Pennywise’s Jim Lindberg Premieres New Song “You’re Not Alone”

Jim Lindberg (Pennywise) has premiered a new song titled “You’re Not Alone.” This track is from his new solo album “Songs From The Elkhorn Trail,” which will be released in digital outlets on November 19 (physical copies out May 6).

Lindberg commented:

“It’s about all the people who are for one reason or another, forced to be lonely in the world, the castaways, the unloved, the unwanted. There comes a point for a lot of people when you’re existing in an untenable situation where you just have to say, ‘This isn’t an acceptable way for me to live anymore.’ When this happens, there isn’t a need for a lot of fanfare. You just ‘get your stuff and you walk out.’ The moment where you make the decision to leave, it can be sad and painful but also extremely liberating to finally get your freedom. When you’ve taken that last insult or soul damaging put-down, it can be very satisfying to just ‘smile and wave as you walk past.’ You may be lonely for a while, but the song is about reminding you that there are always millions of other people in your situation — You’re Not Alone — and your bond and friendship with them is that you’ve escaped. You’re never alone in feeling alone. You’ve got friends everywhere.”

“Songs From The Elkhorn Trail” Track Listing:

01. “The Palm Of Your Hand”
02. “I Feel Like The Sun”
03. “You’re Not Alone”
04. “Hello Again”
05. “Don’t Lay Me Down”
06. “Not One Of Them”
07. “Blood On Your Hands”
08. “Good Enough”
09. “It’s Only”
10. “The Basement”
11. “On Fire”
12. “Long Way To Go”

Infected Rain Premiere “Postmortem Pt. 1” Music Video

Infected Rain have premiered a new video for their new song “Postmortem Pt. 1.” This track is from the band’s new album “Ecdysis,” which will be released on January 7.

Lena Scissorhands said the following about the new song:

“Postmortem is about the constant search. The never happy, never content… Blind to the real treasures of life, we constantly want more and more…”

She also added the following about the new album:

“While the whole world was in a deep depression, ‘Ecdysis‘ was slowly but surely maturing. The time in isolation away from all our plans and goals, away from loved ones and the stage, brought out something so new and different in us. A new chapter starts with this album, a chapter of raw emotions and complete commitment.”

“Ecdysis” Track Listing:

01. “Postmortem Pt. 1”
02. “Fighter”
03. “Longing”
04. “Goodbye”
05. “The Realm of Chaos” (feat. Heidi Shepherd of Butcher Babies)
06. “Everlasting Lethargy”
07. “These Walls”
08. “Showers”
09. “November”
10. “Never the Same”
11. “Nine, Ten”
12. “Postmortem Pt. 2”

The Browning To Release New Album “End Of Existence” In December, Share Lyric Video For The Title Track

The Browning have announced that their new album “End Of Existence” will be released on December 3. You can find a lyric video for the effort’s title track below:

“End Of Existence” Track Listing:

01. “End Of Existence”
02. “Destroyer”
03. “Anticendency”
04. “Gott ist Tot”
05. “Torment”
06. “Cataclysm”
07. “Rage”
08. “Chaos Reigns”
09. “No Man Can Become A God”
10. “Death Warp”
11. “Prophecy”
12. “Fearless”

Jonny McBee commented:

“To me, the music sounded doomy, dystopian, and apocalyptic. The Browning has always had that tone, but it’s even more prevalent now. Early on, I knew I was going to write the heaviest Browning body of work there was. I needed a theme to fit the heaviness and darkness of the music though. Since I was really happy in my personal life, it had to have a fictional plot. For me, this was about creating a universe.”

Volumes Premiere “Bend” Music Video

Volumes have premiered a new video for their new song “Bend.” This track is from the band’s new album “Happier?,” which will be released on November 19. Frontman Michael Barr said the following about the song:

“‘Bend‘ is about how, in a relationship, sometimes one person can break another while all along they never seem to bend or break themselves. It’s really about how we can easily turn into someone else and start to tear each other down.”

“Happier?” Track Listing:

01. “FBX”
02. “Malevolent”
03. “Bend”
04. “Get Enough”
05. “Lets Me Down”
06. “Man On Fire”
07. “Weighted”
08. “See You Again”
09. “Into You (Hurt)”
10. “Void”
11. “Happier?”

The Three Tremors To Release New Album “Guardians Of The Void” In November, Premiere New Song “Bone Breaker”

The Three Tremors, the band featuring Tim “Ripper” Owens (ex-Judas Priest, ex-Iced Earth, etc.), Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin (Jag Panzer), and Sean “The Hell Destroyer” Peck (Cage, etc.), will be releasing a new album, titled “Guardians Of The Void,” on November 5. The effort’s first single, “Bone Breaker,” can be found below:

“Guardians Of The Void” Track Listing:

01. “Bone Breaker”
02. “Guardians Of The Void”
03. “Kryptonian Steel”
04. “Crucifier”
05. “I Can’t Be Stopped”
06. “Frailty”
07. “Operation: Neptune Spear”
08. “Chained To The Oar”
09. “Catastrophe”
10. “Wickedness And Sin”
11. “Fall Of Rome”
12. “War Of Nations”

Owens commented:

“We had just started our second North American tour promoting the ‘Solo Versions,’ when everything started to shut down. It was a shame because we had some really good momentum and the shows were selling well – including a few that were sold out in advance. When we realized that we could be sitting home for a while, we all started putting these new songs together and recording them.”

Conklin continued:

“I had moved to Greece during this whole time and the guys started sending me song after song at a furious pace. The songs were kick ass and I found it easier and more natural to collaborate and add my ideas and nuances. We have toured and done so many shows together now that the comfort level was there, and they came together really quick. The end result is amazing.”

Peck added:

“Everyone in the band has a lot of other projects going on, so it was good we could all pull together and make this follow up album. Now Sean our drummer (Elg) is also in KK’s Priest, so we are stoked that we could not only put out another record, but also get a tour in before everyone gets busy. We have spent so much time together – we are like a heavy metal street gang, and have a blast performing these songs and going on the road. With these new songs available from the ‘Guardians Of The Void’ album, our setlist will be supremely vicious!!”

The band’s current dates can be found below:

11/03 Hamden, CT – The Cellar
11/04 Clifton, NJ – Dingbatz
11/05 Pottstown, PA – Rivet Canteen and Assembly
11/06 Long Island, NY – Barnum Ballroom
11/07 Wilmington, – DE Bar XIII
11/10 Brooklyn, NY – Arrogant Swine
11/11 Wiles Barre, PA – Stage West
11/12 Rochester, NY – TBA
11/13 Buffalo, NY – TBA
11/15 Syracuse, NY – Sharkey’s
11/17 Akron, OH – Empire Concert Club
11/18 St Louis, MO – 21 Rock
11/19 Detroit, MI – Token Lounge
11/20 Chicago, IL – The Forge
11/21 Milwaukee, WI – Club Garibaldi
11/23 Minneapolis, MN – The Cabooze

Genocide Pact Premiere “Perverse Dominion” Music Video

Genocide Pact have premiered a new video for their new song “Perverse Dominion.” This track is from the band’s new self-titled album, which will be released on December 3.

Tim Mullaney said the following about the song:

“Lyrically, this song is about how, as humans, our greatest strength is our mind – and in a world of people stepping over each other to get ahead, the mind is the first thing targeted by powerful people trying to keep you below them. Every day we are manipulated by corporations and politicians that think we are idiots – make their jobs harder and don’t be one.”

He also added the following about the album:

“You turn on the news and see mass shootings, a global pandemic, endless war, and corporations and politicians trying to sell you bullshit. You pick up your phone and another friend or family member has died. On top of that, you’re broke as fuck and work endlessly for a boss that doesn’t even know your name. You find yourself paranoid, pissed off, and embracing nihilism.”

“Genocide Pact” Track Listing:

01. “Led To Extinction”
02. “Perverse Dominion”
03. “Fossilized Future”
04. “Mutilated Vision”
05. “Deprive / Degrade”
06. “Purged Flesh”
07. “Barbaric Regression”
08. “Industrial Obedience”

The Last Ten Seconds Of Life To Release New Self-Titled Album In January, Premiere “The Sabbath” Video

The Last Ten Seconds Of Life will be releasing a new self-titled album on January 28. A video for the effort’s first single, “The Sabbath,” can be found below:

“The Last Ten Seconds Of Life” Track Listing:

01. “Invictus Unto Fire”
02. “Zapffe Isn’t Invited To The Party” (feat. Jamie Hanks)
03. “The Sabbath”
04. “Birth Of the Butcher”
05. “Altar Of Poison”
06. “Guillotine Queen (Redux)”
07. “Hate What You Love”
08. “Vampire (A Blood Ballad)”
09. “Glory Be 2 Misery”
10. “Wasted (Interlude)”
11. “Sickness In Seattle”
12. “Suicide Watch”
13. “A Lesson on Self Preservation”
14. “Procession”

The band commented:

“The pinnacle of malevolence, crushing riffs, and unbound lyricism that listeners have come to love and identify with us. Unique Leader is the perfect home to release this monster and we are more than excited to work with the brand to deliver this album to the masses.”

Battle Beast To Release New Album “Circus Of Doom” In January

Battle Beast have announced that they will be releasing a new album, titled “Circus Of Doom,” on January 21. The effort’s first single will debut on October 22.

“Circus Of Doom” Track Listing:

01. “Circus Of Doom”
02. “Wings Of Light”
03. “Master Of Illusion”
04. “Where Angels Fear To Fly”
05. “Eye Of The Storm”
06. “Russian Roulette”
07. “Freedom”
08. “The Road To Avalon”
09. “Armageddon”
10. “Place That We Call Home”

In other news, the group have also announced a European/UK tour:

02/15 Paris, France – Alhambra
02/16 Vosselaar, Belgium – Biebob
02/18 Manchester, England – Club Academy
02/19 London, England – O2 Academy Islington
02/20 Wolverhampton, England – KK’s Steel Mill
02/22 Bochum, Germany – Zeche
02/23 Nurnberg, Germany – Hirsch
02/25 Prague, Czech Republic – Palac Akropolis
02/26 Vienna, Austria – Simm City
02/27 Pratteln, Switzerland – Z7
03/01 Milano, Italy – Legend Club
03/03 Frankfurt, Germany – Batschkapp halfhouse
03/04 Munich, Germany – Neue Theaterfabrik
03/05 Stuttgart, Germany – LKA Longhorn
03/07 Berlin, Germany – Columbiatheater
03/09 Hamburg, Germany – Markthalle
03/10 Copenhagen, Denmark – Pumpehuset
03/11 Gothenburg, Sweden – Tradgarn
03/12 Stockholm, Sweden – Fallan

The band commented:

“The long nightmare is finally behind us and the future’s looking bright! We really poured our heart and soul in this album and can’t wait to present it to you both on record and live on stage. Damn, how we’ve missed touring! You are all heartily welcome to this feast of joy and horrors — the Circus Of Doom.”

Sabaton To Release New Album “The War To End All Wars” In March

Sabaton have announced that their new album, “The War To End All Wars,” will be released on March 4. The conceptual effort will “dive deep into the atrocities, miracles, and events tied to the early 20th century’s World War I.”

“The War To End All Wars” Track Listing:

01. “Sarajevo”
02. “Stormtroopers”
03. “Dreadnought”
04. “The Unkillable Soldier”
05. “Soldier Of Heaven”
06. “Hellfighters”
07. “Race To The Sea”
08. “Lady Of The Dark”
09. “The Valley Of Death”
10. “Christmas Truce”
11. “Versailles”

Shadow Of Intent Premiere “From Ruin… We Rise” Music Video

Shadow Of Intent have premiered a new video for their new song “From Ruin… We Rise.” This track is from the band’s new album “Elegy,” which will be released on January 14. Vocalist Ben Duerr commented:

“This song speaks about the inhumane suffering endured in the Ukraine. Surviving mass famine, slave labor, and essentially being used as cannon fodder in the world’s largest war in history, the nation still retains their identity, even as they are gripped in civil strife. This song mourns their fallen, while hoping their innocents can remain strong, despite being locked in disarray and subjected to atrocities. Let this also be a reminder to our own compatriots that no matter the current political climate, no matter the disagreements, we will survive it, as we are one.”

“Elegy” Track Listing:

01. “Farewell”
02. “Saurian King”
03. “The Coming Fire”
04. “Of Fury”
05. “Intensified Genocide”
06. “Life Of Exile”
07. “Where Millions Have Come To Die”
08. “From Ruin… We Rise”
09. “Blood In The Sands Of Time”
10. “Reconquest”
11. “Elegy I: Adapt”
12. “Elegy II: Devise”
13. “Elegy III: Overcome”