s a little different. The reason that they didn’t make the record is because they weren’t in the lane that we wanted the record to sound like specifically. But they’re still great songs. So we decided that we’re just gonna release some of the ones we didn’t put on the album. It’s a lot of fun.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Saint Asonia Release Deluxe Edition Of “Flawed Design”, Announce European/UK Tour

Saint Asonia have released a deluxe edition of their latest album “Flawed Design.” This version of the effort is available in digital outlets and it comes with two bonus tracks including “Say Goodbye” and “Weak & Tired.” With this news, the band have also announced a fall 2021 European/UK tour.

Tour Dates:

10/01 Vladivostok, Russia – Fesko-Kholl
10/03 Novosibirsk, Russia – Loft-Park Podzemka
10/05 Yekaterinburg, Russia – Tele Club
10/07 Samara, Russia – Zvezda Club
10/09 Nizhnij Novgorod, Russia – Milo Concert Hall
10/10 Moscow, Russia – GlavClub Green Concert
10/12 Voronez, Russia – Arena Hall
10/14 Rostov-na-donu, Russia – Krop Arena
10/15 Krasnodar, Russia – Krop Arena
10/17 Saint Petersburg, Russia – Kosmonavt
10/19 Minsk, Belarus – Prime Hall
10/21 Kiev, Ukraine – Atlas
10/23 Tavros, Greece – Fuzz Club
10/26 Bristol, UK – Thekla
10/27 Manchester, UK – Rebellion
10/29 Nottingham, UK – Rescue Rooms
10/30 London, UK – The Garage
11/02 Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg – Rockhal
11/03 Nijmegen, Netherlands – Doornroosje
11/04 Cologne, Germany – Die Kantine
11/06 Brno, Czech Republic – Fleda Club
11/07 Prague, Czech Republic – Lucerna Music Bar
11/09 Poznań, Poland – Klub U Bazyla
11/10 Berlin, Germany – Columbia Theater
11/11 Hamburg, Germany – Gruenspan

Nails To Release 10th Anniversary Edition Of “Unsilent Death”, Stream B-Side Track “Enemy”

Nails will be releasing a 10th anniversary edition of “Unsilent Death” on November 27. The effort will come with various bonus tracks including two previously unreleased b-sides and three songs from the band’s “Obscene Humanity” 7 inch release. The first single, “Enemy,” can be streamed below. Frontman Todd Jones commented:

“We’re happy that the record seemingly deserves a celebration for its ten-year anniversary. I hope people enjoy it.”

“Unsilent Death” 10th Anniversary Track Listing:

01. “Conform”
02. “Scum Will Rise”
03. “Your God”
04. “Suffering Soul”
05. “Unsilent Death”
06. “Traitor”
07. “I Will Not Follow”
08. “No Servant”
09. “Scapegoat”
10. “Depths”
11. “Leech” (previously unreleased)
12. “Enemy” (previously unreleased)
13. “Confront Them”
14. “Obscene Humanity”
15. “Lies”

Fear Factory To Release 25th Anniversary Vinyl Edition Of “Demanufacture”

Fear Factory will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of “Demanufacture” by releasing a deluxe three-LP edition of the effort. In addition to the album, the set will also include bonus live tracks that were recorded at the 1996 Ozzfest in Phoenix, AZ and a poster. Pre-orders can be found HERE and they are expected to ship on April 30, 2021.

Track Listing:

Side A:

01. “Demanufacture”
02. “Self Bias Resistor”
03. “Zero Signal”

Side B:

01. “Replica”
02. “New Breed”
03. “Dog Day Sunrise”

Side C:

01. “Body Hammer”
02. “Flashpoint”
03 “H-K (Hunter-Killer)”

Side D:

01. “Pisschrist”
02. “A Therapy For Pain”

Side E (Ozzfest 1996):

01. “Demanufacture”
02. “Zero Signal/Self Immolation”
03. “Self-Biased Resistor”

Side F (Ozzfest 1996):

01. “Deep Dub Traumamix”
02. “Replica”
03. “Martyr”

Bush To Release Deluxe Edition Of “The Kingdom”, Announce Drive-In Shows

Bush will be releasing a deluxe edition of their latest album “The Kingdom” on October 30. You can find the details for that version of the effort below. In other news, the group have also announced two drive-in shows:

11/20 Del Mar, CA – Del Mar Fairgrounds
11/21 Ventura, CA – Ventura Fairgrounds

“The Kingdom” (Deluxe Edition) Track Listing:

01. “Flowers On A Grave”
02. “The Kingdom”
03. “Bullet Holes”
04. “Ghosts In The Machine”
05. “Blood River”
06. “Quicksand”
07. “Send In The Clowns”
08. “Undone”
09. “Our Time Will Come”
10. “Crossroads”
11. “Words Are Not Impediments”
12. “Falling Away”
13. “Heroes” (David Bowie cover)
14. “Beware False Prophets”
15. “Live Another Day”
16. “Undone” (with Mike Garson)
17. “Flowers On A Grave” (Live In Los Angeles)
18. “The Kingdom” (Live In Los Angeles)

TesseracT To Release “Altered State” 4LP+2CD Box Set

TesseracT will be releasing a 4LP+2CD box set edition of their 2013 album “Altered State” on November 6. Pre-orders are available HERE. The band commented:

“For the band, we always felt like we hit a perfect balance with the presentation on ‘Altered State‘. And that the concept was made even more striking in a gatefold vinyl package. There’s just something very tactile and real about that iteration. We’re all really looking forward to it being available in that format again.”