Corey Taylor Says Slipknot “Were Hoping To Mend Fences” With Joey Jordison Before His Death

During an interview with The Fader, Corey Taylor opened up about the death of his former bandmate Joey Jordison. Notably, the singer revealed that the band “were hoping to mend fences” with drummer prior to his untimely passing.

Taylor said the following when asked if Jordison’s death influenced the group’s latest album “The End, So Far”:

“It definitely crept in because it happened while we were working on some of this music. We dedicated the album to him. We hoped it wouldn’t happen, and when it did it was a sad resolve that… For somebody that creative and explosive… I just wish we hadn’t lost him this soon. We were hoping to mend fences with him, and it’s one of those things that tells you: whatever you need to do, do it now, because you never know when you’re gonna lose somebody.”

He also added the following about losing bassist Paul Gray in 2010:

“[Those experiences] definitely woke us up a little bit, made us realize we’re on the other side of youth. There’s gonna come a time when we start losing each other again, and we should take advantage of the time we have right now with each other. I’ve tried to let these guys know how I feel about them and the music we’ve made together. We’re all such different people, and the fact that after all these years we’re still doing it together — and still doing it at this pace — you have to embrace each other after that.”

Corey Taylor On Slipknot’s Upcoming Departure From Roadrunner Records: “We Can Just Do Whatever We Want And Not Be Beholden To Anybody”

As previously reported, Slipknot will be completing their contract with Roadrunner Records following the release of their new album “The End, So Far“ (out September 30). Corey Taylor recently discussed that with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe, saying that the band will now be able to “do whatever [they] want and not be beholden to anybody.”

Taylor said the following:

“I mean, it’s cool because at this point, we could do whatever. If we wanted to, we could do a throwback album where we just get in a room and write it live and figure it out. We could turn around and create something really complex and dark. I mean, we could do a double concept album with a movie wrapped around it and make it something that … So for me, it’s really about what do we want to do? What keeps us? At this point, we don’t need to come back to this until we really want to. Contractually, we can just say, we can do one offs for the rest of our career.

Obviously, some of us in the band have, outside of Slipknot, that allow us time to have the audience go, ‘you know what? It’s about time for a Slipknot album.’ So we have ways that naturally alleviate the weight and alleviate the pressure of having to go back to back, to back to back, if we don’t want to.

Let’s face it, Roadrunner is not what it used to be. It’s not even a shadow of what it used to be. So there’s no real urgency for us to stick with them to do anything. And because all of the people that we started with are gone, and they were fired in a very unceremonious way to the point where the last couple years.

So at this point, I mean we can just do whatever we want and not be beholden to anybody. I mean, what that means, we don’t know. Does that mean that more doors open or does that mean that doors close because we’re not a part of that system anymore?

And not that we really gave a shit about being a part of that system, but at the same time, access helps. So I mean, it just comes down to who wants to be a part of the next Slipknot thing. It’s just that way.”

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Corey Taylor To Livestream London, UK Show

Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) will be livestreaming his October 17 show at The Palladium in London, UK. Tickets can be found HERE. The concert, which is also set to feature The Cherry Bombs, will raise money for The Taylor Foundation, which seeks to assist military veterans suffering from PTSD. The frontman commented:

“Not only am I stoked to be coming back to my island to play for my people, I’m over the moon to share it with the rest of the world. We’re gonna laugh, cry, break dance – sky’s the limit. Enjoy, Earth.”

Jim Root Feels Slipknot Were Underprepared When They Recorded “The End, So Far”

During an interview with Music Radar, Slipknot’s Jim Root opened up about the recording process for the band’s new album “The End, So Far” (out September 30). Interestingly, the guitarist says he thinks the band were unprepared when they worked with producer Joe Barresi on the effort.

Root said the following:

“Joe Barresi is an amazing producer. He has got an amazing track record, and I feel that we weren’t prepared for Joe Barresi, and I feel like we were not able to use Joe Barresi to his fullest extent, y’know what I mean? We did not do pre-production. We essentially built this record in the studio, and a lot of that was due to Covid, and us being separated, and the circumstances led us to do the record the way it was done.

With my mindset being the way it was, I didn’t have a ton of creative input. I felt kinda rushed trying to come up with ideas for this or that arrangement. We weren’t rehearsed as a band. We did not come in knowing the songs top to bottom, and that affected the record.

That put us behind schedule. It had us, not really arguing and fighting with each other, but trying to figure it out, like, ‘What is the best way to approach this knowing that we are doing what we are doing?’

Movie directors will say constantly that they never finish a movie, they just abandon them! I feel like, more than anything with this record, we had to abandon it and move on

You can make a plan, and you can plan as much as you want, but the big clock above your head and the budget from the label, and all this stuff, the studio we were at and the scheduling of that, there are so many factors that were against us making this record that I am surprised we were able to finish it.

And then it is taking us so long to get it out compared to how long it took us to track it! It’s like, well, if it has taken this long to get it out then we could have taken our fucking time with pre-production, and, in my mind, put out a better product. And that’s not to say that we’re disappointed with what we are putting out; it’s where we are at. It’s what we were able to do, given the circumstances, and the things that we had to work with.

But it’s like the movies. Directors will say constantly that they never finish a movie, they just abandon them! I feel like, more than anything with this record, we had to abandon it and move on from it.

And Clown was like, ‘It’s not a record! It’s not a Slipknot record! We are still touring on ‘We Are Not Your Kind‘, on that tour, and by the way here are some songs…’ Well, you can say that, but we are putting a fucking record out and to the fans this is a fucking Slipknot record. No matter what you say, that’s what it is.”

Slipknot’s Jim Root: “When I Hear A Band That’s Saying Fuck You, I Won’t Do What You Tell Me’ Telling Me To Do What The Government Tells Me To Do, That Seems Backwards To Me”

During a recent interview with Music Radar, Slipknot’s Jim Root seemingly threw some shade at Rage Against The Machine. The guitarist, who apparently has an issue with COVID safety protocols, says that “when [he] hear[s] a band that’s saying ‘fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me’ telling [him] to do what the government tells [him] to do, that seems backwards”

Root said the following about the current state of the world:

“Everything is so bizarre and so bananas I don’t even know what’s going on with the world right now. I couldn’t even tell you what is going on with the culture, because, being locked up for two years, and then you come out and everything’s upside down, it’s really… I don’t get it.

I thought rock ’n’ roll, and punk and metal, and all that stuff was meant to be anti-establishment and against the man, and now it seems more and more like, ‘Obey!’ and do as you’re told sorta shit, and that seems backwards to me. I don’t know if I am the only one that feels that way. I haven’t really talked to anyone in the band about it, ‘cos we’re just trying to get through these tours, through the protocol and the COVID shit, and all that.

We haven’t really checked in with one another to see how we’re doing, how we’re feeling about the state of the world and all that, but when I hear a band that’s saying ‘Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me’ telling me to do what the government tells me to do, that seems backwards to me.”

Vaccine mandates were previously required by Live Nation and many artists had to adhere to them, including Slipknot. Notably, Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello recently fired back at a fan complaining about the policy:

“RATM never played a single gig in its history that required vaccination. Not one. Fact-check next time bozo”

Slipknot Tease New Songs “Medicine For The Dead” & “Heirloom”

Slipknot have shared teasers for two new songs including “Medicine For The Dead” and “Heirloom.” The full tracks will appear on the band’s new album “The End, So Far,“ which is set to be released on September 30.