Watch Guns N’ Roses Frontman Axl Rose Perform “November Rain” During Lisa Marie Presley’s Memorial Service

Earlier today (January 22), Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose paid tribute to Lisa Marie Presley with a performance of “November Rain” during a public memorial service at Graceland. You can see fan-filmed footage of that below. Rose said the following:

“I never in a million years imagined being here, singing under these circumstances. I do know Lisa loved her family very much, and was fiercely protective of her father and his legacy.”

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Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Def Leppard, ZZ Top, Etc. Members To Guest On New Ian Hunter Album

Ian Hunter (Mott The Hoople) has revealed the details for his new album “Defiance Part 1.“ The effort will be released on April 21 and it will feature members of Metallica, Guns N’ Roses, Def Leppard, ZZ Top, Stone Temple Pilots, and more.

Here’s the full list of special guests:

  • Jeff Beck
  • Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters)
  • Ringo Starr (The Beatles)
  • Slash (Guns N’ Roses)
  • Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses)
  • Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top)
  • Robert Trujillo (Metallica)
  • Joe Elliott (Def Leppard)
  • Brad Whitford (Aerosmith)
  • Dean DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots)
  • Robert DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots)
  • Eric Kretz (Stone Temple Pilots)
  • Johnny Depp
  • Todd Rundgren
  • Jeff Tweedy (Wilco)
  • Billy Bob Thornton (The Boxmasters)
  • J.D. Andrew (The Boxmasters)
  • Mike Camphell (Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers, Fleetwood Mac)
  • Dane Clark (John Mellencamp)
  • Waddy Wachtel (Stevie Nicks, Keith Richards)

“Defiance Part 1” Track Listing:

01. “Defiance“:

Dane Clark: Drums
Robert Trujillo: Bass
Slash: Electric, Rhythm and Lead Guitars
Dennis Dibrizzi: Background Vocal
Andy York: Background Vocal
Ian Hunter: Electric Guitar

02. “Bed Of Roses“:

Ringo Starr: Drums
Tony Shanahan: Bass
Mike Campbell: Acoustic and Electric Rhythm Guitars, Slide Guitar, Mandolin
Andy Burton: Organ
Rich Pagano: Tambourine
Andy York: Background Vocals
Ian Hunter: Piano

03. “No Hard Feelings“:

Dane Clark: Drums and Percussion
Johnny Depp: Acoustic and Electric Rhythm Guitars, Slide Guitar, Background Vocals
Jeff Beck: Lead Guitar
Andy York: Electric Guitar, Bass
Ian Hunter: Piano

04. “Pavlov’s Dog“:

Eric Kretz: Drums
Dean DeLeo: Electric Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar
Robert DeLeo: Bass
Dennis Dibrizzi: Background Vocal
Andy York: Background Vocal, Maracas
Ian Hunter: Piano

05. “Don’t Tread On Me“:

Rich Pagano: Drums, Congas, Percussion
Todd Rundgren: Rhythm and Lead Electric Guitars, Background Vocals
Andy Burton: Organ
Andy York: Bass
Ian Hunter: Piano

06. “Guernica“:

Dane Clark: Drums and Percussion
Mike Campbell: Electric Rhythm and Lead Guitars
Joe Elliott: Background Vocals
Andy Burton: Harmonium
Andy York: Bass, Baritone Guitar, Background Vocal
Ian Hunter: Piano

07. “I Hate Hate”

Dane Clark: Drums
Andy Burton: Keyboards
Dennis Dibrizzi: Background Vocals
Andy York: Baritone Guitar, Tambourine, Background Vocals
Ian Hunter: Piano

08. “Angel“:

Taylor Hawkins: Drums, Electric Guitars, Electric Piano, Background Vocals
Duff McKagan: Bass
Brad Whitford: Slide Guitar
Waddy Wachtel: 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Lead Electric Guitars
Ian Hunter: Piano

09. “Kiss N’ Make Up“:

Taylor Hawkins: Drums
Billy Bob Thornton: Percussion, Lead and Backup Vocals
Billy F Gibbons: Electric, Rhythm and Lead Guitars
J.D. Andrew: Bass
James Mastro: Electric Guitar
Rich Pagano: Congas
Andy Burton: Keyboards, Vibes

10. “This Is What I’m Here For“:

Taylor Hawkins: Drums
Waddy Wachtel: Electric Rhythm and Lead Guitars
Joe Elliott: Background Vocals
Paul Page: Bass
Andy Burton: Organ
Andy York: Baritone Guitar
Ian Hunter: Piano

11. “I Hate Hate” (Alternate Version):

Dane Clark: Drums
Jeff Tweedy: Electric Guitars and Bass
Andy Burton: Keyboard
Dennis Dibrizzi: Background Vocal
Andy Burton: Organ
Andy York: Tambourine and Background Vocal
Ian Hunter: Piano

Hunter commented:

“Everybody’s sitting around. It’s Covid. Nobody’s going anywhere. We started sending them out. Slash started doing something.

Robert Trujillo from METALLICA. Ringo Starr, Mike Campbell. Joe Elliott is on a few tracks. Johnny Depp said, ‘Jeff Beck‘s with me and we’d like to do a couple of songs.’

I know Todd Rundgren, I toured with Todd way back, he’s done an amazing job. Billy Gibbons. Billy Bob Thornton and JD Andrew from THE BOXMASTERS.

It’s never ending. I mean, every day we’d get a phone call, this guy wants to do it, that guy wants to do it. It was like, I can’t believe this.”

The effort’s first single, “Bed Of Roses,” can be found below:

Duff McKagan Says Guns N’ Roses Will Be Performing At 2023 Glastonbury Festival

It looks like Guns N’ Roses will be performing at this year’s Glastonbury Festival. Bassist Duff McKagan seemingly confirmed the news while discussing the band’s summer plans on SiriusXM’s “Three Chords & The Truth.” According to him, the festival “is gonna be iconic.” Glastonbury is set to take pace at Worthy Farm in Somerset, UK on June 21-25.

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Watch Iggy Pop Perform “Frenzy” On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Iggy Pop was the musical guest during Monday’s (January 9) episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!.” You can see footage of him performing “Frenzy” on the show below. Notably, the singer’s backing band consisted of Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Josh Klinghoffer (ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers). Pop’s new album, “Every Loser,” is available now.

Funko To Release New 5″ Vinyl Gold Figure Of Guns N’ Roses Frontman Axl Rose

Funko have announced a new 5″ premium Gold vinyl figure based on Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose. You can sign up to be notified about pre-orders HERE. Notably, fans that purchase the figure will have a chance of scoring a chase variant featuring a skull face.

Ozzy Osbourne, Chris Cornell, Axl Rose, Etc. Make Rolling Stone’s List Of “200 Greatest Singers Of All Time”

Rolling Stone have unveiled their list of “The 200 Greatest Singers Of All Time.” Notably, a number of rock artists made the cut including the following:

#12 – John Lennon (The Beatles)
#14 – Freddie Mercury (Queen)
#26 – Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
#32 – David Bowie
#52 – Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones)
#63 – Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)
#80 – Chris Cornell (Soundgarden)
#82 – Steve Perry (ex-Journey)
#105 – Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)
#109 – Roger Daltrey (The Who)
#112 – Ozzy Osbourne
#129 – Rob Halford (Judas Priest)
#134 – Axl Rose (Guns N’ Roses)
#165 – Ronnie James Dio
#176 – Iggy Pop
#181 – Bob Seger
#199 – Glenn Danzig (Misfits)

Skid Row’s Erik Grönwall Shares Cover Of Guns N’ Roses’ “You’re Crazy”

Singer Erik Grönwall (Skid Row) has teamed up with guitarist Philip Näslund and drummer Dennis Holm for a cover of Guns N’ Roses’ “You’re Crazy.” You can check that out below:

The Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Def Leppard + Mötley Crüe, Etc. Tours Among Top Grossing Tours Of 2022

Billboard have shared their list of the top grossing tours of 2022. You can check that out HERE. Notably, the following rock artists made the list:

  • No. 6 The Rolling Stones: $179,349,815 million / 20 shows / 949,454 attendees
  • No. 7 Red Hot Chili Peppers: $176,998,650 million / 31 shows / 1,465,881attendees
  • No. 8 Def Leppard and Mötley Crüe: $173,474,649 million / 35 shows /1,313,207 attendees
  • No. 17 Guns N’ Roses: $93.3 million / 27 shows / 1,088,227 attendees
  • No. 20 My Chemical Romance: $87,926,378 / 55 shows / 714,563 attendees
  • No. 26 Iron Maiden: $76,147,773 million / 47 shows / 984,488 attendees
  • No. 36 Trans-Siberian Orchestra: $54,649,313 million / 98 shows / 767,442 attendees

Guns N’ Roses File Trademark Lawsuit Against Gun Store

According to City News Service, Guns N’ Roses have filed a lawsuit against an online gun store called Texas Guns And Roses. The band made the move due to the site’s “confusingly similar” name.

The complaint says Jersey Village Florist have been using the “Texas Guns And Roses” moniker “without GNR’s approval, license or consent” and have continued to do so even after receiving cease and desist letters. The band are also claiming that the company “selected and adopted [the] defendant’s marks for the purpose of confusing consumers into believing that it was connected or associated with, or licensed by, GN’R.”

Attorneys representing the group went on to say that Jersey Village Florist are acting like they sell flowers in addition to firearms as “a contrivance to purportedly justify” their “wholesale appropriation of the Guns N’Roses mark”:

“[Jersey Village Florist] has not sought registration of any of Defendant’s Marks for any goods or services related to flowers, and Defendant does not prominently market flowers for sale on its Website.”

The lawsuit, which was filed with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), also added:

“Notwithstanding GN’R’s cease and desist letters and commencement of the TTAB proceeding, [Jersey Village Florist] has continued to use Defendant’s Marks and intentionally trade on GNR’s goodwill, prestige, and fame without GNR’s approval, license, or consent. This is particularly damaging to GN’R given the nature of Defendant’s business. GN’R, quite reasonably, does not want to be associated with Defendant, a firearms and weapons retailer. Furthermore, Defendant espouses political views related to the regulation and control of firearms and weapons on the Website that may be polarizing to many U.S. consumers.”

Jersey Village Florist’s lawyer David L. Clark has since responded to the lawsuit saying that “there’s never been any confusion (between the band and the website) and they have no evidence of confusion.” He also added:

“This is an attempt to run up costs and burn us out. Our client sells metal safes for guns and flowers, and have a one-stop website and absolutely no one is confused. Nobody thinks we’re the band or there is some affiliation. We will be fighting back.”

The band are currently seeking unspecified damages and a court order to get the company to stop using the name.

Axl Rose Issues Statement Regarding Guns N’ Roses Fan’s Microphone Injury Claim

Axl Rose has issued a statement in response to a fan who recently made headlines after allegedly suffering injuries to her face after the singer threw his microphone into the crowd during Guns N’ Roses’ November 29 show in Adelaide, Australia. He says “from now on [the band will] refrain from tossing the mic or anything to the fans.”

Rose said the following:

“It’s come to my attention that a fan may have been hurt at r show in Adelaide Australia possibly being hit by the microphone at the end of the show when I traditionally toss the mic to the fans. If true obviously we don’t want anyone getting hurt or to somehow in anyway hurt anyone at any of r shows anywhere.

Having tossed the mic at the end of r show for over 30 years we always felt it was a known part of the very end of r performance that fans wanted and were aware of to have an opportunity to catch the mic. Regardless in the interest of public safety from now on we’ll refrain from tossing the mic or anything to the fans during or at r performances.

Unfortunately there r those that for their own reasons chose to frame their reporting regarding this subject in a more negative n’ irresponsible out of nowhere light which couldn’t b farther from reality. We hope the public and of course r fans get that sometimes happens.

A BIG THANKS to everyone for understanding.”