Mikkey Dee Is Open To Playing With King Diamond Again: “If They Ever Wanna Have Me Behind The Drum Kit For Something, I’m Totally There For That”

During a recent interview with The Metal Voice, Mikkey Dee (Scorpions, Motörhead) was asked if he would consider performing with King Diamond again. He responded by saying “if they ever wanna have [him] behind the drum kit for something, [he’s] totally there for that.”

Dee said the following:

“Yeah, [King and I] talk once in a while. He came and saw us [when I played] with SCORPIONS in Dallas, where he lives. He could not come this last tour we did, unfortunately. They were busy, him and his wife… so he missed that show. But King is a big SCORPIONS fan, and we talk. And I talk to Andy LaRocque [KING DIAMOND guitarist] and Hal [Patino, former KING DIAMOND bassist], especially Andy; we live not far from each other. So we talk. And I say what I’ve been saying: if they ever wanna have me behind the drum kit for something, I’m totally there for that. That’d be great fun for me. But I also, with that said, know exactly where King’s coming from. He’s been playing with [current KING DIAMOND drummer] Matt Thompson for so long — a great drummer, a great guy — and [it would] not [be] fair to him or to the rest of the band maybe.”

He also added:

“We [in MOTÖRHEAD] went through kind of the same thing with some people that kept talking about [a reunion with former MOTÖRHEAD members] ‘Fast’ Eddie Clark and [Phil] ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor. And [MOTÖRHEAD leader] Lemmy said, ‘Never, ever, ever will I play with these guys again. They are friends, and we talk, but I’m playing with the best band I ever played with in my entire life and we’re doing better than ever.’ So he didn’t wanna hear about it. So I see where King’s coming from. It would be unfair to a loyal guy like Matt, but I said if they had an interest [in] doing something, I’m here, if I’ve got the time. I still play drums, and I feel that I play better than ever.”

[via Blabbermouth]

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