Unto Others Release “I Believe In Halloween” EP

Unto Others have released a new EP titled “I Believe In Halloween.” The effort features two new songs including “Out In The Graveyard” and “Dalmation.“ The band said the following about the new tracks:

“In “Out In The Graveyard” a young man dances with death during an unfortunate walk through the local cemetery, and finds out it is a very thin line indeed between reality and dream, dream and nightmare. The carnival’s in satan’s garden.

“Dalmatian“, presents us with a familiar character, mans best friend. Although he is not all that he seems. A son of privilege is compelled to murder under the dark command of a devilish dog, pushing us to ask ourselves, who is the servant, and who is the master? Listener beware…”

Suicide Silence Plan To Release Two New Singles In Early 2022

During a recent interview with KCAL 96.7’s Radioactive Mike Z, Suicide Silence’s Chris Garza revealed that the band are working on two new singles. The tracks are expected to be released early next year.

Garza said the following:

“We’re doing two singles just about now, but it’s going to be a record eventually. [We’re working with] Taylor Young. He’s a producer out of the Valley. He’s done Nails and Twitching Tongues, very heavy stuff. He’s from Connecticut but moved down here when he was 16 and joined a band called Crematorium back in the day when we were playing together at a showcase.”

“We’re all very focused. We’ve not been in the same room like this for the past 15 years. It’s taken us a long time for us to get to where we are now. We’re a band. We write music in the same room and we don’t have a laptop in front of us. Throughout pandemics and tragedies, money disappearing, girlfriends, wives, we still go here and get in a same room and do music together as a band. I can say straight up, we’re the only band in our genre that does that, and that’s not a good thing either.”

“We’re all in a good headspace and I’m curious what the outcome is and I’m really stoked to hear it and I’m stoked for our fans to hear it. It’s Suicide Silence being Suicide Silence more than ever.”

[via Loudwire]

Knocked Loose Release New EP And Short Film “A Tear In The Fabric Of Life”

Knocked Loose have digitally released a new EP and short film called “A Tear In The Fabric Of Life. You can check that out below. Physical copies will also be available on December 6.

“A Tear In The Fabric Of Life” Track Listing:

01. “Where Light Divides The Holler”
02. “God Knows”
03. “Forced To Stay”
04. “Contorted In The Faille”
05. “Return To Passion”
06. “Permanent”

Frontman Bryan Garris commented:

“It’s a story about extreme grief and the levels a person is willing to go through to get rid of it. The story follows a main character through a traumatic car crash late one night in the woods that leaves his partner deceased, and from there you spiral with him into the depression and guilt that comes with being the cause of something so detrimental. This is the first time we really dove in and tried to create something sonically that evokes a different range of emotions and over all something that introduces tension and anxiety with a massive pay off.

The story is told not only through words but through the music as well, which proved to be our biggest challenge in writing. Lyrically this story ended up being much more personal than we initially intended. We started with the idea to tell a fictional story but throughout the process, I found ways to incorporate real feelings of loss and mourning, as well as anger and self doubt.

I’ve always been a very personal writer and this was originally a step away from that, into something more artistic. But in the end, it was just as therapeutic as writing a regular Knocked Loose record, and I think you’ll be able to hear that.”

Director/animator Magnus Jonsson added:

“I always want to create something that complements the music, works within its structures and hopefully enriches the experience for the audience. With a longer format around 21 minutes, covering 6 tracks, I knew this dark ghost story was a very interesting challenge to explore in animation. I took the story presented in the songs and anchored that into a visual world.

I wanted to create an intense nightmare, focusing on the emotional states of Bryan’s main character. I created visuals that bring the audience deeper into this story of a spiraling descent into horror and destructive madness — Taking a minimalistic and sometimes even abstract approach to many parts of the image making, creating unease and an eerie atmosphere.”

AngelMaker Release New EP “Twilight”

AngelMaker have released a new EP titled “Twilight.” The effort features two new songs including “Vengeance” and “The Great Grey Flame.” You can find a music video for “Vengeance” and a stream of “The Great Grey Flame” below. Mike Greenwood said the following about “Vengeance”:

“Going back the the roots of deathcore we present ‘Vengeance‘. We wrote this song as an homage to the bands and songs that got us into deathcore nearly 15 years ago. It’s got all the Old-school vibes; riffs, melody, and brutal breakdowns.”

Lordi Premiere New Songs “Abracadaver” And “Beast Of Both Worlds”

Lordi have premiered two new songs, “Abracadaver” and “Beast Of Both Worlds.” These tracks are from the band’s new album “Abracadaver,” which will be released alongside six more new albums, “Skelectric Dinosaur,” “SuperFlyTrap,” “The Masterbeast From The Moon,” “Abusement Park,” “Humanimals,” and “Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular,” on November 26. All seven records will be available as part of a box set called “Lordiversity.”

Fuming Mouth Release New Single “They Take What They Please”

Fuming Mouth have released a new two-track single titled “They Take What They Please.” The effort includes the new title track and “Devolve.” The latter song was previously released as part of Decibel Magazine’s flexi disc series. Mark Whelan commented:

“‘They Take What They Please‘ is influenced by the one and only ‘Orgasmatron‘ by Motörhead. A song that has been a staple for Fuming Mouth since we started, especially Sepultura‘s cover of it. I’ve always wanted to do a song like this that stepped outside of our normal sound and could stand on its own. We accompanied it with ‘Devolve‘, a one-two punch song that hits fast then hard. Both songs are accompanied by a Necromaniac Zine illustration, one of the most putrid artists in death metal.”

Invent Animate Premiere “The Sun Sleeps, As If It Never Was” Music Video

Invent Animate have premiered a new double feature music video featuring the songs from their newly released EP “The Sun Sleeps, As If It Never Was.“ You can watch that below:

Drummer Trey Celaya commented:

“‘The Sun Sleeps, As If It Never Was‘ is a story of two interconnected perspectives of addiction, the afflicted, and the innocent. The afflicted is increasingly consumed by his vices, distracted, and secretive, and ultimately distorts his connection with his loved one, leaving only fractured memories in place of the love they once had.

These lyrics are based on a true story surrounding my family’s history with addiction, and with these songs, I wanted to bring to light how subtle the signs are and how severe the damage can be when these dark secrets stay buried. The importance of perspective has been my biggest takeaway from all of this turmoil, and sadly, most addicts fall into addiction with a spirit of naivety, thinking it will cost them nothing.

If you are the afflicted, consider the cost of losing everything you love and hold dear. If you are the innocent, consider the cost of enabling your loved ones. It is not loving, and it is not too late for recovery.”

Scarecrow (Death Angel, Exhumed, Etc.) Release New EP “Raise The Death’s Head”

Scarecrow (Death Angel, Exhumed, etc.) have digitally released a new EP titled “Raise The Death’s Head.” Physical copies of the effort will also be available on November 5. The EP, which can be streamed below, features the following songs: “Raise The Death’s Head,” “Desperate Hours,” and “Victory?.” Drummer Will Carroll commented:

“When Matt [Harvey] hit me up about reactivating Scarecrow I was thrilled. We worked our asses off the first time around but never had a proper recording to show for it. It always felt like there was unfinished business. So I’m stoked for these songs finally seeing the light of day. In a way Scarecrow led me directly into joining Death Angel and now everything has come full circle. I hope you enjoy this ep and there’s certainly more to come…”

Ignite Announce New Vocalist, Release New EP “Anti-Complicity”

Ignite have officially welcomed Eli Santana (Holy Grail, Huntress) to the band as their new vocalist. With this news, the band have also released a new EP titled “Anti-Complicity.” That effort features two songs including the title track and “Turn XXI.” A music video for “Anti-Complicity” can be found below. Bassist Brett Rasmussen said the following about recruiting Santana:

“The energy and positivity that Eli brought to the recording studio was contagious! It was an absolute breath of fresh air for all of us and reminded me of the early days of Ignite. I really can´t wait to take these songs on tour.”

Drummer Craig Anderson also commented on the new music video:

“Filming the video for ‘Anti-Complicity Anthem‘ gave us just a small taste of how fun it is going to be to play that song live and in front of people. It´s been a while since any of us have played music in front of a crowd and we can´t wait to get back on the road.”