Chris Fehn’s Lawsuit Against Slipknot Heading To Mediation For Possible Settlement

Accoring to MetalSucks, Chris Fehn’s lawsuit against Slipknot is heading to mediation for a possible settlement. This news comes after Melissa Anne Crane, a judge in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, allowed the case to move forward in January 2020.

As previously reported, Fehn was kicked out of Slipknot in March 2019 after filing a lawsuit against M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan and Corey Taylor for allegedly operating and making money on Slipknot affiliated businesses behind his back with assistance from their business manager Robert Shore. The claim against Shore was previously dismissed, but the claim against his company, Rob Shore & Associates, was originally allowed to proceed.

Fehn was also previously saying that there was a general partnership that existed between the members of the band. However, that claim and the enrichment claim were dismissed in June 2020. The following was said about that in legal documents obtained by MetalSucks:

“The court dismisses the claim for breach of implied in fact contract. To plead a claim for implied in fact contract, a plaintiff must plead the essential terms of a contract: offer, acceptance and consideration (see Lapine v Seinfeld, 31 Misc3d 736, 741 [Sup. Ct. New York County 2011]). Here, the allegations supporting implied in fact contract are wholly conclusory. Plaintiff fails to plead any essential term of the contract, any specific provisions breached or any rate of compensation.

In addition, the court dismisses the unjust enrichment claim, because plaintiff fails to plead how the New York defendants were enriched at plaintiff’s expense. Moreover, all plaintiff claims is that “Crahan, as an agent of the corporate Defendants, requested Fehn perform a variety of services for the partnership and for each of the respective corporate entities.” This begs the question what those services were. Certainly, the services plaintiff provided are within plaintiff’s purview. Accordingly, the court dismisses counts II and III of the complaint without prejudice to re-pleading.”

The case is now entering mediation with lawyers and Crane set to take part in a teleconference on October 29, 2020.

Slipknot Drummer Jay Weinberg Ties The Knot

Congratulations are in order for Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg, who recently got married to Chloe Howcroft. Weinberg revealed the good news on Instagram:

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Slipknot’s Corey Taylor On Anti-Maskers: “Not Everything Has To Be A Political Fucking Statement”

During an appearance on Dean Delray’s “Let There Be Talk” podcast, Corey Taylor talked a bit about the coronavirus pandemic and the way Las Vegas, NV has been handling the crisis. Amid the conversation, the frontman, who has spent years wearing a mask in Slipknot, also took some time to blast inconsiderate anti-maskers once again.

Taylor said the following:

“It burned up again [the infection rate], because our mayor is a dipshit. This thing is gonna fucking — it’s gonna keep doing that until it evens out, man. It’s gonna keep doing it until we get a vaccine, to be honest, or at least something that can prevent.

Vegas, it’s up and down. There are still a bunch of fucking mooks with no masks on at the casinos. And, actually, the people who were there — tourists or visitors or whatever — were giving shit to people who were wearing masks. That was enough for me to just go, ‘You know what, man? Fuck you!’

It’s, like, not everything has to be a political fucking statement. It’s better to just be cautious. It’s better to be smart. You wanna walk around with no fucking mask on, you go ahead and spin the barrel, and let’s see how many times you can click it. But these people who are actually trying to be preventive, there’s no reason for you to give them a rash of shit — they weren’t fucking saying anything to you. It’s just ridiculous, man.

That’s the shit that people aren’t talking about — the fact that some people are just minding their own fucking business, and a bunch of garbage fucking falls out of people’s faces, and it just keeps the fucking wheel spinning. Maybe if we all just kind of kept some shit to ourselves, maybe shit would fucking quiet down.”

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Slipknot To Release New Neck Gaiters Featuring Their Masks, Seemingly Confirm Tortilla Man’s Identity

Slipknot have launched pre-orders for some limited edition neck gaiters featuring their masks. You can get one for yourself HERE. Notably, the neck gaiter featuring the mask of the band’s new percussionist “Tortilla Man” was previously described as the “Pfaff Neck Gaiter Face Cover” in a UK product listing. The mysterious member is widely believed to be Michael Pfaff, who has seemingly been exposed several times, and this just further adds to the all but confirmed theory.

Slipknot’s Corey Taylor: “Stop Whining And Put Your God Damn Mask On”

During a recent interview with Australia’s Triple M Rock Interviews, Corey Taylor, who has spent years wearing a mask in Slipknot, had some choice words for those who still refuse to wear face coverings amid the coronavirus pandemic. He said the following:

“…Stop whining and put your god damn mask on. This isn’t an isolated incident. My country’s loaded with these dumbasses that think it is some sort of political standpoint or some sort of partisan garbage. And I’m just like, ‘Are you serious?’ Just because you haven’t had anyone in your life affected by it doesn’t mean that it’s not a real thing. I once had to wear a full head mask for eight hours while doing Slipknot press. Eight hours straight – didn’t take it off, but these people are going to bitch and moan about wearing it for 10 minutes at the market? Get over yourselves.”

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Slipknot Postpone “Knotfest At Sea” Cruise

Slipknot have postponed their inaugural “Knotfest At Sea” cruise. The band commented:

“We previously shared that Knotfest at Sea would be postponed from August 2020 to August 2021. Due to unforeseen scheduling factors since then, we have made the difficult decision to postpone Knotfest at Sea for the foreseeable future. We greatly appreciate the patience and understanding of the Knotfest at Sea community, this decision was not made easily. All currently booked guests will receive a full refund. While there are no immediate plans for Knotfest at Sea we do hope to get together again in the future. Join the Knotfest at Sea email list to stay in the loop with any future sailings by visiting”

Slipknot Bassist V-Man Ties The Knot

Congratulations are in order for Slipknot bassist Alessandro “V-Man” Venturella, who recently got married to artist Lisa Graham. V-Man said the following about the good news: “We finally did it. Me and @lisagraham138 got married. ❤️”