Ozzy Osbourne Reportedly Considering The Possibility Of Performing In A Wheelchair

Ozzy Osbourne is still recovering from major surgery and dealing with complications from PRKN 2, but it appears he is still determined to return to the live stage. According to The Sun, the frontman is even considering the possibility of performing in a wheelchair.

Someone who is said to be a friend of the singer told The Sun the following:

“Ozzy is refusing to give up on his hope of getting on stage despite his statement last month. He has declared: ‘I am gonna fucking get back on stage.’ He still has issues with his balance and cannot stand unaided for long periods of time on his legs. It frustrates him that doing a full-90 minute show, filled with his famous stage stomping and crowd interactive moves, is off the table. But he is considering doing gigs in a throne, like what Axl did in 2016 with Guns N’ Roses. He was really impressed by that move. And he feels Phil [Collins] showed that audiences do resonate with you.

Ozzy worries that he may not be able to sit still, which could be challenging. But there is talk of bringing in some special effects and even stage machinery to have the chair move around. He feels a lot of options are on the table, but Oz is not ruling out Vegas or L.A. runs.

That is Ozzy’s determination. However, Sharon is concerned about her husband being put through a heavy duty work load around gigs. Firstly, she has deep concerns about his balance and wants him to get back to walking properly, before even discussing comebacks. And she is particularly worried about him losing his balance and suffering injuries. Oz has spoken too about Sharon’s fears of his Parkinson’s condition prompting him to suffer falls like Michael J Fox.”

Rolling Stone Unveil Their List Of “The 100 Greatest Heavy Metal Songs Of All Time”

Rolling Stone have unveiled their list of “The 100 Greatest Heavy Metal Songs Of All Time.” You can check that out HERE. The top 10 tracks are also available below:

10. Iron Maiden – “Run To The Hills“
09. Dio – “Holy Diver“
08. Slayer – “Raining Blood“
07. Black Sabbath – “Iron Man“
06. Ozzy Osbourne – “Crazy Train“
05. Black Sabbath – “War Pigs“
04. Judas Priest – “Breaking The Law“
03. Motörhead – “Ace Of Spades“
02. Metallica – “Master Of Puppets“
01. Black Sabbath – “Black Sabbath“

Ozzy Osbourne On His Current Health: “I’m Fucking Not Dying”

During a recent appearance on his SiriusXM station, “Ozzy’s Boneyard,” Ozzy Osbourne shared a new health update. The frontman, who seemingly announced his retirement from touring amid his continued recovery from major surgery and complications from his battle with PRKN 2, says he is not punching out just yet.

Osbourne had the following exchange with host Billy Morrison [via The PRP]:

Billy Morrison: Everyone’s gonna be wanting to know what’s with the touring thing?

Ozzy Osbourne: Well, I’ve been working my guts out to try and get back on my feet. I’ve come to the point where Sharon says to me, ‘you know what, the truth of the marriage, you can’t keep booking tours and failing, cancelling.’

Morrison: Right, yeah.

Osbourne: So, if I can ever get back to where I can tour again, fine. But right now, if you said to me, ‘can you go on the road in a month?’ I couldn’t say yes. I mean, if I could tour I’d tour. But right now I can’t book tours because right now, I don’t think I could pull them off.

Morrison: Right. And medically, you just don’t know how you’re gonna be. I mean everyone’s like, ‘oh my God, Ozzy‘s retiring’ and I knew it wasn’t that.

Osbourne: This fucking press drive you nuts. I mean, I, I looked in the magazine, ‘Ozzy‘s on his last legs,’ I’m fucking not dying.

Morrison: Well, I’m, I’m sitting next to him and he’s definitely not on his last legs. He’s on the same pair of legs that he’s had since I’ve known him.

Osbourne: Come on, guys. Haven’t I’ve had it bad enough already? If I get okay today. If the doctor said to me today, ‘oh, you can tour.’ It would take another six months to get it together, you know?

Morrison: Of course. Of course. And I think what it is, everyone who listens to this show knows if you could, you would.

Osbourne: You’ve got no idea. You got no idea what my, I feel like a one-legged man in a butt kicking contest.

Morrison: Yeah.

Osbourne: The only thing I’ve got that keeps me going is making records. But I can’t do that forever. I gotta get out there. You know, it’s like, I don’t even know the fucking….

Morrison: And, and let’s face it, there’s other ways to get out there. There’s residencies where…

Osbourne: The Vegas thing’s okay but…

Morrison: Well, no, but you could do stuff in LA where it’s down the street. The thing that people don’t understand about touring, it’s not the 90 minutes where you’re standing on a stage. It’s the travel.

Osbourne: [I’m] still in constant pain. I do to the best I can to stay away from the pain medication, but there are times when I go, ‘you know, I’ve gotta take something.’

Morrison: Well, constant pain is something that is debilitating. It wears you down.

Osbourne: I mean, last week I couldn’t, I’ve been sleeping great and all sudden for two back to back nights. I never slept a wink. If you gotta torture me, just keep me a awake for a couple of days. I’ll tell you whatever the fuck you want me to say.

Morrison: ‘It was him over there.’

Steve Vai Clarifies Recent Comments Regarding His Past Work With Ozzy Osbourne

Steve Vai has taken to social media to clarify recent comments in which he said that he was “sitting on a whole Ozzy record” from the 90’s. The guitarist confirmed that there was “enough music for a whole record,” but added that the material “would require re-recording.”

Vai said the following:

“In a recent interview I spoke a bit carelessly about “Sitting on an entire Ozzy album” and then the clickbait headlines went viral.

To clarify, Ozzy and I got together back around 96 and spent some time trying to come up with some potential songs for an album that he already had half recorded. That record later came out as “Ozzmosis”. We demoed a handful of tracks and then there was a bunch of tracks I built for him to check out. He ended up picking one song to use on his album and that’s “My Little Man”. It was re-recorded with his band, and it came out great. Only one other demoed track from those sessions had an Ozzy scratch vocal on it and I handed in all the Master demo tapes to the label and kept safety tapes of the tracks I personally built. All in all, there was (is) enough music for a whole record, but those songs would require re-recording. The demos are bumpy road maps but not the goal.

I, like many Ozzy fans, would love if there was a secret hidden Ozzy album somewhere, only to be revealed to our surprised ears at a future time, but it wouldn’t come from those sessions. So sorry for the confusion.”

Ozzy Osbourne Featured In New Commercial For PlayStation’s PSVR 2

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne are featured in a new ad for PlayStation’s PSVR 2. You can check that out below. The virtual reality headset is expected to launch on PS5 this Wednesday (February 22).

Steve Vai Says He Recorded A Whole Album With Ozzy Osbourne

During a recent interview with Eonmusic, Steve Vai opened up about working with Ozzy Osbourne in the 90’s. Interestingly, the guitarist also revealed that he actually recorded a full album with the frontman.

Vai said the following:

“Well, I’m sitting on a whole Ozzy record, and it’s like the Gash record – not ‘like’ the Gash record – but it’s a project that I recorded that’s sitting on the shelf. I don’t have any control over it or rights to it, obviously, but we did record some pretty good stuff. The interesting thing about that stuff we recorded from a guitar perspective is all of my rhythm guitar parts, I use an octave divider [guitar effect], and that record doesn’t sound like anything else.”

He continued when asked how close he was to joining Osbourne’s band:

“Okay, so Ozzy and I, basically what happened as far as I recognised, Ozzy had recorded about half of his record [ ‘Ozzmosis’, 1995] for the record company, and Sharon and the label wanted to get him together with some different songwriters to just get some more songs. So I was one of the ones that they wanted to get together with. It was really just to write some songs for Ozzy’s record that he would then take and go use for his record, and whoever he was working with on the record would record it. So I thought; “yeah, that’d be great. I’d love to do that”, but Ozzy and I got carried away because we were having a lot of fun, and we ended up recording a lot of stuff. And then we started scheming; “hey, let’s make a new record!”, and all that was fine and good, and we got excited about it until the hammer came down, and they basically said; “what are you doing? No, you’ve just got to take a song from Vai and finish your record. We’re already into it for this much money, and Vai is expense”, so it worked out perfect, really.”

He also added:

“One of the songs was ‘Danger Zone’. I had already written it, and it was already done – it was a Gash track – and I thought; “well, maybe he’d like this”, and I reworked it a bit, but it’s on the shelf. There’s also a song called ‘Dyin’ Day’ that’s on my ‘Fire Garden’ album, because that song originally had lyrics, and that was one. There was some real, real heavy stuff because, as I mentioned, I used an octave divider on everything, and that’s was a conscious effort. I thought “okay, you’re going to work with Ozzy, and all these incredible guitar players have played with Ozzy; what are you going to do?” I was not going to be conventional. Yeah, that’s not me as you know, but I had to be accessible, so I thought; “I’m going to use an octave divider on everything”; I mean, all the rhythm.”

Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bullet For My Valentine, Etc. To Appear On “WWE 2K23” Video Game Soundtrack

The soundtrack has been revealed for the upcoming video game “WWE 2K23.” The game will be released on March 14 and it will feature the following songs:

  • Metallica – “Sad But True”
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Can’t Stop”
  • Doja Cat – “Vegas”
  • Luciano – “SUVs”
  • Bizarrap & Quevedo – “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 52”
  • Joyner Lucas & Lil Baby – “Ramen & OK”
  • Hardy – “Jack”
  • Bullet For My Valentine – “No More Tears To Cry”
  • Dei V – “Dame Lu” (feat. Omar Courtz)
  • Letdown. – “Shipwreck”
  • Idles – “Grounds”
  • Post Malone – “Take What You Want” (feat. Ozzy Osbourne & Travis Scott)

Ozzy Osbourne, Paul Stanley, Joan Jett, Etc. Featured In Workday‘s New Super Bowl Commercial

Workday have officially released their new “Rock Star” Super Bowl commercial. The ad, which features Ozzy Osbourne, Paul Stanley, Joan Jett, Billy Idol, and Gary Clark Jr., can be seen below. Several other clips featuring the musicians can be found below as well.

Ozzy Osbourne Wins “Best Metal Performance” And “Best Rock Album” At 2023 Grammy Awards

Ozzy Osbourne has just scored two new Grammys including one for “Patient Number 9,” which was crowned “Best Rock Album.” A song from that effort, “Degradation Rules” (feat. Tony Iommi), also took home the award for “Best Metal Performance.” Producer Andrew Watt and bassist Robert Trujillo (Metallica) accepted the awards during today’s (February 5) pre-show ceremony at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. The official Grammy Award Show will be held at Crypto.com Arena this evening. Osbourne commented:

“I’m one lucky motherfucker to have won the ‘Best Rock Album’ Grammy. I was blessed to work with some of the greatest musicians in the world and Andrew Watt as my producer on this album. Winning the ‘Best Metal Performance’ was equally gratifying being that the song featured my longtime friend and Black Sabbath bandmate, Tony Iommi.”

Zakk Wylde To Ozzy Osbourne: “Keep Hitting The Iron, Staying Strong & Positive”

Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist Zakk Wylde has taken to social media to give the singer some words of encouragement following his retirement from touring. He said the following: