Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) Says He Has New Music “In The Pipeline”

During a recent interview with Guitar World, Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) was asked about the possibility of new music once again. The guitarist responded by saying that he already has new material “in the pipeline.”

Iommi said the following:

“I want to start putting some stuff down. I was putting ideas down last year, but I haven’t done anything with them as yet. I’ve been working on and off with Mike Exeter, who has been my engineer for years now, remixing [Black Sabbath’s 1995 effort] ‘Forbidden’, the old Tony Martin/Cozy Powell/Neil Murray record, and we’ve really taken our time with that. But I said to Mike, ‘Once we’ve got this out of the way, we need to start putting these riffs down.’ So it’s in the pipeline.”

He also added the following when asked if he knows how is planning to present the music:

“I might do some stuff for films or for a TV series or something. I’d like to just get everything down and then decide if I’m going to have a singer or what else. But I’ve got hundreds of riffs. Brian May [Queen] came over a few months ago and we sat outside and I was playing him some of them. And he said, ‘You’ve got to do something with these — we’ve got to do something with these.’ Because we’ve talked about putting some stuff down. So I gave him three or four CDs full of riffs and he took off with them. And you know, he’s busy with Queen stuff all the time. But when the time is right, I suppose we will do something.”

Tony Iommi Says He Is “Not Opposed” To Playing More Shows With Black Sabbath

During an interview with SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation,” Tony Iommi discussed Black Sabbath’s farewell tour, which came to an end in 2017. Notably, the guitarist also said he would be open to playing more shows with the band:

“I think that it would be good, if we could do that. The hard thing is, certainly with SABBATH, because it’s such a big thing, you can’t just do an occasional show, because of the crew, and you have the whole setup. It would have to be a year or an 18-month tour… I’m not opposed to doing anything; I just would do it in a different way.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Grim Reaper Members Reunite For Quarantine Cover Of Black Sabbath’s “Heaven And Hell”

Grim Reaper vocalist Steve Grimmett recently reunited with guitarist Nick Bowcott for a quarantine cover of Black Sabbath’s “Heaven And Hell.” The two were also joined by bassist Brian Hollenbeck (Hairball) and drummer Joel Stevenett.

Thou, The Soft Moon, Marissa Nadler, Etc. Cover Black Sabbath For New Tribute Album

A new tribute to Black Sabbath’s self-titled album has been released digitally via Bandcamp. Physical copies will be available on May 29. Here’s the track listing:

01. The Soft Moon – “Black Sabbath”
02. Molchat Doma – “Небеса и Ад” (“Heaven And Hell“)
03. Thou – “Supernaut”
04. Marissa Nadler – “Solitude”
05. Hilary Woods – “N.I.B.”
06. Zola Jesus – “Changes”
07. Moon Duo – “Planet Caravan”
08. Dean Hurley – “Warning” (Bar Band Version)
09. Uniform – “Symptom Of The Universe”

Watch Kirk Hammett, John 5, & Charlie Benante Perform Black Sabbath’s “Supernaut”

Charlie Benante (Anthrax) has shared footage of himself performing Black Sabbath’s “Supernaut” with Kirk Hammett (Metallica) and John 5 (Rob Zombie, etc.) during a rehearsal for Hammett’s 2015 Fear FestEvil in San Jose, CA. You can watch that below:

Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) Auctioning Off Signed Epiphone SG Guitar And More For Charity

Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) has launched an eBay auction to raise money for Birmingham’s Heartlands hospital charity. The guitarist said the following about that:

“The Tony Iommi auction to benefit the Birmingham’s Heartlands hospital charity is now live! All items are from Tony’s personal stash, all will be autographed, and the winner will get free shipping to wherever, that includes the Epiphone SG guitar! Some of the others include a Japanese DVD set of “The End Live in Birmingham”, a Dehumanizer 2CD set, and many more! You can view all the items for auction here: The shipping won’t be next day, but you won’t have to pay for it, and all proceeds will go straight to the charity.”

Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) To Launch Charity Auction

Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath) has announced that he will be auctioning off some personal items to raise money for Birmingham’s Heartlands hospital charity. The auction is currently set to launch on Monday (April 6).

Iommi commented:

“News of a charity auction commencing Monday:

We were about to announce a charity “evening with Tony Iommi” to raise some money for the Birmingham hospitals, when this awful virus struck. Now as all charitable events have been cancelled, I wanted to still do something to help. So, I’ve put a few things together of my own up for auction. All the money raised will go to the Birmingham’s Heartlands hospital charity.

Please! I hope that you can help, they really do need our support ! Without these doctors and nurses, what would we do….we owe them so much! — Tony”