Drummer Andrew Baird Announces His Departure From Fallujah

Andrew Baird has exited Fallujah. The drummer is leaving the group “to make a course adjustment that [his] heart has been really needing.”

Baird commented:

“It’s with very heavy heart, that I have decided to step down as drummer of Fallujah.

This was a decision that I didn’t make lightly, and a lot of thought was put into this for quite awhile now.

We’ve done a whole lot together, and they were there for me when I was going through some of the toughest moments of my life. The band has shaped me in so many ways, that I can’t even begin to write down all of them in this post. And I’m very privileged and grateful for the opportunities to take our talent and music around the world for everyone to enjoy.

Don’t worry, I love the hell out of those boys, I’m not done being a musician, and I’m definitely not done tearing shit up.

But right now I need to make a course adjustment that my heart has been really needing.

I know this isn’t easy to read, or to understand. I’m doing what I feel is best, and I thank you for your immeasurable support. I’m still here and this isn’t the last.

Love ya 💙”

Unearth Officially Part Ways With Guitarist Ken Susi, Premiere “Mother Betrayal” Video

Unearth have officially parted ways with guitarist Ken Susi. Despite this news, the band will be forging ahead with a new album titled “The Wretched; The Ruinous.” That effort will be released on May 5 and an official video for its latest single, “Mother Betrayal,” can be found below:

Frontman Trevor Phipps said the following about parting ways with Susi:

“It simply came time for Unearth and Ken to take a break from working together. He’ll always be a large part of the story of this band, and we wish him the best on all of his endeavors.”

He also commented on the new song:

“‘Mother Betrayal‘ is an ominous banger heavily laden with the melodic death metal, thrash and metallic hardcore combination that has signified our sound since the beginning. It kicks up the aggression and ferocity beyond previous recordings while also veering into new territories musically, vocally and structurally.

‘Mother Betrayal‘ is a warning that we are smashing past multiple ecological tipping points caused by our dependence on fossil fuels that will forever alter life on our planet.”

Phipps also added the following about the album:

“[Guitarist] Buz [McGrath] took the entire pandemic to write these songs. He pushed himself to get out of his comfort zone and explore what Unearth is, both past and present. Buz adding these new elements and killer song structures inspired me to be more diverse vocally. ‘The Wretched; The Ruinous is still Unearth, but it’s also the most dynamic record we’ve ever done.

There’s certain songs where you can really hear the band’s hardcore roots. The track ‘Dawn Of The Militant‘ is a true mix of metal and heavy hardcore, that to me define what the term ‘metalcore’ truly is.

For the bulk of this record though, the metal, aggression, and technicality are reminiscent of our ‘Watchers Of Rule‘ album. All of the ingredients of Unearth are present on these songs, but the band continues to explore new territories as writers and players.

Lyrically, it’s a warning shot record. I’ve spoken about the decline of our environment by mankind’s hand dating back to our first record in 2001, and I’ve continued to write about the environmental crisis throughout our entire career.

We are now at a tipping point with Mother Nature and our place on this planet, and I had to devote the entirety of this album to what is happening around us. This album is a collection of stories of what is happening, and what is to come, if we do not make monstrous changes to how we treat our only home.

‘The Wretched; The Ruinous‘ is about the eight billion people on this planet. We’ve created a man-made mass extinction event and have been too slow to correct our faults. Extreme weather, drought, famine, disease, erosion of land, culture wars, civil wars, wars for natural resources, and the displacement of billions of people, is all a current reality. This isn’t a future problem; it is a now problem and I take this record to talk about it. As a species we are very quickly turning our once Garden of Eden into our future hellscape.

It’s not all devastation and gloom though. On the track ‘Call of Existence‘ I talk about how we can turn this around with swift, drastic changes to our emissions and consumption of natural resources. There is a responsible way forward that will benefit all life on our planet, and we have to embrace and act on that responsibility now.”

“The Wretched; The Ruinous” Track Listing:

01. “The Wretched; The Ruinous”
02. “Cremation Of The Living”
03. “Eradicator”
04. “Mother Betrayal”
05. “Invictus”
06. “Call Of Existence”
07. “Dawn Of The Militant”
08. “Aniara”
09. “Into The Abyss”
10. “Broken Arrow”
11. “Theaters Of War”

Drummer Lawrence Dinamarca Exits Carnal Forge

Drummer Lawrence Dinamarca has announced his departure from Carnal Forge. This news comes after guitarist Jari Kuusisto exited the band last year.

Dinamarca said the following:


I will not be a part of the band Carnal Forge anymore.

I wish the remaining guys all the best of luck with the band, and in the future.

To the positive side!

I’m aiming to work more as a freelance drummer.

I’ve always liked to play with different groups and people to learn new music styles and approaches.

So if anyone needs drums on their tracks or a live drummer, feel free to send me a DM.

Aight, take care everyone!

#Onlypositivevibes #aimingforthefuture”

Joyous Wolf Part Ways With Vocalist Nick Reese

Joyous Wolf have parted ways with vocalist Nick Reese. The band are currently searching for his replacement.

The group commented:

“Hello everyone, we want to thank you for your patience on our lack of activity these past few months. We have some news and updates we would like to share with all of you.

First, Nick has recently made the decision to depart from the band as the singer of Joyous Wolf due to creative differences. The 3 of us are looking to start the next chapter of Joyous Wolf by announcing that we are starting the search for a new vocalist.  

Secondly, We have also been in a lengthy process transitioning record labels as well as parts of our team behind the scenes along with several other decisions within the band. We have a full length record that we are eager to release, and are hopeful to share it with all of you soon.

As always we would like to give a huge shout out and massive thank you to every single one of you who continuously keep us going with all your love and support. The 3 of us are still working closely together and miss you all so much, we are excited for what the future holds. ✨

-Blake, Greg and Rob”

Vio-lence Comment On Perry Strickland’s Departure: “Nobody Quit Vio-Lence”

Vio-lence have commented on drummer Perry Strickland’s recent departure from the band. The group seemingly implied that the drummer was fired saying “Nobody quit Vio-Lence!!! #blabbermouth.” They then reiterated that “nobody QUIT Vio-Lence” after a fan brought up Strickland’s comments. They also added the following after another fan said Strickland quit: “No he didn’t he is no longer in the band.” It is still unclear who will be taking his place.

[via Blabbermouth]

Drummer Perry Strickland Exits Vio-lence

Perry Strickland has announced his departure from Vio-lence. The drummer shared a live clip along with the following caption: “I’ll Miss playing these songs!.” He also confirmed to a fan that he left group “about a month ago.”

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Monuments Officially Welcome Bassist Werner Erkelens To The Band

Monuments have officially welcomed Werner Erkelens to the band as their new bassist. He will be replacing Adam Swan in the group.

Monuments issued the following statement:

“With a heavy heart, we must announce the departure of Adam Swan. Since day one, he has held down the roots of our music with fervor and expertise.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, he became strongly involved with Soil Ecology Agriculture as a specialist in regenerative agriculture, which he has proudly committed himself to. It is in this position that he finds himself most comfortable, and we are so inspired by the journey he is on. With incredible passion, he is working to help all to make better, more informed decisions about how to heal the world through more sensible decisions.

We wish him the best with all the love in our hearts, and we hope you will follow his journey on Soil Ecology Agriculture, both on Instagram and at https://soilecologylab.co.uk

Thank you for the tremendous grooves, memories, and friendship dear Swan. We love you and you will be thoroughly missed.

On a brighter note, please join us in welcoming our new bass player, Werner Erkelens to the band! Since July 2022, Werner has been filling in on live performances with incredible skill, devotion, and enthusiasm. We are extremely proud to bring his new energy and skills into the future of Monuments. The addition of Werner to the group makes us feel rejuvenated and more excited than ever for the future. Come see us tear it up for the next 7 weeks with Leprous and Kalandra!


Erkelens also commented:

“I’m thrilled to announce that I’m joining @thisismonuments. I’ve been fortunate enough to know the band since 2020 and ever since then I’ve felt a strong connection to the members and their music. Joining this talented group of musicians is truly a dream come true and I want to take a moment to thank @brownemonuments @andycizek and @malyan for their trust in me. I especially want to thank @theconstellationofcygnus for trusting me to fill his shoes and helping me to prepare for the job. There’s a lot coming up in Monuments land and I’m happy to say we’ve already written and recorded a new song together that we’re all very proud of, more on that soon. For now, please come see us on our tour with @leprousofficial and @kalandramusic . I’m looking forward to meeting you all. Love, Werner ❤️”

Nervosa Part Ways With Vocalist Diva Satánica

Vocalist Diva Satánica has officially exited Nervosa. This news comes after the band parted ways with drummer Nanu Villalba late last year.

The group commented:

“Since September 2022 Nervosa was informed that Diva would leave the band, and since then she has carried out all activities with great professionalism and respect. The reason for her departure is because she chooses to invest more time in other projects and in her band. Since her decision, we entered into an agreement to comply with the Latin America tour and announce her departure later so that we could plan everything calmly and in time.

We understand and support her decision.

It’s not easy for either party, but life is made of choices and decisions. So don’t judge too harshly, because it’s a very painful moment for both parties.

All our respect to Diva, thank you for all her dedication and contribution. We wish you good luck on your new journey.

Nervosa has been working with a vocalist for the last 2 months, and is also working with a new drummer.

The recordings for the new album start this week, so stay tuned on our social networks because we’re going to post some spoilers.

Thanks to all the fans for their love and support.

Nervosa will never die.”

Satánica added:

“It’s always difficult to make this kind of posts but also needed, so here we go:

I’m not part of Nervosa anymore since last month of November, therefore I’m not involved in the writing or recording process of the upcoming album and obviously, I’m not responsible for any decision that the band has made during the past months.

The only reason that have led me to this situation has been the lack of agreement between both parts in relation to the decision-making process in the band. Nothing else, no hard feelings against anyone, just different mindsets

This chapter is closed but I’d like to thank everyone that has supported me during this adventure and also Napalm Records for trusting all of the new band members who helped to row in the same direction. I’m very honored to be part of the legacy of this band that have inspired and empowered many women around the world.

Last but not least, and just to make it very clear, this decision has nothing to do with my passion for music and touring (can’t wait to be back on the road again!), and my commitment with my band Bloodhunter (and all the other projects and collaborations that I’m involved in), who have shown me unconditional support during these years that I have been part of Nervosa, and with whom we are already working on a new album and tour plans for 2023.

Thanks to all the fans of the band for their support and love, we’ll see each other soon!”

Bassist Connor Reilly Exits Static Dress

Connor Reilly has announced his departure from Static Dress. The bassist exited the band due to financial issues.

Reilly said the following:

“It’s time

I know none of you are silly and have more than likely clocked on by now but for the unaware; I’ve stepped down from playing bass in Static Dress.

This’ll be lengthy so I’m throwing a curveball early tl/dr for anyone who’s busy getting 99’s on Runescape (like me) – this was my decision and everyone involved in Static Dress did everything they could alongside me to potentially avoid this decision being made.

When I turned 18 I made some unhealthy financial decisions without considering the consequences and for a long time now debt has clogged up my brain and for an even longer time I put it to the side which was the only worst thing I could’ve possibly done. I didn’t bring this up to the rest of the band until just before the Knocked Loose tour. Olli said “tell us what’s wrong, you’re not yourself”.

On tour all I could think about was making money to be able to pay for essentially my life back home and when I was home all I could do was work and couldn’t afford time to put into the band which, ultimately, is unfair on everything Olli and I started years ago.

Moral of the story here is make sure you have your life in check before you start to pursue a career which you’ll need to make lots of sacrifices for. Being in a band is more than a hobby and a job, it’s a very busy and demanding industry that you need to make sure you’re ready for.

Onto the good shit.

George has been filling in for me for a long time now and has been doing the absolute best job. He’s insane and a pure legend and I’m proud to call him my friend and see him play live. Thank you for being you mate.

I’m going to miss the live shows with my best friends, however they’re going to be the biggest band in the world and nobody can change my mind. From writing Clean with Olli in my Mum and Dad’s dining room to being on a bus tour with one of my favourite bands growing up and playing a venue I never thought I’d get to play, it’s been a fantastic journey and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Thank you,
I love you all ❤️”

Like Moths To Flames Fire Bassist Aaron Evans Following Disturbing Allegations

Like Moths To Flames have parted ways with Aaron Evans. The bassist was fired after being accused of disturbing acts of abuse and sexual misconduct. The band issued the following statement on social media:

One of the alleged victims also shared her story, along with some screenshots of various messages: