He Is Legend To Release New Album “Endless Hallway” In November, Share Two New Songs

He Is Legend have announced that their new album, “Endless Hallway,” will be released on November 11. Two songs from the effort, “Lifeless Lemonade” and “The Prowler,“ can be found below:

“Endless Hallway” Track Listing:

01. “The Prowler”
02. “Lifeless Lemonade”
03. “Honey From The Hive”
04. “Return To The Garden”
05. “Circus Circus”
06. “Seamistress”
07. “Sour”
08. “Endless Hallway”
09. “Time’s Fake”
10. “Sink Hole”
11. “Animals”
12. “Lord Slug”

The group commented:

“This album is a testament to our band’s endurance. It is easily our most aggressive album to date, born and bred from the odd shift in the world that affected everyone. We have always used our music as an outlet, and no better time than when the world felt so much like an ENDLESS HALLWAY.”

Vocalist Schuylar Croom added:

“We had to push the vocal recording, because my stomach was failing due to my diabetes. It was so bad I couldn’t perform. It took a while to get back to some semblance of normal. Eventually, I hopped in the car and drove 10 hours to Nashville to record at Mitch Marlow’s place. I’m a different person now. The universe throws those things at you to make you stronger. That’s  personal growth.”

Croom also commented further via social media

“I’m grateful. Honestly. I love you all. I love my band. I’m so excited for these tunes to start gushing out. Thanks for everything guys. You’ve always been so loyal. I can’t wait to wake up to see what you all think about these jams. This album our most aggressive work bar none. I’m ready to rip some gigs with my besties. As the kids say these days… “Let’s go… no cap””

Morbikon (Municipal Waste, Finntroll) To Release Debut Album “Ov Mournful Twilight” In October

Morbikon, the project featuring Philip “Land Phil” Hall (Municipal Waste), Matthias “Vieth” Lillmåns (Finntroll), and Dave Witte (Municipal Waste), will be releasing their debut album, “Ov Mournful Twilight,” on October 28. Two tracks from the effort, “Cursed To March On Shattered Limbs” and “Universal Funeral,“ can be found below:

Firstborne (Megadeth, Ex-Lamb Of God) Premiere New Songs “Bad Things” And “One Of A Kind”

Firstborne (Megadeth, ex-Lamb Of God, etc.) have premiered two new songs, “Bad Things” and “One Of A Kind.” You can check those out below. Drummer Chris Adler commented:

“We’ve made good use of the time. For the next year plus we will be releasing a song a month, starting here and now with a one-two-punch. I’m thrilled to be in a creative partnership that can do just about anything. Feels like playing in ‘God Mode’ on Guitar / Band Hero. It’s a passion project and it’s fun for us to share. Dig in. Or don’t. See you next month!”

Guitarist Myrone added:

“No Labels, No Management, NO GODS, NO MASTERS!!!!”

Jeremy Spencer (Psycho Synner, Ex-Five Finger Death Punch) Launches New Death Metal Project Semi-Rotted

Jeremy Spencer (Psycho Synner, ex-Five Finger Death Punch) has launched a new death metal project called Semi-Rotted. The band have released a new EP, titled “Deader Than Dead,” and it can be streamed below. Notably, one track, “Torture Congregation,“ features Lorna Shore’s Will Ramos. Spencer said the following about that:

“I kept hearing Lorna Shore on Liquid Metal and on playlists. Will does really unique things with his voice. It’s amazing. When they were in Las Vegas, I went to the show, and I was blown away. We reached out, and Will sent back his vocal in like two days. He’s at the top of genre. It’s a killer collaboration.”

He also added the following about the EP:

“When you listen to this, I hope you have a fun and solid listening experience. It’s meant to listen to from start-to-finish. Enjoy each moment. It kicks your ass, grabs you, and doesn’t let you go.”

Sparta Premiere New Songs “Mind Over Matter“ & “Spiders“

Sparta, the band featuring Jim Ward (ex-At The Drive In), have shared two new songs including “Mind Over Matter“ (feat. Kayleigh Goldsworthy) and “Spiders“ (feat. Angelica Garcia). These tracks are from the group’s new self-titled album, which will be released on October 14. Ward said the following about “Mind Over Matter“:

“A spitfire of a riff that screamed hope and possibilities. The music directed the lyrics, and I wrote about anybody being able to do anything, hope grown from love — a direct call to myself to write about and sing about the good things in life. The extremely talented Kayleigh Goldsworthy added harmonies and sealed the vibe — one of my favorites from this album.”

“Sparta” Track Listing:

01. “Kill The Man, Eat The Man”
02. “It Goes”
03. “Three Rivers”
04. “Hello Rabbit”
05. “Slip Away”
06. “Just Wait”
07. “Until The Kingdom Comes”
08. “Mind Over Matter”
09. “Carry On”
10. “Dark Red Quicksand”
11. “Spiders”
12. “True To Form”

Sleeping With Sirens Premiere New Songs “Let You Down” & “Ctrl + Alt + Del”

Sleeping With Sirens have shared two new songs including “Let You Down” (feat. Charlotte Sands) and “Ctrl + Alt + Del.” These tracks are from the band’s new album “Complete Collapse,” which will be released on October 14. Vocalist Kellin Quinn commented:

“We’re really excited to share with you two songs we’re extremely proud of! One song features our dear friend and the amazingly talented Charlotte Sands the track is called ‘Let You Down‘! The other is a track that kicks ass and will be an absolute banger of an opener for future tours! We loved it so much that we named our tour after it! ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del‘. Enjoy! Let us know what track is your fav so far!”

Fugitive (Power Trip, Creeping Death, Etc.) Release Debut EP “Maniac”

Fugitive, the new project featuring guitarist Blake Ibanez (Power Trip), vocalist Seth Gilmore (Skourge), drummer Lincoln Mullins (Creeping Death), bassist Andy Messer (ANS, Stymie), and guitarist Victor Gutierrez (Impalers), have released a new EP titled “Maniac.” The effort features the following tracks:

01. “The Javelin”
02. “Maniac”
03. “Hell’s Half Acre”
04. “Neutralized”
05. “Raise The Dead” (Bathory cover)

Highly Suspect Premiere New Songs “New California” & “Ice Cold”

Highly Suspect have shared two new songs including “New California” and “Ice Cold.” These tracks are from the band’s new album “The Midnight Demon Club,” which will be released on September 9.

Sovereign Eagle (CKY, Ex-Kyuss, Etc.) Premiere New Songs “Caution To The Wind” & “Set You Free“

Sovereign Eagle (CKY, ex-Kyuss, etc.) have shared two new songs, “Caution To The Wind” and “Set You Free“ (feat. Greta Hotmer and Rick Tate). Both tracks are from the band’s self-titled debut album, which will be released on October 28.

“Sovereign Eagle” Track Listing:

01. “Cosmic Church”
02. “Caution To The Wind”
03. “Set You Free” (feat. Greta Hotmer & Rick Tate)
04. “No Time To Rest”
05. “Sovereign Eagle”
06. “If A Show Is What You Want” (feat. Per Wiberg)
07. “Driving Fast (But Taking It Slow)” (feat. Rick Tate)
08. “No Way Out Of Here” (feat. Danko Jones & Per Wiberg)

Bad Wolves Release “Sacred Kiss” EP

Bad Wolves have released a new EP titled “Sacred Kiss.” The cover art and track listing for that effort can be found below:

“Sacred Kiss” Track Listing:

01. “Sacred Kiss” (feat. Aaron Pauley of Of Mice & Men)
02. “Sacred Kiss” (acoustic version)
03. “Up In Smoke”
04. “The Body”

An official video for a new version of “Sacred Kiss” featuring Of Mice & Men’s Aaron Pauley can be found below. Drummer John Boecklin said the following about that:

“Stoked to have you all hear this collaboration with Aaron Pauley from Of Mice & Men. ‘Sacred Kiss‘ reflects on meeting someone that you quickly fall for and have a preconceived notion of who they are and what it could be, and then quickly realizing it is not what you expected. We made a killer video as well that plays on some of those themes. We had a lot of fun making it. Definitely, our favorite one we have made so far!”

Pauley added:

“I think the song absolutely rips, so I was stoked when the guys reached out to me about doing a new version of it. I really enjoyed recording the song, and had even more fun shooting the video with the guys!”