Enterprise Earth Premiere “He Exists” Music Video, Reveal Details For New Album “Luciferous”

Enterprise Earth have premiered a new video for their new song “He Exists.” This track is from the band’s new album “Luciferous,” which will be released on April 5.

Vocalist Dan Watson commented:

“The evil we perceive in this world is a mere reflection of our inner darkness. We are the architects of evil as it is projected upon the landscape of our reality. The Devil exists. He exists in us all.”

“After following our natural progressions as musicians and as people ‘Luciferous‘ came to life. It’s our strongest, most mature release to date and signifies a rebirth while retaining all of the elements of our past. We’re extremely proud of this release and can’t wait to unleash it upon the world.”

“Luciferous” Track Listing:

01. “Behold, Malevolence”
02. “Sleep Is For The Dead”
03. “He Exists”
04. “Scars Of The Past”
05. “Ashamed To Be Human”
06. “Requiem”
07. “The Failsafe Fallacy”
08. “Internal Suffering”
09. “Luciferous”
10. “Nightfallen”
11. “We Are Immortal”
12. “There Is No Tomorrow”

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The Raven Age Premiere New Song “Fleur De Lis”, Reveal Details For New Album “Conspiracy”

The Raven Age have premiered a new song titled “Fleur De Lis.” This track is from the band’s new album “Conspiracy,” which will be released on March 8.

“Conspiracy” Track Listing:

01. “Bloom Of The Poison Seed”
02. “Betrayal Of The Mind”
03. “Fleur De Lis”
04. “The Day The World Stood Still”
05. “Stigmata”
06. “Surrogate”
07. “Seventh Heaven”
08. “Forgotten World”
09. “The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships”
10. “Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier”
11. “Scimitar”
12. “Grave Of The Fireflies”

George Harris said the following about the album:

“We’re so proud of it. It’s definitely keeping within the spirit of the band but we’ve really expanded what we can do and delved into new topics and sounds. A lot of that is to do with what [vocalist] MJ has brought to the band. With him on board we’ve grown enormously from the first album.”

He also added:

“I’ve always been fascinated by the legend of the ravens of the Tower of London. The fact that the collective noun for ravens is a Conspiracy really inspired the album, the title and the artwork around it. In this fantasy world the ravens are actually being held captive at the Tower, they aren’t there of their own accord. Their wings have been clipped and they’re prisoners of the Tower to keep Britain from falling. This record develops the story with all sorts of twists and tangents.”

In other news, the group have also announced a European/UK tour:

03/20 Bristol, UK – The Fleece
03/21 Manchester, UK – Rebellion
03/23 Newcastle, UK – Think Tank
03/24 Glasgow, UK – Attic
03/26 Leeds, UK – Key Club
03/27 Stoke, UK – Sugarmill
03/28 London, UK – Underworld
03/29 Southampton, UK – Joiners
03/31 Vosselaar, BEL – Biebob
04/01 Paris, FRA – La Boule Noire
04/03 Munich, GER – Backstage Halle
04/04 Aschaffenburg, GER – Colossaal
04/06 Cologne, GER – Luxor
04/07 Berlin, GER – Cassiopeia
04/09 Hamburg, GER – Headcrash
04/10 Den Bosch, NET – Poppodium W2

As previously reported, The Raven Age will also serve as the supporting act on Iron Maiden’s “Legacy Of The Beast” North American tour.

Candlemass Reveal Details For New Album “The Door To Doom”

Candlemass have announced that their new album “The Door To Doom” will be released on February 22. This will be the group’s first effort since the return of frontman Johan Längqvist. Notably, Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi guests on the track “Astorolus – The Great Octopus.”

“The Door To Doom” Track Listing:

01. “Splendor Demon Majesty”
02. “Under The Ocean”
03. “Astorolus – The Great Octopus” (feat. Tony Iommi)
04. “Bridge Of The Blind”
05. “Death’s Wheel”
06. “Black Trinity”
07. “House Of Doom”
08. “The Omega Circle”

Iommi commented on his guest spot:

“Candlemass are a major force in Scandinavian heavy rock and have always acknowledged the influence we had on their music. They asked if I’d contribute to a track which sounded pretty good so I thought, ‘Why not?'”

Bassist Leif Edling added:

“We feel very honoured that Tony Iommi said yes to play the solo on ‘Astorolus’. The song was sent to the management and amazingly enough, the master agreed to let his mighty SG sing on the track! For me personally, this is a dream come true. Tony Iommi has always been my hero and guiding light when it comes to heavy music, so to hear that he likes the song and also would like to play on it gave me chills down the spine! I’m still in shock! But kudos to him to be so cool to even listen to it. Hats off! Tony Iommi is and will always be God!”

VLTIMAS (Ex-Morbid Angel/Mayhem, Etc.) Premiere New Song “Praevalidus”

VLTIMAS, the band featuring David Vincent (ex-Morbid Angel), Rune “Blasphemer” Eriksen (ex-Mayhem), and Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy), have premiered a new song titled “Praevalidus.” This track is from the band’s debut album, “Something Wicked Marches In,“ which will be released on March 29. Ericksen commented:

“In my opinion, any one of the songs on ‘Something Wicked Marches In‘ could be a potential single. We ended up choosing ‘Praevalidus‘ as the first one, mostly due to its immediacy and intensity but also because it feels like a suitable way of showcasing what this band and album is all about. Let the celebration of the wicked commence!”

“Something Wicked Marches In” Track Listing:

01. “Something Wicked Marches In”
02. “Praevalidus”
03. “Total Destroy!”
04. “Monolilith”
05. “Truth And Consequence”
06. “Last Ones Alive Win Nothing”
07. “Everlasting”
08. “Diabolus Est Sanguis”
09. “Marching On”

Ghost Ship Octavius (Ex-Nevermore/God Forbid, Etc.) To Release New Album “Delirium” In February

Ghost Ship Octavius (ex-Nevermore/God Forbid, etc.) have signed a new deal with Mighty Music and are planning to release their new album “Delirium” on February 22. The band commented:

“We are beyond pleased to announce joining forces with Mighty Music, bringing forth a new and exciting chapter for GSO worldwide.”

Demon Hunter To Release New Albums “War” & “Peace” In March

Demon Hunter will be releasing two new albums on March 1 including one titled “War“ and another one titled “Peace.“ You can pre-order them separately or as a deluxe hardcover book set HERE.

“War“ Track Listing:

01. “Cut To Fit”
02. “On My Side”
03. “Close Enough”
04. “Unbound”
05. “Grey Matter”
06. “The Negative”
07. “Ash”
08. “No Place For You Here”
09. “Leave Me Alone”
10. “Lesser Gods”

“Peace“ Track Listing:

01. “More Than Bones”
02. “I Don’t Believe You”
03. “Loneliness”
04. “Peace”
05. “When the Devil Come”
06. “Time Only Takes”
07. “Two Ways”
08. “Recuse Myself”
09. “Bet My Life”
10. “Fear Is Not My Guide”

Children Of Bodom Reveal Details For New Album “Hexed”

Children Of Bodom have revealed the details for their new album “Hexed.” The effort will be released on March 8 and the cover art and track listing can be seen below:

“Hexed” Track Listing:

01. “The Road”
02. “Under Grass And Clover”
03. “Glass Houses”
04. “Hecate’s Nightmare”
05. “Kick In The Spleen”
06. “Platitudes And Barren Words”
07. “Hexed”
08. “Relapse (The Nature Of My Crime)”
09. “Say Never Look Back”
10. “Soon Departed”
11. “Knuckleduster”
12. “I Worship Chaos” (live)
13. “Morrigan” (live)
14. “Knuckleduster” (remix)

Alexi Laiho said the following:

“People have said that the album is generally catchier. So I started thinking about that, perhaps the song structures are easier to grasp on initial listen. But there’s some crazy shit in there, almost progressive or at least technical. There are certain melodies across the album that could have come from jazz songs, although they’re completely metal with us, of course (laughs).”

Henkka Blacksmith commented as well:

“For me, it has always been very hard to describe our new music. In a way it always feels familiar, but the new stuff also always surprises me. Here we have something that’s very Bodom, but somehow we haven’t done this kind of stuff maybe ever. Then again, someone said that there’s somehow similar vibe to what Follow the Reaper had. I don’t know. Anyway, we had a really hard time choosing the songs for the two videos, I guess that’s a positive problem.”

He also added the following about the cover art, which was created by Deins Forkas:

“For some years already I have wanted to try a different approach with our cover art. We are so used to digital art so that is really hard to do something else. Doing it all the way with computer is somewhat safe and convenient. This time we all agreed to try it old school.

We found this cool dude and gave him simple instructions. The cover has to be purple and the reaper has to be central. Half a year later we got his work, and with little tweaking, we have the cover of Hexed. It is very different from what we are used to, even the Reaper looks different, but at the same time very spooky.”

Pre-orders for the album will launch on December 7 and the group are planning a spring U.S. tour and a summer European tour in support of it.