Slipknot Share Recap Of 2019 European Tour

Slipknot have shared a recap video focusing on their recent European tour. You can check that out below. The band’s new album “We Are Not Your Kind” will be released on August 9 and they will be kicking off their Knotfest Roadshow tour in North America later this month.


Chris Fehn Requests To Have His Slipknot Lawsuit Move Forward

As previously reported, Chris Fehn was kicked out of Slipknot after suing Corey Taylor and M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan for allegedly operating and making money on Slipknot affiliated businesses behind his back. The band’s business manager Robert Shore, who was also named in the suit, then filed an affidavit and memorandum to have the case dismissed. Now, The Blast are reporting that Fehn has since fired back by asking a judge to deny Shore’s motion to dismiss and to allow the case to move forward.

Some Redditors Think They May Have An Unmasked Photo Of Slipknot’s Mystery Percussionist

Some Redditors believe they may have gotten a hold of an unmasked photo of Slipknot’s mystery percussionist. The person in the picture was seen leaving a hotel with guitarist Mick Thompson and he happened to be wearing shoes similar to those that the percussionist has been wearing onstage.

It’s worth noting that others have disputed these claims saying the person has a camera, which could indicate that he is just a photographer or videographer. Others are also claiming that the real percussionist is a bald man based on the below photo:

At this point, we will just have to wait and see if the musician’s identity is ever revealed.

[via The PRP]

Slipknot Appear To Be Teasing Fans Over The Identity Of Their New Percussionist

It looks like Slipknot have been teasing fans about the identity of their new mystery percussionist. A photo, which appears to have been taken during a recent live show, has surfaced on Reddit and it shows a drum with the question “Who is the new guy?” written on it. You can see that below. The new member is taking over for Chris Fehn, who is currently in a legal battle with the group.

Corey Taylor On Slipknot’s New Album: “It Is Probably The Furthest We’ve Pushed The Boundaries Of Creativity And Experimentation”

During an interview on BBC Radio 1‘s “Rock Show With Daniel P Carter,” Corey Taylor discussed Slipknot’s new album “We Are Not Your Kind” (out August 9). According to the singer, the effort “is probably the furthest [they’ve] pushed the boundaries of creativity and experimentation, while also not losing [their] identity.”

Taylor said the following about the record:

“As a whole—and I can say this honestly—it is probably the furthest we’ve pushed the boundaries of creativity and experimentation, while also not losing our identity. So bands out there who go for all of that experimentation and forget who they are; they forget that there’s an audience that wants to hear a certain type—it doesn’t have to be the exact thing, but there has to be a certain emotion that they are looking for, that they want to hear.

…There has to be that touchstone. And you can go as far out as you want, but you have to be able to pull them back to that feeling that made them fans in the first place. And I really think we did with that album. We not only went places that we’ve hinted at musically over the years, but never really went full bore, but we’re also doing heavier things than we’ve ever done.

We’re still a band that has always just written music for us. If we’re not impressed by it, we’re not putting crap out, you know? Even stuff in retrospect where we may take a listen to it later and go, ‘Ah, I don’t know if that was us.’ But at the time, we’re absolutely backing it, you know, no matter what. So as long as we continue to write music for us first, and the audience second, that’s how you keep that excitement.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Slipknot Team Up With Cedar Ridge Distillery For “No. 9 Iowa Whiskey”

Slipknot have teamed up with Cedar Ridge Distillery to create “No. 9 Iowa Whiskey.” The whiskey was made with corn sourced from the distillery’s family farm in Winthrop, IA and it will be released on August 10. The spirit will be available as a 90 proof for $39.99 USD and as a 99 proof, called “No. 9 Reserve,” for $69.99 USD.

M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan commented:

“Slipknot and Cedar Ridge Distillery – two groups of people born and raised in Iowa, and committed to quality and hard work. We collaborated on No. 9 Whiskey, which in addition to Iowa corn, gets some extra spice from its rye content. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Live life, and always be safe.”

Cedar Ridge Distillery‘s head distiller Murphy Quint added:

“Our challenge was to produce a whiskey that represents Slipknot’s style of music; something bold, something with distinguished character, something that you don’t exactly come across every day. At the same time, it needed to be a whiskey that satisfies a true whiskey aficionado, regardless of its ties to the band. I feel that this blend of bourbon and rye hits that mark.”

The whiskey will be available at select retailers across the U.S. and at the shows on the band’s “Knotfest Roadshow.” The group are also planning some launch events, bottle signings, and bar takeovers. More info can be found at You can also head to Forbes to read tasting notes from whiskey writer, tasting expert and renowned critic Fred Minnick, as well as an interview with Clown.

Tom Savini Responds To Criticism Over Corey Taylor’s New Slipknot Mask

Ever since Corey Taylor unveiled his new Slipknot mask last month, fans have been poking fun at him over its appearance. The singer worked on the mask with horror effects legend Tom Savini, who has since responded to the criticism during an interview with Revolver.

Savini said the following when asked how he ended up working with Taylor:

“…I was on a plane with my wife looking at old photographs, and there’s a picture of her with Corey in 2014. I think it was my assistant, Jason Baker, who talked to him backstage at a show and Corey mentioned needing a mask. I guess my assistant said like, “Hey, I work for Tom Savini,” and the next thing you know Corey Taylor is in my house playing with my cats, then we made a cast of him.

Then we did the mask, and the mask has gone crazy! There was a lot of negative response, initially. I just got a copy of Kerrang! with Corey talking about the man behind the mask — about me — in that magazine, but the fans were like, ‘Savini? Oh shit, my sister could have done better than that.’ Someone even fastened a milk carton to their face and posted a side-by-side and said, ‘Nailed it!’ Regardless, the mask looks excellent.”

He continued:

“You know, he puts the makeup on underneath it, the hood, everything. It’s a nice mask, but he sells it. He’s the one who makes it look the way it looks.”

He also added the following when asked if he was a Slipknot fan before working with Taylor:

“It wasn’t really the kind of music I listen to, but my wife was. She’s a music fanatic … hum three bars of anything and she can tell you what it is. So she knows everybody and my assistant, as well, but I’ve come to know folks like this from when they come through horror conventions.”

This news comes after Taylor previously said he wanted to “create something uncomfortable” and that he “wanted it to feel like it was something that was created in someone’s basement.” The frontman has since responded to the criticism even further by saying he will “never change it, because it bothers SOOOOOO many people.”

As previously reported, Slipknot’s new album “We Are Not Your Kind” will be released on August 9.