Ivan Moody Returns To The Stage With Five Finger Death Punch In Springfield, IL

Ivan Moody has officially returned to the stage with Five Finger Death Punch during their August 19 show at the Illinois State Fairgrounds Grandstand in Springfield, IL, following his recent relapse on the band’s European tour. You can see some footage from the performance below. As an added bonus, you can also see footage of All That Remains’ Phil Labonte joining Five Finger Death onstage for “Wash It All Away“ as well.

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#5fdp #fivefingerdeathpunch

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#5fdp #fivefingerdeathpunch

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Another clip from the Illinois state fair. What a killer show. #5fingerdeathpunch #AllThatRemains @sbvmedia

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Jay-Z Pays Tribute To Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington With “Numb/Encore” Performance At V Festival

Jay-Z, who collaborated with Linkin Park on the 2004 release “Collision Course,“ decided to pay tribute to the late Chester Bennington at the V Festival in England. Check out footage of him performing “Numb/Encore“ below:

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Code Orange & Incendiary’s Brendan Garrone Perform Aleister Black’s Theme At WWE NXT Event

During the August 19 WWE NXT Takeover in Brooklyn, NY, Code Orange performed wrestler Aleister Black’s intro song “Root Of All Evil“, along with Incendiary‘s Brendan Garrone. Check out footage of that below:

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Through The Eyes Of The Dead Premiere New Song “Hate The Living”, Reveal Details For New Album “Disomus”

Through The Eyes Of The Dead have premiere a new song titled “Hate The Living,” via Metal Sucks. This song is from the band’s new album “Disomus,” which will be released on October 13.

The new album will feature guest appearances from former vocalists Anthony Gunnells and Nate Johnson, and the cover art/track listing can be found below:

“Disomus” Track Listing:

01. “Hate The Living”
02. “Obitual”
03. “Haruspex”
04. “Of Mortals, We Once Were”
05. “The Binding Nightmare”
06. “Vortices In The Stygian Malestrom”
07. “Ingis”
08. “Teras”
09. “Till Solane, She’ll Haunt”
10. “Dismal”

Aerosmith Have Started Recording A New Song

Brad Whitford was recently interviewed by Billboard Argentina, and has confirmed that Aerosmith are working on a new song. He said the band “actually did some recording while [they} were touring Europe, and [they] started recording a new song.” He went on to say the song “is a musical idea of Joe Perry’s” and that they are “doing it very much like [they] did songs back when [they] started out.” Whitford continued by saying the track is “very rock ‘n roll”. The guitarist also made a point to say that bands “don’t have to record a whole CD anymore,” due to the changes in the music industry, and that that he hopes Aerosmith “can put out this one song or two or three.”


John Campbell On Possibility Of Lamb Of God Utilizing More Clean Vocals On Future Releases: “There Is No Telling, But I Would Imagine Yes”

Lamb Of God began incorporating clean vocals with “Overlord”, off their 2015 album “VII: Sturm Und Drang,” and then utilized them again on the title track of their 2016 EP “The Duke.” With this in mind, John Campbell was asked if the band were planning on exploring this type of singing in further releases, during a chat with The Salt Lake Tribune. He said the following:

“There is no telling, but I would imagine yes, probably. I think some people still have a hard time with [it]. But we’re always trying to evolve and come up with new ways to present heavy music. Not that it gets boring, but, you know, we don’t want to go out there and play the same songs every night, or play the same set and have every song be exactly the same. It’s nice to have some different emotions, some different dynamics to the set.”