Steve Vai Announces Spring European Tour

Steve Vai has announced a spring European tour. He will be touring in support of his latest album “Inviolate.”

Tour Dates:

03/24 Lisbon, Portugal – CCB
03/26 Porto, Portugal – Casa da Musica
03/27 Malaga, Spain – Teatro Cervantes
03/29 Huelva, Spain – Gran Teatro de Huelva
03/31 Madrid, Spain – La Riviera
04/01 Bilbao, Spain – Santana 27 – Sala Gold
04/02 Barcelona, Spain – Sala Parallel 62
04/04 Vigo, Spain – Auditorio Mar de Vigo
04/05 Gijón, Spain – Audiotorio de La Universidad Laboral
04/07 Milan, Italy – Teatro Dal Verme
04/08 Jesolo (Venezia), Italy – PalaInvent
04/11 Munich, Germany – Technikum
04/12 Budapest, Hungary – Akvarium Klub
04/13 Zagreb, Croatia – Culture Factory
04/14 Bratislava, Slovakia – Refinery Gallery
04/18 Ankara, Turkey – Congresium Ankara
04/19 Istanbul, Turkey – VW Arena
04/21 Thessaloniki, Greece – Principal Club
04/22 Athens, Greece – Fuzz Live Music Club
04/24 Bucharest, Romania – Sala Mare (The Great Hall)
04/25 Sofia, Bulgaria – NDK Hall 3
04/26 Skopje, N. Macedonia – SRC Kale
04/27 Belgrade, Serbia – MTS dvorana
04/28 Brno, Czech Republic – Semilasso
04/29 Prague, Czech Republic – Lucerna Music Bar
05/01 Wroclaw, Poland – Majowka Festival – Hala Stulecia
05/02 Krakow, Poland – ICE
05/03 Lublin, Poland – CSK
05/05 Riga, Latvia – Palladium
05/06 Tallinn, Estonia – Noblessner Foundry
05/07 Helsinki, Finland – House of Culture

Steve Vai Reunited With Stolen “Swiss Cheese” Guitar

Steve Vai’s “Swiss Cheese” guitar has finally been returned to him after being stolen over 36 years ago. The instrument was found inside an attic in Tijuana, Mexico.

Vai commented:

“Reunited, and it feels so good. Oddly enough, after going missing 36 & a half years ago, my custom Joe Despagni “Swiss Cheese” guitar was finally returned to me. This guitar was custom built for me by Joe Despagni. Joe was my best friend in life growing up & he made me some of the wildest guitars I ever laid my fingers on such as the Flame guitar, the Lightning Bolt, this Swiss Cheese guitar, ZNG ZNG & his final piece that he made for me before he passed away, Theadolite. He worked with his brother Rob on many of these guitars.

I used “Swiss Cheese” in the original Yankee Rose video while I was with David Lee Roth, and stretched it out in rehearsals & was planning on touring with it, but this guitar, along with 3 others, was stolen in Pasadena CA at Perkins Palace during rehearsals for the Eat Em and Smile tour. It is officially the first guitar to receive a “monkey” grip” handle, and the first one Joe made with a handle at my request.

The guitar was discovered by young @byivan997 in the attic of his grandparents home in Tijuana, Mexico not too long ago. It seems the people that lived in his grandparents house before them purchased the guitar somewhere along the way & it was just stuck in the attic only to be discovered recently when they were reorganizing things.

When Ivan discovered this guitar, he posted some images online & they came on the trusty radar of our very own Mike Mesker. Mike is THE authority on the history & specifics of all my guitars. Mike started reaching out to Ivan & after some time he was able to arrange a drop off where Ivan was met by Mike, Doug MacArthur & myself. Thanks to Mike for his solid vigilance in bringing this guitar home.

The condition of the guitar when I saw it was a shocker. It’s as if it was put in the case & never played for 36 years. The colors are still vibrant and the neck is in great shape.

Thank you Ivan for your kind consideration and for reuniting me with this piece of my history. Receiving this guitar feels like an old friend has returned home after so many years to jam with me. I believe that we will make a wonderful Ham and Swiss sandwich together.”

Steve Vai Premieres “In The Wind” Music Video

Steve Vai has premiered a new video for his song “In The Wind.” This track is from the guitarist’s collaborative album with late singer Johnny “Gash” Sombrotto, “Vai/Gash,” which will be released on January 27 (vinyl out February 24). Vai said the following about that effort:

“This record was written and recorded in somewhat of a stream of consciousness in 1991 within perhaps a two-week period as an answer to my desire to have a particular kind of music to listen to when I was riding my Harley-Davidson motorcycle with my friends. It’s reminiscent of a certain type of rock music I enjoyed as a teenager in the 1970s. These recordings sat on the shelf for over 30 years and are being released now in 2023.”

Watch New Documentary On Steve Vai’s First 30 Years

Filmmaker Alan Berry has released a new documentary focusing on Steve Vai’s first 30 years. You can check that out below. The following was said about the film:

“This is the first documentary covering Steve Vai’s life from 1960 to 1990. (Co-written by Steve Vai). The documentary has hundreds of Vai-centric facts and stories that even the most ardent fan will not have known. Complete with a Vai’esque quirky sense of humor, the video covers Vai’s life growing up, attending Berklee College, playing with several artists like Frank Zappa, Alcatrazz, the David Lee Roth band, and Whitesnake, the recording of both his solo albums Flex-Able and Passion and Warfare, plus Vai’s role in the movie Crossroads, and how he helped create the JEM guitar.”

Steve Vai Premieres “Teeth Of The Hydra” Music Video

Steve Vai has premiered a new video for his song “Teeth Of The Hydra.” This track is from his latest album “Inviolate.”

Vai commented:

“The idea for this guitar and track came to me roughly seven years ago. I envisioned composing and performing a piece of music on a multi-neck instrument where all of the sound emanated from that one creation with the exception of some keyboards and drums. I sent my ideas to Ibanez, and their builders delivered this astonishing wooden creature. I was stunned. It was awesome. When I first laid eyes on it, I named it the Hydra, and instantly knew the name of the song would be ‘Teeth Of The Hydra’.

A Hydra is a dragon-like creature from Greek mythology possessing various heads. For every head chopped off, two would grow in its place. I then set out to write a piece of music that utilized all the features of the Hydra, but could also stand on its own as an enjoyable composition with a sultry melody and heavy dynamics. When I finally sat with the Hydra and started to contemplate writing this piece and how I was to navigate the instrument in a seamless way, for a moment it seemed impossible. I just started slowly, and it all began to unfold very naturally.

Things that can seem impossible don’t seem so impossible once you just start doing them. Every new discovery and accomplishment were treated as a joyous victory, even if it only involved figuring out one bar of music. The overall inner vision was the guide through the process, but with every accomplishment, the process became more and more addictive. I became immersed in the splendors of the Hydra. It was a meditative experience, and on the day that it all finally clicked, performing the song felt like stillness in motion — that’s when the performance becomes virtually effortless, and the freedom of present-moment expression has you feeling as if your feet are about a foot off the ground. The exhilaration can be overwhelming at times. I’m very happy with the way the video came out, and having BJ McDonnell as director, along with his amazing crew, was vital. Enjoy!”

Steve Vai Announces European/UK Tour

Steve Vai has announced a summer European/UK tour. He will be touring in support of his latest album “Inviolate.”

Tour Dates:

06/04 Glasgow, UK – o2 Academy
06/05 Manchester, UK – The Ritz
06/07 London, UK – Palladium
06/09 Bristol, UK – o2 Academy
06/10 Dublin, Ireland – Academy
06/11 Belfast, UK – The Limelight
06/13 Paris, France – Le Trianon
06/14 Strasbourg, France – La Laiterie
06/16 Oslo, Norway – Rockefeller
06/17 Bergen, Norway – USF Verftet
06/18 Gothenburg, Sweden – Pustervik
06/19 Stockholm, Sweden – Fållan
06/20 Copenhagen, Denmark – Amager Bio
06/22 Lille, France – Splendid
06/23 Clisson, France – Hellfest
06/24 Bordeaux-Cenon, France – Rocher de Palmer
06/25 Nimes, France – Paloma
06/26 Lyon, France – Transbordeur
06/28 Nuremberg, Germany – Hirsch
06/29 Linz, Austria – Posthof
07/01 Udine, Italy – Castello
07/02 Macerata, Italy – Sferisterio
07/03 Bari, Italy – Teatro Petruzzelli
07/04 Firenze, Italy – Ultravox Arena
07/05 Gardone Riviera, Italy – Anfiteatro del Vittoriale
07/06 Zurich, Switzerland – Komplex
07/08 Berlin, Germany – Columbia Theatre
07/09 Weert, Netherlands – Bospop Festival
07/10 Antwerp, Belgium – OLT Rivierenhof
07/12 Toulouse, France – Le Bikini
07/14 Sancti Petri, Spain – Concert Music Festival
07/16 Valencia, Spain – Jardin de Viveros
07/17 Vigo, Spain – Auditorio Mar do Vigo
07/19 Barcelona, Spain – Teatro Tivoli

Steve Vai Teams Up With Ibanez For New One-Of-A-Kind Instrument “Hydra”

Steve Vai has joined forces with Ibanez to create a new one-of-a-kind instrument called the “Hydra.” The instrument is “a one-bodied, two-headstock-ed, three-neck-ed creature that encompasses, among other things: 7 and 12-string guitars; a 4-string ¾ scale length bass; 13 sympathetic harp strings; half-fretless necks; single-coil, humbucking, piezo, MIDI and sustainer pickups; floating and hardtail tremolo bridges; phase splitters; and much, much more.”

Vai said the following:

“We absolutely respected this instrument by having the brilliant Garson Yu and his team at yU+co create this phenomenal Hydra reveal video. The guitar geek in me is stunned every time I see it. This video captures the splendor and mystique of the Hydra in intimate detail. The conception and construction of the instrument was a monumental feat of creativity by a whole group of inspired people, and I could not be more happy with the way this video came out. Imagine being a half an inch tall and exploring the Hydra as an adventurer. It would be like exploring an alien planet. Sign me up!”

Garson Yu of yU+co added:

“When I first saw the instrument at Steve’s studio, I was stunned. I thought this was a creation that didn’t belong here on earth — it looked extraterrestrial to me. When Steve played a track that he composed with the Hydra, I told him that it sounds so transparent and open, complex and spiritual on many levels. When we were filming, I put the guitar on the turntable and looked through the lens: It looked like an alien spaceship. It’s epic. I told myself we need to create a video that has the same transcendent feeling of this instrument. My team and I are honored to be part of it.”

Ibanez artist relations manager Mike Orrigo also commented:

“The ‘Hydra’, as Mr. Vai has appropriately dubbed it, started off as a concept that Steve approached Ibanez with several years ago. While it was understood then that the task to turn Steve’s vision into reality would be a tremendous undertaking, we were undeterred by the challenge. Fueled by Steve’s inspiration, our team of designers, engineers, and luthiers worked tirelessly together in order to create a truly one-of-a-kind instrument, remaining as true to the initial vision as possible. This incredible reveal video, produced by yU+co, perfectly captures the same feeling of awe and amazement that this magnificent beast of an instrument imparts on to all who are able to witness it in person!”

A one-of-one NFT featuring the “Hydra” reveal video will be auctioned via OpenSea on January 28, the same day Vai’s new album “Inviolate” will be released. The guitarist said the following about that:

“I feel this instrument has the potential to be historical. It’s unique in various ways and its construction is inspired. And there’s a song that was written on it that honors the potential of the instrument. This “Hydra reveal video” is the first video made that intimately details many of the unique aspects this guitar embodies.”

[via Blabbermouth]

Steve Vai Postpones North American Tour

Steve Vai has postponed his upcoming North American tour. The trek is now scheduled for fall 2022.

Tour Dates:

09/28 El Cajon, CA – The Magnolia
09/30 Riverside, CA – Fox Performing Arts Center
10/01 Las Vegas, NV – House Of Blues
10/02 Phoenix, AZ – Celebrity Theatre
10/04 Salt Lake City, UT – The Rockwell at The Complex
10/05 Boulder, CO – Boulder Theater
10/07 Oklahoma City, OK – Tower Theatre
10/08 Dallas, TX – House Of Blues
10/09 San Antonio, TX – The Aztec Theatre
10/11 Austin, TX – Paramount Theatre
10/12 Houston, TX – House Of Blues
10/14 Birmingham, AL – Lyric Theatre
10/15 Macon, GA – Hargray Capitol Theatre
10/16 Atlanta, GA – Variety Playhouse
10/18 Clearwater, FL – Bilheimer Capitol Theatre
10/19 Ft. Lauderdale, FL – The Parker
10/20 Orlando, FL – The Plaza Live
10/21 Ponte Vedra Beach, FL – Ponte Vedra Concert Hall
10/22 Charleston, SC – Charleston Music Hall
10/23 Charlotte, NC – The Fillmore Charlotte
10/25 Alexandria, VA – The Birchmere
10/26 Harrisburg, PA – [to be determined]
10/27 Port Chester, NY – The Capitol Theatre
10/28 Glenside, PA – Keswick Theatre
10/29 Red Bank, NJ – Count Basie Theatre
10/30 Huntington, NY – The Paramount
11/01 New Haven, CT – College Street Music Hall
11/02 Providence, RI – The Strand
11/03 Boston, MA – The Wilbur
11/04 Rochester, NY – Kodak Center
11/05 Albany, NY – The Egg
11/07 Greensburg, PA – Palace Theatre
11/08 Warren, OH – Packard Music Hall
11/10 Detroit, MI – Masonic Cathedral Theatre
11/11 Morgantown, WV – Metropolitan Theatre
11/12 Nashville, TN – CMA Theatre
11/13 Louisville, KY – Old Forester’s Paristown Hall
11/14 St. Louis, MO – The Pageant
11/16 Chicago, IL – Copernicus Center
11/18 St. Paul, MN – Fitzgerald Theater
11/19 Lincoln, NE – Bourbon Theatre
11/20 Kansas City, MO – The Uptown Theater
11/21 Sioux Falls, SD – The District
11/22 Des Moines, IA – Hoyt Sherman Place
11/23 Fargo, ND – Fargo Theatre
11/25 Bozeman, MT – The ELM
11/26 Missoula, MT – The Wilma
11/27 Seattle, WA – Moore Theatre
11/28 Portland, OR – Roseland Theater
11/30 Turlock, CA – Turlock Community Theatre
12/02 Napa, CA – Uptown Theatre Napa
12/03 Los Angeles, CA – Theatre at Ace Hotel

The following statement was issued:

“Steve Vai has postponed his planned tour of North America until the Fall. The first U.S. leg of dates will now begin on Wednesday, September 28 in El Cajon, CA and wrap the first week of December. The itinerary will now feature performances in 52 markets as opposed to the initial plan of staging 54 shows. All ticket and VIP purchases will be honored for the rescheduled date. Vai’s performance in Atlanta, GA will now take place at the Variety Playhouse instead of The Eastern and due to scheduling conflicts, the Milwaukee, WI and Billings, MT shows will no longer be a part of the tour.

Approximately one year ago, Vai underwent shoulder surgery to repair an injury. That procedure was successful, enabling him to record the upcoming studio album release of Inviolate (Favored Nations / Mascot Label Group). In preparing for the tour, it became clear that a new injury emerged that requires another surgery prohibiting the tour to be staged as announced.”

Vai himself added:

“I’m gutted that we have to move this tour, but I also know it’s in the best interests for us and the fans that we do.”

Steve Vai Premieres New Song “Zeus In Chains”

Steve Vai has premiered a new song titled “Zeus In Chains.” This track is from his new album “Inviolate,” which will be released on January 28 (vinyl out March 18). Vai said the following about the new song:

“The title for this track ‘Zeus In Chains’ was told to me by the track when I was listening back and asked it… ‘What’s your name?’ This happened during the heavy guitar breakdown with the dissonant high note that happens right before the solo. It sounded like Zeus in chains. Hey, it’s art. You can make up anything you want and it’s legitimate.”

Steve Vai Premieres “Little Pretty” Music Video

Steve Vai has premiered a new video for his song “Little Pretty.” This track is from his new album “Inviolate,” which will be released on January 28 (vinyl out March 18).

Vai commented:

“In writing the chord changes for the solo section, and the solo itself, I dug deep into my academic music theory mind to create a set of chord changes where the harmonic atmosphere shifted on every change. The dense chord structures required a series of synthetic modes to navigate. This approach is along the lines of jazz and fusion players, but I knew I did not want it to sound anything like that and the solo had to be totally melodic. The results were pretty powerful in that the entire solo section evokes melodic atmospheric changes that shift dramatically but work together well.”

He also added:

“I am also wishing all a very happy and restful holiday season. You will need it because I predict in 2022, we will all be out there working together again and blowing up that bridge!”