Imonolith Part Ways With Guitarist Jed Simon

Imonolith (Threat Signal, ex-The Devin Townsend Project, etc.) have parted ways with guitarist Jed Simon (ex-Strapping Young Lad, etc.). Kai Huppunen (ex-Methods Of Mayhem, ex-Noise Therapy) will be taking his place.

The group commented:

“Imonolith would like to introduce and welcome a new guitar player to the band – Kai Huppunen – Kai “Music” (ex-Methods of Mayhem, ex-Noise Therapy).

Kai officially joined Imonolith this past October, just before shooting our debut video, ‘Hollow’. He is an incredible guitar player and an awesome performer. Kai has a unique writing style with great ideas that have already added to Imonolith’s sound. All of us in, Imonolith are very excited to have Kai as an official member of the band. Welcome Kai aboard!

Jed Simon and Imonolith have mutually parted ways. Jed is, and will always be a brother to us. We wish him all the very best with his future musical endeavours.

‘Hollow’, our debut single will be available world-wide for download and streaming on January 18th, 2019. A music video for ‘Hollow’ will be released the same day.

We’re excited to finally launch this band world-wide. Stay posted for more details to be released soon…”

Huppunen added:

“I’m beyond grateful to announce that I’ve joined Imonolith as their 2nd guitarist. I have mad respect for my new band mates. These guys are world-class musicians and inspirational. Thnx to everyone in the band for bringing me on board. Looking forward to our journey together!!!”


Black Crown Initiate Announce New Guitarist & Drummer

Black Crown Initiate have announced the addition of guitarist Ethan McKenna and drummer Samuel Santiago (ex-Gorod/Melechesh) to their lineup. The two have been recruited as replacements for guitarist Wes Hauch (Alluvial, etc.) and drummer Jesse Beahler (Nightfire, etc.). The band posted the following:

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Hey y’all! If any of you have seen our recent shows, you may have noticed some lineup changes. It is true that Jesse and Wes are no longer in the band, but there is zero bad blood. They are both still are dear buddies, and with the ridiculous amount of talent they both possess, we have no doubt that you’ll be hearing from them real soon! That being said, we are extremely excited to welcome Sam Santiago and Ethan Mckenna to Black Crown Initiate. You might know Sam from his work with Gorod, Beyond Creation, Arkhon Infaustus, and others, and he is doing an amazing job beating the tubs for us. Ethan Mckenna is a Reading, Pa based guitar wizard, and he was actually the first guitarist ever asked to join the band when Andy, Nick, and James put Black Crown together in 2012. Things change, grow, and come full circle, and we intend to deliver a killer new album and get back into your beautiful faces as soon as possible. Stay tuned and thanks! -The Böys 📸 @__photi__ #blackcrowninitiate

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My Dying Bride Part Ways With Drummer Shaun Steels

My Dying Bride have parted ways with drummer Shaun Steels “due to unresolvable drumming issues.” Jeff Singer (ex-Paradise Lost, etc.) will be taking his place.

The band said the following:

“Jeff Singer to drum new My Dying Bride album!!

My Dying Bride have recently had to part ways with Shaun Steels due to unresolvable drumming issues. Jeff Singer (Kill2This, Paradise Lost and Blaze amongst others) has kindly agreed to step in. Since Jeff’s addition the album has (musically) been completed and pre-production is now going great guns, lyrics and vocals are understandably still in the making but the band can prepare for the studio professionally now having 90% of the music in place and all drums complete. A quote from the band simply says “Jeff has been a light in a dark room, he breathlessly and seamlessly plays with the new music and intuitively seems to know what we’re asking for, he has removed a lot of unnecessary pressure from the band in an already testing time. At last something good happens” There are no definite recording dates as yet and still no song titles or album title. But it appears the band is forging forward.

Merry Christmas indeed!!”

Peter Baltes Exits Accept

Accept’s founding bassist Peter Baltes has announced his departure from the band. He said the following:

“To all ACCEPT fans: I hereby like to announce my departure as bass player from ACCEPT. I have been with the band from the very beginning. Many of you have been there as well. I like to thank you all for the great years we shared together. Keep it metal.”

The band added:

“We are all heartbroken! Peter needed a change in his life and we wish him all the best. He will always be part of the ACCEPT family and to honor his tribute to music history, we should all wish him well. Gaby, Wolf, Mark, Uwe & Christopher …in deed ACCEPT WILL KEEP IT METAL!”

The Charm The Fury Call It Quits

The Charm The Fury have decided to call it quits. According to the band, they were unable to carry on due to “multiple, complicated reasons” including lineup changes, financial strain, etc.

The group commented:

“Some of you will probably have noticed that we have been very quiet lately, and there is a reason for this. Unfortunately, we have collectively decided that, for the time being, The Charm The Fury has come to an end.

Obviously, this decision was not an easy one, so we do not take it lightly. Sadly, the band could not be sustained in its current line-up for multiple, complicated reasons. With the departure of our old guitarists Mathijs Parent and Rolf Perdok, many things changed. Also, the financial strain that the band was placing on some of us was becoming too hard to bear. Suffice to say, the current situation could not be maintained and a decision eventually had to be made.

First of all, we want to thank all of the fans that the band has gained over the years from the bottom of our hearts: you guys have given us some of the best times and experiences in our lifetimes, and we can’t thank you enough for that. From the Dutch fans that have been with us from the beginning, to the newest fans we’ve gathered from all over the world: you guys are awesome, and we will always be grateful for the beautiful moments you have given us.

Despite the hard times, we have a lot of great memories to look back on. From our humble beginnings in ‘Rockclub The Cave’ in Amsterdam, playing a sold out show for about 50 people destroying the furniture, to winning a Groezrock contest, where we got to play for a crowd of about 500. The biggest crowd most of us had ever seen from a stage. At that time, no one could have dreamed we would end up playing some of the insane shows we did: from Pinkpop and Graspop Mainstage to Hell and Heaven festival in Mexico, all in front of thousands and thousands of people.

We also want to thank everyone that has helped us along in our career. First and foremost our down to earth manager for more than 5 years Martijn and the team at Nuclear Blast that has helped us so much during our latest release. And of course a big thanks to all of the FOH, tour management, and crew members in any shape or form. You guys were the backbone of this band. Also a warm thank you to Robert and Daniel for teaching us so many new things. Thanks to Mojo, who have helped us with bookings from the start, and of course all the booking agencies that have been with us through the years. There are simply too many people to mention, but you know who you are!

We know this news may come as sudden to some, but it’s no reason to discard the good times and there certainly were a lot of those. Feel free to share some of your memories with us, we’ll read them with a big smile on our face.

We will see you all again, perhaps at a metal show, perhaps in some new musical endeavour. Only time will tell. Again: thank you all so much.

The Charm The Fury”

Kat Katz Issues New Statement On Her Departure From Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Says It “Symbolized The End Of A Series Of Uncomfortable Events”

Kat Katz recently exited Agoraphobic Nosebleed after saying she is “tired of being bullied by dudes.” The band then offered a brief comment on the situation, before responding with a more detailed statement saying Katz disappeared after their Quebec show and they started getting worried. She ended up getting in contact with them later on and explained she was helping someone with a “mental health emergency”, but they ended up yelling at her for not keeping in touch. Katz felt this “overprotective behavior” ultimately “belittled” her. Now, after all that, she has issued another statement saying her departure “symbolized the end of a series of uncomfortable events [she has] experienced over the last several weeks with the band.”

Here’s Katz’s latest statement:

“My decision to leave Agoraphobic Nosebleed after our appearance at Quebec Deathfest in Montreal symbolized the end of a series of uncomfortable events I have experienced over the last several weeks with the band. These experiences included situations in which I felt my presence as an equal member was no longer respected, and my gender served as a reason to belittle my presence and my opinion on the personal dynamics and inner workings of the band.

As someone who has performed within the extreme music scene for many years and remained (to my own detriment) quiet about experiences prior to my work with AnB of harassment and sexualized bullying, I decided that for my own well-being, the cycle of misogyny, overt and unwanted sexual behavior directed towards me had to stop.

While I considered quitting immediately after our show in Montreal, I first consulted with several of my close friends to see if I could cope with what happened because I loved playing in this band and despite our differences, respected my musical colleagues. However, after considering the disrespect demonstrated towards me as a musician, a woman, and as a prominent member of AnB, I decided to leave.

The response by my former bandmates to my decision has been extremely disappointing, but not entirely surprising. Unfortunately, it is common for people to assume that women’s accounts of harassment come from a place of hysteria and hypersensitivity, versus the responses by their male colleagues that for the most part, are perceived as “the truth” – especially within a male-dominated musical genre and culture.

I am saddened that my decision to leave has caused additional strife, but despite that, I wish my former musical colleagues the best in their future endeavors.”

Agoraphobic Nosebleed Offer More Detailed Explanation For Kat Katz’s Departure, Katz Responds

Kat Katz recently exited Agoraphobic Nosebleed after saying she is “tired of being bullied by dudes.” Now, the band have issued a more detailed statement explaining the situation that led to her departure.

The group said the following:

“If you watch footage from Agoraphobic Nosebleed’s Quebec Deathfest set from Saturday October 20, you’ll see a band of four people completely harmonious and happy to be preforming music together. Katherine Katz has been with us in ANb since around 2007-2008 and we have been fortunate to work with her. Since that time, Kat has always been treated with respect as a person and as an artist and every bit as an equal to any other member of the band.

In fact, an entire EP (‘Arc’) was written specifically for her artistic aesthetic in which she could revisit the slower, doomier music she has always loved. We transitioned ANb into playing live in 2014 because of her and Rich’s desire to do so. Kat and I have been in discussion more than any other members over the direction of the new CD. This is not to say we haven’t had minor fights here and there, because we have. No different than any other band.

After the show around 3:30 a.m. on October 21, we all loaded the Uber with our gear to meet back at the hotel. John [Jarvis, bassist] was taking the gear in the Uber and the rest of us were to walk and meet him there to unload. When we got there, Rich [Johnson, co-vocalist] and I realized Kat had not arrived with John in the Uber. We texted her to find out if she needed help or was just off doing her own thing.

After loading the gear into the hotel, she still hadn’t responded, so we all felt that we had to go back and look for her in the event something did happen to her. I texted and called her once or twice more in case her phone was buried somewhere, and she couldn’t hear the notifications—but I received no reply. Returning to the club, John, Rich, and I found no one who knew where she was.

After 45 minutes or so she replied that she was fine and that she was helping some person who was having an apparent mental emergency. I told her that we were worried about her and that she should have told us what she was doing. I yelled it actually, because we were genuinely concerned and had mobilized to go find her. The rest of the evening was spent in silence. The next day flying home Rich also expressed how angry he was that Kat had trivialized his (and our) concern to another person earlier that morning.

A couple of days later, Kat wrote an email to the entire band, explaining that she understood our concern but that she was an independent woman and didn’t appreciate being treated unequally from other members, even claiming that we wouldn’t have been so worried about any other band member in a similar situation.

The email thread went back and forth between all members until Kat finally felt that she was being ganged up on, and she quit the band. No pejorative words were used. No disrespect was conveyed.

We have always loved Kat as an artist, and as a person, and have valued her role in the band. We wish this could have been worked out in another way. But we certainly wish her well.

These are the events as they happened. We yelled at Kat during this time not because she’s a woman, it’s because we had no idea what happened to her, had cause for concern to find her, and when we eventually found her and expressed that we were upset, she regarded that as an attack and felt bullied.

Which, while maybe unpleasant because emotions were running high, it most definitely was not. We are not trying to devalue that she feels we all ganged up on here and we are sorry for how that developed, but it was only out of concern for her and trying to get her to understand that concern.”

Katz has since responded as well:

“I’m responding to the recent ANb post. Yes, I was trying to help someone having a mental health emergency. At that time, I was out of touch for about 45 minutes. The hotel was 5 minutes away. It was a Saturday night and busy. I was screamed at when I returned outside the hotel, in the hotel room, and in the airport.

I was in tears for most of the trip. Dude was screaming at me while I was balling my eyes out. I grew up in a household where I was screamed at by my mother with schizophrenia. I was locked in the house for a good portion of my childhood. My mother thought I had aids my whole life because of her paranoia.

I cannot handle overprotective behavior. I was belittled. I was treated like a child. I am a 34-year-old women. And I would rather die than be treated like this again.”