Portrayal Of Guilt Share “Devil Music” Short Film

Portrayal Of Guilt have announced a new album titled “Devil Music.” The effort will receive a digital release on April 20, followed by a physical release on April 21. With this news, the band have also shared a new short film featuring music from the record’s orchestral b-side.

Director Emmanuella Zachariou commented:

“When I first heard the B-Side of Devil Music, I was extremely impressed by the cinematic nature of the music. As a filmmaker and artist who started working in this industry through being an avid lover of music, especially heavier and darker sounds, it has always been a deep personal goal of mine to create more projects that not only highlight the extremely intricate nature of such compositions, but to really try to bring in a true cinematic atmosphere to help visualize them.

The string elements in the tracks really helped inspire the medieval blueprint in my mind’s eye, and going off of that I wanted to implement slight nods to 90s black metal promo photos, and some of my favorite directors and films. Everything in this was a deliberate, carefully curated nod to some of my favorite films, books, artists and albums.

Some examples include Marketa Lazarová (1967), The Wicker Man (1973), The Devils (1971), To the Devil a Daughter (1976), The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928), Wim Wenders, Jean Rollin, Jesús Franco, Mortiis, down to the choice of title card text (inspired by Medieval Marginalia and even Abigor’s 1995 albums, Nachthymnen and Orkblut – The Retaliation).”

“Devil Music” Track Listing:

Side A:

01. “One Last Taste Of Heaven”
02. “Untitled”
03. “Burning Hand”
04. “Where Angels Come To Die”
05. “Devil Music”

Side B:

06. “I (One Last Taste Of Heaven)”
07. “II (Untitled)”
08. “III (Burning Hand)”
09. “IV (Where Angels Come To Die)”
10. “V (Devil Music)”

Raven Premiere “Go For The Gold” Music Video

Raven have premiered a new video for their new song “Go For The Gold.” This track is from the band’s new album “All Hell’s Breaking Loose,” which will be released on June 30.

John Gallagher commented:

“‘Go For The Gold’ is our first single as it really represents the new album mission statement… 100% full-on Raven lunacy!!!! If you’ve got an initial great riff, you just build from it. You try not to milk it to death. You want a good structure. You want a good verse with hooks, a good pre-chorus with hooks, a great chorus, and then you want little left turns here and there to spice it up. Otherwise it can sound boring. And if you have too many left turns then it turns into jazz fusion, so it’s a funny line you gotta dance on to have structure but also the chaos part as well.”

“All Hell’s Breaking Loose” Track Listing:

01. “Medieval”
02. “Surf The Tsunami”
03. “Turn Of The Screw”
04. “All Hell’s Breaking Loose”
05. “The Far Side”
06. “Desperate Measures”
07. “Victory’s Call”
08. “Edge Of A Nightmare”
09. “Invasion”
10. “Go For The Gold”

Saint Agnes Premiere “Bloodsuckers” Music Video

Saint Agnes have premiered a new video for the title track of their new album “Bloodsuckers.” That effort will be released on July 21.

Vocalist Kitty A. Austen said the following about the song:

“I wrote ‘Bloodsuckers’ when I couldn’t take it anymore — when I decided to stop allowing people to crush me, to diminish me. I took my rage and my pain and used it as fuel and I burned. We are not defined by what has been done to us. We decide who we are. We choose who we want to be. We are whole. We are worthy. The video is an introduction to Team Bloodsuckers. Join us.”

She also added the following about the album:

“Creating this album gave me a reason to get to my feet at a time when I really wasn’t sure if I could. I’ve tried to put everything I’ve been feeling into it, all the pain, the rage, the grief, even the unexpected moments of beauty and belief. I hope it makes you feel less alone. I hope it makes you feel bigger, badder, and stronger. We might be damaged but that doesn’t mean we’re worthless. This is a record for the defeated, the crushed. We might be broken but that doesn’t mean we’re not whole. Bloodsuckers forever, Saint Agnes forever.”

“Bloodsuckers” Track Listing:

01. “Bloodsuckers”
02. “Animal”
03. “I Mean Nothing To You”
04. “Outsider”
05. “This Is Not The End”
06. “Follow You”
07. “I Am”
08. “At War With Myself”
09. “Middle Finger”
10. “Body Bag” (Feat. Mimi Barks)
11. “Forever And Ever”

Texas Hippie Coalition Premiere “Hell Hounds” Music Video

Texas Hippie Coalition have premiered a new video for their latest single “Hell Hounds.” This track is from the band’s new album “The Name Lives On,” which will be released on April 21.

“The Name Lives On” Track Listing:

01. “Hell Hounds”
02. “I Come From The Dirt”
03. “Built For The Road”
04. “Scream”
05. “Hard Habit”
06. “Believe”
07. “License To Kill”
08. “Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth”
09. “I Teach Angels How To Fly”
10. “The Name Lives On”

Tour Dates:

03/29 Scottsdale, AZ – Arizona Bike Week
03/30 Las Vegas, NV – Count’s Vamp’d Rock Bar
03/31 Gallup, NM – Juggernaut Music
04/01 Farmington, NM – Lauter Haus Brewing Co.
04/02 Roswell, NM- The Liberty
04/13 Springfield, MO – Southbound
04/14 Home, AR – Royal 66 Mountain
04/15 Pittsburg, KS – Kansas Crossing Casino
04/16 Dover, AR – Brooksto
04/20 Greeley, CO – Moxi Theatre
04/21 Parker, CO – Wild Goose Saloon
04/22 Parker, CO – Wild Goose Saloon
04/23 Colorado Springs, CO – Sunshine Studios Live
04/28 Yukon, OK – Yukon Czech Hall
04/29 Oklahoma City, OK – Diamond Ballroom
05/19 Fort Worth, TX – Tannahill’s Tavern & Music Hall
05/20 Houston, TX – Scout Bar
05/21 Jefferson, LA – Southport Hall
05/25 Pittsburgh, PA – The Crafthouse Stage & Grill
05/26 Harrison, OH – Blue Note Harrison
06/08 Joliet, IL – The Forge
06/09 Angola, IN – The Eclectic Room
06/10 Columbus, OH – The King of Clubs
06/11 Buffalo, NY – Mohawk Place
06/14 Laconia, NH – The Big House
06/15 Horseheads, NY – The L
06/16 Lakewood, OH – The Winchester

Jag Panzer Premiere New Song “Onward We Toil”

Jag Panzer have premiered a new song titled “Onward We Toil.” This track is from the band’s new album “The Hallowed,” which will be released on June 23. The group commented:

“‘Onward We Toil’ tells the story of the people and animals in the concept pushing through adversity to reach their goal of finding ‘The Hallowed’. The creatures known as ‘The Jaw’ can be heard in the beginning of the song and the epic chorus illustrates the team working together as one.”

“The Hallowed” Track Listing:

01. “Bound As One”
02. “Prey”
03. “Ties That Bind”
04. “Stronger Than You Know”
05. “Onward We Toil”
06. “Edge Of A Knife”
07. “Dark Descent”
08. “Weather The Storm”
09. “Renewed Flame”
10. “Last Rites”

Spirit Adrift To Release New Album “Ghost At The Gallows” In August, Premiere New Song “Death Won’t Stop Me”

Spirit Adrift have announced that their new album, “Ghost At The Gallows,” will be released on August 18. The effort’s first single, “Death Won’t Stop Me,” can be found below:

“Ghost At The Gallows” Track Listing:

01. “Give Her To The River”
02. “Barn Burner”
03. “Hanged Man’s Revenge”
04. “These Two Hands”
05. “Death Won’t Stop Me”
06. “I Shall Return”
07. “Siren Of The South”
08. “Ghost At The Gallows”

Nate Garrett commented:

“Subconsciously, each album I do tends to have a theme or make a point. I didn’t realize it when I was writing, but the new album seems to encapsulate the grieving process. I realized when I was done with it that lyrically all the stages of grief are present. It’s a way to mourn, it’s a way to grieve, to take painful things that happen in our lives and make something powerful and positive out of it. That’s been the goal with this band from day one.”

Creeping Death To Release New Album “Boundless Domain” In June, Premiere “Intestinal Wrap” Video

Creeping Death have announced that their new album, “Boundless Domain,” will be released on June 16. An official music video for the effort’s first single, “Intestinal Wrap“ featuring Cannibal Corpse’s George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, can be found below:

“Boundless Domain” Track Listing:

01. “Boundless Domain”
02. “Intestinal Wrap”
03. “Vitrified Earth”
04. “The Parthian Shot”
05. “Creators Turned Into Prey”
06. “Cursed”
07. “Remnants Of The Old Gods”
08. “Looming”
09. “The Common Breed”
10. “The Edge Of Existence”

Guitarist Trey Pemberton commented:

“We’ve never sounded better. We love the people we’ve recorded with before, but we’ve never had anybody challenge and push us as Adam [Dutkiewicz] did.

We made it a point to bring in more influences from hardcore bands we came up loving, especially Texas hardcore. There’s a lot of Mammoth Grinder, Iron Age, and Power Trip influence. Having Riley [Gale] and Wade [Allison] pass so close to one another left a huge hole in the scene. We all went on a kick of listening to the Texas stuff for a while, and it definitely seeped into our writing.

We feel like we collectively stepped up our performances on this record. Working with Adam was a blast and we’re all proud of how ‘Boundless Domain’ turned out. See you on the road!”

Metal Church To Release New Album “Congregation Of Annihilation” In May

Metal Church have announced that their new album, “Congregation Of Annihilation,” will be released on May 26. The effort will be the band’s first to feature vocalist Marc Lopes (Ross The Boss, Let Us Prey). The first single, “Pick A God And Prey,” can be found below:

“Congregation Of Annihilation” Track Listing:

01. “Another Judgement Day”
02. “Congregation Of Annihilation”
03. “Pick A God And Prey”
04. “Children Of The Lie”
05. “Me The Nothing”
06. “Making Monsters”
07. “Say A Prayer With 7 Bullets”
08. “These Violent Thrills”
09. “All That We Destroy”
10. “My Favorite Sin” (bonus track)
11. “Salvation” (bonus track)

Guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof commented:

“This new album is starting a new chapter in the Metal Church legacy. I really love this album. It’s a fresh approach for us in one way, but also a return to the very beginnings of Metal Church as part of the New American Thrash Metal movement. This record contains some of the most aggressive songs we have recorded. I hope the fans will like it as much as we do.”

Vocalist Marc Lopes added:

“I am beyond honored to be part of carrying on this legacy into a new era of Metal Church. Working with Kurdt and a band that was a huge influence of mine growing up was a surreal experience to say the least. For me there was no point in trying to imitate what was already done to perfection. So, with respect to the past, we moved forward to a new chapter and here we are!”

The Amity Affliction Premiere “It’s Hell Down Here” Music Video

The Amity Affliction have premiered a new video for their new song “It’s Hell Down Here.” This track is from the band’s new album “Not Without My Ghosts,” which will be released on May 12. Vocalist Joel Birch commented:

“This song is a letter from myself and Ahren, written by me, to our friends who have passed on to the other side. I’m 41. I’m bipolar. And I’m pretty tired of it. That’s where lyrics like ‘Like a snake I tire / the cold dark clouds, they steal my light’ come from. The song is wrapping up how I feel daily, and reflecting on the time leading up to my friend killing himself. I’m sure a lot of people who have experienced that guilt at not seeing what becomes glaringly obvious after the fact.”

“Not Without My Ghosts” Track Listing:

01. “Show Me Your God”
02. “It’s Hell Down Here”
03. “Fade Away”
04. “Death And The Setting Sun” (feat. Andrew Neufeld of Comeback Kid)
05. “I See Dead People” (feat. Louie Knuxx)
06. “When It Rains It Pours” (feat. Landon Tewers of The Plot In You)
07. “The Big Sleep”
08. “Close To Me”
09. “God Voice”
10. “Not Without My Ghosts” (feat. Phem)

Mammoth WVH Premiere “Another Celebration At The End Of The World” Video

Mammoth WVH have premiered a new video for their new song “Another Celebration At The End Of The World.” This track is from the band’s new album “Mammoth II,” which will be released on August 4. Wolfgang Van Halen commented:

“I knew that I wanted the new album to contain elements of what people heard on the debut, but also giving me a chance to branch out a bit. ‘Another Celebration At The End Of the World’ is definitely a song that showcases what people can expect from the new album. It is a high-energy rocker with some fun guitar moments on it. I also pushed myself vocally and it is a song I can’t wait to get out and play live. I can see it being a fixture in our live set moving forward.”

“Mammoth II” Track Listing:

01. “Right?”
02. “Like A Pastime”
03. “Another Celebration At The End Of The World”
04. “Miles Above Me”
05. “Take A Bow”
06. “Optimist”
07. “I’m Alright”
08. “Erase Me”
09. “Waiting”
10. “Better Than You”