Poppy Premieres “Fill The Crown” Music Video

Poppy has premiered a new video for her new song “Fill The Crown.” This track is from her new album “I Disagree,” which will be released on January 10.

Palaye Royale Premiere “Massacre, The New American Dream” Music Video

Palaye Royale have premiered a new video for their song “Massacre, The New American Dream.” You can check that out below:

The band commented:

“We need to put an end to gun violence. We can’t keep losing the lives of innocent people.

This is a protest. In hopes to give this new generation a revolution in the form of an anthem. We are all on the verge of waking up and truly understanding that people should not be afraid of their government, government should be afraid of their people. This is how we feel about the current state of America. We are the new era, United we stand, in search of retribution ​for​ those ​who have been wronged.

We are tired of seeing innocent people being gunned down so unbelievably often and still there is no change. How many more innocent people have to die for change to happen? Government and the news share no sort of resolve or actions of change for these problems​. This is why we have chosen to donate proceeds from the single sales to Giffords and March For Our Lives who are on the front line, fighting to tackle the gun violence epidemic our nation currently faces. We encourage our fans to take a look at the incredible work they do and either ​purchase the single, ​donate​ directly​ ​​or learn how to get involved at Giffords.org and MarchForOurLives.com

We put forth our creative anger to depict the current state of our civilization. Our protest song is titled ‘Massacre, The New American Dream’. It speaks to the fact that there seems to be more kids growing up to become famous for school shootings than famous for anything else in America. “In every Church, School and Synagogue, Virginia to Littleton when will it stop?”. We asked ourselves this question each time we see yet another mass shooting broadcast across our TVs. There is a shadow that looms over this generation, “What is the New American Dream?” To our understanding, “It’s a Massacre”​ but if we unite and work together, we can be the difference!” Join The Revolution – Palaye Royale (Daniel Curcio, Emerson Barrett, Remington Leith & Sebastian Danzig)”

Korpiklaani Premiere “Jägermeister” Music Video

Korpiklaani have premiered a new video for their new song “Jägermeister.” You can check that out below:

Frontman Jonne Järvelä commented:

“As our recent North American tour began, we were discussing making a new video and Jyrki (The 69 Eyes) recommended Vicente, and he was a perfect fit. At the time we did not even know what song to use and then we remembered we never released ‘Jägermeister’, as this was recorded during the Manala sessions. We contacted Vicente and found out that he had free time the day we had our last show in New York. He flew out to NY, met us at the PlayStation Theater and then filmed around Times Square, backstage and during the show. Now it is time for your favourite medicine, perfect to warm up the cold winter days and get you in that party mood! Come and drink with us!”

In other news, Korpiklaani also have the following dates booked:

12/13 – St. Petersburg, Russia – Aurora Concert Hall (with Trollfest)
12/14 – Moscow, Russia – Red (with Trollfest)
02/29 – Osaka, Japan – Umeda amHALL (with Skyclad and Skiltron)
03/01 – Tokyo, Japan – Shibuya Stream Hall (with Skyclad and Skiltron)
03/06 – Lahti, Finland – Möysän Musaklubi
03/07 – Lievestuore, Finland – Laukaanhovi
03/13 – Manchester, UK – Rebellion (with Burning Witches)
03/14 – Liverpool, UK – O2 Academy 2 (with Burning Witches)
03/15 – Sheffield, UK – Corporation (with Burning Witches)
03/17 – Bristol, UK – Thekla (with Burning Witches)
03/18 – Southampton, UK – The 1865 (with Burning Witches)
03/19 – Birmingham, UK – Asylum (with Burning Witches)
03/20 – Glasgow, UK – The Classic Grand (with Burning Witches)
03/21 – Pwllheli, UK – Hammerfest
03/26 – Bratislava, Slovakia – Ateliér Babylon (with Arzén)
03/27 – Trenčín, Slovakia – Piano club (with Arzén)
03/28 – Ružomberok, Slovakia – Kultúrny dom Andreja Hlinku (with Arzén)
03/29 – Košice, Slovakia – Colloseum Club (with Arzén)
04/03 – Inari, Finland – Papana
04/04 – Kempele, Finland – ZRock
06/12 – Zamora, Spain – Z! Live Rock Fest
06/18 – Nummijärvi, Finland – Nummirock
08/28 – Crispendorf, Germany – Wolfszeit Festival
09/06 – Selb, Germany – Festival Mediaval

Me And That Man (Behemoth) Premiere “Run With The Devil” Music Video

Me And That Man have premiered a new song titled “Run With The Devil.“ This track features Jørgen Munkeby (Shining) and an official video for it can be found below:

Nergal (Behemoth) commented:

“This one was a lot of fun! When I first started thinking of the imagery to the track, I wanted to create something more than a music video, I wanted a music movie which carries on from where ‘Nightride‘ left off. Don’t take it too seriously, we’re metaphorically burying the past and bringing in a new! A great way to introduce the next incarnation of Me And That Man… but what next? Stick around, there is plenty of rather splendid things to see soon!”

In other news, the group also have the following dates booked:

04/02 Wroclaw, POL – Zaklete Rewiry (with Frank The Baptist & Mulk)
04/03 Szczecin, POL – Kosmos (with Frank The Baptist & Mulk)
04/04 Gdasnk, POL – Stary Manez (with Frank The Baptist & Mulk)
04/05 Torun, POL – Lizard King (with Frank The Baptist & Mulk)
04/15 Warszawa, POL – Palladium (with Frank The Baptist & Mulk)
04/16 Krakow, POL – Ze Pe Te (with Frank The Baptist & Mulk)
04/17 Poznan, POL – Tama (with Frank The Baptist & Mulk)
04/18 Gostyn, POL – Hutnik (with Frank The Baptist & Mulk)
04/19 Katowice, POL – P23 (with Frank The Baptist & Mulk)
06/20 Clisson, FRA – Hellfest
06/21 Dessel, BEL – Graspop
06/25 Rivas-Vaciamadrid, SPA – Auditorio Miguel Rios
06/26 Madrid, SPA – Rock The Night Festival
07/09 Gavle, SWE – Gefle Metal Festival
08/05 Jaromer, CZE – Brutal Assault

While She Sleeps Premiere Hologram Video For New Song “Fakers Plague”

While She Sleeps have premiered a hologram video for their new song “Fakers Plague.“ With this news, the group have also announced some special “Fakers Plague Experience” events, which are being held at Sleeps Brothers Warehouse in Sheffield, UK. The band commented:

“This song is a celebration of the end of an extremely difficult personal time within While She Sleeps. We all had a lot of anger building up within us and it was amazing for us to come together and express it through music. Everyone in life has a beautiful side and an ugly side, its how we all react and deal with these polarities of life that makes us human. No one is perfect and we certainly aren’t. Let’s embrace it together.”

Lorna Shore Premiere “Immortal” Music Video

Lorna Shore have premiered a new video for the title track of their new album “Immortal” (out January 31). The band commented:

“‘Immortal‘ is an accurate representation of where the band has matured to. It was the last song we wrote for the album and ended up being the most challenging song to write. It truly shows the band’s maturity and willingness to grow and expand outside our comfort zones. Whatever we normally would do on a song, we strayed away from and ideas we always wanted to do, we leaned into. This song is an entire culmination of who we are and where the band is headed.”

Sylosis Premiere “I Sever” Music Video, Reveal Details For New Album “Cycle Of Suffering”

Sylosis have premiered a new video for their new song “I Sever.” This track is from the band’s new album “Cycle Of Suffering,“ which will be released on February 7.

“Cycle Of Suffering” Track Listing:

01. “Empty Prophets”
02. “I Sever”
03. “Cycle Of Suffering”
04. “Shield”
05. “Calcified”
06. “Invidia”
07. “Idle Hands”
08. “Apex Of Disdain”
09. “Arms Like A Noose”
10. “Devils In Their Eyes”
11. “Disintegrate”
12. “Abandon”

In other news, the group have also announced that they will be playing their first show in four years at the Islington Assembly Hall in London, England on February 13.

Josh Middleton commented:

“After three long years, Sylosis are back! I want to thank all of our fans for their patience and support over these last few years. ‘Cycle Of Suffering’ is dedicated to them.

With this new chapter, we close another; I’d like to thank Carl Parnell for his time in Sylosis. Many great memories made with him and I wish him the best in his career. Now we welcome Conor Marshall to Sylosis! Another man in another band (Conjurer) — Conor is an amazing player and complements what we do really well. A warm welcome planned for 13th February where we play our first show in over four years! We’re excited and focused. See you in 2020!”