Megadeth Plan To Hit The Studio In Either October Or November

It looks like Megadeth plan to start working on a follow-up to “Dystopia” later this year. Dave Mustaine recently told KATT Rock 100.5 FM’s “No Brown M&Ms” the following:

“We plan on going back in the studio, we’re probably gonna go back in and start throwing some ideas around at the end of the year. We’re thinking about November or December.”

This will be the groups’ first effort with new drummer Dirk Verbeuren, with Mustaine offering the following about him:

“As good as [Chris] Adler was, Dirk’s feet are more advanced and I didn’t think that was possible because Chris is such a great drummer. There’s a reason why Chris recommended Dirk. I love him for that, he’s a really solid friend for making that recommendation. A lot of guys wouldn’t do that, but he’s a true friend. [Dirk] is one of the most pleasant, easy to get along with guys I’ve ever met in my life … I’ve never, ever, ever seen him not smile.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Misery Signals Post Clip From “Yesterday Was Everything” Documentary

Misery Signals have posted a clip from their upcoming documentary “Yesterday Was Everything.” The film, which was filmed during the band’s “Of Malice and the Magnum Heart” 10th anniversary tour in 2014, will hit digital outlets on June 30. As an added bonus, you can also read what Ryan Morgan has to say about the release in a new interview over at Alternative Press.

Chris Cornell’s Widow Vicky Says That He “Was Not A Depressed Man”

Chris Cornell‘s (Soundgarden, etc.) widow Vicky Cornell was recently interviewed by People about her husband’s death. During the chat, she reiterated the fact that the prescription drugs in his system likely led to his suicide, due to impaired judgement. She also said the following : “My Chris was happy, loving, caring and warm. This was not a depressed man—it wasn’t like I missed that. What I missed were the signs of addiction.” She further said: “He didn’t want to die. If he was of sound mind, I know he wouldn’t have done this,” and that “Addiction is a disease” that “can take over you and has full power.” You can read the full interview at People.


Wolves In The Throne Room To Release New Album “Thrice Woven” In September

Wolves In The Throne Room have announced that their new album “Thrice Woven” will be released on September 22. You can find a teaser for the effort, as well as the cover art/track listing below:

“Thrice Woven” Track Listing:

01. “Born From The Serpent’s Eye” (feat. Anna von Hausswolff)
02. “The Old Ones Are With Us” (feat. Neurosis’ Steve Von Till)
03. “Angrboda”
04. “Mother Owl, Father Ocean” (feat. Anna von Hausswolff & Zeynep Oyku)
05. “Fires Roar In The Palace Of The Moon

Saxon To Release “The Solid Book Of Rock” In August

Saxon will release a new 14-disc set called “The Solid Book Of Rock” on August 4. The effort will come with “Solid Ball Of Rock,” “Forever Free,” “Dogs Of War,” “Unleash The Beast,” “Metalhead,” “Killing Ground,” “Lionheart,” “The Inner Sanctum,” and “Into The Labyrinth,” as well as eight bonus tracks, two bonus CDs including: “Classics Re-Recorded” (originally only available with initial pressings of “Killing Ground”) and “Lionheart – Rough Studio Mix” (originally only available with the limited edition of the album), and three limited edition DVDs (originally available with “Lionheart,” “The Inner Sanctum,” and “Into The Labyrinth”). It will also be packaged in a 24-page 12″ x 12″ booklet with lyrics/credits, photos, and cover art by Paul R. Gregory. If you order it from Amazon, you can also get limited edition print signed by Biff Byford.

Zakk Wylde On Possibility Of Recording A New Album With Ozzy Osbourne: “If Oz Wants To Do Another Record, Then We Knock It Out”

With Ozzy Osbourne set to reunite with Zakk Wylde for his 2017 touring, fans have been wondering if he would also appear on Osbourne’s upcoming album. Wylde recently told the Chicago Tribune the following, when asked if he was open to working on new music with Osbourne:

“My relationship with Ozzy and Mrs. O [Sharon Osbourne] is if they call me up and say, ‘Bring eggs and milk over and clean the dog run,’ I do it. If Oz wants to do another record, then we knock it out. We haven’t spoken yet about a record. Basically, right now it’s about the shows.”