Wormrot Share New Video For “Grieve,” “Weeping Willow,” & “Voiceless Choir”

Wormrot have shared a new video for their new songs “Grieve,” “Weeping Willow,” and “Voiceless Choir.” Those tracks are from the band’s new album “Hiss,” which will be released on July 8.

The group said the following about “Weeping Willow”:

“‘Weeping Willow‘ tells the tale of a father who will do everything he can to protect his son, whether in this life or the next. The song introduces a new palette of sounds not often associated with grindcore, including nightmarish strings courtesy of 18-year old violinist Myra Choo, illustrating that Wormrot continue to push the boundaries of the genre with their most impressive offering to date.”

They also added the following about the video:

“Combining three songs to tell a single continuous story, this trilogy portrays the unnamed protagonist’s vengeance on the corrupt cops who plotted the murder of her lover. We pay tribute to ’70s Japanese crime movies and two of Singapore’s own TV series ‘Triple 9‘ and ‘Crimewatch‘ which we grew up watching.”

Norma Jean’s Cory Brandan And His Brother Launch New Project orphantwin

Norma Jean’s Cory Brandan Putman has joined forces with his brother Matthew Putman for a new project called orphantwin. The band’s debut album, “Future Classic,” will be released on June 3. Two tracks from the effort, “Deathsurf” and “Headphones Or Die,“ can be found below:

Matthew said the following about “Deathsurf”:

“‘Deathsurf‘ was the song that birthed orphantwin. Cory and I started experimenting in the studio, writing shorter, hyper-focused songs based on the music we grew up with, filtered through the lens of our current songwriting and production aesthetic. ‘Deathsurf‘ draws inspiration from bands like Angel Hair, Voivod, Burned Up Bled Dry, and Slayer.”

Cory continued:

“I had an incredibly vivid dream a few years ago. I saw a giant wave rising up over the tree line. I saw myself trying to get everyone inside before it reached us, I looked over again and I saw a much larger second wave behind the first. It covered the sky, and when it crashed, it consumed everything in its path.

orphantwin is a studio project with my brother, Matthew. We talk about everything, but especially the ways our brains process things and how our lives together are a wealth of inspiration. We wrote some songs about cataclysmic waves, and we wrote some songs about how, in hindsight, I should have surfed that shit.”

They also commented on the project as a whole:

“orphantwin at its heart is a studio project. Using the studio as an instrument allows us the freedom to take a 2-piece garage band and fill the gaps with sampling, sound design, copying, pasting, stretching audio, finding sounds we want from the space around us, and piling it on. Garage pop.”

Cory added:

“This is a brothers project. Matthew and I look alike. Our voices and mannerisms are very similar. We’re only a year apart in age, so people have always referred to us as twins. orphantwin is the idea your reflection is a twin of you in another world. It’s about brothers.”

Perry Farrell On The Possibility Of New Jane’s Addiction Music: “I Would Love To See Us Record A Couple Of Tracks This Year”

During an interview with Consequence, Jane’s Addiction singer Perry Farrell was asked about the possibility of new music from the band. He responded with the following:

“With Jane’s Addiction, timelines … well, you never know. But what I would love to see … I would love to see us record a couple of tracks this year. Even if it’s two or three tracks … two tracks, I feel two is nice. I think people can take two, like two aspirin [laughs].”

He continued when asked about touring plans:

“We do have ambitions to hit the road this year, so it won’t be long before you’ll know if those ambitions have come to fruition.”

TesseracT Release Two-Track Single “Regrowth” To Raise Money For Ukraine

TesseracT have released a new two-track single, titled “Regrowth,” in an effort to raise money for the Disasters Emergency Committee to benefit Ukraine. The effort, which features “Hollow” and “Rebirth,“ can be purchased HERE.

The band commented:

“‘Once the doom is dead and gone there will be a regrowth. Hollow. But, reborn.’

These songs have been in the TesseracT domain for a while. We had developed them for album 5, but they just weren’t the right fit for where that album has headed. Rather than have them slowly decay on a server somewhere, we felt they could do something good, no matter how small?

Many organisations are doing good at the moment. Médecin Sans Frontières, Amnesty International, and World United. We chose to help The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) in their drive to aid those in Ukraine affected by the invasion by Russia, and warzones around the world.

Our last headline tour visited Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv. We have travelled the roads currently under attack, but cannot begin to imagine the change they have undergone.”

Watch Wormrot Perform New Songs “Behind Closed Doors” And “When Talking Fails, It’s Time For Violence“ At Snakeweed Studios

Wormrot recently performed two new songs, titled “Behind Closed Doors” and “When Talking Fails, It’s Time For Violence,“ live at Snakeweed Studios in Singapore. You can see footage of that below. Both tracks are from the band’s new album “Hiss,“ which will be released on July 8.

Beartooth Release Deluxe Edition Of “Below”

Beartooth have released a deluxe edition of their latest album “Below.“ The expanded version of the effort features 32 songs including the original album tracks, three bonus tracks, and 17 live tracks from the band’s July 2021 livestream show at the Clyde Theatre in Fort Wayne, IN.

“Below” Deluxe Edition Track Listing:

Disc 1:

01. “Below”
02. “Devastation”
03. “The Past Is Dead”
04. “Fed Up”
05. “Dominate”
06. “No Return”
07. “Phantom Pain”
08. “Skin”
09. “Hell Of It”
10. “I Won’t Give It Up”
11. “The Answer”
12. “The Last Riff”
13. “Skin” (“Alternate Universe” Version)
14. “Fighting Back”
15. “Permanently Sealed”

Disc 2:

01. “Below” (Live from “The Journey Below”)
02. “Devastation” (Live from “The Journey Below”)
03. “Hated” (Live from “The Journey Below”)
04. “Sick of Me” (Live from “The Journey Below”)
05. “Fed Up” (Live from “The Journey Below”)
06. “Dominate” (Live from “The Journey Below”)
07. “The Lines” (Live from “The Journey Below”)
08. “Beaten In Lips” (Live from “The Journey Below”)
09. “Body Bag” (Live from “The Journey Below”)
10. “Hell Of It” (Live from “The Journey Below”)
11. “Skin” (Live from “The Journey Below”)
12. “You Never Know” (Live from “The Journey Below”)
13. “Bad Listener” (Live from “The Journey Below”)
14. “Disease” (Live from “The Journey Below”)
15. “In Between” (Live from “The Journey Below”)
16. “The Past Is Dead” (Live from “The Journey Below”)
17. “The Last Riff” (Live from “The Journey Below”)

The three bonus tracks, “Fighting Back,” “Permanently Sealed,” and an alternate version of “Skin,” can be found below. Caleb Shomo said the following about those:

“‘Fighting Back‘ and ‘Permanently Sealed‘ are undoubtedly experimental songs for Beartooth. I really tried to push the boundaries of what I’m doing with guitar, what I’m doing with my voice, and what I’m doing with the songwriting. The outcome may not have made the first cut of the album, but I think they’re definitely worth hearing and play a big role in how the record ended up turning out.”

I think it can be really easy to get lost in taking yourself too seriously. And ‘Skin (Alternate Universe)‘ is ultimately about having fun. I really wanted to take a song that was incredibly dark and put a really light twist on it and do something that Beartooth would never normally do, totally focused towards our diehard fans that have been with us and could use something a little bit lighter.”

Crosses (†††) Release New Songs “Initiation” & “Protection”

Crosses (†††), the project featuring Chino Moreno (Deftones), Shaun Lopez (Far), and Chuck Doom, have released two new songs, “Initiation” and “Protection.” You can find a music video for “Initiation” and a visualizer for “Protection” below. Both tracks are also available on 10 inch vinyl. You can find that record HERE.

Velositor (Sinsaenum, Ex-Chimaira, Etc.) To Release New EP “Genesis” In March

Velositor (Sinsaenum, ex-Chimaira, etc.) will be releasing a new EP, titled “Genesis,” on March 11. The effort will feature five tracks including: “The Core,” “On My Own,” “Endless Ocean,” “Horizons,” and “Genesis.” You can find videos for “The Core” and “Endless Ocean” below: