Philip H. Anselmo And The Illegals Announce “A Vulgar Display Of Pantera” Livestream Show

Philip H. Anselmo And The Illegals have announced a special livestream show. The virtual event will take place on April 9 and it will find the band playing a set of Pantera songs. King Parrot will open the show and tickets for it can be found HERE. Anselmo commented:

“It’s always fun to get together with The Illegals and pay tribute to Pantera with all the awesome fans jamming along with us. Let’s do this!”

Watch Halestorm, Baroness, Code Orange, Etc. Members Cover Pantera’s “Mouth For War”

“Two Minutes To Late Night” have shared footage of their host Jordan “Gwarsenio Hall” Olds performing a quarantine cover of Pantera’s “Mouth For War” with Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), Gina Gleason (Baroness), Reba Meyers (Code Orange), Madi Watkins (Year Of The Knife), and Ben Koller (Converge). “Two Minutes To Late Night commented:

“Gina wanted to cover Pantera so we covered the crap out of Pantera! All of the artists involved with this video will be donating their payment to Dallas Hope Charities Transitional Living Center. This is our 36th bedroom cover made with the support of Patreon. With so many musicians stuck at home with no outlets, we’re going to keep producing these style videos and use the Patreon to give some money to everyone who has a part in them. Please support our friends by donating to our newly redone Patreon at”

Rex Brown Says Zakk Wylde Wouldn’t Be Inviolved In Hypothetical Pantera Tribute Tour

During a recent interview with Eonmusic, Rex Brown commented on the possibility of a Pantera tribute tour. Notably, he said if it did happen, it would be without Zakk Wylde (Black Label Society), who is often recommended as a fill-in for the late Dimebag Darrell.

Brown said the following when asked how big Pantera would have been if they were able to tour now:

“It would be sold-out stadium shows. Offers still come in for Philip [Anselmo] and I to do it if we wanted to, but if you don’t have the other guys in the band, it’s not going to sound the same. If we were ever to do something like that, it would have to be spot-on, or I wouldn’t do it. It would be a tribute.”

He also added the following when the interviewer mentioned Wylde:

“It’s going to come up, and it wouldn’t be Zakk Wylde, I guarantee you that. I’ve just put it out there so we can get on past it.”

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Rex Brown (Pantera) Working On New Project With “One Of The Best Guitar Players In The Business”

During a recent interview with Antihero, Pantera’s Rex Brown revealed that he is working on a new project. The bassist says the release will also feature “one of the best guitar players in the business.”

Brown said the following when asked if his new music will be part of a new solo album:

“The last one I just got out of doing is more for another kind of deal. And I don’t want to really talk about it.”

“Until it comes to fruition. But the tracks are fucking badass, and it’s one of the best guitar players in the business that you would know.”

He went on to have the following exchange:

Rex Brown: “Where do you live? Where are you from?”

ANTIHERO: “Just outside Manchester in the UK.”

Rex Brown: “Then you would know this guy very, very well. He moved to Nashville and became a very, very good friend of mine. And we just cut six just blazing fucking tracks. Un-goddam-real.”

Though he didn’t mention him by name, many have assumed that Brown is working with Judas Priest’s Richie Faulkner, who moved to Nashville in 2019. Notably, the two have be chatting on Twitter in recent times:

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Rex Brown Says Pantera’s Early Albums Will Never Be Reissued

During a recent interview with Eonmusic, Pantera bassist Rex Brown said that he has no desire to reissue the band’s early albums. The group’s pre-fame output included “Metal Magic,” “Projects In The Jungle,” and “I Am the Night,” which featured original vocalist Terry Glaze, and “Power Metal,” which was the first album to feature Phil Anselmo.

Brown said the following about Pantera’s early work:

“This is like going back and looking at your old high school notebooks and going, ‘Look at how far you’ve come in between.'”

“I will say this: a lot of bands didn’t have the opportunity at 17 years old to fuckin’ put a record out. We just happened to do it, and we paid for every fuckin’ lick of it; none of it was given to us. We paid for the studio time, we paid for the pressing of the record, and we never thought that that would go anywhere, nationally, globally, so it’s almost like, after the fact. But we really learned how to write a song, and be a band.”

He went on to say that Pantera really began when Anselmo joined:

“The old singer? Shit, it was going nowhere really quick. He just was not on the same wavelength as the three of us. The dude’s never had a job in his life. I see him shootin’ his mouth off in some of these magazines, and it’s, like, ‘Dude, you were in the band for fuckin’ four years,’ you know what I’m saying? ‘Now you’re wanting claim to fame 35 years later? Sorry, pal, you missed the boat!’ So I don’t want to give any credit where it’s fuckin’ undue, you know? Once we got Philip in the band, it developed into something else, and that was the Pantera that we know now, and that’s why we never talk about those old records.”

He continued:

“Hey, look, it’s great to go back memory lane and all that kind of stuff, but those are the farthest things that I wake up for in the first of the morning. ‘Oh, remember that one tune ‘Nothing On (But The Radio)’, and the singer?’ No! I mean, I hate fucking songs like that, but it was a growing process, and now, because the things are out, and they’ve been bootleged a hundred thousand times, people consider it a part of our history. It’s not. Unless Philip’s singing on it, it’s not Pantera. That’s the way I look at it.”

When pressed to clarify whether or not he would like to see the early albums reissued, Brown added:

“God no, god no! The brothers were against that, and I’m against it, and that’s just it. Period. It ain’t coming out.”

This news comes after Glaze previously said that he would like to see the early albums get reissued someday.

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Graves Of Late Pantera Legends Dimebag Darrell And Vinnie Paul Are Now Protected By A Fence

A new fence has been built to protect the graves of late Pantera legends Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul at Moore Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Arlington, Texas. There has been no official comments regarding the barrier, but it is assumed that it was erected due to vandalism and littering.

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Philip H. Anselmo And The Illegals Announce “A Vulgar Display Of Pantera” European Tour

Philip H. Anselmo And The Illegals have announced a summer 2021 European tour with BAEST. The trek will find the band playing a set of Pantera songs. Here’s the dates:

07/24 St. Petersburg, Russia – A2 Green concert
07/25 Moscow, Russia – Adrenaline Stadium
07/29 Tolmin, Slovenia – Metal Days
07/30 Saint-Maurice-de-Gourdans, France – Sylak Festival
07/31 Utrecht, Netherlands – Tivoli
08/01 Oberhausen, Germany – Turbinehalle
08/04 Budapest, Hungary – Barba Negra
08/05 Belgrade, Serbia – Beogradski Sajam
08/06 Sofia, Bulgaria – Yunak
08/07 Brasov, Romania – Rockstad Extreme Fest
08/09 Vienna, Austria – Simm City
08/10 Krakau, Poland – Studio
08/11 Jaromer, Czech Republic – Brutal Assault Festival
08/13 Derbyshire, UK – Bloodstock Festival (no BAEST)
08/14 Kortrijk, Belgium – Alcatraz Festival

KnuckleBonz To Release 3D Vinyl Statue Featuring The Cover Art For Pantera’s “Far Beyond Driven”

KnuckleBonz have announced that they will be releasing a 3D vinyl statue featuring the cover art for Pantera‘s “Far Beyond Driven.” Only 1,994 hand-painted pieces will be available and you can pre-order one HERE.

“Pantera Golden Ale” Beer To Be Released In March

Pantera have joined forces with Texas Ale Project to create “Pantera Golden Ale” beer. The 5.4 percent ABV beverage is set to be released in March 2021.

Brent Thompson, founder and brewmaster of Texas Ale Project, commented:

“We love creating fine ales and enjoy all kinds of music. We’re very excited to unite these two passions together under our roof, this time in partnership with the almighty Pantera. I couldn’t be more pumped about this project.”

The following was also said about the beer:

“Pantera Golden Ale will be crushable with a clean finish and brewed with Cascade and Citra hops. The scheduled release is March 1, 2021 (from Dallas) and will be available at fine retailers across Texas as well as through Tavour for direct-to-consumer shipping in the United States. More information on release events and product availability will be published in January.”

Watch Code Orange Cover Pantera’s “A New Level”

During their recent “Back Inside The Glass” livestream concert in Kensington, PA, Code Orange played a partial cover of Pantera‘s “A New Level” in honor of late Power Trip frontman Riley Gale. You can see footage of that below:

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