Metal Church To Release “From The Vault” In April

Metal Church will be releasing a new compilation album titled “From The Vault” on April 10. The effort will feature a number of previously unreleased tracks and can be pre-ordered HERE. Vocalist Mike Howe commented:

“This album is for the fans and has some really cool unreleased tracks on it, I think METAL CHURCH fans everywhere will really enjoy it.”

“From The Vault” Track Listing (Deluxe USA Version):

New Studio Tracks:

01. “Dead On The Vine”
02. “For No Reason”
03. “Conductor” (redux)
04. “Above The Madness”

B-Sides From The “Damned If You Do” Sessions:

05. “Mind Thief”
06. “Tell Lie Vision”
07. “False Flag”
08. “Insta Mental”
09. “432hz”

Cover Songs:

10. “Please Don’t Judas Me” (Nazareth cover)
11. “Green Eyed Lady” (Sugarloaf cover)
12. “Black Betty” (Ram Jam cover)

Live Tracks:

13. “Agent Green” (Live In Japan(
14. “Anthem To The Estranged” (Live In Japan)

Bonus Tracks:

15. “Killing Your Time” (Wizard mix) [digital and comic CD version only]
16. “Needle & Suture” (Metal mix) [digital and comic CD version only]
17. “The Enemy Mind” (“XI” bonus track) [digital download version only]
18. “The Coward” (“XI” bonus track) [digital download version only]

In other news, the band have also launched pre-orders for a limited edition comic book called “Return Of The Fake Healer.” The book contains artwork from Andrew Owens and it also comes with a bonus compilation CD featuring a mix of “XI” and “Damned If You Do” tracks as well as two previously unreleased mixes of “Killing Your Time” and “Needle & Suture.”

Dance Gavin Dance Premiere “Prisoner” Video, Reveal Details For New Album “Afterburner”

Dance Gavin Dance have premiered a new video for their new song “Prisoner.” This track is from the band’s new album “Afterburner,” which will be released on April 24. Guitarist Will Swan commented:

“‘Prisoner’ is a captivating piece of the eclectic puzzle that is Afterburner. It showcases yet another leap in our constant evolution, and I can’t wait for people to hear what this album has in store.”

“Afterburner” Track Listing:

01. “Prisoner”
02. “Lyrics Lie”
03. “Calentamiento Global”
04. “Three Wishes”
05. “One In A Million”
06. “Parody Catharsis”
07. “Strawberry’s Wake”
08. “Born To Fail”
09. “Parallels”
10. “Night Sway”
11. “Say Hi”
12. “Nothing Shameful” (feat. Andrew Wells)
13. “Into the Sunset” (feat. Bilmuri)

Carach Angren To Release New Album “Franckensteina Strataemontanus” In May

Carach Angren will be releasing their new album “Franckensteina Strataemontanus” on May 29. The band said the following about the record:

“We are very proud to announce the release of our upcoming sixth album ‘Franckensteina Strataemontanus’. On this album we resurrect the ghost of the infamous Johann Conrad Dippel and tell his story in a whirlwind of both horrible facts and fiction. Musically there will be everything you have come to expect from us, taken to a whole new cinematic level. Get a taste of what is coming in the teaser below and prepare yourselves for the unearthing of our most ambitious album to date.”

“Franckensteina Strataemontanus” Track Listing:

01. “Here In German Woodland”
02. “Scourged Ghoul Undead”
03. “Franckensteina Strataemontanus”
04. “The Necromancer”
05. “Sewn For Solitude”
06. “Operation Compass”
07. “Monster”
08. “Der Vampir von Nürnberg”
09. “Skull With A Forked Tongue”
10. “Like A Conscious Parasite I Roam” (bonus track)
11. “Frederick’s Experiments”

Havok To Release New Album “V” In May

Havok have announced that they will be releasing their new album “V” on May 1. You can check out the cover art and track listing below:

“V” Track Listing:

01. “Post-Truth Era”
02. “Fear Campaign”
03. “Betrayed By Technology”
04. “Ritual Of The Mind”
05. “Interface With The Infinite”
06. “Dab Tsog”
07. “Phantom Force”
08. “Cosmetic Surgery”
09. “Panpsychism”
10. “Merchants Of Death”
11. “Don’t Do It”

Vocalist/guitarist David Sanchez commented:

“A lot of experimentation went into the writing and recording of ‘V.’ The album offers the same intensity that we’re known for, but with a few twists that may surprise people. The music is dense with lots of different intertwining parts and we’re beyond excited to release our best-sounding record to date.”

Bassist Brandon Bruce added:

“I am really excited about this record and to be playing bass with Havok. We really focused on structure and songwriting while maintaining the heavy riffs and brutal music the band is known for. I’m proud of how it turned out and can’t wait for everyone to hear it.”

New Found Glory Premiere “Greatest Of All Time” Video

New Found Glory have premiered a new video for their new song “Greatest Of All Time.” This track is from the band’s new album “Forever + Ever x Infinity,” which will be released on May 29.

“Forever + Ever x Infinity” Track Listing:

01. “Shook By Your Shaved Head”
02. “Greatest Of All Time”
03. “Double Chin For The Win”
04. “Nothing To Say”
05. “Stay Awhile”
06. “Himalaya”
07. “Same Side Sitters”
08. “Like I Never Existed”
09. “More And More”
10. “Do You Want To Settle Down?”
11. “The Way You Deserve”
12. “Trophy”
13. “Scarier Than Jason Vorhees At A Campfire”
14. “Birthday Song But Not Really”
15. “Slipping Away”

Oranssi Pazuzu To Release New Album “Mestarin Kynsi” In April

Oranssi Pazuzu have announced that they will be releasing their new album “Mestarin Kynsi” on April 17. Jun-His commented:

“We definitely wanted to look for new horizons, but on the other hand continue something we began building already on ‘Värähtelijä‘. Some big influences were electro albums that inspired an idea about having a song that would travel through different kinds of portals whilst being mutilated and mutated by the new environment.”

“Mestarin Kynsi” Track Listing:

01. “Ilmestys”
02. “Tyhjyyden Sakramentti”
03. “Uusi Teknokratia”
04. “Oikeamielisten Sali”
05. “Kuulen Ääniä Maan Alta”
06. “Taivaan Portti”

Her Chariot Awaits (Adrenaline Mob, Ex-Sirenia) Premiere “Dead & Gone” Music Video

Her Chariot Awaits, the new band featuring Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob) and Ailyn (ex-Sirenia), have premiered a new video for their new song “Dead & Gone.” This track is from the band’s self-titled debut album, which will be released on April 10.

Ailyn commented:

“‘Dead & Gone’ tells as story in the first person of how it feels to have been neglected and abandoned by somebody, in this case a biological father. It’s about the words the character, a woman, wants to express to make him realize how he made her feel, and in a way put an end to that story in her life and be able to move on.”

Orlando added:

“The song came together musically starting with the verse guitar parts and the heavy bridge/solo section. From that point everything fell into place as I wanted the chorus to drop more into a slower half time groove. Lyrically, it started as somewhat of a letter from my girlfriend Dana regarding her biological father. I then turned the basis of what she was trying to say into a more streamlined story and added a chorus and some key sections. A true story brought to life in a song and a powerful message that Ailyn delivered wonderfully.”

“We had a great time shooting the video over the course of a few days. It takes place in multiple locations, which included an old Victorian style home and a beautiful modern farmhouse style home owned by my dear friend Nancy. Ailyn plays the part of a daughter who feels neglected and abandoned by her father. The video ends up outside with the band performing around a raging fire pit in an attempt to rid herself of all the memories and pain and move on. The final moment being encompassed by her tossing dirt on the flame, putting an end to the story and walking away.”

Track Listing:

01. “Misery”
02. “Dead & Gone”
03. “Screaming Misfire”
04. “Stolen Heart”
05. “Constant Craving”
06. “Say No”
07. “Line Of Fire”
08. “Turning The Page”
09. “Take Me Higher”
10. “Just Remember”
11. “Forgive Me Dear”