Pupil Slicer Premiere Music Video For New Song “Thermal Runaway” Featuring The Armed’s Cara Drolshagen

Pupil Slicer have premiered a new song titled “Thermal Runaway.” This track features The Armed’s Cara Drolshagen and an official video for it can be found below:

Katie Davies commented:

“The idea behind the track was to capture the experience of being in a catastrophising cycle of anxiety and depression that keeps getting worse no matter what you do, through metaphors of thermal runaway that occurs in stars which leads to supernovas.”

“We are huge fans of The Armed and really love Cara‘s vocal work with them. I wrote the track with Cara in mind and approached her with the title and some general themes already established. She took the ball from there and laid down her vocal parts which established the fantastic core lyrical drive on the chorus which I then expanded.”

Drolshagen offered:

“It’s pretty incredible what you can do creatively now even being miles apart. We had such a great time collaborating on this song. Pupil Slicer were amazing to work with and really gave me the chance to mould my style with theirs in a really unique way.”

A digital single featuring “Thermal Runaway” will be released on February 3 and it will also include Nadja and Marble Girl’s remixes of “Wounds Upon My Skin.”

Pupil Slicer Premiere “Collective Unconscious” Video

Pupil Slicer have premiered a new video for their song “Collective Unconscious.” This track is from the band’s debut album “Mirrors.” It is also available as part of a new digital EP along with a live version of “Mirrors Are More Fun Than Television” and a cover of Converge‘s “Concubine.”

Kate Davies commented:

“The song is about coming to terms with being trans and the amount of vitriol and unconscious bias in society around it, as well as my own internalised transphobia. Basically, after realising I was trans there wasn’t any way to un-learn that fact, so there was only one option: going forward despite knowing how hard things could be.

The idea of the majority of society being conditioned from birth to laugh at and dismiss everything about trans people, and there being no willingness to learn about struggles or to try to help. The way most media paints trans people is as sexual predators, just plain delusional or a threat to everyone around them.

A way of coping became dissociation; disconnecting from what people say and how you feel, so that the negativity can’t affect you as much, distancing yourself from your own feelings as much as you can so that you don’t feel anything either way.”

Rolo Tomassi Announce European/UK Tour With Pupil Slicer

Rolo Tomassi have announced a February European/UK tour. Pupil Slicer will open.

Tour Dates:

02/10 Antwerp, BEL – Trix
02/11 Paris, FRA – Peniche Antipode
02/12 Haarlem, NET – Complexity Fest
02/14 Berlin, GER – Cassiopeia
02/15 Prague, CZE – Strahov 007
02/16 Budapest, HUN – A38
02/17 Vienna, AUT – Arena
02/18 Munich, GER – Feierwerk
02/19 Cologne, GER – MTC
02/21 Nottingham, UK – Rescue Rooms
02/22 Manchester, UK – Club Academy
02/23 Bristol, UK – Fleece
02/24 London, UK – Oval Space

Rolo Tomassi commented:

“With more new music to follow, we can’t wait to get back at it and be back in a live, touring setting. These dates are the biggest headline shows we’ve done and we have lots planned to make sure it’s the best show we’ve ever presented. Really excited to welcome Pupil Slicer as our special guests also.”

Pupil Slicer Premiere Video For Their Cover Of Converge’s “Concubine”

Pupil Slicer have premiered a new video for their cover of Converge‘s “Concubine.” Bassist Luke Fabian commented:

“There was always an obvious choice of spot to record live – and that’s long time Slicer haunt, Satellite Studios in North London. Something that’s noteworthy is Frank Muir playing second guitar and he’ll be performing with us in support of Mirrors in 2022. The Converge cover is a long standing feature of our set, so it felt necessary to officially document our take on ‘Concubine‘.”

Pupil Slicer Premiere “Interlocutor” Video

Pupil Slicer have premiered a new video for their new song “Interlocutor.” This track is from the band’s debut album “Mirrors,” which will be released on March 12.

Vocalist/guitarist Katie Davies commented:

“‘Interlocutor‘ is a look into some of our more direct and immediate work, a musical train of thought running off the rails, constantly evolving in one direction. This theme is reflected in the lyrics which tell of an internal struggle, a fight between a voice of reason and love of life pitted against a twisted mirror image of crushing depression and self-loathing.”

Drummer Josh Andrews added:

“We wanted to go beyond the more typical style of performance videos common to metal and create a stronger narrative to effectively explore the concepts that are core to Kate‘s lyrics.

The music video features a woman in turmoil and on the brink of suicide. The inner thoughts in the present self and memory of a happier childhood self are featured to highlight how oppressing and all encompassing a self-destructive mindset can become, losing touch with better times and the possibility of a brighter tomorrow.”

[via Revolver]

Pupil Slicer Premiere “Wounds Upon My Skin” Video, Reveal Details For Debut Album “Mirrors”

Pupil Slicer have premiered a new video for their new song “Wounds Upon My Skin.” This track is from the band’s debut album “Mirrors,” which will be released on March 12.

Vocalist/guitarist Katie Davies said the following about the new song and album:

“‘Wounds Upon My Skin‘ was one of the first tracks we wrote for this album and marked a turning point where I realised I could really write anything I wanted to put in a song and make it work. It was also the starting place for the thematic elements of the album, it was the first time I had explored more introspective and personal concepts in my lyrics.”

“I used Mirrors as a vehicle to exorcise many painful experiences; topics of abuse, social anxiety and depression alongside the injustices, iniquities and oppression that many are forced to endure simply due to their existence make up the fabric of this LP. The title Mirrors itself is an example of these themes of introspection whilst also representing the reflection of the reality of society many face today. The response we got to our first single was overwhelmingly positive and we can’t wait for you to experience the rest of what we have put together.”

“Mirrors” Track Listing:

01. “Martyrs”
02. “Stabbing Spiders”
03. “L’Appel Du Vide”
04. “Panic Defence”
05. “Husk”
06. “Vilified”
07. “Worthless”
08. “Wounds Upon My Skin”
09. “Interlocutor”
10. “Mirrors Are More Fun Than Television”
11. “Save The Dream, Kill Your Friends”
12. “Collective Unconscious”