Slipknot Post “Psychosocial” Live Video From “Day Of The Gusano” Documentary

Slipknot have posted a live video of “Psychosocial” from their “Day Of The Gusano” documentary. That effort will receive a home release on October 20.


Slipknot Mentioned On “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver”

Slipknot were mentioned on the October 8 episode of HBO‘s “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” as the punchline in a Trump joke. You check out a clip of that below:

Watch Corey Taylor’s (Slipknot, Stone Sour) Emotional Rock To Recovery Acceptance Speech

On September 16, Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) was honored with the Icon Award at the second annual Rock to Recovery benefit concert. Wes Geer (ex-Korn/(hed) p.e.)) and Sonny Mayo (Snot) presented him with the award, which is “given each year to a public figure, known far and wide, that uses their power to influence great masses of people” especially to “honor someone who has battled addiction, to overcome, in an industry full of challenges.” You can watch Taylor’s acceptance speech below:

Slipknot Post “Vermilion” Live Video From “Day Of The Gusano” Documentary

Slipknot have posted a live video of “Vermilion” from their upcoming “Day Of The Gusano” documentary. That effort was filmed at the 2015 Knotfest Mexico, and it officially hit select theaters today (September 6). A home release will be available on October 20.

M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan Discusses The Possibility Of Making A Slipknot Double Album

Slipknot’s M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan was recently interviewed by Metal Sucks, and was asked about the possibility of the band releasing a double album, as he mentioned in the past. You can read his comments regrading that below.


Clown said the following:

“If I did it… don’t hold me to this, but if I had my own way — which I don’t, but I got a big say — I would do two records that come out at the same time, but there would be no more than nine songs [on each half]. And the whole album would be under an hour, if not under fifty minutes… I was fortunate enough to work with Rick Rubin on ‘Vol 3.: The Subliminal Verses,’ and he and I got into an interesting conversation about what it takes to make a phenomenal double album, and the first thing he said was [you need] about seventy-five songs to whittle it down to the best. And I never forgot that. And right now we have lot of material. A LOT…”

“…So I’m hoping we’ll get a lot of material, whittle it down the best eighteen [songs] and keep it under an hour. I don’t want to make something arty farty where it just has the liberty to move around and you get all these segues and little art pieces. Fuck that. I wanna get busy. I wanna kick you in the face and in the nuts. On album A, nine songs, then you put on album B, nine songs, and it’s all over before you can even imagine.”