Judas Priest To Perform Medley Of Classics During Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony

Judas Priest drummer Scott Travis has confirmed that the band are planning to perform a medley of classics when they get inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame later this year. That ceremony is currently scheduled to take place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, CA on November 5.

Travis said the following about the group’s induction during an appearance on the “Rocker Morning Show“:

“Naturally, it’s a super honor. I always felt that Priest would get in eventually, only because you can’t have something called the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame and not have Judas Priest in it. So there were a couple of events prior to this year where we were nominated — I think that’s the right word; I’m not sure — but we were in the running. And we didn’t quite get in, but I was always confident. Priest will get in eventually, and same thing with some of the bands that aren’t in yet — they will get in. But yeah, it’s a super honor. And there’s nothing else you can say about it, really. It’s pretty cool.”

He also added the following about their plans to perform during the event:

“…They give you a limited amount of time ’cause there’s obviously lots of artists that are gonna be performing. So they gave us a set amount of time to perform. And we decided we’re gonna try and work in a medley and do some of the Priest classics and put ’em all into a medley, which we’ve never done before. So it should be interesting.”

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Mickey Guyton Shares Behind The Scenes Footage From Her Performance With Metallica At 2022 Global Citizen Festival

As previously reported, Metallica recently performed “Nothing Else Matters” live with Mickey Guyton during this year’s Global Citizen Festival at Central Park in New York, NY. Now, Guyton has taken to social media to share some behind the scenes footage from the collaboration:

System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian Is Working On “A Philosophical Memoir”

During a recent interview with Revolver, Serj Tankian (System Of A Down) revealed that he is working on a new book. He said the following about that:

“It is a form of a memoir. I was originally disinterested in writing a memoir. I was more interested in writing about the intersection of justice and spirituality, which has been in my head for many years. And when I had an agent approach me, it was kind of, like, they were interested in a memoir, I was interested in this story, and we agreed to make it a hybrid. So it’s, if you will, a philosophical memoir. So it’s gonna be a little different from your typical memoir in that sense.”

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Wolfgang Van Halen Says The Van Halen Camp Is Too “Dysfunctional” To Organize A Tribute Concert

During a recent interview with Classic Rock, Wolfgang Van Halen discussed the possibility of a Van Halen tribute show once again. According to him, the band’s camp is too “dysfunctional” to plan anything.

Wolfgang said the following about a possible tribute:

“I think I already did it with the Taylor Hawkins tributes. I feel a lot of closure because my part of the show was a tribute to my father.

When it comes to Van Halen and entities surrounding the band it’s unfortunate, certainly compared to Foo Fighters who have their shit together with interpersonal relationships.

I don’t know what it is with some bands but certain personalities just can’t get over themselves to work collectively for one purpose. That’s been the curse of Van Halen for its entire career. So my playing at the Taylor shows delivered that catharsis without the stresses of dealing with the Van Halen camp, and the players involved. Their camp is very dysfunctional — everyone! Hell, it was difficult to make plans even when the band was active.”

He also added the following when asked about recent comments from Sammy Hagar, who said he would “love to play those songs again”:

“He said that, but he also said he wouldn’t. Sammy said two different things. No… I feel that I’ve said my piece, and if the Taylor concerts are all that happens then I’m happy with that.”

Former Ghost Guitarist Martin Persner On Tobias Forge: “He’s A Songwriting Genius”

During a recent appearance on the “Heavy Demons” radio show, former Ghost guitarist Martin Persner opened up about his time in the band. He also shared some praise for the band’s frontman Tobias Forge, who he referred to as “a songwriting genius.”

Persner said the following:

“I’m very proud and happy to have been a part of GHOST. It was wonderful, because we had so much fun. We learned so much, we did so many tours, we got to see so much. Apart from that… I feel kind of happy about it, because if it wasn’t for GHOST, I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing right now. And I’m happy doing what I’m doing right now. So, yeah, I feel proud and humbled that I was a part of it for a long time. That’s what I feel.”

He continued when asked about his “huge” contributions to the band:

“Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to call my contributions huge, because Tobias is a pop genius; he’s a songwriting genius. And I think he would have done just fine without me as well. But of course, I did have some contributions but it’s not like… I don’t wanna compare myself to him in terms of what made GHOST, GHOST. But, of course, I did have some influence.”

He also added the following when asked if he is still talks to Forge:

“None of your business. [Laughs]”

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Testament’s Next Album Will Include Ballad Originally Intended For “Titans Of Creation”

During a recent interview with MetalMasterKingdom.com, Testament guitarist Eric Peterson discussed the band’s upcoming album. According to him, the effort will include a ballad that was originally written for “Titans Of Creation.”

Peterson said the following:

“We actually have a ballad that we wrote. We were gonna put it on the last record. We actually recorded some stuff, and it just wasn’t ready. We were listening to it, going, ‘Nah…’ There was a lot of elements that weren’t in there; we kind of threw it together. But this time I think we’ve got something really cool.

It sounds like something that TESTAMENT would do. The melodies in it are really cool. I’m not trying to say that we’re going in a ballad direction. We’re gonna deliver one of those kind of songs again; we haven’t done that for a while, since [2012’s] ‘Dark Roots Of Earth’ [album]. And then there’s a lot of pieces laying around that I’ve recorded over the years that I haven’t put drums to yet. So hopefully I’ll be jamming with [drummer Dave] Lombardo soon and we’ll put some killer shit together.”

In a separate interview with The Metal Voice, frontman Chuck Billy also said that one of the new songs is “epic”:

“October 15th is the last show of [the summer/fall 2022 leg of ‘The Bay Strikes Back Tour’ with EXODUS, and DEATH ANGEL], so we’ll work [on new material] right up to Christmas and then right after New Year’s we’ll get right back at it. I know Eric and Alex [Skolnick] have been working and jamming together, and I hear there’s an epic song that’s been created. I haven’t heard it yet, but I hear it’s epic. That’s all they say — ‘it’s epic.’ I’m, like, ‘Okay.’ That’s the word they throw at me. But we’ll see.”

He also added the following about the musical direction of the new material

“I think TESTAMENT will always stay in the vein of TESTAMENT and not not follow trends or follow what’s hip today. Even though there’s a lot of great new bands I love and I go, ‘Man, that’s great. I really love it.’ But we can’t change; we wanna kind of stay TESTAMENT. I hear it from fans when you talk to ’em. They always say, ‘Thank you for being who you are for so long.’ So we just have to continue that.”

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Foreign Hands Added To Upcoming Counterparts, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, & Dying Wish Tour

Foreign Hands have been added to Counterparts, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, and Dying Wish’s fall North American tour. You can find the dates for that run below.

Tour Dates:

11/16 Grand Rapids, MI – The Stache (no Dying Wish)
11/17 Chicago, IL – Bottom Lounge (no Dying Wish)
11/18 St. Louis, MO – Red Flag (no Dying Wish)
11/19 Lawrence, KS – The Bottleneck (no Dying Wish)
11/20 Denver, CO – Oriental Theater (no Dying Wish)
11/23 Seattle, WA – El Corazon
11/24 Vancouver, BC – Biltmore Cabaret
11/25 Portland, OR – Bossanova Ballroom
11/26 Sacramento, CA – Goldfield Trading Post
11/27 Pomona, CA – Glass House
11/29 San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
11/30 Phoenix, AZ – The Nile Theatre
12/02 San Antonio, TX – The Rock Box
12/03 Dallas, TX – Amplified Live
12/04 Houston, TX – Warehouse Live
12/06 Madison, TN – Eastside Bowl
12/07 Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade (Hell)
12/08 Greensboro, NC – The Blind Tiger
12/09 Washington, DC – Union Stage
12/10 Pittsburgh, PA – Enclave
12/11 Asbury Park, NY – Asbury Lanes
12/12 Philadelphia, PA – Underground Arts
12/14 New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
12/15 Boston, MA – Paradise Rock Club
12/16 Buffalo, NY – Rec Room
12/17 Montreal, QC – Fairmount Theatre
12/18 Toronto, ON – Danforth Music Hall

Spirit Adrift Recording New Album

Spirit Adrift have officially entered the studio to record their new album. The band said the following about that:

“Drums for LP5 are finished. Thank you to @thesanford for always being such a joy to work with, and to @electricalaudio for not only being one of the greatest studios in the world, but for always welcoming us with such warmth and enthusiasm. We’ve returned to Texas and will finish tracking the rest of the album over the coming weeks. ⚔️⛓💀⛓⚔️”

Guitarist Stephen “Stevis” Harrison And Drummer Aric Improta Exit Fever 333

Guitarist Stephen “Stevis” Harrison and drummer Aric Improta have announced their departures from Fever 333. Frontman Jason Aalon Butler is now the only remaining member of the band.

Harrison said the following:

“Aric and I have decided to leave Fever 333. I won’t get into the details but things were pretty bad internally. That plus creative differences sort of left me with no choice. That said, I’m so thankful for all the amazing fans, people who helped Fever behind the scenes, and my friends and family who supported me through all of this. Your support means so much! I still plan to make music. Aric and I will probably do something together in the future. Love you guys!! Know your worth!!”

Importa added:

“Steve and I have decided to step away Fever 333. Its layered, but ultimately, I’d just rather dedicate my time to projects that operate different than that one. Massive thank you to all of our fans, our friends and the amazing people who helped us along the way (you know who you are). We got to play some unforgettable shows, travel a ton and meet some incredible individuals. Steve and I will probably do something together in the future.”