Fates Warning To Release “Live Over Europe” In June

Fates Warning will release a new live album titled “Live Over Europe” on June 29 via InsideOut Music. The effort will feature recordings from eight different cities including: Aschaffenburg, Germany; Belgrade, Serbia; Thessaloniki and Athens, Greece; Rome and Milan, Italy; Budapest, Hungary and Ljubljana, Slovenia. It will be available as a limited 2CD mediabook, a gatefold 3LP + bonus-2CD set, and digitally.

“Live Over Europe” Track Listing:

CD 1:

01. “From The Rooftops”
02. “Life In Still Water”
03. “One”
04. “Pale Fire”
05. “Seven Stars”
06. “SOS”
07. “Pieces Of Me”
08. “Firefly”
09. “The Light And Shade Of Things”
10. “Wish”
11. “Another Perfect Day”
12. “Silent Cries”
13. “And Yet It Moves”

CD 2:

01. “Still Remains”
02. “Nothing Left To Say”
03. “Acquiescence”
04. “The Eleventh Hour”
05. “Point Of View”
06. “Falling”
07. “A Pleasant Shade Of Gray, Pt. IX”
08. “Through Different Eyes”
09. “Monument”
10. “Eye To Eye”


Animals As Leaders To Release “Live 2017” Live Album

Animals As Leaders have announced that they will be releasing a new live album titled “Live 2017.” Limited edition vinyl versions are available for pre-order HERE, and are expected to ship in late July. A teaser can be found below, along with the track listing:

01. “Arithmophobia” (live from Phoenix)
02. “Tempting Time” (live from Nashville)
03. “Ectogenesis” (live from San Antonio)
04. “Cognitive Contortions” (live from Denver)
05. “Tooth & Claw” (live from Seattle)
06. “Nephele” (live from Detroit)
07, “Physical Education” (live from Philadelphia)
08. “The Brain Dance” (live from Dallas)
09. “Private Visions Of The World” (live from Salt Lake City)
10. “Ka$cade” (live from Providence)
11. “Inner Assassins” (live from Los Angeles)
12. “The Woven Web” (live from Portland)
13. “CAFO” (live from Las Vegas)

Betraying The Martyrs Release New Live Album “Live In Paris”

Betraying The Martyrs have digitally released a new live album called “Live In Paris.” You can stream that below. The band had the following to say:

“As a thank you to all of our fans who have supported ‘The Resilient‘ and made this a year to be remembered; this is our gift to you, a live rendition of these songs live from our very own soil!

With love from the city of love, we present to you, “betraying the martyrs LIVE from Paris”

Long live music, long live The Resilient.


Overkill To Release “Live In Overhausen” Blu-ray/DVD In May

Overkill have announced that they will be releasing a new live set called “Live In Overhausen” on May 18, via Nuclear Blast. That effort will include the band’s April 16, 2016 performances at the Turbinenhalle 2 in Oberhausen, Germany, which saw the group celebrating the 25th anniversary of “Horrorscope” and the 30th anniversary of “Feel The Fire“ by playing them in full. It will be available as a Blu-ray/2-CD set, a DVD/2-CD set, and on vinyl and digital formats. Bobby Blitz commented:

“From the stage to your eyes and ears! ‘Live In Overhausen‘, celebrating ‘Feel The Fire‘ and ‘Horrorscope‘ in one, filmed/recorded concert, in Germany, from 2016. A rare, two hour look at what has transpired over three decades in one of the world’s hotbeds of Metal. Hang on to your hats kids, it’s going to be a ‘THRASHY-RIDE’!”

“Live In Overhausen” Track Listing:

01. “Coma”
02. “Infectious”
03. “Blood Money”
04. “Thanx For Nothin’”
05. “Bare Bones”
06. “Horrorscope”
07. “New Machine”
08. “Frankenstein”
09. “Live Young Die Free”
10. “Nice Day – For A Funeral”
11. “Soulitude”
12. “Raise The Dead”
13. “Rotten To The Core”
14. “There’s No Tomorrow”
15. “Second Son”
16. “Hammerhead”
17. “Feel The Fire”
18. “Blood And Iron”
19. “Kill at Command”
20. “Overkill”
21. “Fuck You”

Rob Zombie To Release “Astro-Creep: 2000” Live Album & Vinyl Box Set This Month

Rob Zombie has announced that his 2016 full album performance of White Zombie’s 1995 album “Astro-Creep: 2000 – Songs Of Love, Destruction And Other Synthetic Delusions Of The Electric Head” at Riot Fest will be released as a live album, titled “Astro-Creep: 2000 Live Songs Of Love, Destruction And Other Synthetic Delusions Of The Electric Head,” on March 30. The frontman is also planning to release vinyl versions of his solo discography on the same day as well. Those will be available individually and as a $420 box set.

The limited-edition box set will come with 11 albums on 15 180-gram audiophile black vinyl LPs (all titles except “Hellbilly Deluxe 2” also available for individual preorder on standard-weight black LPs). Here’s what it will feature:

* “Astro-Creep: 2000 Live” – 1LP (new album: recorded at Riot Fest Chicago, September 2016)
* “Hellbilly Deluxe” – 1LP (first release on 180g black vinyl since 1998)
* “American Made Music To Strip By” – 2LP (first release on vinyl since 1999)
* “The Sinister Urge” – 1LP (first release on 180g black vinyl since 2001)
* “Educated Horses” – 1LP (first release on 180g black vinyl)
* “Zombie Live” – 2LP (first release on vinyl)
* “Hellbilly Deluxe 2” – 1LP (first release on vinyl since 2010)
* “Mondo Sex Head” – 2LP (first release on 180g black vinyl)
* “Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor” – 1LP (first release on 180g black vinyl)
* “Spookshow International Live” – 2LP (first release on 180g black vinyl)
* “The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser” – 1LP (first release on 180g black vinyl)

Exclusive extras:

• Foil stamp-numbered custom box designed by Rob Zombie
• Individually hand-painted, vacuum-formed Creeper Robot mask
• 8GB Creeper Robot USB stick with all 11 albums in uncompressed 44.1kHz/16-bit digital audio files for personal use
• Five collectable lithographs designed by Rob Zombie and Hartman, including one autographed by Zombie
• Turntable mat designed by Rob Zombie
• Microfiber LP cleaning cloth designed by Rob Zombie and Hartman

“Astro-Creep: 2000 Live” track listing (recorded live at Riot Fest in Chicago, September 2016):

01. “Electric Head, Pt. 1 (The Agony)”
02. “Super-Charger Heaven”
03. “Real Solution #9”
04. “Creature Of The Wheel”
05. “Electric Head, Pt. 2 (The Ecstasy)”
06. “Grease Paint And Monkey Brains”
07. “I, Zombie”
08. “More Human Than Human”
09. “El Phantasmo And The Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama”
10. “Blur The Technicolor”
11. “Blood, Milk And Sky”

[via Blabbermouth]

Northlane To Release New Live Album “Analog Future”

Northlane will release a new live album called “Analog Future” on March 16, via Rise/UNFD. The band said the following about the effort, which was recorded around the world:

“Since Northlane was born, we have never been able to capture the rawness, energy and sound of our live show in a recording, until now. ‘Analog Future’ is the product of a year on the road. We recorded every show in 2017 and collated 10 of our most memorable performances into a live album. Your favourite songs might sound a little different, and you might hear a few mistakes, but that’s live music in it’s realest form. ‘Analog Future’ is Northlane like you’ve never heard us on record before – aggressive, in your face, and right in the room with you.”

You can check out a live version of “Citizen,” along with the cover art and track listing below:

“Analog Future” Track Listing:

01. “Colourwave” (Live in Melbourne, Australia)
02. “Worldeater” (Live in Brisbane, Australia)
03. “Citizen” (Live in Melbourne, Australia)
04. “Dream Awake” (Live in Sydney, Australia)
05. “Rot” (Live in London, UK)
06. “Quantum Flux” (Live in Manchester, UK)
07. “Dispossession” (Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina)
08. “Intuition” (Live in Cologne, Germany)
09. “Obelisk” (Live in Paris, France)
10. “Paragon” (Live in Glasglow, Scotland)

In other news, the band have also announced their final Australian headline show of 2018. That will take place at the UNSW Roundhouse in Sydney, AUS on the album’s release date (March 16).

Behemoth Planning To Release New Live Album/DVD In Spring 2018

Behemoth are planning to release their new live album/DVD in spring 2018. The effort was previously delayed due to “technical reasons.”

Spring 2018 we are delivering DVD/Live album. More details soon!!!

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