Between The Buried And Me & The Dear Hunter’s Split Release Is Now Available Digitally

Between The Buried And Me and The Dear Hunter’s split release is now available on Bandcamp. The effort, which finds The Dear Hunter covering Between The Buried And Me‘s “Rapid Calm“ and Between The Buried And Me covering The Dear Hunter‘s “The Tank,“ was previously only available as a 7 inch that was included with select ticket packages on their 2018 tour.

“Two Minutes To Late Night” Release New Covers EP Featuring Members Of Cave In, Converge, Etc.

“Two Minutes To Late Night” have released a new EP composed of the various covers that they have been releasing as of late. The effort, which is titled “Covers Vol. 1,” is available on Bandcamp for today (July 3) only and it features members of Converge, Cave In, Mutoid Man, Baroness, etc. covering tracks by White Zombie, Guns N’ Roses, Danzig, and more.

Leprous Premiere “The Sky Is Red” Live Video

Leprous have shared a new live video for “The Sky Is Red.” The clip was filmed during the band’s March 1 show in Lisbon, Portugal. The track appears on their latest album “Pitfalls.” In other news, the group have also reissued their albums “Coal” and “The Congregation” on vinyl today (July 3) as well.

Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth) Teams Up With Petri Eskelinen (Feastem) & Jesper Liveröd (Nasum) For New Bent Sea Song “Sycophant Legions”

Megadeth’s Dirk Verbeuren has shared a new song, titled “Sycophant Legions,” from his Bent Sea project. The track, which features Petri Eskelinen (Feastem) and Jesper Liveröd (Nasum), serves as the second single in Verbeuren’s “Instagrind” series.

SUMAC Release Live Album “St Vitus 09​/​07​/​2018”

SUMAC have released a new live album via Bandcamp. The effort was recorded at St. Vitus in Brooklyn, NY on September 7, 2018. The group commented:

“Here is a new release from SUMAC: St Vitus – 09/07/2018. It is out today via SIGE Records and benefits various mutual aid organizations. It was recorded live at Saint Vitus Bar by Greg Moss, mixed by Kurt Ballou and mastered by James Plotkin. The songs featured vary significantly from the studio versions. We hope you will enjoy and/or support if you are able. Thank you. ❤️”

Interview: Kissing Candice Talk New Album And More

I was recently given the opportunity to interview Kissing Candice bassist Mike Grippo and guitarist/vocalist Tom “Dreamer” Scrio about their new album, the coronavirus pandemic, and more. You can read the full chat below.

METAL ANARCHY: First of all, how have you been holding up during the coronavirus pandemic?

GRIPPO: Holding up pretty well! Doing the best I can to maintain a normal life. I work in a group home, so not much has changed for my non-tour routine schedule-wise. It’s scary but I would rather be working during this time to keep my mind active and save up some money for the new album!

METAL ANARCHY: Did you have any cool tours planned before the crisis hit?

GRIPPO: We had some things in the works, but nothing was set in stone. We were working on locking in a summer tour to coincide with our new album release, which is, unfortunately, being pushed back due to production issues. We can’t announce a release date yet because we don’t know when everything will be open back up. We feel bad since we did this album DIY and crowdfunded part of it through GoFundMe (and the rest from our pockets), so there’s a lot of fans waiting on it who helped A LOT to make the album happen and we haven’t been able to deliver on it or their perks yet. Don’t worry guys, we are still SUPER THANKFUL and the album HAS BEEN RECORDED and WILL COME OUT! Being a band of our level with no record label though, it is hard. We don’t have those label connections to get it and all the perks into production exactly when we wanted to. We were hoping for an early summer release. We actually recorded it for a month in February and as SOON as we got back from the studio in Vegas things started to shut down and we saw how serious this was.

METAL ANARCHY: Do you think the live music industry will ever recover?

GRIPPO: I think it will recover, but I think it will be changed forever. I don’t think festivals will feature as many acts and I don’t think bands will be touring as long as they usually do. I’m saying this because I think there’s going to be issues with money and paying bands. People won’t want to guarantee a band their full cost and might switch over to “door deals”. It makes sense because these smaller venues have to stay open, so I can’t blame them. Then I’m, sure a lot of people saw the leaked memo from a certain company. This will probably make it harder for bands who play those venues to dedicate to a tour, they need to feed their families too!

METAL ANARCHY: As previously mentioned, your new album is finished. How would you describe the musical direction of the new material?

DREAMER: Most bands say this when a new release is on the horizon, but this is our best and easily the most focused material the band has ever done. There’s a definite focus being aware in all capacities, whether it’s internally or externally or towards a situation or mind process. This is definitely a cerebral record, to say the least. I feel very strongly that there’s a great representation of thought-provoking material to spare.

METAL ANARCHY: Lyrically, what kind of themes are you exploring in the new songs?

DREAMER: Lyrically and thematically, it ties in together with the focus and direction. There’s a nice amalgam of topics ranging from fetishism or sexuality to internal realization, to awareness of the proverbial snake in the grass. I feel pretty confident there’s at least something on this record you could relate to or sink your teeth into.

METAL ANARCHY: When can fans expect to hear some new music?

GRIPPO: With everything currently going on and being an unsigned band this time around, this is hard to say. Without a record label, everything is paid for out of the band’s pockets. We also want this release to come out at the right time where we can spread it around the country playing the songs live. However, it seems that the last part might be quite some time and we refuse to let our fans who helped make this album wait forever. So while there is no EXACT answer I can give right here, you will be getting (at the very least) a taste of the new music before the end of summer.

METAL ANARCHY: On another note, you finally released “Ghosted” on streaming services for the first time. What made you decide to make it available after so long?

GRIPPO: “Ghosted” was originally recorded to “shop around” to labels in hope of obtaining a budget for a full-length album. Victory liked what they heard, so they put out the music video along with the announcement of our signing. It ended up not fitting the vibe of our full-length, “Blind Until We Burn”, that we released with them, so it didn’t make it to the album (it wasn’t our intention anyway). With “Ghosted”, this is back when MP3s were still super popular, we wanted to give a gift to our fans… So when Victory debuted the music video, we made a deal they would launch the video and we would launch the song, which we decided to put on our Bandcamp for free that Christmas in celebration of our signing and upcoming album. As time progressed and almost everyone switched over to streaming services, the question “WHERE’S ‘GHOSTED’?” would always come up, and we’d direct them to the Bandcamp. It got to the point where we were like “Wait… Why HAVEN’T we put ‘Ghosted’ on streaming now?!?” We play it every show and the Bandcamp links hard to find (and the amount of people downloading MP3s has diminished greatly!).

Enterprise Earth Share Quarantine Performance Of Necrophagist’s “Fermented Offal Discharge”

Enterprise Earth have shared a quarantine performance of Necrophagist’s “Fermented Offal Discharge.” This news comes after the band recently released a cover of the song as part of their new EP “Foundation Of Bones.” Guitarist Gabriel Mangold commented:

“When the idea of doing some covers came up, Necrophagist was one of the first bands we considered. Like Lamb Of God, they’re a massive influence on all of us. We had a bit of a difficult time deciding which Necro song to cover as both albums are classic tech-death staples — and all of the songs are hard to play — but we ultimately decided on ‘Fermented….’ It was a lot of fun to record and perform.”

Parkway Drive Announce Rescheduled Dates For European/UK Tour With Hatebreed & Crystal Lake

Parkway Drive have announced the rescheduled dates for their European/UK tour with Hatebreed and Crystal Lake. That run will now take place in spring 2021:

03/30 Vienna, AUT – Stadthalle
04/01 Leipzig, GER – De Messe
04/03 Esch-sur-Alzette, LUX – Rockhal
04/05 Frankfurt, GER – Festhalle
04/06 Brussels, BEL – Forest National
04/07 Paris, FRA – Zenith
04/09 Dortmund, GER – Westfalenhalle
04/10 Hamburg, GER – Sporthalle
04/11 Berlin, GER – Velodrom
04/12 Prague, CZE – Forum Karlin
04/14 Zurich, SWI – Halle
04/15 Munich, GER – Olympiahalle
04/18 London, UK – SSE Arena Wembley