Godsmack Premiere “Surrender” Music Video

Godsmack have premiered a new video for their song “Surrender.” This track is from the band’s new album “Lighting Up The Sky,” which will be released on February 24. Sully Erna previously said the following about the song:

“‘Surrender‘ is a very cut and dry song. It’s simply about the exhaustion we can all feel in relationships at times from the redundancy of fighting with each other. At a certain point in our lives, we submit to putting aside who’s right or wrong, we just want it to STOP! So we wave the white flag.”

Godsmack To Release New Album “Lighting Up The Sky” In February, Premiere New Song “You And I”

Godsmack have confirmed that their new album, “Lighting Up The Sky,” will be released on February 24. With this news, the band have also shared a new song titled “You And I.”

“Lighting Up The Sky” Track Listing:

01. “You And I”
02. “Red White & Blue”
03. “Surrender”
04. “What About Me”
05. “Truth”
06. “Hell’s Not Dead”
07. “Soul On Fire”
08. “Let’s Go”
09. “Best of Times”
10. “Growing Old”
11. “Lighting Up The Sky”

Frontman Sully Erna commented:

“​​I like when a record takes you on a journey from front to back. I realized there’s a whole story here about one man’s journey, the ups, and downs. I believe it’s a story everyone will connect to, on a human level, because we’ve all gone through things in life.”

Godsmack Postpone South American Tour “Due To Logistical Issues”

Godsmack have postponed their upcoming South American tour. The shows were unable to move forward “due to logistical issues.”

The band commented:

“Due to logistical issues beyond our control, we are very disappointed to announce the postponement of our South America tour scheduled for November 8 in Argentina, November 10 in Chile and November 12 in Brazil.

We understand this is frustrating, but we want to be able to put on the best show for our fans, and despite our best efforts cannot do so due to these logistical challenges.

The dates will now be rescheduled for April 2023 and all tickets will remain valid for the rescheduled dates. We are truly excited to play South America for the first time and appreciate your understanding.

Stay tuned for the new dates to be announced… see you soon!”

Sully Erna Explains Why Godsmack Scrapped Their Plans To Release Two New Albums

During a recent interview with Las Vegas’s KOMP 92.3, Godsmack’s Sully Erna explained why the band decided to abandon their previous plan of releasing two new albums. The frontman says what the group “wanted to focus on was quality and not quantity.”

Erna said the following:

“Well, a couple of years back, we were a little bit more ambitious maybe [laughs], talking about doing two records. And then the reality sinks in when you’re doing the record and you realize that these things take a long time to do, to get ’em right. And what we wanted to focus on was quality and not quantity. And that’s what we did.”

He also added the following about the band’s upcoming album “Lighting Up The Sky”:

“This record has really been an incredible journey, writing it and recording it. And we really do feel it could be the last piece of music because we’re at a place in our lives now where we’ve done a lot in music. But music, although it’s something we’ve always wanted to do in our lives, it’s not everything we’ve wanted to do in our lives. It’s not that we’re saying we’re breaking up and this is some farewell tour or whatever; we’re just saying that this could be the last full body of music that you hear from us. But we will always come back and do shows, and maybe just try to relax the schedule a little bit more, since we’re coming up now on 25, 26 years, whatever it is… And we’re really grateful for it— we have no regrets — but there’s other things that some of us wanna be doing, and we just wanna be able to have the time to do it. So that’s why we’re saying we’re not quitting, but we’re just creating a little bit more of a relaxed schedule, and our job is to just give you the best music we can give you.

I would rather go out on a high note than just keep kind of grinding through. But you can never say never. I’m just saying that I would expect it, and I’m pretty sure this could be the last of the new music. But again, this isn’t the end; it’s just the beginning of a new chapter. We’re just gonna do it a little bit differently now. We’ll be out there enjoying ourselves playing live shows, ’cause that’s what we love to do and that’s really the reward for all that we do in the studio and putting out new music. It’s all about getting on the road and playing it live. So now we have an opportunity to just do the greatest-hits shows and really have a great time with the fans from this point forward.”

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Godsmack’s Sully Erna On Upcoming Album “Lighting Up The Sky”: “This Is The Last Record We’re Ever Gonna Do”

During a recent interview with Minnesota’s 93X, Godsmack’s Sully Erna discussed the band’s upcoming album “Lighting Up The Sky.” According to him, the effort “is the last record” that they are planning to do.

Erna said the following:

“It’s the most important record, I think, we’ve ever written and recorded. I’ve never been that artist who says, ‘Oh, this record is our newest record. It’s our best work ever.’ You can read any interview you want over my whole career, and you’ve never heard me say it. I’ve always loved our records [and] I always knew there would be some good singles on it and hoped it did well, but I was never the guy that said, ‘This is our best fucking work ever.’ And I’m telling you right now this is our best fucking work ever. And it’s because it’s emotional, man. This is the last record we’re ever gonna do. This is the last run around the mill for us. We put every single ounce of energy and emotion into this album. Especially for me, when I wrote a lot of these songs, it was about my life journey. That’s really what the sequence of this album becomes about. Not that it was planned that way, but this really kind of mystical thing happened where I felt like the universe wrote this record.

We went in there with no plan, no ideas — very minimal ideas, just jamming. And, ‘what’s gonna be the topic? What am I gonna talk about now? How many times can I talk about a broken relationship?’ Blah blah blah. And then it just started happening where song after song that was written, as I’m sequencing it and putting it in the order that I would like people to hear it in… We’re still old school and we like an album to have a flow from front to back. I love vinyl — I want people to listen to side A and side B. And this one really told a story. And when I started to realize that, I’m, like, Okay. Let me shuffle these around a little bit more.'”

Erna went on to say that the band still intend to perform live:

“I wanna make sure people are clear about what we’re saying here. I’m not saying that the band may be breaking up. What I’m saying is I think this may be the last body of work you get musically from the band. And it’s because we’re in this place in our lives right now where we’ve done a lot of work over the last three decades. Without sounding egotistical, which we’re not trying to do, we’re at 27 Top 10 singles, 11 Number Ones. We could literally do back-to-back nights in an arena and play 15 songs a night and never play the same single twice, let alone the ‘B’ cuts. And we started thinking, when we were in that thought process, why are we in here grinding all the time and doing this new music when we wanna just also know that we’ve never stopped in the 25 years we’ve been touring. We’d like to be able to enjoy our lives, our family, our houses, the things that we’ve earned over the years that we’ve sacrificed. So I think the balance for that, the happy medium, is to be able to just go out there now and continue to do live shows and put the greatest-hits show together.

I don’t know what we’re gonna do after this record. And it doesn’t make sense to continue to do music. It really feels complete in a good way, in a positive way. We feel like we’ve honored our career, our relationships with our fans, and we’re always gonna be there for them; we’re gonna do shows. But as far as to continue this, after this [album], unless we just decide one day, ‘Yeah, one more for the road,’ I think this could be it for us with new music.”

The album’s first single, “Surrender,” was released earlier today (September 28) and Erna says it will be followed by another single in February. He continued:

“That’s forever now. It’s forever now. From the point we start touring, we will always tour. We may take some breaks here and there, but we’re now gonna start setting up the greatest-hits show, because we feel like we’re able to do that. We can now play the best of the best that the fans have identified as what they’ve enjoyed the most over the years and why these songs became hit singles.”

“As a music lover and a fan of live shows and bands in general, that when you go see your favorite bands, there’s a certain point in their career where you just go, ‘I don’t really give a shit about a new record anymore. I’m sorry, but I wanna hear ‘Dream On’ and ‘Train Kept A Rollin” and ‘Same Old Song And Dance’. I don’t wanna hear any of this new shit. I don’t know it and I don’t care. But these other songs have lived with me for two, three, four decades.’ And I just feel like we’re getting to that place where… If we get out there and we don’t play ‘I Stand Alone’ or ‘Keep Away’ or ‘Voodoo’ or whatever these songs have been for these people over the years, they ream us for it. So we know we’re stuck with that. We’re always gonna play the hits. But we have so many singles now that it’s time, I think, to try to pull as many as we can off this record, add it to that list and then go out there and play the best of the best. And then maybe throw a few surprises every show, whether it’s the drum battle or some fun cover.”

Erna also added that “Lighting Up The Sky” will mark “a new beginning” for the band:

“This is a new beginning of an era — it’s the beginning of our sunset years. And in our sunset years we wanna create something really special for the fans live where we can take every cool moment that we’ve ever done in every album cycle — the ‘Awake’ album had certain things we featured in the live show; the ‘Faceless’ record had certain things we featured from the live show; and so on — now we can create a montage of all those special things in each tour and just do a ‘holy crap’ show. That’s what I wanna create. We’re gonna try to make it big and special and important, filled with all special moments that people have enjoyed over the years. And I think that’s gonna be really satisfying to us as well, ’cause it takes a lot of pressure off of us to know now we can just go out and enjoy what we do. Playing music is what we love the most — live. And it gives us more time to connect with the fans, connect with the live show and just enjoy the best part of why we do this for a living.”

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Godsmack Premiere New Song “Surrender”

Godsmack have premiered a new song titled “Surrender.” This track will appear on the band’s upcoming album “Lighting Up The Sky.” Frontman Sully Erna commented:

“‘Surrender’ is a very cut-and-dry song. It’s simply about the exhaustion we can all feel in relationships at times from the redundancy of fighting with each other. At a certain point in our lives, we submit to putting aside who’s right or wrong, we just want it to STOP! So we wave the white flag.”

Godsmack’s Sully Erna Opens Up About Battle With COVID-19, Says The Band’s Upcoming Album Might Be Their Last

During a recent interview with 101.1 WJRR, Godsmack’s Sully Erna opened about his recent battle with COVID-19 and the band’s upcoming plans. Notably, the frontman also mentioned that the group’s new album may be their last.

Erna, who is reportedly unvaccinated, said the following about contracting COVID-19:

“I got very sick. I was sick for five and a half weeks, but I was in the hospital for four days.”

He continued when asked if he ever thought he would get the disease:

“I didn’t. I take really good care of myself. I’m a runner. I’ve boxed for over 20 years. And I’m onstage two hours a night. I have pretty big lungs, so even thinking if I was gonna get it, I figured I’d get sick like the normal flu get sick and then you push through it, but I definitely didn’t expect for it to knock me down the way it did. I just got some bad luck and bad timing. Part of it was I got hit during the Christmas holidays, so all my doctors were on vacation; there was only substitutes. They were kind of guiding me over the phone. And what happened was the COVID left my body within seven to 10 days, but then pneumonia developed, and that’s what got me [really sick]. I ended up getting blood clots in my lungs and stuff like that. That’s when everything went down. It was pretty gnarly for a while because my oxygen had dipped to 76. And if anyone knows anything about oxygen levels, you’re not supposed to go below 95. If you go below, you go to the hospital and 70 is, like, [when they put you on a] ventilator. So I was pretty emotional, pretty nervous about wondering if I was coming out of this. But thankfully I was in the shape that I was in, and my doctor thinks, like, that proved to him… He goes, ‘I know exactly how good of a shape you’re in now, because,’ he goes, ‘I’ve gotta tell you, man, when you came in, I was really nervous for you. And most people that come in in that condition, they don’t leave with a happy ending.'”

He also commented on the randomness of COVID-19:

“It’s pretty random. I think it has something to do with the blood type and DNA; they’re testing for that kind of stuff now. But regardless, I got to the other side of it. I’m doing better than I ever have. It was a very humbling experience and a crazy journey. It puts things in perspective for you. So, that being said, I’m here to just do what we do, man. There was a reason for all of this, and it’s made me appreciate life more and my career more and music more and things like that. But I’m also not overjamming my schedule like I used to. I’m taking time for my family, my daughter, the people that I love the most. And I’ll play music when I wanna play music now, not because I have to.”

On another note, Erna also had the following to say about Godsmack’s current plans:

“The first thing to do is these shows. We have six of ’em to do, last night [being] one of ’em and tonight another one. We have four more to do over the next two weekends. And then it’s pretty loose until October. Then we start ‘touring touring’ in Europe, we do South America, we [play] some international [shows]. We’ll be back first quarter of ’23 with a new record. The record’s finished; we’re done recording it. You should probably be hearing new music by summertime — mid to late summer — and then following it up with a second single and the full record by the top of ’23. That’s the plan. And then we’re just gonna hit it one more time hard and heavy. And I’ve gotta tell you, this might be the last one for us — it might be the last record for us.”

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Godsmack Announce European/UK Tour

Godsmack have announced a headlining European/UK tour. That trek is scheduled for October.

Tour Dates:

10/05 Cologne GER – Palladium
10/06 Paris, FRA – Casino de Paris
10/08 Glasgow, UK – O2 Academy
10/09 Manchester, UK – Academy
10/11 London, UK – Roundhouse
10/12 Birmingham, UK – O2 Academy
10/14 Brussels, BEL – AB
10/15 Offenbach, GER Stadthalle
10/16 Berlin, GER – Columbiahalle
10/18 Munich, GER – Zenith
10/19 Zurich, SWI – Komplex 457
10/20 Milan, ITA – Alcatraz
10/22 Vienna, AUT – Gasometer
10/23 Budapest, HUN – Barba Negra Club
10/25 Sofia, BUL – Arena Armeets
10/26 Bucharest, ROM – Arenele Romanes Marquee
10/28 Kyiv, UKR – Stereoplaza
10/30 Moscow, RUS – Adrenaline Stadium
10/31 St. Petersburg, RUS – A2

Godsmack Planning To Work On New Album In January

Godsmack are planning to hit the studio on January 2 to work on their new album. Frontman Sully Erna recently confirmed the news during an interview with 93X:

“We’ve committed to getting in there [the studio] January 2nd and we’re gonna work through the end of April to try to button up a record. And that’s why we’re looking at probably like a late summer, early fall release for a new single. And then [a full-length] record following that.”

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Godsmack’s “When Legends Rise” Certified Gold In The U.S.

Godsmack’s latest album “When Legends Rise” has officially been certified gold by the RIAA. The band received the honor after moving 500,000 units of the record in the U.S. Notably, two singles from the record, the title track and “Under Your Scars,“ were recently certified gold as well.