Hollywood Undead Premiere New Video For “Black Cadillac” Feat. B-Real (Cypress Hill, Prophets Of Rage)

Hollywood Undead have premiered a new video for their song “Black Cadillac” feat. B-Real (Cypress Hill, Prophets Of Rage), via High Times. This track is from their latest album “Five.”

J-Dog commented:

“We haven’t done a straight-up hip-hop song like this in a while, so this song made sense, and we got B-Real on it who we all grew up listening to. It was an honor to have him participate.

Filming the video was a bitch! Brian Cox had to find a black Cadillac in nowhere Minnesota. Then we filmed shots in The Rave in Milwaukee, at a cemetery in Pennsylvania and on a green screen in Calgary, Canada. But it was all worth it.”


Concert Review: Hollywood Undead, Butcher Babies, & Demrick At The Catalyst In Santa Cruz, CA

Last night (October 23), I attended the Hollywood Undead, Butcher Babies, and Demrick concert at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz, CA, and it was a great show.

Rapper Demrick kicked things off with an interesting set. He was pretty good, if you like straight up rap music, but he seemed a bit out of place at this particular concert. Granted, headliners Hollywood Undead do rap, but they still have a rock vibe, which Demrick was lacking. A highlight from his set was a track called “Skyscraper.”

After Demrick’s set, Butcher Babies took the stage for a metal onslaught. I’ve seen the band live four times now, and they always manage to top their selves. This time, the group’s set was heavily focused on new tracks off their upcoming album “Lilith,” which will be out Friday (October 27). Frontwomen Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey were on point the whole time and were able to keep the energy in the room at a high point. That combined with guitarist Henry Flury, bassist Jason Klein, and drummer Chase Brickenden’s musicianship made their performance solid on all fronts. Highlights from their set included: “Monster’s Ball,” “POMONA (Shit Happens),” “Headspin,” and a “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, “Igniter,” and “Magnolia Blvd.” medley.

Butcher Babies finished up, and then it was time for rap rockers Hollywood Undead. The group took the stage with their trademarked masks, which they wore for three songs, and opened with their anthemic track “Whatever It Takes” off their new album V (out October 27). From there, they just kept the energy building throughout the night. The band were definitely having fun up onstage and it was infectious. They were also really good at getting the crowd involved, whether it be something simple like having them wave their hands or something bigger like inviting one fan onstage to perform “Comin In Hot.” There stage setup was appealing as well, with decent lighting and shooting sparks. Basically, all these elements wrapped together made for an awesome show. Some highlights from their set included the aforementioned “Comin In Hot,” “Undead,” “Dead Bite,” “War Child,” “Everywhere I Go,” and their finale “Hear Me Now.”

Hollywood Undead Premiere “We Own The Night” Music Video

Hollywood Undead have premiered a new video for their new song “We Own The Night.” This song is from their new album “Five,” which will be released on October 27.

Johnny 3 Tears recently told Loudwire the following about the track:

“That is very specific. One night, after the studio, we were out getting drunk, I’ll be honest. And we went down to Hollywood Boulevard and which, to be honest with you, I don’t do very often anymore. I used to live down there, pretty much, but all the bars are different now. Anyway, we were doing it. We were walking around and we really wanted to write a song about the nocturnal qualities of the city.

It’s weird because you can be in one spot and it’s a different world than that 12 hours later, it’s completely different. You’ve got everything going on, there’s the bank and there’s the supermarket and everyone’s doing their normal thing, and then 12 hours later, instead of selling food they’re selling crack and all these other things.

It was a take on the nocturnal aspects of our lives and we thought it would be cool to tell that story. We’ve always been on the darker side, subject matter wise with music. I suppose that’s just the way we are. It was our take on those things. I never liked “party music” you know, “Let’s party all night.” I’ve always looked at the other sides of those things. It’s just a take on that activity and where we were at at that point.”

Hollywood Undead Officially Confirm That They Have Parted Ways With Da Kurlzz

Hollywood Undead have officially confirmed that they have parted ways with Matthew “Da Kurlzz” Busek, who was in the band since 2005. The group commented:

“Matty and Hollywood Undead have decided that we are parting ways amicably. Matty decided he would like to pursue his own interests and we are supportive of that. We wish him nothing but the best moving forward.”

Hollywood Undead To Release New Comic Book “Undead Origins”

Hollywood Undead and Heavy Metal Magazine have joined forces for a new 56-page comic book called “Undead Origins.” The comic was written by Paul Allor, and it will be available on December 6. Fans that preorder it through the band’s merch store will get it earlier, around the release date of their new album “V” (out October 27).

The press release offered a description of the comic:

“…The comic follows Hollywood Undead‘s members as they discover a deep conspiracy; all across Los Angeles, people are acting unnaturally happy and compliant. People in the counterculture are suddenly fitting into society, finding square jobs and loving them. Is it clones? Robots? Alien replacements? The crew discovers that in reality, it’s a system of mental and physical alteration, funded by a powerful tech mogul-turned City Councilman.

And what’s more, the “victims” aren’t victims at all; they’re undergoing the process voluntarily. But our guys won’t stand for that. They work to destroy the facility, assisted by like-minded people from across the city.”

Hollywood Undead Premiere “Renegade” Music Video

Hollywood Undead have premiered a new video for their new song “Renegade.” This song is from their new album “Five,” which will be released on October 27. Johnny 3 Tears commented:

“I hope this song and video can inspire kids to believe that they can change the world, and it’s up to them if it’s for the better or worse. The truth is that the kids of today, are the renegades of tomorrow.”