Imperial Triumphant To Release New Live Album “An Evening With Imperial Triumphant” In November

Imperial Triumphant will be releasing a new album, titled “An Evening With Imperial Triumphant,” on November 26. The effort was recorded at the Slipper Room in New York, NY and it will feature the following tracks: “Rotted Futures,” “Atomic Age,” “Chernobyl Blues,” “Transmission To Mercury,” “Swarming Opulence,” and “Cosmopolis.” The group said the following about the record:

“We’re happy to present this live work to our fans as the band continues to push forth through the ages.”

Behemoth To Release “In Absentia Dei” In December

Behemoth will be releasing a new live album titled “In Absentia Dei” on December 17. The effort was recorded during the band’s September 5, 2020 livestream concert in which they performed at an abandoned church in Pisarzowice, Poland. A live video for “Evoe” from that set can be found below. Adam “Nergal” Darski commented:

“‘In Absentia Dei‘ was a massive challenge and a huge risk, but it was a great artistic and commercial success. The response was absolutely brilliant – we made a statement with this performance and set the bar high. I hope that we can continue to raise the bar with the projects to come!”

“In Absentia Dei” Track Listing:

01. “Evoe”
02. “Wolves Ov Siberia”
03. “Prometherion”
04. “From The Pagan Vastlands”
05. “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel”
06. “Antichristian Phenomenon”
07. “Conquer All”
08. “Lucifer”
09. “Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer”
10. “Satan’s Sword (I Have Become)”
11. “Ov Fire And The Void”
12. “Chwala Mordercom Wojciecha”
13. “As Above So Below”
14. “Slaves Shall Serve”
15. “Chant For Ezkaton 2000 ev”
16. “Sculpting The Throne Ov Seth”
17. “Bartzabel”
18. “Decade Ov Therion”
19. “Father O Satan O Sun!”

Ghoul To Release “Live In The Flesh” In October

Ghoul will be releasing a new live album titled “Live In The Flesh” on October 22. The effort will feature the band’s June 26 livestream concert and it can be pre-ordered HERE. A live video for “Word Is Law” from the set can be found below:

“Live In The Flesh” Track Listing:

01. “Intro”
02. “Ghoulunatics”
03. “Ghetto Blasters”
04. “Bringer Of War”
05. “Dungeon Bastards”
06. “Metallicus Ex Mortis”
07. “Off With Their Heads”
08. “Shred The Dead”
09. “Splatterthrash”
10. “Rot Gut”
11. “Spill Your Guts”
12. “Word Is Law”
13. “Wall Of Death”
14. “As Your Casket Closes”
15. “Death In The Swamp”
16. “Abominox”
17. “Gutbucket Blues”

Ghoul’s Digestor commented:

“At long last, the live Ghoul experience you’ve all been waiting for is being released by the mighty Tankcrimes Records. This thing has more hooks than a place with lots of hooks. I dunno. A fishing boat? A hook factory? It’s got thrills, chills, a hacking cough, and a 104-degree fever. The good news for you is, by the time it drops on October 22nd it likely won’t be infectious anymore.”

The Ocean To Release “Phanerozoic Live” In November

The Ocean will be releasing a new live album/film titled “Phanerozoic Live“ on November 26. Pre-orders can be found HERE.

The band commented:

“‘Phanerozoic Live’ is a live album like no other – it is a live album that was recorded in a cultural vacuum, a bizarre time that we will remember for the rest of our lives: a time when the world as we knew it suddenly stopped spinning. ⚫️

It is a live album that does without all the qualities that we usually appreciate about a live album: without the sounds of a cheering, excited crowd. But it is the very absence of this, it is the eery silence between the songs that reminds us of what we miss most, and that gives these recordings a rare intensity and power. 🔥

This release is yet another master class of record packaging from Norwegian artist and long term friend and collaborator, Martin Kvamme: the trifold is made from thick, rough and incredibly fibrous cardboard, adorned with a filigrane copper foil embossing of a bitmapped live fotography from the Bremen event. It contains 3 vinyl records in printed inner sleeves, a DVD and a concert ticket with a streaming and HD video download link to both concerts. 👌🏻

‘Phanerozoic Live’ is out November 26 via Pelagic Records and now available for pre-order on 3xLP / 2xCD + DVD / Download here:

Suffocation To Release New Live Album “Live In North America” In November

Suffocation have announced that they will be releasing a new live album, titled “Live In North America,” on November 12. That effort was recorded during the band’s final tour with ex-frontman Frank Mullen. The first single, a live version of “Funeral Inception,” can be found below:

“Live In North America” Track Listing:

01. “Thrones Of Blood”
02. “Effigy Of The Forgotten”
03. “Funeral Inception”
04. “Pierced From Within”
05. “Surgery Of Impalement”
06. “Dismal Dream”
07. “Jesus Wept”
08. “As Grace Descends”
09. “Liege Of Inveracity”
10. “Breeding The Spawn”
11. “Catatonia”
12. “Souls To Deny”
13. “Infecting The Crypts”

Guitarist Terrance Hobbs commented:

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring our fans our new live CD ‘Live In North America‘ featuring Frank Mullen‘s last performances with Suffocation. We couldn’t think of a better way to wish Frank a fantastic farewell into retirement for all his contributions to this band as a great frontman, influence, and friend – and to also share this farewell with the fans, new and old, who have been there for us over the decades.

We hope the fans will hold Frank‘s last recorded live tour with us close to your hearts as we do. As another chapter from Suffocation closes, we are more than ready and anxious to bring you more new music and classic death metal in the upcoming months and years. So keep your eyes and ears open, stay heavy and play it loud… see you all on the road!”

Helmet To Release New Live Album “Live And Rare” In November

Helmet have announced that they will be releasing their first official live album, “Live And Rare,“ on November 26. Fans can pre-order the effort HERE.

Page Hamilton commented:

“After persuading our label folks in Hamburg to bake these old tapes, we finally managed to mix two live shows for release. Side 1 was recorded at CBGBs, which was our neighborhood club, a 10-minute walk from home. We all spent plenty of time at CBs and though this is not our audition night set, it captures the early frenetic energy of the band as well as my lack of scintillating stage banter.

In 1989, I walked in off Bowery through the creaky swinging doors and plastic-slat, meat locker-style curtain into the greatest rock club in the world, CBGBs. Apparently, David Byrne (a musical hero of mine) was not sympathetic to the rent scandal that ultimately forced CBs to close but I am a maudlin old fool and have great memories from our time there. We became a better band by playing that stage a lot and I saw some of the best shows ever in that room.

Owner Hilly Crystal and manager/booker Louise Parnassa sat facing each other, west and east at desks up front and barely looked up to acknowledge me. Louise, a very pretty and seemingly dour (I got to know her a bit and she is sweet and lovely when she’s not dealing with hundreds of dipshits in rock bands) Jersey girl said, ‘Can I help you?’

I handed her our first recorded music on a cassette tape with hand silk-screen torture helmet artwork from a Spanish Inquisition book and an umlaut over the ‘M.’ The songs, ‘Born Annoying,’ ‘Rumble,’ ‘Shirley Maclaine,’ and ‘Geisha to Go‘ were done at Don Fury‘s 8-track Soho basement studio. She said, ‘I might listen in a couple of weeks. If you wanna play sooner, audition.’ She signed us up for the first available date, which was that Sunday. (Maybe Monday?)

We played with a Night Ranger-style rock band, one dude wore a thigh bandana and a singer/songwriter girl wearing a long Loretta Lynn-kinda dress. Mike Kirkland and Tommy Victor of the band Prong did the door and FOH that night.

Mike later told me he wrote in the CBs notebook, ‘Cool band, book with Cop Shoot Cop or Unsane.’ Louise told me a few years later we were like ‘ice picks in her forehead,’ but she thought I was cute (paraphrasing here, think Jersey alphabet…fuckin’ A, fuckin’ B, fuckin’ C) so she booked us almost monthly. ‘Murder,’ ‘Repetition,’ and ‘Sinatra‘ were brand new, so this show was pre-Strap It On, year zero.

Henry probably still had dreadlocks; Peter wore Beatle boots and skinny legged pants; John and I always dressed like 12-year-olds, so no, it wasn’t some brilliant Helmet marketing scheme as a few bitter downtown hipster turds claimed. For $50, the FOH engineer would record your set on CBs 2″, 16-track tape machine. I’m pretty sure our friend Brian Childers who was the singer for a cool band called Crawlpappy was manning the desk.

I’m glad we shelled out the money; if you were one of the 30 people there, you helped pay for this live album. Thanks.

Side 2 is part of the set from the Big Day Out festival in Melbourne, Australia. Our first trip down under is a bit of a blur after almost 30 years but the memories I have are fond. A brief escape from the frigid NYC January dreariness was welcome relief.

Unbundling at Bondi beach, surrounded by beautiful topless women sunbathing next to the clear, clean, warm water of the Tasman Sea was soundly beating the 6-flight walk-up, grocery-schlep to my East Village apartment while wrapped up like ‘Nanook of the North.’ The shows, hmmmm. My performance was no doubt effected by all the fun in the sun and copious amounts of alcohol (red label Coopers mate).

Someone did manage to run a 2″ 24-track tape machine during our set at the Melbourne Big Day Out; thanks are due to those folks. We’ve had these tapes collecting dust in the band locker (New Jersey pre-2001, North Hollywood since) for all these years so we enlisted our talented pal Toshi Kasai to mix some of the set and Golden Mastering to polish things up.”

Armored Saint To Release “Symbol Of Salvation Live” CD/DVD In October

Armored Saint will be releasing a new live CD/DVD titled “Symbol Of Salvation Live” on October 22. The effort was recorded during the band’s July 13, 2018 show at The Gramercy Theatre in New York. That concert found the band performing “Symbol Of Salvation” in full.

Bassist Joey Vera said the following:

“I felt like showing Symbol… in another light was a great homage to the record itself. Also, having all the fans be there and part of that event is a way for us to say ‘Thank you!’ For, without them, we can’t do any of this in the first place.”

“If you would have told me 30 years ago that we’d be talking about this today, I would have told you that you were crazy. All we’ve ever wanted was to make our own music, to take joy and take pride in doing it. The fact that we also have very loyal fans who continue to support what we do is the best icing on this cake. I try to look at our records as objectively as possible, and when I can do that, I’m very proud that this record is a huge part of the band’s legacy, and I am extremely humbled that I’m a part of that.”

Frontman John Bush also commented:

“It links our past to our future. I believe it was the time that we honestly thought we could do whatever we wanted to musically and it would somehow work. There’s a magical feeling about it and it continues to gain mystique every year.”

Notably, the vinyl and digital editions of the release will also include demo tracks that were recorded with late guitarist Dave Prichard during the “Symbol Of Salvation” sessions. Bush added the following about that:

“They’re songs that didn’t make the record, however, there still is a vibe to those tunes, plus Dave’s playing is on them, so that makes them special.”

“Symbol Of Salvation Live” Track Listing:

01. “Reign Of Fire” (live)
02. “Dropping Like Flies” (live)
03. “Last Train Home” (live)
04. “Tribal Dance” (live)
05. “The Truth Always Hurts” (live)
06. “Half Drawn Bridge” (live)
07. “Another Day” (live)
08. “Symbol Of Salvation” (live)
09. “Hanging Judge” (live)
10. “Warzone” (live)
11. “Burning Question” (Live)
12. “Tainted Past” (live)
13. “Spineless” (live)

Bonus Tracks (digital/vinyl versions):

14. “Nothing Between The Ears” (1989 4-track demo)
15. “Get Lost” (1989 4-track demo)
16. “Medieval Nightmares” (1989 4-track demo)
17. “People” (1989 4-track demo)
18. “Pirates” (1989 4-track demo)
19. “Symbol Of Salvation” (live) (radio edit) (digital only)

A live video for “Symbol Of Salvation” can be found below:

GWAR To Release “Scumdogs XXX Live” In September

GWAR will be releasing a new live album/film titled “Scumdogs XXX Live” on September 10. The effort was recorded during the band’s October, 30, 2020 livestream show and it can be pre-ordered HERE. A live video for “Love Surgery” can also be found below:

“Scumdogs XXX Live” Track Listing:

01. “The Salamanizer”
02. “The Years Without Light”
03. “Sexecutioner”
04. “Black And Huge”
05. “Vlad The Impaler”
06. “Death Pod”
07. “Maggots”
08. “Love Surgery”
09. “Horror Of Yig”
10. “King Queen”
11. “Sick Of You”
12. “Techno’s Song”
13. “U Ain’t Shit”
14. “Cool Place To Park”
15. “Slaughterama”

Blu-ray/DVD Bonus Content:

  • Behind the Scenes with Sleazy P Martini
  • The Return of Techno Destructo
  • Bälsäc and Jizmak Meet a Young Fan
  • Backstage with the Bad Biker Bitch
  • Pustulus Amp Check
  • Bonesnapper Meets The Sexecutioner
  • Slymenstra’s Green Room


  • Behind the Murder
  • Ronan on Scumdogs
  • Espresso Destructo Coffee
  • Vinyl To Die For
  • Liquid Death – Keep the Underworld Beautiful

Special Bonus:

  • A Glimpse Behind the (Actual) Scenes
  • Audio Commentary from GWAR

Vocalist Blóthar commented:

“This thing was a three-ring gangbang circus from the drop. I just wanted to hang around with our old friends and get blasted, but of course, we had to face all of our Scumdogs era villains; Techno Destucto, the Redneck From Hell, and the Bad Biker Bitch to name a few. All was well until Slymenstra lit me on fire during her torch dance. With friends like that, who needs enemies?”

Earth Crisis, Snapcase, & Strife Planning To Release New “California Takeover” Live Album

Earth Crisis, Snapcase, and Strife are planning to release a new live album featuring tracks from their February 23, 2020 “California Takeover” show in Los Angeles. The effort is expected to be released in October around their upcoming East Coast shows.

Strife’s Andrew Kline told No Echo the following about the upcoming release:

“When we announced the West Coast shows, our old friend Aaron Bruno (Awolnation) approached us about recording the show for a new California Takeover record. His old band, Insurgence, actually played night 2 of the original California Takeover at the Showcase Theatre.

I reached out to all of the bands and every agreed to make it happen. The record was produced by Aaron Bruno and Eric Stenman and engineered and mixed by Eric Stenman. My good friend, Arthur Rizk (Sumerlands, Cold World), mastered the record. I tapped Linas Garsys to do the art and the record will feature a 24X36 poster as well.”

He also added:

“The new record features 4 songs from each band, and like the original features some in between song banter. The set list is totally different, and features songs from across all three band’s discographies. The Return of the California Takeover is set to be released at the end of October on WAR Records. I couldn’t be more excited to be releasing a record like this on my label!”

[via The PRP]

Glassjaw To Reissue First Two Albums On Vinyl Along With New Live Album, Add More Dates To Upcoming Tour

Glassjaw have announced that they will be releasing a new vinyl set featuring new pressings of “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence” and “Worship And Tribute,“ along with a new live album, titled “Live At The Forum,“ which was recorded during their March 30, 2011 show at The Forum in London, England. Pre-orders for the limited edition set will launch on July 9 and fans will be required to pick it up at the band’s upcoming shows.

“Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence” Track Listing:

01. “Pretty Lush”
02. “Siberian Kiss”
03. “Ry Ry’s Song”
04. “Lovebites and Razorlines”
05. “Hurting And Shoving (She Should Have Let Me Sleep)”
06. “Majour”
07. “Her Middle Name Was Boom”
08. “Piano”
09. “Babe”
10. “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence”
11. “Motel of the White Locust”

“Worship And Tribute” Track Listing:

01. “Tip Your Bartender”
02. “Mu Empire”
03. “Cosmopolitan Blood Loss”
04. “Ape Dos Mil”
05. “Pink Roses”
06. “Must’ve Run All Day”
07. “Stuck Pig”
08. “Radio Cambodia”
09. “The Gillette Cavalcade of Sports”
10. “Trailer Park Jesus”
11. “Two Tabs of Mescaline”
12. “Convectuoso”

“Live At The Forum” Track Listing:

01. “You Think You’re (John Fucking Lennon)”
02. “Tip Your Bartender”
03. “Mu Empire”
04. “Stars”
05. “Ape Dos Mil”
06. “The Gillette Cavalcade Of Sports”
07. “Pink Roses”
08. “Jesus Glue”
09. “Natural Born Farmer”
10. “All Good Junkies Go To Heaven”
11. “El Mark”
12. “Convectuoso”
13. “Two Tabs Of Mescaline”
14. “Siberian Kiss”

In other news, the group have also added more dates to their upcoming tour. Here’s their updated schedule:

03/02 Los Angeles, CA – 1720 (“Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence” set)
03/03 Los Angeles, CA – 1720 (“Worship And Tribute” set)
03/04 San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall (“Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence” set)
03/05 San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall (“Worship And Tribute” set)
03/06 Pomona, CA – Great American Music Hall (“Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence“/”Worship And Tribute” set)
03/08 Denver, CO – The Summit (“Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence“/”Worship And Tribute” set)
03/10 San Antonio, TX – Vibes Event Center (“Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence“/”Worship And Tribute” set)
03/11 Austin, TX – Mohawk (“Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence” set)
03/12 Austin, TX – Mohawk (“Worship & Tribute” set)
03/14 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade – Heaven (“Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence“/”Worship And Tribute” set)
03/16 Chicago, IL – Concord Music Hall (“Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence” set)
03/17 Chicago, IL – Concord Music Hall (“Worship And Tribute” set)
03/18 Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom (“Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence“/”Worship And Tribute” set)
03/19 Worcester, MA – The Palladium (“Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence“/”Worship And Tribute” set)
03/20 Silver Springs, MD – Fillmore (“Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence“/”Worship And Tribute” set)
03/21 Philadelphia, PA – Union Transfer (“Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence“/”Worship And Tribute” set)
03/23 Brooklyn, NY – Warsaw (“Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence” set)
03/24 Brooklyn, NY – Warsaw (“Worship And Tribute” set)
03/25 Huntington, NY – The Paramount (“Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence” set)
03/26 Huntington, NY – The Paramount (“Worship And Tribute” set)
05/27 London, UK – O2 Forum Kentish Town (“Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Silence” set)
05/28 London, UK – O2 Forum Kentish Town (“Worship And Tribute” set)