Scorpions Hope To Release New Album Before The End Of 2020

During a recent interview on the “Talking Pictures” TV show, Scorpions’ Klaus Meine offered an update on the band’s new album. He said the following:

“We go to Australia in February, and Southeast Asia, and when we come back, we go into the studio here in Germany, [in our] hometown of Hannover, for pre-production. And then in May, it looks like we come to Los Angeles and start working in the studio, start recording, until the residency in Vegas. And hopefully we’re done by then. If not, we keep going and finish the album, which hopefully will come out at the end of the year.”

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Scorpions Announce Las Vegas Residency With Queensrÿche

Scorpions have announced a Las Vegas residency with Queensrÿche. The shows will take place at the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino.

Dates: July 4, 8, 11, 14, 16, 18, 21, 23, and 25

Scorpions Planning Las Vegas Residency, Reveal Producer For New Album

During a recent interview with New Zealand’s “The Metal Bar”, Scorpions’ Matthias Jabs revealed that the band are planning to do a Las Vegas Residency next year. Prior to that, the group will be working on a new album with producer Greg Fidelman.

Jabs said the following:

“We’ve been writing some material before we went on tour, before we went on tour this summer. It’s always difficult to come up with stuff on tour. You get the inspiration, but to actually put it down, that’s a different story, when you travel every day. So we have songs — about 10, I guess — but we will have to do some more writing once this tour is over, and then prepare for the rehearsals and recordings right after our shows in New Zealand and a couple in Asia. So we will be back in early March. And we know that we work with the producer Greg Fidelman, who is known for doing METALLICA and SLIPKNOT and others, and he’s a great guy. And he came to visit in our studio in Hannover, Germany already. So the plan is to record until the first of July, where we have a residency in Las Vegas for a whole month. And then, during that time, we can either do the final touch-ups or mix. And then the album should come out in the fall of 2020. And then, of course, we go on the road again.”

He also added the following when asked about the group’s inspiration for new material:

“It works slightly different than in the early days. In the early days, I took the guitar and came up with some great riffs and was excited about that. And we took it from there. Today, almost every riff has been played already by myself and by others. What else do you wanna do? So the approach is slightly different — it’s more about the song and the melody and even the lyrics, sometimes, they could be the inspiration. And you do the riff and all the guitar work, you do that later on. Not always, but it’s not the main source for songwriting anymore, as it used to be in the beginning, when we were so excited. ‘Oh, listen to this new riff. It’s great. Let’s turn it into a song.’ It’s a little bit the other way around now.”

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Scorpions & Whitesnake Announce Australian/New Zealand Tour

Scorpions and Whitesnake have announced an Australian/New Zealand tour. Here’s the dates:

02/19 Melbourne, AUS – Rod Laver Arena
02/22 Sydney, AUS – Qudos Bank Arena
02/24 Brisbane, AUS – Entertainment Centre
02/27 Auckland, NZ – Spark Arena

New Spider Species Named After Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Scorpions, & Angra Members

According to Public Radio International, Cristina Rheims, a biological researcher at Instituto Butantana in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has named four new spider species after several rock/metal musicians. Among them are Extraordinarius bruceickinsoni, which was named after Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson, Extraordinarius rickalleni, which was named after Def Leppard’s Rick Allen, Extraordinarius klausmeinei, which was named after Scorpions’ Klaus Meine, and Extraordinarius andrematosi, which was named after Angra’s André Matos.

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Mikkey Dee (Scorpions, Motörhead) To Open Alabama Rock Bar In Paris

Mikkey Dee (Scorpions, Motörhead) has announced that he will be opening a new rock bar called Alabama in Paris, FRA. The bar will open to the public on April 12 at 8 p.m. and the drummer will be in attendance. He said the following:

“Alabama is a tiny bar filled with rock spirit: a fine selection of beer and whisky, great music, and even a jukebox to play your favorite songs on vinyl.”

Scorpions Launch Their Own Whisky

Scorpions have teamed up with Swedish top distillers Mackmyra to create their own whisky. The single malt is bottled at 40% and it will be available through Mackmyra’s website.

The following description was shared:

“This whisky is matured in American ex-bourbon barrels as well as former oloroso sherry casks – but with an additional finish in German sweet cherry wine casks. The use of the German ex-sweet cherry casks gives the whisky an added cherry sweetness and complements the vanilla of the ex-bourbon casks and the nutty buttery flavours of the casks. The result is a whisky with rich tones of vanilla, dried fruit and roasted nuts and an elegant berry sweetness from the cherry wine casks. The odds are you’ll love this whisky at first sting!”

The band commented:

“Finally, we have our own Scorpions Whisky ready to be released… we love it ! This particular whisky gets to its perfect maturity in extraordinary German sweet cherry wine casks. We hope you all enjoy it… let‘s Rock the Night and Taste the Sting!”

Master Blender Angela D’Orazio added:

”Lovely guys to work with! Klaus, Rudolf, Matthias, Mickey and Pawel were very nice and interested in the process. I think we managed to get a smooth whisky with a lovely aroma of fruity vanillas from the bourbon casks, soft buttery tones from the oloroso sherry casks as well as a sweeter touch from the cherry casks. The fact that we got a finish of both cherry and sherry gave the whisky a perfect balance.”