King 810 Cancel Detroit, MI Show After Not Being Allowed To Bring Firearms Into The Venue

King 810 cancelled their Detroit, MI show earlier today after they were not allowed to bring guns into the venue. This news comes after the band was previously stopped from performing in Chicago, IL due to firearms and violent imagery.

The Family, We're canceling tonight's show at Saint Andrew's Hall here in Detroit. Upon arrival, every case we were carrying was wanded and searched. All of us were searched and re-searched every time we entered the venue, which we were fine with. During this process they let us know that they don't do this to other groups and that essentially they were singling us out. After informing them that a few people in the group are licensed to carry for security measures we were still not allowed to come onto their property with protection. Michigan is an open carry state. We've made this stand completely clear. We had every intention of playing and were looking forward to the show, as the biggest one of our careers to date. This is not an easy decision to make, but we have to answer to ourselves first and foremost. This is not about shows or weapons. This is about our inherent rights. They will surely try to sweep this under the rug and spin it as "unforeseen circumstances." But we tell the truth to the people. These people tried to tell us police officers can't even carry guns into their establishment. If this is where this country is headed. God damn. More soon. – Gunn

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King 810’s Chicago, IL Show Cancelled Due To Their “Excessive Use Of Guns And Violent Imagery”

King 810‘s December 18 show at the Thalia Hall in Chicago, IL has been cancelled, due to people being uncomfortable with band’s “excessive use of guns and violent imagery.” You can watch David Gunn discuss the situation in the below video, and see the email the band recieved as well.

The Family, More on this later today. – Gunn

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King 810 Premiere “I Aint Goin Back Again” Military Tribute Video

King 810 have posted a new military tribute video for their song “I Aint Goin Back Again” in honor of Veterans Day. This song is from the band’s latest album, “La Petite Mort Or A Conversation With God,” which is available now.

The band said the following:

“To all the fearless men and women who have proudly served, and are currently serving our country, we thank you and support you.”

King 810 Announce Special “La Petite Mort Or A Conversation With God” Live Performances

King 810 will be playing some special live sets as part of the album cycle for their new album, “La Petite Mort Or A Conversation With God.” These shows will feature extended performances from the band, complete with performance artists, string players, and 360° sound.

David Gunn said the following:

“Been workin on this show for awhile. Finally locking a handful of dates in. These will be non traditional in style and setting. This will be the best live version of KING to date. Hope to see everyone there.”

Tour Dates:

12/15 Cleveland, OH – Agora Theatre
12/16 Valparaiso, IN – Big Shots
12/17 Detroit, MI – St. Andrews Hall
12/18 Chicago, IL – Thalia Hall

King 810 Premiere “Alpha & Omega” Music Video

King 810 have premiered a new video for their new song “Alpha & Omega,” via Bloody Disgusting. This song is from the band’s new album, “La Petite Mort Or A Conversation With God,” which will be released on September 16.

David Gunn said the following:

“The imagery for the video was pretty built into the song. Since the band’s inception, we have always built the songs out thoroughly, as having an accompanying film or handful of films; a color pallet, a mood or an attitude – a physical look and personality if you will. So as the audio is being crafted, all of these things are being articulated.

We could have a few people, a height, a weight, a personality, a gender or a list of films, paintings and sculptures or even cities, towns and countries, smells and feels assigned to a piece before a single riff is introduced. With this process we never sit back to decide on controversial topics to tackle for videos.

On top of all this, the video is also an additional opportunity to convey the messages the song carries. The lyrics are a bit more narrow than the imagery, the song is very directly aimed at all these stupid little pussy kids with the tattoos on their faces living some fantasy lifestyle on the internet or in front of the camera. The video is a broader, more important worldly view that needs to be addressed but they work together to complement each other. As artists it’s our responsibility.

What confuses me is how music is becoming a safe haven. A place to go in which to hide from the real world. It is taboo and it is shunned to discuss politics and sex and racism or controversial topics in music. Artists are constantly advised to steer clear of these issues. People’s lives are shit enough that they want somewhere to go to get away from the world. This is bullshit.

Your life is insulated enough, especially with the westernization moving across the globe. You have it easy enough as people so fuck you. Music is not your safe haven with all the laws of the real world attached to it. In fact, in our world it’s the exact opposite.”

King 810 Tease New Song “Alpha & Omega”

King 810 have posted a teaser for their new song “Alpha & Omega.” This song is from the band’s new album, “La Petite Mort Or A Conversation With God,” which will be released on September 16.