Black Veil Brides Go Behind The Scenes Of Their “Fields Of Bone” Video

Black Veil Brides have shared a behind the scenes look at their recently released video for “Fields Of Bone.“ You can check that out below. “Fields Of Bone“ is from the band’s new concept album “The Phantom Tomorrow,“ which will be released on June 4.

Black Veil Brides Announce Acoustic Livestream Show

Black Veil Brides have announced an acoustic livestream show. The virtual event will be held on April 30 at The Den Studios in Los Angeles, CA and tickets can be found HERE. Andy Biersack commented:

“Growing up I loved getting the opportunity to watch my favorite bands sit down and go into detail about their entire back catalog of material. Whether it was KISS on MTV’s Unplugged or Billy Idol on VH1 Storytellers this format has always appealed to me. We are so excited to give fans of the band a set list that spans our entire career and the stories behind the making of these records and songs.”

Black Veil Brides Premiere “Fields Of Bone” Video

Black Veil Brides have premiered a new video for their new song “Fields Of Bone.“ This track is from the band’s new concept album “The Phantom Tomorrow,“ which will be released on June 4.

“The Phantom Tomorrow” Track Listing:

01. “The Phantom Tomorrow” (Introduction)
02. “Scarlet Cross”
03. “Born Again”
04. “Blackbird”
05. “Spectres” (Interlude)
06. “Torch”
07. “The Wicked One”
08. “Shadows Rise”
09. “Fields Of Bone”
10. “Crimson Skies”
11. “Kill The Hero”
12. “Fall Eternal”

Black Veil Brides Announce Virtual Acoustic Radio Tour

Black Veil Brides have announced a virtual acoustic radio tour. The shows will find the band performing an acoustic version of “Scarlet Cross” off their new album “The Phantom Tomorrow,” as well as other tracks from their catalog. Here’s the dates:

03/23 – 102.7 WEBN/Cincinnati – 6:30pm EST –
03/24 – WRKZ 99.7 The Blitz/Columbus – 10am EST –
03/25 – WIYY 98 Rock Baltimore/Baltimore – 7pm EST –
03/26 – 101 WRIF – FM Detroit/Detroit – 5pm EST –
03/29 – WRAT 95.9FM/Monmouth Ocean – 7pm EST –
03/30 – 98 KUPD/Phoenix – 8pm PST –
03/31 – 94.1 WJJO/Madison – 7pm CST –
04/02 – KCJK 1051TheX/Kansas City – 8pm CST –

Andy Biersack Discusses Concept Of New Black Veil Brides Album “The Phantom Tomorrow”

During a recent appearance on “Cutter’s Rockcast,” Andy Biersack further discussed the concept of the new Black Veil Brides album “The Phantom Tomorrow.” According to him, the effort will focus on the “love of building up heroes and obsessing over other people who often don’t give a shit about you or anybody else.”

Biersack said the following:

“It’s a concept record. There is a comic book happening as well. I actually just got off the phone this morning with the publishing company for the comic book. We’re developing all the artwork and everything for that. The story is essentially the idea… In our society, especially now, we have this love of building up heroes and obsessing over other people who often don’t give a shit about you or anybody else, and we kind of have these false idols and heroes. And so the story is kind of about taking this mythological character and the people putting all of this power on to them, and then ultimately turning their back on the character because nobody can fulfill the dreams and ideas that you put on somebody else. So it’s an alternate version of our own timeline where our obsession with heroes and the iconography of somebody that’s aspirational kind of gets out of control and becomes our whole society.”

He also added the following when asked how he came up with the concept:

“In January of last year, I just kind of sat down and started writing this story. I do a lot of drawing when I’m writing as well. I’m not great, but I like to be able to represent my ideas in that way. So I wrote out this whole story and drew character designs, and then, about a week and a half later, we were set to enter the studio, and it just kind of coincidental that this whole rush of this idea came to me. And so I went to the studio with everybody and said, ‘Look, this is what I think we should do,’ and laid out the story and the plot and the ideas. ‘Cause we’ve done concept records before. The kind of method that we’ve found is best is I give the concept and the ideas, as far as the narrative perspective, to the band, and then that is how we write as a band together, to get tone and how we are gonna get through this journey. I will take those songs and then go basically write the lyrics to serve the story and plotlines along the journey from song one to the last song.

There are unfortunate kind of shackles that are put on it — meaning that you’ve gotta write within the context of what you’re writing. But I tried to keep this one more open-ended where it’s applicable… ‘Cause I didn’t wanna write about stuff I don’t know; I wanted it to be about my experience. And there’s really nothing about our story that doesn’t mimic the current situation, whether it’s on a personal level with people that I’ve known, or on a sociopolitical level, with the craziness of the worid right now. The ideas are universal, and so that made it a little bit easier to kind of get through the journey. But as far as the comic book goes, it’s kind of the same thing — I come up with the story and the artwork ideas, and then work with people who are much more talented than I am to make that a reality.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Black Veil Brides’ New Album “The Phantom Tomorrow” Is “Almost Complete”

Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack has revealed that the band’s new album “The Phantom Tomorrow” is “almost complete.” He said the following:

“I just wanted to say thank you for all of your support and excitement regarding my most recent projects! The response to the book has been incredible and I can’t wait for you guys to see @paradisecity coming to @amazonprimevideo next month! I also wanted to update you that the upcoming @blackveilbrides record “The Phantom Tomorrow” is almost complete so be on the look out for release info and a lot more coming soon! 🆎🖤”

Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides) Releases Audiobook Version Of “They Don’t Need To Understand”

Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack has released an official audiobook version of his memoir “They Don’t Need To Understand: Stories Of Hope, Fear, Family, Life, And Never Giving In.” You can find that everywhere audiobooks are sold including Biersack commented:

“I am so thankful for the incredible reception the book has had and it means the world to me to know that my story has resonated with so many people all over the world. This whole experience has been a dream come true.”

Black Veil Brides Share Behind The Scenes Footage From The Making Of Their “Scarlet Cross” Video

Black Veil Brides have shared some behind the scenes footage from the making of their recently released video for “Scarlet Cross.” That track is from the band’s upcoming concept album “The Phantom Tomorrow.”

Black Veil Brides Announce “Alive And Burning 2” Streaming Concert

Black Veil Brides have announced another virtual concert, which they are calling “Alive And Burning 2.” The event will stream on December 11 and tickets can be found HERE.