Heaven’s Gate (Cannibal Corpse, Municipal Waste, Etc.) Release Debut EP

Heaven’s Gate (Cannibal Corpse, Municipal Waste, etc.) have officially released their self-titled debut EP. The effort features the following tracks:

01. “Smear Crusade”
02. “Cinder Woman”
03. “Into the Sinkhole”
04. “Jerusalem Syndrome”
05. “Skyway”

Acid King To Release New Album “Beyond Vision” In March

Acid King have announced that their new album, “Beyond Vision,” will be released on March 24. With this news, the band have also shared a double music video for “Destination Psych” and “Beyond Vision.”

“Beyond Vision” Track Listing:

01. “One Light Second Away”
02. “Mind’s Eye”
03. “90 Seconds”
04. “Electro Magnetic”
05. “Destination Psych”
06. “Beyond Vision”
07. “Color Trails”

Guitarist/vocalist Lorie S. commented:

“The band was never really that psychedelic, but this is definitely more trippy because we’ve got keyboards and synthesizers. That’s something we’ve never had before on Acid King records. The songs really have no beginning or end — they all just flow into each other. It’s meant to be listened to as one piece. The whole point was to have the listener feel like they’re on a journey. If you put headphones on, it’ll take you to whatever places you’d like to go to.”

“The record is based on the journey of life. Jason [Landrian] and I were having these heavy pandemic conversations at the practice space for two years, talking about all the stuff you go through being in bands, touring, your relationships in life, all that stuff. You think this trip is supposed to go one way, but it goes in very different ways that you can never imagine.”

Periphery Premiere New Songs “Wildfire” And “Zagreus”

Periphery have shared two new songs including “Wildfire” (feat. Shining’s Jørgen Munkeby) and “Zagreus.” These tracks are from the band’s new album “Periphery V: Djent Is Not A Genre,” which will be released on March 10.

“Periphery V: Djent is Not A Genre” Track Listing:

01. “Wildfire”
02. “Atropos”
03. “Wax Wings”
04. “Everything Is Fine!”
05. “Silhouette”
06. “Dying Star”
07. “Zagreus”
08. “Dracul Gras”
09. “Thanks Nobuo”

Mark Holcomb commented:

“We spent more time on Periphery V than any other release in our history. We challenged and pushed ourselves harder, and along the way we grew even closer as a band. We are so proud of the final results! I also wanted to mention how exceedingly grateful we are to our fans for being so patient in waiting for this record. We wanted to show our appreciation by giving you two songs today instead of one. We have a very busy 2023 and 2024 planned so we’ll see you on the road!”

Misha Mansoor added:

“I’m really proud of the material and it was certainly a labor of love and a tough album to make. The feeling that we were going to have to give up because it kept taking so long was so overwhelming at times, that to not just overcome it, but to feel so proud of this album has really galvanized us as a band in a way that I don’t think any other experience could have.”

Fredlös To Release Debut Self-Titled Album In February

Fredlös, the band featuring Entombed guitarist Alex Hellid, will be releasing their self-titled debut album on February 10, Two songs from the effort, “Farsot” and “Våt Varm Jord,” can be found below:

“Fredlös” Track Listing:

01. “Våt Varm Jord”
02. “Otto”
03. “Farsot”
04. “Missväxt”
05. “Fredlös”
06. “Uppror”
07. “Undergång”
08. “Deus”
09. “Requiem”

Rob Arnold (Chimaira) Streaming New Songs “Brontosaurus” And “Ghost Roaster”

Chimaira’s Rob Arnold will be releasing a new album, titled “Magnitude,” on December 9. The guitarist recorded the effort with ex-Chimaira drummer Andols Herrick and two songs from it, “Brontosaurus” and “Ghost Roaster,” can be streamed below:

Mercyful Fate To Release Two New Songs Ahead Of Full-Length Album

During a recent interview with The Metal Voice, Metal Blade Records’ Brian Slagel shared some insight into Mercyful Fate’s current plans. According to him, the band will be releasing two new songs before releasing a new album.

Slagel said the following:

“So here are the plans. So there’s two [new] songs, one of which you know they’re playing a new song in the set [‘The Jackal Of Salzburg’] now [on tour], which was supposed to be out prior to all of this, but everything’s delayed.

So the first thing is, as soon as this [current fall 2022 U.S.] tour is done, they’re gonna finish up that song. It’s mostly recorded, and they’re gonna finish that up and we’re gonna put that out to the digital people on the Internet. So you’ll be able to stream that — I don’t know — some time in the next few months. So there’s that.

They have another song they’ve written that’s also gonna be out there as well, so there’ll be two MERCYFUL FATE songs out there. We’ll probably do some sort of vinyl thing with the two tracks as well.

Then we’ll have a KING DIAMOND album following that. And then we’ll go back to kind of the way we did it in the ’90s where the next record will be full MERCYFUL FATE album.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Void Of Vision Surprise Release New EP “Chronicles III: Underworld”

Void Of Vision have surprise released a new EP titled “Chronicles III: Underworld.” The effort features three songs including: “HELL HELL HELL,” “ASMR,” and “NEUE SICHT.”

Vocalist Jack Bergin previously said the following about “HELL HELL HELL”:

“‘Hell Hell Hell‘ is a brand new world of Void Of Vision that has definitely been hinted at or given a nod in previous work. But this is where we truly get to showcase our own raw and explicit take on it. It’s been so insanely fulfilling to create, feeling so foreign yet strangely just as much at home within our discography alongside all our other works.”

He has since commented on “ASMR” as well:

“This track out of everything was funnily enough the first song we wrote for the whole Chronicles series during the pandemic and a piece of work we kept left aside to save for the final chapter. I’m fairly sure the vocal demo was the first thing I tracked on my laptop for this whole project.

The simplicity of ‘ASMR‘ never once changed from there, we wanted to keep it extremely stripped back and open and build to a big finish. Yet in the final moments with the track in the studio, we decided to change up the finale completely, going against what was initially a much more ‘traditional’ VOV-sounding finish, and opting to challenge ourselves to really bring it home and cement this new experimental sound of ours.

We took influences from a large culmination of favourites from the past few years including The Presets, Chanel Tres, and Nine Inch Nails and put it all together in a big fucked up blender together.”

He Is Legend Premiere New Songs “Honey From The Hive” And “Sour”

He Is Legend have released two new songs, “Honey From The Hive” and “Sour.” You can find a video for “Honey From The Hive” and a stream of “Sour” below. Both tracks are from the band’s new album “Endless Hallway,” which will be released on November 11. The group commented:

“‘Honey From The Hive‘ continues to showcase the onslaught of sonic power we have created on ‘Endless Hallway‘. It’s a tune that feels familiar and new at the same time, with more twists and turns than a Stephen King book. As for ‘Sour‘, it’s probably one of the more palatable tunes from the ‘Hallway‘, yet it still has that arena rock, rallying cry sound that we always push ourselves to deliver.”

Deadbody (Twitching Tongues, Despise You, Etc.) Announce Debut Album “The Requiem”

Deadbody (Twitching Tongues, Despise You, etc.) will be releasing their debut album, “The Requiem,” on October 28. Two songs from the effort, “Without Honor” and “Joy Of Torture,“ can be found below:

“The Requiem” Track Listing:

01. “Tempered By Mercy”
02. “Without Honor”
03. “Wound Eternal”
04. “Joy Of Torture”
05. “)}][{(”
06. “Horrors Of The Malformed”
07. “The Requiem”
08. “Dead Body”

Taylor Young (Twitching Tongues, God’s Hate) commented:

“The idea of the album is the death and mourning of not only an era, but the ego. Regardless of your output, status, goals, failures, or otherwise, the last thing you do is rot or burn. You can’t take any of it with you, so there’s no point in getting hung up on petty details. It sounds bleak, but it’s also meant to be freeing. Let go and move forward.”