James Anthony Legion Announces His Exit From Motograter

Frontman James Anthony Legion has announced his exit from Motograter. Despite this, the band will continue and will soon be out on the road with Orgy.

Legion said the following:

“I have officially left Motograter. I put this announcement off for a couple of days now, but I figured it was best to go ahead and be up front about it. I am greatful for all the experience and opportunity this band has given me, but it’s time for me to move on. Motograter will continue on without me and I am NOT done with music by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, there will be another project announced shortly. Stay tuned.”

This news follows the departures of Jesse Stamper, Noah “Shark” Robertson and Mylon Guy. As The PRP pointed out, the group’s Wikipedia page seems to suggest the reports of a mass exit may be true, considering five out of seven members joined this year, including William Martinez, who is reportedly their new vocalist.


Guitarist Brian Patton Issues Statement On His Exit From Eyehategod

Brian Patton has officially commented on his departure from Eyehategod. You can read what he had to say below. As previously reported, the guitarist left to focus on his family.


Patton said the following:

“Touring and being away from my family started to get harder after my daughter was born. Then soon after the arrival of my son, I left for a six-week tour. While I was away, both kids had some serious health scares. Being away from my family while that happened, along with an increasingly busy tour schedule, I decided the best thing for me was to step down. To concrete this decision, after a visit with my wife’s parents earlier this year, it became clear that my in-laws’ health was rapidly fading and they needed our help. So my family and I have moved to Greensboro, North Carolina to care for them full time.

Trust me when I say that this has been one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. After being in this band for twenty-five years — over half of my life — to say that I will miss it is a huge understatement. I already miss it. Ultimately, I want to be at home with my family. But more importantly, I am truly needed at home. I love my brothers in EYEHATEGOD, of course, and wish them nothing but the best. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and the music I have played throughout the years. I hope to see you all soon. I plan on playing again in some form or fashion. But for now, my family comes first.”

Erlend Hjelvik Quits Kvelertak

UPDATE: The band have now commented on the situation.


Vocalist Erlend Hjelvik has announced his departure from Kvelertak. You can read a statement from him regarding his decision below.


“Hey, Erlend here, there is no easy way to say this, so I’ll just get straight to it.

It’s necessary for me to part ways with Kvelertak.

The experience of building a successful band has been fun and rewarding but has also been equally intense and challenging. Over the years, this has taken its toll. As we’ve been developing personally and professionally, our individual goals, needs and motivations have changed, leading us in different directions.

Though it is a heavy decision to leave a life I’ve been living and breathing for the last decade, I feel happy and excited to explore new possibilities for the future.

Regrettably, due to circumstances out of my control, I am not able to perform the last four shows in Norway this summer. I apologize to the festival organizers and fans planning on these shows.

I would like to thank Bjarte, Kjetil, Maciek, Marvin and Vidar, our crew, bands we’ve toured with and everyone else who has worked with Kvelertak. Most importantly, I appreciate our awesome fans that have made everything possible. I’m very proud and grateful for everything we’ve accomplished as Kvelertak. I am genuinely thankful for everything we’ve experienced together and wish the band the best of luck and success in the future.

Kvelertakk for meg!

Erlend Hjelvik”

Guitarist Jeff Pogan Exits Suicidal Tendencies

Jeff Pogan has announced his departure from Suicidal Tendencies. The guitarist said the following on Instagram:

“Hey guys,
I have decided to leave Suicidal Tendencies for personal reasons. This means I will not be playing on any of the upcoming shows or tours. I wish the guys the best of luck and am grateful for all of the experiences I had with them.

– Jeff“

[via Dying Scene]

Sworn In Part Ways With Tyler Dennen

Sworn In have parted ways with Tyler Dennen. The vocalist is leaving to focus on his new project Jaine Doe.

The band commented:

“Moving forward, we wanted to share with you guys that us and Tyler are going our separate ways.

Over 3 albums and an EP, we’ve done so much together and we’re proud of him for moving on to write his own music, sing, and play guitar in his new project. We’ll be continuing to follow our own paths while supporting each other.

Sworn In will be continuing on. We will be releasing a remixed/remastered Start/End EP next Friday 6/29 via Fearless Records and celebrating with a release show in Milwaukee. You can catch us playing the EP and Let Down live on tour all summer.

Tyler wants to make sure it is understood that he has nothing but love, respect, admiration and appreciation for every moment spent in sworn in, and with Chris Derek and Eugene.

Both us and Tyler have new music coming and you can expect to hear new releases from us both in the next year. We’re really happy to both be doing our own things and getting along better than ever. Thank you for always supporting us.

– Sworn In // JAINE DOE”

The aforementioned remixed/remastered edition of “Start/End“ can be steamed below:

Signs Of The Swarm Officially Part Ways With CJ McCreery, Welcome Dave Simonich (Improvidence) To The Band As Their Permanent Vocalist

Signs Of The Swarm have officially parted ways with frontman CJ McCreery. Dave Simonich (Improvidence), who has been touring with the band as of late, has now been recruited as their permanent vocalist. You can see footage of him singing “Cowards Deathbed” below:

Signs Of The Swarm commented:

“We know we’ve been quiet about things going on in the Signs camp recently. We’re here to finally answer some questions we know you guys have been wondering.

CJ Mccreery and Signs of the Swarm have decided to part ways. The split between the band and CJ was mutual and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

With that being said, anyone who has seen us on the Ingested run and Devastation on the Nation may have noticed that we had our good friend Dave Simonich filling in on vocals. We are pleased to announce that Dave will be joining Signs of the Swarm as our new permanent vocalist. For those of you who may not have had the chance to see us with Dave yet be sure to check out his cover of Cowards Deathbed.

This change has given us opportunities that could not have been possible before, and with that we are beyond excited for the future of the band and what we have to come. You can catch us out next month slamming with the boys in Traitors, Deadland, Distinguisher, and Falsifier at one of the following dates:
7/19 – Ocean Springs, MS @ The Juke Joint
7/20 – Houston, TX @ Satellite Bar
7/21 – Dallas, TX @ 2513 Main
7/22 – Austin, TX @ Come and Take It Live
7/23 – Lubbock, TX @ Jake’s Sports Cafe
7/24 – Denver, CO @ Trailside Saloon
7/26 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Loading Dock
7/27 – Las Vegas, NV @ Eagle Aerie Hall
7/28 – Van Nuys, CA @ White Oak Music Hall
7/29 – Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
7/30 – Sacramento, CA @ The Boardwalk
7/31 – Portland, OR @ 720 SE Hawthorne Blvd
8/1 – Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
8/2 – Vancouver, BC @ 333
8/5 – Winnipeg, MB @ The Park Theatre
8/6 – Burnsville, MB @ The Garage
8/7 – Milwaukee, WI @ Mirimar Theatre
8/8 – Berwyn, IL @ The Wire
8/9 – Detroit, MI @ Hot Rock Cafe
8/11 – Kittanning, PA @ Radioactive Arts Center
8/12 – Toronto, ON @ The Rockpile
8/13 – Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks
8/14 – Montreal, QC @ The Ritz
8/15 – Albany, NY @ Jupiter Hall
8/16 – Manchester, NH @ Bungalow
8/17 – New York, NY @ Theater for the New City
8/18 – Trenton, NJ @ Championship Bar
8/19 – Reading, PA @ Reverb
8/20 – Washington, DC @ The Pinch
8/21 – Fayetteville, NC @ Drunk Horse Pub

Thank you guys for your continued love and support throughout everything, see you all soon. The slam never stops. ⚒😈⚒


Alex Rudinger Exits Good Tiger

Alex Rudinger has announced his departure from Good Tiger. The drummer is leaving the group to “purse other opportunities.”

Rudinger said the following:

“To anyone that isn’t interested / doesn’t care enough to read a few paragraphs, the short is: After much thought, I’ve decided to leave my band, Good Tiger, to pursue other opportunities.

If you’re inclined to know a bit more as to why, please continue reading!

This is something that I’ve been thinking about for quite some time. Everyone in the band was well aware of it, and did nothing but encourage me to do what was best for myself. Those four individuals – Dez, Morgan, Jo, & Elliot, are the reason I joined (and helped start) this band. They are truly exceptional people, and I hold them very close to my heart.

At varying times throughout the last few years I’ve felt uncertain as to what I wanted long-term out of this band, and also from a personal satisfaction standpoint in my overall career (something I have much more clarity on now). On top of this, the health of a close family member came into question recently (when I left mid-way through our headline tour), forcing me to re-evaluate certain long term plans.

Life can certainly throw things at you that you don’t expect, and it’s not always easy. But I feel immensely fortunate to have been in a band with such amazing people when life threw me this recent curve ball – I was shown nothing but support. With that said, pairing this change in my personal life with the continual desire I’ve felt to pursue other things throughout these last few years has made this decision relatively simple for me.

I have every intention of continuing my career in music, but in truth am not sure where I’m headed next. So to all bands out there, if you’re looking for a drummer, feel free to reach out. Whether it’s a fill-in / session position, full-time, or anything else, I am quite excited to explore whatever opportunities may arise, and I will certainly still be touring whenever the right opportunity presents itself.

In the meantime, I will be continuing my work at home as usual with teaching, session work, videos / online content, as well as an exciting new business I’ve recently started (with good-buddy Anup Sastry). But let it be known that I am indeed available and looking for more work.

Before I sign off, I’d like to say a few more things about the phenomenal human beings that I’ve had the pleasure of being in a band with for the last three and a half years. I met most of them long before we started this band, and connected with them incredibly as people.

After having been in a variety of bands / situations prior to Good Tiger that weren’t always terrifically healthy, all I wanted was to be in a band with good people that I loved and trusted. Dez, Jo, Morgan, and Elliot personify these qualities, and I will cherish all of the experiences we had together for the rest of my life. They have done so much for me, not only as a bandmate, but especially as friends.

Deciding to leave a band where you truly love all of the members is a peculiar thing, but from a creative, personal, and business standpoint, I know that it is time to move on. In coming to this conclusion, they have done nothing but show me love and support in return, and it is without a doubt the most amicable departure from a band that I can imagine. All they want is for me to be happy, and I want the same for them.

Fun little story: I would often annoy Elliot (in a joking way) when I needed a hand with something on tour. I’d say – “C’monnnnn duuuude, we’re friends!! Help me out!!!”. He would jokingly reply – “We are not friends Rudi, we are co-workers”. It became a thing we all said, in a very sarcastic and joking way, of course (we all like to clown). Upon making this decision to leave, Jo looked at me with a loving smile and said – “You know what this means Rudi? We are not co-workers anymore. We are now just friends”.

As cheesy as it sounds, the sentiment of it resonated with me at my core. I love these guys so much, and I am so proud of everything we have done together. I am so thankful to have met them, to have been in a band with them, to have made music with them, and most of all – to have them as dear friends for the rest of my life.

So, that’s all for now folks. If you took the time to read all of this, thank you. If you’re a fan of mine or the band’s, thank you (again) for all of the support you’ve given me / us over the years. I’ve had many wonderful experiences in my career thus far, and none of them would’ve been possible if it weren’t for you all.

Please continue to follow and support Good Tiger (I certainly will be!), and stay tuned for whatever thing life throws at me next. I look forward to it, whatever “it” is. Much love everyone!

–Alex Rudinger (Rudi)”

The band added:

“Alex has decided to part ways with Good Tiger, to pursue other opportunities. We fully support him in his decision and wish him the best of luck in the future.”