Metallica Had 1.3 Billion Spotify Streams In 2021

Metallica have taken to social media to share their Spotify statistics for 2021. Impressively, the band topped their selves once again with 1.3 billion streams and 112.2 million hours worth of playtime.

Metallica To Rebroadcast Their 40th Anniversary Shows This Weekend

Metallica will be rebroadcasting their 40th anniversary shows at the Chase Center in San Francisco, California on December 24-27. Fans will be able to watch those through Amazon‘s “The Coda Collection” in the U.S. and through Amazon Prime internationally. Expanded editions of those concerts will also be available to stream at a later date.

Metallica Performed A Number Of Rarities During Their Second 40th Anniversary Show

Last night (December 19), Metallica played their second of two 40th anniversary shows at the Chase Center in San Francisco, CA. Notably, the concert featured a number of rarities including: “The End Of The Line,“ “Dirty Window,“ “Bleeding Me,” “Wasting My Hate,” “I Disappear,” and their full cover of Diamond Head’s “Am I Evil?.” The set was streamed live and some fan-uploaded footage of the aforementioned songs can be found below:

Watch Metallica Perform “Fixxxer” Live For The First Time

During Metallica‘s first 40th anniversary show at the Chase Center in San Francisco, CA last night (December 17), the band performed “Fixxxer“ live for the first time. You can see fan-filmed footage of that below. If you missed it, you can also find my review of the concert HERE.

Concert Review: Metallica Play First 40th Anniversary Show In San Francisco, CA

Last night (December 17), Metallica took the stage at the Chase Center in San Francisco, CA. The special event was the first of two 40th anniversary shows and it was definitely a night to remember.

The band were firing on all cylinders as they shredded through a career-spanning set full of deep cuts and hits. To make things even cooler, the songs were performed in chronological order of when they were released. With this in mind, the band kicked things off with “Hit The Lights” off their debut album “Kill ‘Em All.” It was a perfect opener that pumped up the crowd right from the start.

The energy was infectious and continued to grow as the band moved onto “Ride The Lightning”-era tracks, “Creeping Death” and “Trapped Under Ice.” The latter was especially exciting considering it hasn’t been played live since 2012.

From there, the group continued to pull out bangers like “Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” and “Orion” from their “Master Of Puppets”-era and “The Shortest Straw” and “One” from their “…And Justice For All”-era. The fan-favorite tracks hyped up the crowd even further as the band prepared to rock their ’90’s-era material.

As expected, that part of the show began with tracks from “The Black Album.” This included a bombastic performance of “Sad But True” and a beautiful performance of “Nothing Else Matters,” before things seeped into the “Load” and “Reload”-era with killer performances of “King Nothing” and “Fixxxer.” Notably, this marked the first time that “Fixxxer” was performed live, making it one of the coolest parts of the set.

At this point, the band pulled out their classic cover of Budgie’s “Breadfan” from “Garage Inc.” and “No Leaf Clover” from “S&M.” These were two more highlights from an already awesome set and they helped bridge the gap between the ’90’s and 2000’s.

When it was time to enter the 2000’s, the band blasted through a chaotic performance of “Frantic” off of “St. Anger.” It offered a perfect juxtaposition to the slow-burning “The Day That Never Comes,” which represented the “Death Magnetic”-era with style. From there, the group wrapped up the show with an explosive performance of “Spit Out The Bone” from their latest album “Hardwired… To Self-Destruct.” The heavy track was a perfect end to a fun night that took everyone through Metallica’s massive 40-year history.

Aside from the awesome music, the concert also featured striking visuals, special 40th anniversary clips, insane pyro, and incredible lighting that actually extended to the audience through special light-up bracelets that were provided to everyone in attendance. All in all, it was an amazing night on all fronts.

Today Is Now “Metallica Day” In San Francisco, CA

Mayor London Breed has proclaimed today (December 16) as “Metallica Day” in San Francisco, California. This news comes as the band are preparing to takeover the city this weekend as they celebrate their 40th anniversary with special shows and more.

Breed praised the group during a press conference, saying that the members are all “extraordinary musicians and people.” She continued:

“They’re part of the fabric of the community. They have touched people’s lives for generations. When you talk about San Francisco, you talk about cable cars and then you talk about Metallica. And on behalf of the City and County of San Francisco, I want to officially declare today ‘Metallica Day’.”

Drummer Lars Ulrich added:

“We didn’t start in San Francisco. We started in Southern California. And we came up to San Francisco, the first time, in 1982, in September, and played at the Stone and subsequently played at the Old Waldorf a couple of times… And we had done six, nine months in Los Angeles, and we did not belong.

The reason we all wanted to be in a band was to fit into something greater than ourselves, and we absolutely did not fit into anything in Los Angeles, Sunset Strip, Hollywood — any of that. We felt like complete outsiders. When we came up here in September of 1982 and we started playing, we played four shows that fall — like I said, at the Stone, the Old Waldorf and at the Mabuhay Gardens — and we were embraced and we were taken in and we felt so welcomed and so loved up here. There was a sense of music community for people like ourselves who felt like outsiders, who liked things that were not in the mainstream, and that was has obviously been a significant part of San Francisco’s history. So coming up here in 1982, standing on the shoulder of the history of the culture, the Beat poets and the hippie movement and the music and Bill Graham and everything that San Francisco represented, we were just embraced instantly. We felt so welcomed, so loved and we felt finally like we belonged someplace. And it’s been 39 years of feeling that sense of belonging, to not just a geographical place — San Francisco, the Bay Area, Northern California, whatever you wanna call it — but it’s also a state of mind. You belong to what San Francisco represents.

We have been so proud to shout from every rooftop all over the world, at every press conference, in every mic that’s been shoved in our faces for the better part of 40 years how much San Francisco gave us an identity and gave us, like I said, a sense of belonging. And we fly the flag proud for San Francisco and the Bay Area all over the world on our t-shirts. But we are so proud of our connection to everything that San Francisco represents and to all the wonderful people, to, obviously, the great physical and geographical elements here and the history and the cable cars and the Giants and the Warriors and the list goes on.

Those of you who know our story know that we’ve been fortunate enough to travel all over the world — we’ve played all seven continents — and there are many, many wonderful places on this planet where music, compared to when we started — Latin America, Southeast Asia, places that you wouldn’t expect 30, 40 years ago that you could bring rock and roll to — that have now also embraced us. But our hearts and our souls and our sense of belonging will always be San Francisco. And Metallica and San Francisco will always be two words which are synonymous with each other.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Metallica Become Investors In TrillerNet

Metallica have become investors in TrillerNet, the parent company to Triller, VERZUZ, Triad Combat, Triller Fight Club, FITE, etc. Terms of the investment were kept confidential.

Mahi de Silva, TrillerNet’s chief executive officer, commented:

“Metallica, like Triller, shares the same passion for disrupting the status quo. We are ecstatic to have them as a partner, investor, and now a shareholder. Metallica has always rocked, and we see this signal as a true recognition of the power of the Triller effect.”

The band’s co-manager Cliff Burnstein added:

“Metallica’s music is a natural fit with combat sports, and in Triller, we’ve found the perfect partner. The event opened our eyes to myriad possibilities, and we see greatness ahead for Triller. This investment represents our confidence in that shared future.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Honored With HN Award From Hede Nielsen Family Foundation

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich has been honored with the HN Award from the Hede Nielsen Family Foundation. The award includes DKK 600,000, which the drummer will be donating to charity. Ulrich commented:

“So psyched to announce that I’ll be donating 200,000 Danish kroner to three different charities in Denmark, thanks to the good folks at the Hede Nielsen Family Foundation. I’m beyond thankful to Henrik and his team at the Foundation for bestowing me with the honor of being the recipient of this year’s HN-prize award, marking their 50th anniversary. 200,000 kroner will go to BørneTelefonen/@bornsvilkar, 200,000 will go to @kofoedsskole, and 200,000 will go to @dyrenesbeskyttelse. Please look into supporting these incredible organizations.”

Metallica Share Pro-Shot Footage Of “Sad But True” From Recent Hollywood, Florida Show

Metallica have premiered a new live video for their song “Sad But True.” The clip was recorded during the band’s November 4 show at Hard Rock Live at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL.

Metallica To Livestream Their 40th Anniversary Shows

Metallica will be livestreaming their 40th anniversary shows at the Chase Center in San Francisco, CA on December 17 and 19. Fans will be able to watch the concerts via Amazon Music, Prime Video, and Amazon Music‘s Twitch channel. They will also be available through Amazon’s “The Coda Collection.” On top of that, Metallica are also planning to release two live films, “Cunning Stunts” and “Orgullo, Pasión, y Gloria: Tres Noches en la Ciudad de México,” through “The Coda Collection” as well. Further Metallica content will be available in 2022.