As I Lay Dying Part Ways With Bassist/Vocalist Josh Gilbert

As I Lay Dying have parted ways with bassist/vocalist Josh Gilbert. He is the latest member to exit the band following guitarist Nick Hipa, who announced his departure last year. The group’s upcoming shows will feature an adjusted lineup with Miss May I‘s Ryan Neff on bass/vocals and Unearth’s Ken Susi on guitar.

The band commented:

“As we have been nearing our first tour back since the beginning of 2020, there have been several developments within AILD that we’d like to share with our fans. The past couple years off from the road with the uncertainty of how or when touring would pick up again has provided time to consider new endeavors in life apart from AILD.

Josh Gilbert has decided to exit AILD to pursue other musical opportunities. Josh has been a strong contributor musically for AILD since joining in 2007 so we are grateful for all his contributions and his friendship over the years. We wish him all the best and are excited to see where this new path takes him in life.

As I Lay Dying will honor our touring commitments for the remainder of 2022 with the Two Decades of Destruction US Tour (June 10 – July 17) then European festival season in August.

We are thankful to have Ryan Neff, of Miss May I taking on bass and vocal duties for our upcoming tours. We first met Ryan down in Mexico City, playing together back in 2012, so we’re stoked to be sharing the stage with a familiar face and talented musician.

Joining us on second guitar for these two tours will be our good friend Ken Susi of Unearth. We have known Ken for almost 20 years, coming up in the scene and playing many tours together. Ken‘s style of guitar playing is closely related to AILD so we are excited to have a close friend and ripper of a guitar player joining us.

We are grateful for our fans’ continued support as we enter a new chapter of the band with newfound energy and enthusiasm. There’s been a lot of moving parts but what has and will always be the main priority of AILD is creating new music. We plan to have a new song out to you shortly before completing our full length by the end of the year.

We look forward to seeing many familiar faces on our upcoming tours and thank you for believing in us at every step of this band’s journey.”

Gilbert added:

“Hello, friends. After 15 years (almost half my life), I’ve decided to part ways with As I Lay Dying. Despite the ups and downs inherent, I’ll always be grateful for the profound privilege of being to able to grow up traveling the world playing music with the band. None of that would be possible without the fans of the band, so for that I sincerely thank you all so much for allowing me the opportunity. I wish the best for AILD moving forward, and I hope to see all of you sooner rather than later.”

Frontman Tim Lambesis also commented:

“There’s been a lot of challenges and life changing decisions that many of us in the music industry have been facing since the pandemic struck in early 2020. It’s been difficult for a lot of musicians to feel a sense of stability and purpose being limited by the opportunities of traveling the world, playing music for their fans. It’s created time and space for many to rethink potential new paths in life. AILD has certainly been affected by this. With this issue being close to my heart, I feel the need to share a recent development within AILD, reflecting on the past to find hope for the future.

In 2001 I wrote a bunch of songs and then began forming a band with like minded musicians, eventually establishing As I Lay Dying. Along the way, dozens of musicians have been members or filled in on tours to help bring the As I Lay Dying vision to life on stage. Behind the scenes when making albums, it often felt pretty similar regardless of who came and went during the harsh conditions of touring as a band that was barely scraping by until 2003 when Phil Sgrosso joined the band.

Phil almost immediately became a primary songwriter with me, oftentimes working on riffs on the long drives between shows back in the van days. In subsequent years, I started handling a lot less of the guitar parts when writing to focus more on vocals, with Phil taking on more of the musical responsibilities and becoming a riffing machine. We used to pass the guitar back and forth in the tiny loft of an apartment I had at the time to create Shadows are Security, and we continued refining that process on An Ocean Between Us.

Fast forward to 2010 and the third significant songwriter in our band’s history, Josh Gilbert, became a part of helping us write The Powerless Rise. While I still consider many of our records somewhat of a group effort, I think it’s fair to give credit where credit is due to those two incredible songwriters who created most of those songs out of nothing. Josh has incredible talent both as a songwriter and additional vocalist, and on a personal level he was the one I felt most comfortable talking to while going through some of my biggest struggles to get back on my feet.

For that reason, Josh’s decision to move on and pursue other opportunities leaves me really missing him in a band where I’ve never felt this affected by the dozens of member changes in the past. It also leaves some very big shoes to fill but we are confident to be moving forward with our upcoming tours this year with Ryan Neff of Miss May I, who we first met playing Mexico City together back in 2012.

My reaction when Josh first told me that he was considering other opportunities, and that he’d potentially regret not taking them, was that I wanted my friend to be happy and fulfilled. There wasn’t any animosity at all in his reasoning or my reaction. I selfishly wish the timing was better of course, but we both agreed that there’s enough time for a new bassist/singer to step in and perform to the standards our fans can expect from AILD.

I don’t ever want to hold back people I love from doing what makes them happy. I sincerely wish Josh the best as he moves on to his next chapter in life, appreciating the time shared and memories created over the years.

You’ll see some news soon as to what Josh is up to next. Please be supportive and encouraging of him, just as we are. Apart from Ryan Neff joining us on these next two tours, our friend Ken Susi from Unearth who we’ve known for almost 20 years, will be filling in for us on second guitar. I’m honored to be sharing the stage with them both!

Thanks for letting me share my personal feelings about the impact my friend and ex-band mate has had on both my life and AILD. It was hard to reflect back on all these years without sharing a little bit of a story to give context to Josh’s importance in my life. Lastly, I’m thankful for his ongoing friendship moving forward.”

Torche Frontman Steve Brooks To Exit The Band Following Upcoming Tour

Torche frontman Steve Brooks has revealed that he will be exiting the band following their upcoming tour with Meshuggah, Converge, and In Flames. He said the following:

“We’re a few months away from the last tour I’m doing with Torche. We’ve been so very lucky and went far beyond what I imagined. I just don’t have it in me to keep this going living on opposite sides of the country. Much love to my band members and everyone that supported us these 18 years! See y’all this Sept/Oct ✌️❤️”

Lordi Part Ways With Guitarist Amen

Lordi have parted ways with Jussi “Amen” Sydänmaa. Frontman Tomi “Mr. Lordi” Putaansuu says he decided to fire the guitarist after “the mental pressure got too high to bear for everyone.”

Mr. Lordi issued the following statement:

“Amen is no longer a member of Lordi

After 25 years of service in Lordi, I asked Amen to leave the band at the end of February. The final decision was made by me, but not just me alone. It was a shared mutual feeling within the band , and we all stand behind it. The topic was discussed multiple times over recent years, almost a full decade to be exact, with a few close calls already happening in the past.

The reason for this final decison is that the mental pressure got too high to bear for everyone. We’ve drifted apart from each other way too far for things to be fixed anymore. We’ve tried to patch things up many times, but things were never truly reset. Amen clearly wasn’t happy being in the band. Me personally, along with the rest of us in the band, were not happy to be in the same band with him anymore. We’ve grown apart as people and grown apart musically. Old disagreements and obstacles are heavier to carry for others, as we’re all different in our ways – how we cope, process things and heal our wounds. The overall atmosphere between Amen and the rest of us has been quite toxic at worst, and we didn’t have any more new tools to try and fix it. There’s no one to blame for this and at the same time we’re all to blame for failing to make this better again.

With that being said, it’s not all been only bad. Not at all. Quite the opposite. Personally, Amen will forever be my brother-in-arms, my trusty companion and my beloved friend. It just became clear over the years that I can’t and I don’t want to be in the same band with him anymore. It doesn’t change my feelings for him as a person I’ve known very well for 25 years. And it doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t have the highest respect for his input and work for Lordi. I love him dearly and I will always consider him as my true close friend. That’s why the talk I had to have with him was definitely the hardest one I’ve ever done with anyone in the band.

On my own and on behalf of Mana, Hella and Hiisi, we wish Amen all the best from the bottom of our hearts.
Thank you Amen, for everything.”

Amen added:

“My beloved friends, my heart is heavy but joyful, dark but light, sad but happy. There is an end to every journey, in one way or another. This is now the final tour-bus-stop for me in the greatest monster band we ever witnessed on this planet. Ever.

Damn I’m proud of what we’ve created. Lordi is the band I would have been jealous if I wasn’t part of it. But, now is the time to leave and see what the future will bring for me.

My heart cries because of you and it cries with you. My friends, raise your glass and let’s be grateful for all the memories we made together. Cheers ♥️”

He also issued a lengthier statement:


My beloved friends, fans and supporters.

My heart has never been as heavy as it is today. Never.

Today is the day that I have to tell you that my guitar has became silent in Lordi. I never thought I’d write these lines, but life happens and people change.

Half of my life time I gave all for my dream to be a Rock’n’Roll star. From a tiny village in Finland I got to travel the world and play for you. I made my dream come true! And it wouldn’t have been possible without the support from all you amazing and crazy people. We shared so many amazing memories, all those live shows, your smiling faces in the crowd, hands on my shoulders, the gifts you gave me, the stories you told me. I will cherish those forever. And I can’t thank you enough, for all that you’ve been giving me. All the love, the support, all of it.


A journey like this is only possible when you have hard working people around you. A thanks-to-list would be massive, but everyone who worked with me and with the band deserves my endless gratitude. From record labels to booking agencies, from managers to accounting firms, from bus drivers to catering people. Special thanks to our crew – you amazed me every day with your hard working attitude. And extra special thanks to all the guitar techs I worked with. Long days sometimes in very demanding and challenging working conditions – I salute you. Very special thanks also to all my cooperation partners during these 25 years, latest Schecter guitars, Ovation guitars, inTune Gtr picks and S.I.T Gtr strings. I’ve been blessed to have had a chance to work with so many great people, thank you all. Last but not least, thanks to all the past and present Lordi band members – playing together with you was the best. Let’s smile when we meet – cheers!

I don’t know what the future will bring, all I can tell you is that right now I’m relieved, but sad. I’m grateful but unsure where my path will take me. A big chapter of my life has come to an end, but a new one is starting and I can’t wait to see what life has to offer for me.

Let’s celebrate what we had together. Let’s celebrate Amen-Ra. Who’s in?

So be it, it shall be done, <3,

Cradle Of Filth Part Ways With Guitarist & Keyboardist

Cradle Of Filth have parted ways with guitarist Richard Shaw and keyboardist/vocalist Anabelle Iratni. Guitarist Donny Burbage (Aether Realm) and keyboardist/vocalist Zoe Marie Federoff (Catalyst Crime) will be taking their places during the band’s upcoming shows.

The band commented:

“It is with the gravest of sadness that Cradle Of Filth announce the departure of guitarist Richard Shaw and keyboardist Anabelle Iratni from the band’s ranks.

Due to other commitments Richard is passing his prestigious baton to newcomer Donny Burbage, who will be fulfilling guitar duties throughout the forthcoming US tour with Danzig, alongside Ashok and bassist Daniel Firth.

We also say farewell to Anabelle and thank her for her awesome contribution on ‘Existence Is Futile,’ her successor being the very talented singer/keyboardist Zoe Marie Federoff. As with Rich, the band wish Anabelle continued success in all her future endeavours.”

Frontman Dani Filth added:

“Unfortunately it just is what it is. If someone feels that their tenure with the band has ended, then who am I to argue with that?

We have to respect that people have personal commitments and/or sometimes find the career choice of being in a band like Cradle a tad overwhelming.

That being said, the band are continuing as indefatigably as ever, with a slew of summer festival dates happening after the tour with Danzig in the US and Canada, plus further Autumn announcements to follow swiftly after. We also have another exciting announcement to share, but all in due course!

Regardless of what befalls us, we stay FILTHY!”

Suicide Silence Part Ways With Drummer Alex Lopez

Suicide Silence have parted ways with drummer Alex Lopez. Ernie Iniguez will be filling in for their upcoming shows.

The band commented:

“Suicide Silence & our long-time drummer, Alex Lopez, have mutually agreed to part ways. We wish him nothing but the best moving forward & encourage you all to follow his future endeavors in both music & visual arts. Our good friend, Ernie Iniguez (who recorded drums on ‘Become The Hunter‘) will be drumming with us on the upcoming Chaos & Carnage tour and European festival run.

That all said, we’ll be premiering a new single next week (Alex‘s final studio performance with the band) called ‘Thinking In Tongues‘ that we’re very excited for you all to hear. It will be premiering on SiriusXM Liquid Metal on May 03rd with a full digital release & music video on May 04th.”

Lopez also issued a statement:

“So I’ll make this as short as possible. Suicide Silence and myself have parted ways. I’ll always love them and their families and everything we accomplished together during my time. I wish SS the best. With that said, I’m excited to continue making music and art, and plan to be involved with any projects I find fulfilling.

I’d be truly grateful if you continued to follow and support what I do next, it’s not over for me by a long shot. Love and thank you to all my fans, friends and supporters, the next chapter begins”

Hollow Front Part Ways With Drummer Devin Attard

Hollow Front have parted ways with drummer Devin Attard. A replacement has yet to be revealed.

The band commented:

“It’s with a heavy heart that we must announce the departure of our drummer, Devin Attard.

First and foremost, there is no bad blood between us. We’ve mutually decided to part ways. We wish nothing but happiness and success for one another. Devin has been a huge part of Hollow Front for the past 3 years, we love him dearly and are very excited to see what he does next.”

Attard added:

“It’s hard to put into words how grateful and appreciative I am for how embracing the HF community has been since I joined the band at 19 years old. All of the conversations I’ve had at the merch table with so many amazing people & the story’s I heard of how we played an impact on someone’s life is the reason why I loved metalcore and touring so much.

I’ll always love and appreciate every fan and supporter that got the band to where it is now, and it’s only starting! I’m so excited for this band to thrive and continue to kick ass along the way! I will always look back and appreciate all the moments I had with the guys, I can’t wait to watch everyone succeed.

As for me I need to follow and do what I feel is most important as an artist. Im going to be making so many changes and experiencing a whole new side of things that I can’t wait to share with everyone, and I hope I get to see some familiar faces along the way! I love you all, see you soon! ♥️”

Rivers Of Nihil Part Ways With Guitarist Jon Topore

Rivers Of Nihil have parted ways with guitarist Jon Topore. The band will be playing their upcoming shows with fill-in guitarist Andy Thomas (Black Crown Initiate).

Rivers Of Nihil issued the following statement:

“After nearly eight years of working together Rivers of Nihil has decided to part ways with guitarist Jonathan Topore. Like any relationship, sometimes it becomes clear that it is simply time for a change that will be in the best interest of everyone involved. We love Jon and we still consider him to be a great friend to all of us in the band.

With that being said, we would like to announce that our very old friend Andy Thomas from Black Crown Initiate (and ‘Where Owls Know My Name‘ guest vocal/music video/tambourine fame) will be stepping in for our upcoming headlining tour with Fallujah, Alluvial, and Warforged.

As a fellow Reading, PA area native Andy has been passively and actively involved with Rivers of Nihil since our inception and there is no other person that we trust more than him to take on this position.

We look forward to seeing all of you on tour.”

Bleed The Sky Part Ways With Vocalist Noah Robinson

Bleed The Sky have parted ways with vocalist Noah Robinson. The band will reveal his replacement on April 25, alongside the release of their new single “Rot In Flesh.”

The group commented:

“Since releasing our last album, This Way Lies Madness, in Jan of 2020, we have been working hard to consistently put out new music, schedule tours, etc. During this process, we realized as a group, that all band members were not aligned with the future goals for Bleed the Sky.

Unfortunately, this meant that we have had to move forward without Noah for the time being. We all love Noah and consider him more than just a friend or bandmate, he is a brother for life. The contribution he has made to Bleed the Sky is immeasurable and we truly wish him the best.

We have so much new music that we have been preparing. We brought on a new vocalist with the same drive and passion for recording, and touring, that the rest of the band has. We are excited to share these new releases with you, and to announce that our new vocalist will be heard on the upcoming single ‘Rot In Flesh,’ which will be released on April 25th.”

Enterprise Earth Part Ways With Vocalist Dan Watson

Enterprise Earth have officially parted ways with vocalist Dan Watson. For now, Travis Worland (Aethere) will continue to fill in at upcoming live shows.

The band commented:

“Today, we announce that Dan Watson is no longer a part of Enterprise Earth

First, we would live to thank all of you for being patient with us while we have worked through this situation. It has not been an easy year and the time has not been right to say this. We have had to process a lot of emotional thoughts, feelings and conversations but it appears that fate is pulling us in different directions and we have all decided this course of action is the best for the band and Dan.

Quite simply, we must acknowledge that our time together has come to an end. We love him and wish him nothing but the best. We are all extremely proud and thankful for everything Dan has done in the past 8 years with EE. Our latest album ‘The Chosen‘ was the culmination of our work together and it would not have turned out the way it did without him.

Albeit an unexpected ending to the story, we still cherish every memory, song, performance, party, good and bad time, and all of the experiences we’ve shared. It has been quite the wild ride.

We strongly encourage you to support any and all of Dan‘s musical work going forward, including his other band Mire Lore who will have new material out soon. He is undoubtedly one of the most talented vocalists and of us have ever worked with and we hope an expect his creative fire to continue on.

Enterprise Earth still has much more to say. This band has evolved so much over its existence and we have adapted and overcome many obstacles. Nothing good in life comes easy and suffering and setbacks are part of the process but we will continue on as our story and work here is not over.

Being in a band is one the hardest, yet most rewarding, things we have done and working through our struggles we will become stronger. We will continue to have the strength to be the people and the band that we are supposed to be. As far as who will be handling vocal duties, if you have seen us or seen live pictures over the past 6-7 months then you know that Travis Worland has been filling in and has been doing an AMAZING job.

Dan‘s vocal shoes are not easy to fill but you’ve seen us perform with Travis then you know he is more than capable. He will continue to handle all live vocal duties until further notice. Stay tuned for an announcement regarding a permanent vocalist…

To quote Dan‘s final lyrics in ‘Overpass‘, ‘Death is only the beginning’. This is symbolic for Dan and us as we both move onto the next stages of our lives. Live is unexpected and change is inevitable, to fight it is futile. We must acknowledge and move with the ebb and flow.

Thank you all for, hopefully and finally, understanding where we’ve been with this. If you are upset, we understand and hope you come back around in time. Take care of one another out there’ we love you and and will see you soon”

Watson also issued his own statement:

“After over 8 years, I am no longer part of Enterprise Earth. I will not be on any tours or in any future material. It didn’t come to this because any of us wanted it to, but because the strings of destiny tugged us in different directions. I will always love the guys I shared the stage with and slept nut to butt within a sardine can on tour with and I will always support their future. Enterprise Earth was my everything the last 8 years.

I cherish the good and the bad from the experiences it brought me, the lessons it taught me through hardships and the incredible adventures it brought me on and most importantly, the opportunity to meet all of you. It was hard to see you all as fans because it felt more like family because you treated me as such on the road (most of you, haha) and really are responsible for me accidentally becoming a successful deathcore vocalist (successful as in, was able to manifest my dreams.) You guys pushed me and challenged me and picked me up when I was beat down. I’ll never forget that.

As for my future, things won’t be like what you are used to. They’ll be better.

‘Overpass’ was written about a premonition I had. I used my intuition and soul to write lyrics and I sometimes look to past works to find messages my higher self meant for me to discover later. To some that may sound like some crazy narcissistic guru shit, but I literally just let the songs write themselves after embodiment, I just wrote lyrics I needed to hear myself.

When I first had the premonition, I thought it meant the physical death of my body, I spent weeks just enjoying the people I love on a cellular level, trying to memorize every characteristic of their being as if I could somehow take something with me. Living life like it could be the last moment is how life should be. I think we should all live like that and treat each other like that as we fly through space on a rock into the eternal void of mystery. That was really how I should have been living my life this whole time. Looking back, knowing I was gonna die was the most beautiful two weeks of my life. What came to fruition instead was a complete death of my life and collapse of everything I put effort into. The importance and value I put into shit that really just sounds…funny… hahaha.

At the end of Overpass, the lyrics are the most important message to me. ‘Death is only the beginning.’ Those are the last words from the past I’m bringing into this new chapter.

Alright I’m gonna to post this now before I babble myself into into the fucking New York Times Best Selling Author of ‘Who Fucking Cares vol 1, 2 & 3.’ Get ready for new Mire Lore and what other weird shit I do. I love you guys very much.”

Crypta Part Ways With Guitarist Sonia Anubis

Crypta have parted ways with guitarist Sonia Anubis. Despite this, the group “still have some video material recorded with Sonia and they will soon be released as a memory of the legacy [they] built together.”

The band commented:

“With heavy hearts we announce that Sonia is parting ways with CRYPTA! It was her decision and we understand and respect it, so both sides will now follow new and different paths.

We all feel sad to see her go but at the same time feel very thankful for all the amazing and beautiful things we built together so far. Sonia had a unique importance from the beginning of the band until now and her essence and contribution to the band will always be a special part of CRYPTA.

Our split was friendly and respectful, we will keep in touch and we definitely wish nothing but the best of luck for her, for her band Cobra Spell and for all her future ventures.

We still have some video material recorded with Sonia and they will soon be released as a memory of the legacy we built together.

We ask all of you kind fans to respect this sensitive moment for all of us and show some love only on the comments!
Thank you Sonia!

**Our future activities and plans from Crypta will not be affected and all the shows and appointments schedule will still run as announced. More info soon!”