AFI Premiere New Songs “Looking Tragic” And “Begging For Trouble”

AFI have premiered two new songs, “Looking Tragic” and “Begging For Trouble.” Both tracks will appear on the band’s new album “Bodies,” which is set to be released on June 11. They will also be available as a limited edition 7 inch on May 28.

Davey Havok said the following about “Looking Tragic”:

“‘Looking Tragic‘ addresses the theme of overstimulation resulting in desensitisation. Melodic and driving, the song came to life quickly and immediately stood out as a track to make bodies, if not sentiments, move.”

Adam Carson added the following about “Begging For Trouble“:

“After years of receiving early versions of songs from Jade and Davey, in forms that span loosely arranged chords and scratch vocal to fully realised demos, I think I have become quite adept at knowing which songs will or will not make the record. ‘Begging For Trouble‘ was green lit, at least in my mind, the moment I heard the vocals come in. To me, the track is a cornerstone of the new record.”

“Bodies” Track Listing:

01. “Twisted Tongues”
02. “Far Too Near”
03. “Dulcería”
04. “On Your Back”
05. “Escape From Los Angeles”
06. “Begging For Trouble”
07. “Back From The Flesh”
08. “Looking Tragic”
09. “Death Of The Party”
10. “No Eyes”
11. “Tied To A Tree”

Moonspell Premiere “The Hermit Saints” Video

Moonspell have premiered a new video for their new song “The Hermit Saints.” This track is from the band’s new album “Hermitage,” which will be released tomorrow (February 26). Fernando Ribeiro commented:

“‘The Hermit Saints’ unveils even further secrets about our forthcoming album, ‘Hermitage’. Make no mistake: this is a METAL song played according to Moonspell’s own signature and rules. This song tells you about the holiness and unholiness of men, about the duality between saints and sinners. It tells of the fever that makes us cross into the desert of our own existences, perpetually looking out for the cure, that will never come until we change our ways. Many might go. Few will come back. Lock the gates, behold ‘The Hermit Saints’.”

New “Beavis And Butt-Head” Movie Coming To Paramount+

It has been revealed that a new “Beavis And Butt-Head” movie is currently in the works. The film has yet to receive a release date, but it has been confirmed that it will debut on Paramount+. This news comes after Comedy Central previously reached a deal with Mike Judge to reimagine “Beavis And Butt-Head” for at least two new seasons of the series. The new version is expected to be updated for modern times with meta-themes relatable to new and old fans.

Svalbard’s Serena Cherry Shares Music Video For “Wretched Abyss” From Her Noctule Project

Svalbard’s Serena Cherry will be releasing the debut album from her Noctule project, “Wretched Abyss,” on May 28. You can find a video for the effort’s title track below:

Cherry told Revolver the following about the song and video:

“‘Wretched Abyss‘ is a song about Hermaeus Mora — who is the daedric prince of fate, knowledge and memory in ‘Skyrim‘. He often appears in a Lovecraftian form of tentacles in the game, this imagery combined with his unsettling psychological questline is what inspired me to write this song.

The video was shot at The Gryphon, which is Bristol’s best heavy metal pub and venue. We filled the live room with smoke and candles to create that ethereal vibe. The video was filmed by David Gregory and James Morgan of Cineoteric Films.”

“Wretched Abyss” Track Listing:

01. “Elven Sword”
02. “Labyrinthian”
03. “Wretched Abyss”
04. “Evenaar”
05. “Winterhold”
06. “Deathbell Harvest”
07. “Unrelenting Force”
08. “Become Ethereal”

Shadows Fall, Anthrax, Death Ray Vision, Etc. Members Join Forces In Living Wreckage

Jeff Gard (Death Ray Vision), Jon Donais (Anthrax, Shadows Fall), Matt LeBreton (Downpour), Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall, Act Of Defiance), and Jon Morency (Let Us Prey) have joined forces in a new band called Living Wreckage. The group’s debut album is expected to be released later this year. Donais had the following to say about the project:

“I have been wanting to do a band of this style for a long time. Good ol’ hard rock / metal that fits somewhere between Skid Row and Pantera. I was lucky enough to find the perfect guys for this and it’s great to be playing original music again with my Shadows Fall bandmate Matt Bachand. I can’t wait to share some music with everyone!”

GoFundMe Launched To Help Save The Home Of Eddie Van Halen’s Longtime Guitar Tech Tom Weber

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched for Tom Weber, the longtime guitar tech of the late Eddie Van Halen. Weber is in need of money to help save his home.

The following was said on GoFundMe:

“Though in demand in normal times, the last few years have been especially trying for Tom, not just with the passing of Ed Van Halen, an employer and friend, but also with the loss of his business at the hands of a predatory landlord, who successfully forced him out of the building where his guitar repair shop had been located for 25 years, while he was on tour! The loss of the business has been compounded by the sale of two other buildings where what remained of Tom’s business has been stored. One of the buildings was sold recently, which makes it necessary for him to move yet again, at a time where there is no income, and no potential for work on the horizon in the foreseeable future due to the total collapse of the live entertainment industry because of COVID19

‘I’d try to get back into a shop if I wasn’t in a position to lose my home’ he says, but with the coming expense of having to relocate, or lose what’s left of what was supposed to be his eventual exit from touring, and ever growing debt on his family’s home, it will soon be a choice between one or the other.”

Weber added:

“Things are looking pretty bleak at the moment, I won’t lie. I have been looking for employment, but am told I am over qualified for the jobs that are available in the area I live in, or that the job is more suited to a younger candidate, and now with the uncertainty about the house, it feels like I am chasing my tail… I’m most worried about how this is affecting my family and the uncertainty each day brings.. I just don’t know.”

He also spoke with the Cincinnati Enquirer saying that he was previously scheduled to tour with Reba McEntire in early 2020, before working with Poison on “The Stadium Tour”:

“It was going to be one of those years where my family wasn’t going to see me, but it was going to be a $200,000 year. And I thought, ‘This will allow me to pay off my house. It’s going to be amazing. And, of course, it went from a banner year to zero income overnight [due to the pandemic].”

Rob Zombie & His Wife Launch Animated Video Series “Zombie Interviews Zombie”

Rob Zombie and his wife Sheri Moon Zombie have launched an animated video series called “Zombie Interviews Zombie.” The first episode finds the couple discussing the title of the frontman’s new album “The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy,” which is set to be released on March 12.

Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello Announces New Partnership With SiriusXM

Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello has announced a new partnership with SiriusXM. The deal will include three new music channels, a new weekly show, and a new podcast.

More information was shared on

“SiriusXM is teaming up with groundbreaking rock guitarist and acoustic troubadour Tom Morello on all-original content spanning three new streaming-music channels and a weekly show beginning March 2, plus an exclusive podcast launching March 3.

The hand-crafted content by Morello includes streaming-music channels that are part of SiriusXM’s Xtra Channels offering, which has expanded even more since its debut of 100 curated music channels in early 2019. Morello’s music channels — Battle Hymns Radio, Heavy Metal Happy Hour Radio, and Riffs, Rhymes, & Rebellion Radio — will amplify the intersection where music and activism collide, offer a wide range of heavy metal music, and explore his personal influences and musical collection. See channel and series info below.

“When SiriusXM approached me about doing a new slate of shows, I only had one condition, I say what I wanna say and I play what I wanna play,” said Morello. “When the right combination of rhythm and rhyme washes over a huge throng or transmits through an ear bud, it can provide a spark for action or a life raft for survival. Music MATTERS. And I’m very much looking forward to inflicting on listeners the music that matters to me.”

Tom Morello’s Xtra Channels:

Tom Morello’s Battle Hymns Radio (Ch. 1124) will thread the needle between music and activism throughout history and genres. The channel will provide an audio assault of rebel anthems featuring the freedom songs of the 1960s, the hip-hop music that has been standing up for Black lives for decades, and the mosh pit-inciting, radically raging rock.

Tom Morello’s Heavy Metal Happy Hour Radio (Ch. 1122) will feature a hand-selected array of heavy metal music, ranging from hidden gems to classic cuts for a happy hour that never ends.

Tom Morello’s Riffs, Rhymes, & Rebellion Radio (Ch. 1123) will dive deep into Morello’s personal record collection to showcase the diverse sonic landscape of riffs, beats, and ballads that shaped his music and career.

Tom Morello’s New Show & Podcast:

SiriusXM’s E Street Radio (Ch. 20) will debut Tom Morello’s Radio Comandante, a weekly show dedicated to a new musical theme, featuring a collection of wildly diverse songs that have influenced him as an artist. Each week, his show will air on a SiriusXM channel that suits the current show’s theme. The premiere episode of Tom Morello’s Radio Comandante will focus on the theme of American class consciousness and examine the 80-year history behind Bruce Springsteen’s song “The Ghost of Tom Joad.” The show will air debut on March 2 at 10am ET and 4pm ET, with replays throughout the week.

This will be Morello’s second weekly show on SiriusXM, following the incredible success of Tom Morello’s One Man Revolution on SiriusXM’s Lithium (Ch. 34), where Morello shares stories spanning his 30-year career as a groundbreaking artist, while taking listeners on a fearless exploration through ’90s alternative & grunge music that ignited a revolution. Tom Morello’s One Man Revolution airs every Monday at 4pm ET.

Adding to the latest array and launch of SiriusXM’s original, exclusive, and popular podcasts is Tom Morello’s Maximum Firepower, which will be available on the SiriusXM app, Pandora, Stitcher, and wherever listeners access their podcasts, starting March 3 and air weekly on SiriusXM’s VOLUME (Ch. 106) every Wednesday at 1:30pm ET. This SiriusXM original podcast will focus on the music, moments, and movements that have shaped Tom’s worldview and left an indelible mark on him as an artist and activist.

For more on Tom’s SiriusXM channels and series, click here.”


Brady Deeprose On New Conjurer Album: “It Is A Truly Miserable, Hopeless Record”

During a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Conjurer’s Brady Deeprose discussed the band’s upcoming album. According to him, the effort “is a truly miserable, hopeless record.”

Deeprose said the following when asked if the group felt pressured about making a follow-up to “Mire“:

“I don’t think so, no. We do feel really good about the songs, but it is a truly miserable, hopeless record. It really mirrors the mood of the year I think – you know I love playing live, that’s where I’m happiest, and we haven’t been able to do that for ages. Also, I’m moving to a different country and getting married and trying to do that in a pandemic is incredibly stressful, so there’s a lot of frustration in these songs.”

He also added:

“I know every band will tell you ‘It’s the heaviest thing we’ve ever done!’, but we’ve been so fucked off with the state of everything that it has just made us write these really vile and disgusting songs. I think we’ve got a bit better at knowing exactly what we want to achieve as songwriters, so I think there’s less fat on them and they do everything we want them to do in a much more condensed way. But, they’re hopeless, nasty, miserable songs, even more so than the last record. It’s really quite extreme. There’s some obvious Converge worship on the record, too. That’s kind of the vibe we’re going for: super-heavy, technically wild, super-bleak.”

Rival Sons Launch New Label Sacred Tongue Recordings

Rival Sons have launched a new label, called Sacred Tongue Recordings, with distribution through Thirty Tigers. The band said the following about that:

“We’ve talked about creating our own record label from the very beginning. It’s about creating a good home for our back catalogue as the Rival Sons community continues to grow together worldwide. The band has always maintained a stance of independence and sole custody of our early works was the long game. Introducing SACRED TONGUE RECORDINGS, a RIVAL SONS record label. Our first offerings are: Our debut record, Before the Fire, the first pressing on vinyl in 11 years, available on Orange Splatter and limited to 1000 worldwide, and our Self Titled EP in Clear with Gold Splatter, also limited to 1000 worldwide. Help us celebrate Sacred Tongue’s beginnings by picking up these limited pressings at – In stores and at your door March 26th, 2021! Pre-order now.”