Tommy Gibbons (Ex-Flaw) Joins Farewell To Fear As Their Touring Guitarist

Tommy Gibbons has joined Farewell To Fear as their touring guitarist. This news comes after he previously said that he was stepping away from music after being fired from Flaw due to plagiarism allegations.

Gibbons commented:

“Well there you guys go…..a lot of you wanted me back!!!! So here I’M BACK!!!!!!! I want to thank you guys for all the support and love you have showed me…..I guess we’ll just see what happens…….”

Farewell To Fear added:

“*ANNOUNCEMENT* all of us from FAREWELL TO FEAR would like to welcome TOMMY GIBBONS as our TOURING GUITARIST!!!!!! He filled in for us for the Chris Jericho Cruise so let’s welcome Tommy and let’s see what the future holds!!!!!! More updates coming soon!!!!! Thank you all for the continued support”

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Butcher Babies Announce New Bassist & Guitarist

Butcher Babies have officially welcomed Ricky Bonazza and Andy James to the band. Bonazza has been recruited as a replacement for bassist Jason Klein, who exited the group last year, while James has been recruited as a second guitarist. The new lineup recently made their debut at the 2020 Dimebash in Santa Ana, CA.

All Hail The Yeti Working On New EP, Announce New Guitarist

All Hail The Yeti have signed with The Oracle Management and are currently working on a new EP with producer Steve Evetts. With this news, the band have also announced the addition of guitarist Dave Vanderlinde to their lineup.

Frontman Connor Garritty said the following about recruiting Vanderlinde:

“Dave has an unbelievable talent. The writing process has been painless and some of the most fun we’ve had in a long time. His guitar playing is exactly what AHTY needed. Add that to his personality and hunger for success and you have the perfect combination.

He also added the following about working with The Oracle Management:

“The Oracle’s Dez Fafara and I have been friends for a very long time. He is probably the most responsible for my music career starting in California so many years ago. Circle back two decades and now the team is right where it needs to be. He is driven, smart, no bullshit and that’s exactly what this band needs.”

The singer also commented on the new EP:

“Sometimes when things need a new fire you have to go to the source of the flame. Steve is a genius and we could not be happier. Everything is sounding huge, and we have no doubt that this will be some of our best material yet. We are very anxious to unleash this beast on the world and we can’t wait for all our fans to be able to experience this life with us. HAIL!”

On another note, the group have also released a new lyric video for “Felo De Se” via Alternative Press. That track appears on their latest album “Highway Crosses” and Garritty said the following about it:

“The song is about a teenager that is bullied for being different. When he decides he’s had enough, he goes to class, slits his wrists and sprays his blood on his aggressors.

As a victim of bullying myself, I have zero tolerance for any form of it. With the climate of America’s society today, ‘Felo De Se’ hits the mark, spot on. Kids are tired of not being able to be themselves. Tired of feeling ashamed for being different than the norm [of] America’s youth. We say, ‘Stand up! Fight back!’ Be who you want to be. And none of us should feel any type of persecution for this. This is the flag for freedom of expression. Freedom to be different. Wave it proud!”

Massacre Announce New Lineup, Begin Work On New Album

Massacre have officially welcomed The Absence’s Jeramie Kling (drums) and Taylor Nordberg (guitar) to the band. The group, whose current lineup also features original bassist Michael Borders and original vocalist Kam Lee, have also signed a new management deal with Extreme Management Group and are planning to release a new album in 2020.

Lee commented:

“I understand for some fans that it’s hard to not be a bit jaded about a band with such an ugly history, but that is all finally about to change. I’m now in a place in the band where I’m in position to do what is right by the band’s namesake and legendary status quo. Plus, having both Jeramie and Taylor join is the best thing for the band. These members bring a sensibility and professional mindset that the band was lacking before and so urgently needed. Their talents and skill set is a refreshing and positively right direction for the band. I’m excited and looking forward to what Massacre will be doing next, and only hope the fans are just as excited.”

Borders added:

“We’re really stoked that Taylor and Jeramie decided to come on board. I really think it’s a good mix of new blood into our sound. While there will be no doubt when you hear the new material you’re listening to Massacre, fans will know these recent changes were for the better. We’re giving these guys free rein to be themselves, do their thing, not clone sounds and styles of past members.”

A teaser for the band’s new demo track “Cycle Of The Curse” can be found below:

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Massacre News! Veteran Florida Death Metal band #massacre has joined forces with a new management team #extrememanagementgroup and has begun work on a new full length album to be released in 2020. Joining original vocalist #kamlee And original bassist #michaelborders is drummer #jeramiekling from #venom,Inc, the absence and goregang and guitarist #TaylorNordberg (The Absence, goregang) #massacredeathmetal #massacre_band_official #floridadeathmetal #osdm #fuckingdeathmetal #frombeyond #florida ##kingofallklings #newmusic #newmembers #bandlife #venominc #goregang #the_absence #ribspreader Photo by deidra kiing-relic imagery #tampaflorida #germany🇩🇪 #chile #peru #brazil #mexico🇲🇽 #nyc #netherlands

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Eli Santana (Huntress, Holy Grail) Joins Incite

Incite have welcomed Eli Santana (Huntress, Holy Grail) to the band as a replacement for guitarist Dru Rome. Vocalist Richie Cavalera commented:

“Incite family, we welcome with a huge hell yes Eli Santana as our new guitar shredder. He brings an awesome vibe and incredible guitar skills to the band. We couldn’t be happier to see where this new chapter will take us!”

Nonpoint Recruit Guitarist Jason Zeilstra

Nonpoint have officially welcomed Jason Zeilstra to the group as their new guitarist. He will be replacing BC Kochmit, who left the band in August.

Nonpoint commented:

“As we wrap rehearsals, pack our gear, roll up our sleeping bags, get our marshmallows, gram crackers and @hersheys, pick a good stick from the yard because there’s never a good on at the venues, get toilet paper, baby wipes and whatever else necessary for our tour with @hellyeahband starting in two days, we have also been secretly preparing our newest member for a life of 361ers, Shiprockers, dread swinging, non latinos singing in Spanish, Florida crowds, Madison and Wisconsin crowds in general, and of course Texas crowds, California crowds, Colorado crowds, Flint, Hartford, Vegas, New York, New Jersey, Philly, Boston and the crowds in a bunch of cities I know I’m forgetting.

Basically the kindness and undying support from the entire Nonpoint Nation. Let me tell you we searched far and wide and we are happy to say we found someone kind, determined, devoted and MOST IMPORTANTLY fucking DEADLY deadly on the guitar to continue this wild ride with us. So drumroll please… Badadadadad…

The Nonpoint camp would like to officially welcome our newest member Jason Zeilstra to the Nonpoint camp. I’m proud to announce that this CHICAGO resident and his talents, work ethic (and coincidentally his hair) are NONPOINT battle tested and ready to go. Let’s welcome Jason to the family with some comment, gif and emoji love down below, and don’t forget we will be on tour with HellYeah starting on Nov 15th-Dec 21st so come see our newest member kill it with us. Welcome to the 361/Nonpoint Nation family Jason!”

Accept Recruit Third Guitarist Philip Shouse

Accept have welcomed Philip Shouse to the band as their third guitarist. Shouse was originally recruited to fill in for Uwe Lulis, who is recovering from surgery, but the group have now decided to keep him on as a permanent member.

The band commented:

“BIG NEWS!!!!!! – ACCEPT are getting ready for two upcoming North American dates next week on November 8th at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles, IL and November 10th at the Foamhenge Festival in Houston,TX.

Unfortunately, Uwe Lulis will not be able to join us for these two shows as he recuperates from recent reconstructive surgery on his leg from injuries he received to it in a near fatal motorcycle accident a decade ago. Uwe has dealt with the injury for a long time and has had many surgeries as a result.

In the process of finding coverage for Uwe for these shows, everybody remarked how they loved working with Philip Shouse during this year‘s Symphonic Terror Tour so we asked if he could help us out for these two shows. To our and Uwe’s great relief – he said yes!

During the next few days as lots of e-mails and discussions about the Ins and Outs for the 2 gigs and rehearsals in Nashville lead the band to an unexpected question: Why doesn‘t Phil join us and stay as a permanent member of ACCEPT? The answer? It was unanimous! Everyone agreed and Phil did too!

After his recovery, Uwe will continue to tour with ACCEPT and rejoin the guys for the upcoming South American shows in December. Wolf in support of his bandmate says, “Uwe became a great friend for all of us and after his recovery he might need to adjust his stage moves a bit – which is no problem with all the support he has from us! We are here for you, brother!”

ACCEPT would like to welcome Phil into the band and wish Uwe a speedy recovery and invite the fans to see this brand new ACCEPT version with PHIL, UWE & WOLF on Guitar, CHRISTOPHER on drums, MARTIN on bass – and THE Voice: Mighty MARK TORNILLO!”