Devin Townsend To Release “Empath – The Ultimate Edition” In June

Devin Townsend will be releasing an “Ultimate Edition” of “Empath” on June 5. The effort will be available as a 2-CD/2-Blu-ray set and it can be pre-ordered HERE.

The following was said about the set:

“This comprehensive version of 2019’s acclaimed album contains the original record and bonus disc across 2 CD’s, plus 2 Blu-Ray discs. The first blu-ray contains the 5.1 Surround Sound mix by Devin, with visuals for the full record, plus a stereo visualiser. The second blu-ray contains a raft of bonus material, including ‘Acoustically Inclined – Live in Leeds’, a recording from his April 2019 acoustic tour where he performed tracks including ‘Love?’, ‘Deadhead’, ‘Thing Beyond Things’ & more.

It also features the full Empath Documentary, a ‘Genesis 5.1 Mixing Lesson’, a full album commentary & more. The four discs sit inside a beautiful art-book that contains new liner notes and images from the making of the album.”

Townsend also had the following to say about the new 5.1 surround sound mix:

“On a technical level, I guess I have always been dissatisfied with the basic ‘stereo’ format in which the type of music I make gets presented in. Whether its headphones, computer speakers, stereos (or basically anything currently), I have had to figure out ways to get the work to function through TWO speakers.

I hear things in a particularly orchestrated way, and with the amount of information that typically gets recorded per song, the result has been the dubious ‘wall of sound’ that I keep ending up with. But my intention has never been to make an oppressive experience, but rather something that is immersive and vast.

Making it work in two speakers just simply doesn’t quite work for the vision. Although I’ve managed to get the point across, (to varying degrees), things always have to compromise to make it all fit. Making the drums speak at the same time as orchestra, cymbals, guitars, choirs, synths etc.…all with my voice on top, ends up with every conceivable frequency fighting for breathing space between those two speakers.

Therefore, I asked the powers that be in my business world, to tolerate one more ‘kick at the can’ when it came to Empath. I wanted to attempt a surround mix and follow the original vision of it being an immersive, multimedia experience for people in the ways I could best achieve at this stage. And although it’s still pretty ‘dense’, with four more sources for the sound to come from, I feel its significantly closer to the original vision here.”

In other news, Townsend has also shared a Casualties Of Cool live recording as part of his “Quarantine Project.” He said the following about that:

“Hey all, so things are a little crazy over the next few days, Im working on some mixes and doing the streams, but Ive got a lot that has come up on a personal side. Therefore, today is not a new song, but instead of live recording.

Heres a little oddity I unearthed recently from when Che and I played a few Casualties Of Cool songs for the people at Warwick and Framus guitars in their booth at Namm 2018.

Its maybe a little rough around the edges, but its still a cool vibe. At this point we were playing to the reel to reel machines without a band, doing a demo for some gear. They had filmed it, but that footage seems nowhere to be found, so heres just the audio. We played ‘Daddy’ and ‘The Code’

If you haven’t heard the record, I would suggest trying to find it online or something? Its really good. The album came out in 2014 I think, and since that time we’ve written…well… one song. =) I like this project because its grimy, strange, and without pressure. Maybe when this virus takes a breather, we can try to write a few more…

Till then, enjoy todays Quarantine Project, and Ill see you tomorrow with some more goodies.


Devin Townsend Shares New Mix Of “A New Reign”

Devin Townsend has shared a new mix of his track “A New Reign” as part of his “Quarantine Project.” The original version of the song appears on the frontman’s 2014 album “Z2: Sky Blue.“

Townsend commented:

“Heyo, Dev here again…hope you’re holding fast. This week starts with a song that was originally on the Sky Blue album, yet I was dissatisfied with the original mix back then, so I did a new mix of it on Twitch the other day. Here it is.

The song deals with loss. Mourning. It was written during a period of loss of some people in my world and a few close around me as well. Getting down to the intensity of it that I felt we missed the first time around was cathartic.

Another week ahead of us that is worth fighting for. Love to you and yours, stay strong.

Dev =)”

Devin Townsend Shares New Track “Heavy Factions”

Devin Townsend has shared a new track called “Heavy Factions” as part of his “Quarantine Project.” This latest song features Wes Hauch (ex-The Faceless, etc.), Liam Wilson (Azusa, ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan), and Samus Paulicelli (Decrepit Birth). Townsend commented

“Heres a heavier demo idea. I recorded the drums with Samus during the Empath sessions. Liam plays bass and Wes does a ripping solo. Its all about balance I guess, sometimes chill, sometimes frantic. This would be ‘frantic’ =) I hope you have a good weekend. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones. Dont let the stress get you down, try to write some music or make some art maybe this weekend? …or cookies? They’re good too…“

Devin Townsend Shares “Call Of The Void”

Devin Townsend has shared a new track called “Call Of The Void” as part of his “Quarantine Project.” This latest piece of music is inspired by All India Radio‘s “Can You Hear The Sound.“

Townsend commented:

“So this song is a favorite of mine. And theres a bit of a story to it as well:

I had been suggested the album ‘The Slow Light’ on Spotify by an artist I had never heard of called ‘All India Radio’, and it became one of my favorite albums I had heard in ages. I just absolutely fell in love with it, and in particular, a song called ‘Can You Hear The Sound’ which defined a whole piece of the year it came out for me.

When I left DTP, I went to Sweden to just clear my head and spend some time with friends, and during which, I learned the chords and structure to ‘Can You Hear The Sound’ and began jamming it with Morgan. It ended up being a lovely moment in time for me which I then mixed with Mattias at his house while he laid down some cool melodies.

I contacted Martin (All India Radio) on Twitter this week and asked if he would mind if I released this for the Quarantine Project and he agreed, so I made a quick video for it and I hope you like it. the term ‘Call Of The Void’ was one that I heard referring to that sensation when your driving beside a cliff and have a strange fear that at any moment you may just hurl yourself over.

Please listen to ‘The Slow Light’ by All India Radio and hear the original song I took this inspiration from. The structure is verbatim for the most part, and I thank Martin for writing such a lovely song and such a meaningful record to me.

Thank you for being cool enough to let me share this tribute to his song. It was really an important piece of music in my life. Can You Hear The Sound:

Some days are harder than others, I had a rough one yesterday, but we’re still holding on. Be well my friends, I wish you love and peace.


Devin Townsend Shares New Track “Honeybunch”

Devin Townsend has shared a new demo track titled “Honeybunch.” The song serves as the sixth installment in his “Quarantine Project.”

Townsend commented:

“Hey there folks =) Another day, another Quarantine Project demo!

This one I’ve been mixing on the Twitch stream over the past few days, it’s called ‘Honeybunch’ and is a melodic little oddity that gets stuck in my head.

A fortunate side effect of this Quarantine is that a lot of friends of mine are cooped up too, so for this, my buddy Che Aimee Dorval sang her parts in her living room at the same time as drummer Federico Paulovich recorded his drums in his =) Fortuitous! …both of those artists are exceptionally talented.

Wayne Joyner offered to make a cool little video too, (which I added a few dumb faces too) and I think its kind of a decent little song. Thanks everyone involved =)

I hope you enjoy, and I wish you all strength during this trying time. I’ll be doing a Twitch stream at noon if you’re up for a guitar lesson

Your virtual friend, Dev.”

Devin Townsend Shares New Track “Stampys Blaster”

Devin Townsend has shared a new track called “Stampys Blaster” as part of his “Quarantine Project.” This latest piece of music features drums from Samus Paulicelli (Decrepit Birth). Townsend commented:

“Good day! So here we are at the start of another week that will undoubtedly be challenging and difficult to navigate. So to provide some energy for our workload here’s Quarantine Project part 5: Stampys Blaster! (If you watched the Twitch stream yesterday, you’ll know that Stampy is the name of the elephant that came up during the mix =) ‘I love you all, May your heart be filled by grace, let your hearts be filled with love’”