Fuming Mouth Vocalist Mark Whelan Is Now Cancer Free

Fuming Mouth’s Mark Whelan has officially been declared cancer free following a battle with acute myeloid leukemia. The vocalist issued the following statement:

“I’m proud to say that I am cancer FREE! Thanks to Be The Match I was able to receive a bone marrow transplant and am currently recovering. We’ll be updating my GoFundMe page soon with more details of how my treatment went. For now, I’m ready to start living again and playing music. Thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way. I couldn’t have done it without you. Your love will be felt forever. I’ll never die! I’ll never rest!”

Fuming Mouth Frontman Mark Whelan Finds Bone Marrow Donor

Fuming Mouth frontman Mark Whelan has found a bone marrow donor and will soon be undergoing a bone marrow transplant amid his battle with acute myeloid leukemia. Whelan issued the following statement:

“We have found a donor and are moving towards transplant. It should be within a week. Thank you to everyone who has supported and donated to me. I’m eager to get to the next part of my treatment and beat this thing. – Mark”

You can help Whelan with medical bills by donating HERE.

Fuming Mouth Frontman Mark Whelan Battling Cancer

Fuming Mouth frontman Mark Whelan has revealed that he is currently battling acute myeloid leukemia. You can help him out with medical bills by donating HERE.

Whelan commented:

“Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with cancer a few weeks ago. I have acute myeloid leukemia (AML). A type of cancer that is treatable. We’ve already begun the treatment and are working to beat this every day. It will surely be a hard road but I’m ready to face it. Please feel free to reach out, write, or DM any of the fuming mouth pages while I’m going through this. Any kind of love and support is welcome.

We’ve also created a GoFundMe to help with expenses. Please feel free to check out the link below to read more and support. Thank you. We’ll keep you updated with how things are going.

– Mark“

The following statement was also shared on GoFundMe:

“I am writing on behalf of Mark Whelan, as his partner.

On November 19 2021, Mark was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer called Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). This diagnosis came as a shock after a week long stay at Milford Regional Medical Center.

Mark has since been transported to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, near Fenway in Boston, where he began induction chemotherapy treatment on November 26 2021.

This is just the beginning of Mark’s fight against AML. He will require extensive treatment in the upcoming months while he is hospitalized.

Mark is currently on state healthcare and much of what he will endure for treatment will not be covered by insurance. We are asking for donations to help lessen the massive financial blow of this incredibly devastating news. Anything counts and is deeply appreciated. It is highly unlikely that the goal amount will cover all of his medical bills, so any donation is welcome.

Mark’s treatment will include a bone marrow transplant. This is a procedure that depends on the availability of donors. If you’re able, please consider joining the bone marrow donor registry. It’s free and can help save someone’s life. Find more information here: https://bethematch.org

Fuming Mouth Release New Single “They Take What They Please”

Fuming Mouth have released a new two-track single titled “They Take What They Please.” The effort includes the new title track and “Devolve.” The latter song was previously released as part of Decibel Magazine’s flexi disc series. Mark Whelan commented:

“‘They Take What They Please‘ is influenced by the one and only ‘Orgasmatron‘ by Motörhead. A song that has been a staple for Fuming Mouth since we started, especially Sepultura‘s cover of it. I’ve always wanted to do a song like this that stepped outside of our normal sound and could stand on its own. We accompanied it with ‘Devolve‘, a one-two punch song that hits fast then hard. Both songs are accompanied by a Necromaniac Zine illustration, one of the most putrid artists in death metal.”

Fuming Mouth Premiere “Beyond The Tomb” Music Video

Fuming Mouth have premiered a new video for the title track of their new EP “Beyond The Tomb.“ That effort was officially released today (November 20). Vocalist/guitarist Mark Whelan commented:

“I think this is a side of Fuming Mouth not many people know about and I’m eager to show it. The music video was filmed deep in the woods of New England at a remote house. We used a lot of ideas from 80’s cult horror movies on the video and tried to create our own story. It really took on a life of its own.”

Fuming Mouth Sign With Nuclear Blast, Premiere New Song “Master Of Extremity”

Fuming Mouth have signed a new deal with Nuclear Blast Records and are planning to release their new EP, “Beyond The Tomb,” through the label on November 20. The effort’s first single, “Master Of Extremity,” can be streamed below. Mark Whelan commented:

“The first time I spoke to Monte Conner at Nuclear Blast it clicked. We had finally found someone with the same exact goals as us. They’re a label that strives to see their bands at their best and we’re a band that thrives off that energy. WE HAVE SIGNED TO NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS, and I want to scream it in your face until you hear me.”