Smashing Pumpkins Premiere New Songs “Wrath” And “Confessions Of A Dopamine Addict”

Smashing Pumpkins have premiered two new songs, “Wrath” and “Confessions Of A Dopamine Addict.” Both tracks are from the band’s new double album “Cyr,” which will be released on November 27. With this news, the group have also shared the first two episodes of their five-part animated series “In Ashes.“ Episode one features “The Colour Of Love,” while episode two features “Confessions Of A Dopamine Addict.”

Cryptodira Release New EP “Better Left Unsaid”

Cryptodira have surprise released a new EP titled “Better Left Unsaid.” The effort features two new songs including the title track and “Unequal Exchange.“ A new album titled “The Angel Of History” is expected to follow later this year.

Frontman Scott Acquavella commented:

“There’s been no shortage of inspiration throughout our recent writing process, and upon stepping back and looking at the body of work we had amassed, there was a sense that these two songs fit together in an extraordinary way that makes them stand out on their own. We’ve always been a band that writes with a much larger picture in mind, but there was something uniquely rewarding about telling a sonically short story. So the Better Left Unsaid EP is our way of exploring that territory.”

Drummer Matthew Taibi added:

“As it was written in the Grundrisse, “language is the presence of community,” and a genuinely livable community begins where individualism ends. Language is not only a bridge between members of a community; language embeds communal being into the most private corners of mental life. An individual (or ego) can only know their hopes and desires by using language, i.e., something their community gifted them. Living in a community and using language properly both mean knowing where and when to decenter yourself. Sustainable happiness will be found sooner on the margins.”

Zeal & Ardor To Release New EP “Wake Of A Nation” In October, Share Two New Songs

Zeal & Ardor have announced that they will be releasing a new EP titled “Wake Of A Nation” on October 23. Two songs from the effort, “Vigil” and “I Can’t Breathe,” can be found below:

Manuel Gagneux commented:

“Frederik Pohl once said:

‘It is and remains my conviction that a story has to speak for itself, and that any words a writer adds to it after he has finished telling it are a cop-out, a lie or a mistake.’

While I agree I feel pressed to make an exception for this EP. ‘Wake Of A Nation‘’s intent and context should be obvious. I like to revel in ambiguity and in room for interpretation. This is not the case here. These 6 songs are a knee jerk reaction to what has happened to my fellow people in the last months.

Originally I was set to record an album scheduled to come out next year. As these songs were written due to the horrendous events that instilled them I decided to release them as soon as possible. Using the rich heritage and culture as a part of my musical identity it felt like cowardice to sit by and continue with my routine as if nothing happened.

This record is for Michael Brown, Eric Garner, George Floyd and the countless untold and nameless killed.

It is for the brave souls willing to take a stand and ready to risk their own wellbeing so that others may have theirs intact.

All revenues from sales and streaming of ‘I Can’t Breathe‘ will be donated.”

The EP can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp and the full track listing can be found below:

01. “Vigil”
02. “Tuskegee”
03. “At The Seams”
04. “I Can’t Breathe”
05. “Trust No One”
06. “Wake Of A Nation”

Henrik Palm (Ex-Ghost) To Release New Album “Poverty Metal” In October, Shares Two New Songs

Former Ghost guitarist Henrik Palm has announced that his new solo album “Poverty Metal” will be released on October 16. Two songs from the effort, “Concrete Antichrist” and “Nihilist,” can be streamed below:

“Poverty Metal” Track Listing:

01. “Bully”
02. “Sugar”
03. “Concrete Antichrist”
04. “Given Demon”
05. “Destroyer”
06. “Nihil”
07. “Nihilist”
08. “Last Christmas”

Blue Öyster Cult Premiere New Songs “That Was Me” And “Box In My Head”

Blue Öyster Cult have premiered two new songs, “That Was Me” and “Box In My Head.” Those tracks are from the band’s new album “The Symbol Remains,” which will be released on October 9.

Smashing Pumpkins Premiere New Songs “Cyr” And “The Colour Of Love”

Smashing Pumpkins have premiered two new songs, “Cyr” and “The Colour Of Love.” Both tracks are expected to appear on the band’s upcoming album, which will be released through Sumerian Records. You can find an official video for “Cyr” and a stream of “The Colour Of Love” below. Billy Corgan said the following about “Cyr”:

“‘Cyr’ is dystopic folly. One soul against the world sort of stuff, set against a backdrop of shifting loyalties and sped up time. To me it stands as both hopeful and dismissive of what is and isn’t possible with faith.”

Protest The Hero Release “Palimpsest” B-Sides EP “Fabula & Syuzhet”

Protest The Hero have released a new EP titled “Fabula & Syuzhet.” That effort comes with two songs including “Gift Horse” and “The Duelling Cavalier.“ Both of those tracks were previously only available as bonus tracks on select editions of the band’s latest album “Palimpsest.“

Listen To Three New Poppy Songs

Poppy has released a new deluxe edition of her latest album “I Disagree.” This version of the effort is titled “I Disagree (More)“ and it features four bonus tracks. This includes the recently released “Khaos x4″ and three other new songs, “If It Bleeds,” “Bleep Bloop,” and “Don’t Ask.” You can stream all of those below:

Chamber To Release New Album “Cost Of Sacrifice” In October, Premiere Two New Songs

Chamber have announced that their new album “Cost Of Sacrifice” will be released on October 23. You can find an official video for “In Cleansing Fire” and a stream of “Scars In Complex Patterns“ from the effort below:

Gabe Manuel said the following about the new record:

“We were all going through our own personal struggles and we found solace in working on these songs and getting everything we were feeling out on the table. We are all influenced by a lot of different kinds of music and art, and while it was a challenge to represent all of those things on the record in a cohesive way, we grew as songwriters and musicians as a result of that challenge.”

He also added the following about “In Cleansing Fire”:

“This song is an analysis of the ways that the hateful and racist ideals this country was founded on still impact us today. The lyrics are a rejection of the argument that we aren’t responsible for the crimes of our ancestors, and they highlight the hopeless feeling that a lot of people in this country have which gets in the way of real progress. Your voice matters, and if you don’t use it to stand against racial injustice, police brutality and corruption, you are complicit in allowing those things to persist.”

“Cost Of Sacrifice” Track Listing:

01. “Fracture”
02. “Scars In Complex Patterns”
03. “Paranoia Bleeds”
04. “Visions Of Hostility”
05. “Impulse”
06. “In Cleansing Fire”
07. “Numb (Transfuse)”
08. “The Edge Of Every Lie”
09. “Disassemble Reassemble”
10. “Cost Of Sacrifice”

This news comes after Chamber recently fired Mike Moynihan following sexual assault allegations.

Eastwood (Knocked Loose) Premiere New Songs “Two Story Window” And “False Start“

Eastwood, the band featuring Knocked Loose guitarist Cole Crutchfield, have announced that they will be releasing a new album titled “It Never Gets Easy” on September 18. You can find two songs from the effort, “Two Story Window” and “False Start“ (feat. Microwave’s Nathan Hardy), below. Crutchfield commented:

“I think that people might be caught off-guard by this album, and I hope they are, because I want to smash that cliché that if you’re into death metal or hardcore you can’t play or listen to other kinds of music.”