Eighteen Visions Announce “Vanity” Reissue

Eighteen Visions will be reissuing their 2002 album “Vanity” on limited edition vinyl. The effort is expected to be released on April 1 and those that pre-order it will receive a digital download featuring re-recorded versions of “Vanity” and “You Broke Like Glass.”

Rush’s “Permanent Waves” To Receive 40th Anniversary Expanded Reissue In March

Rush’s “Permanent Waves” will be receiving a 40th anniversary expanded reissue on March 27. The effort can be pre-ordered in the following formats: super deluxe edition, 2 CD set, 3 LP set, and digitally.

The following description of the super deluxe edition was shared on Amazon:

“Celebrating 40 years of Rush’s Permanent Waves, the Super Deluxe Edition will feature two CDs, three 180-gram audiophile black vinyl LPs and a 40-page hardcover book filled with reimagined artwork by original album designer Hugh Syme, unreleased photos from the band’s archive and an exclusive twelve-thousand plus word essay. The Abbey Road Mastering Studios 2015 album remaster is made available on CD for the first time. CD 2 is loaded with unreleased bonus live tracks from three stops on the Permanent Waves World Tour 1980: Manchester Apollo, Manchester, England; Hammersmith Odeon, London, England; and Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, Missouri, all newly mixed by the band’s longtime producer Terry Brown.

Permanent Waves is the band’s first of many iconic visits to Le Studio recording studio in Morin Heights, Quebec which has been nicknamed Rush’s Abbey Road Studios. A blank sheet of Le Studio letterhead was newly discovered, so the first of many collectibles included is a 20-page 5”x7” Le Studio notepad. The two replica tour programs represent the official Permanent Waves World Tour 1980 program and with the inclusion of U.K. performances the very rare, unofficial The Words & Pictures Volume II UK-only tour program is included. The Super Deluxe Edition’s finishing touches feature 3 band member replica backstage laminates, a 24”x36” double-sided poster showcasing the original album cover model and photos of each band member recording at Le Studio, and three Neil Peart handwritten lyric sheets for “The Spirit Of Radio,” “Entre Nous” and “Natural Science.”

Permanent Waves is the band’s first departure from in-depth, ten-minute plus conceptual song crafting and is deemed as a poignant moment they reinvented themselves and their sound. “We’ve taken it (the conceptual album) to its logical limit and it’s time to do something else,” remarked Geddy Lee. To further reinvent themselves, the band opted to record at Le Studio in Quebec which has been highly credited in the evolution of the Rush sound and would soon become their home away from home for future albums to come. Giving birth to two of the band’s most important songs in their stable, “The Spirit Of Radio” along with “Freewill” offered fans a long overdue experience: regular radio play. Additionally, the album features the cinematic “Jacob’s Ladder,” the album’s third single “Entre Nous,” the Geddy Lee lyric penned “Different Strings” and the barometer for pure progressive rock “Natural Science.””

Super Deluxe Edition Track Listing:

Disc 1:

01. “The Spirit Of Radio”
02. “Freewill”
03. “Jacob’s Ladder”
04. “Entre Nous”
05. “Different Strings”
06. “Natural Science”

Disc 2:

01. “Beneath, Between & Behind” (Live in Manchester)
02. “By-Tor & The Snow Dog” (Live in London)
03. “Xanadu” (Live in London)
04. “The Spirit Of Radio” (Live in Manchester)
05. “Natural Science” (Live in Manchester)
06. “The Trees” (Live in Manchester)
07. “Cygnus X-1” (Live in London)
08. “Cygnus X-1 Book II” (Live in London)
09. “Closer To The Heart” (Live in Manchester)
10. “Jacob’s Ladder” (Live in Missouri)
11. “Freewill” (Live in London)

It’s worth noting that the vinyl will also come with “A Passage To Bangkok (Live in Manchester).”

The set also comes with the following bonus items:

* Official Permanent Waves World Tour 1980 Program
* The Words & Pictures Volume II – U.K. Tour Program
* Three Neil Peart Handwritten Lyric Sheet Lithos
* Three Band Member Backstage Laminates
* Le Studio 20-page Notepad
* Double-sided 24″x36″ Poster

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Hellhammer’s “Apocalyptic Raids” To Be Reissued In March

Hellhammer’s “Apocalyptic Raids” is set to be reissued on March 27. The effort, which will be available on deluxe gatefold LP and mediabook CD, has been remastered by V.Santura (Triptykon) and it features art from founding member Tom Gabriel Warrior (Triptykon, etc.) and an expanded booklet with rare photos and new liner notes.

Warrior commented:

“It truly is a pleasure to see BMG Rights Management/Noise Records finally utilizing their rights to significant parts of Hellhammer’s early 1980s catalogue, and to know that they are doing this with utmost respect and the necessary understanding of the group’s eminence and spirit. And it is an honour for me to have been asked to participate in this reissue project by developing the concept and overseeing both the remastering process and art direction.”

“I am deeply grateful for the efforts the label has invested into this project, and I know I speak for all former Hellhammer band members, deceased and alive, by stating how grateful we all feel that Hellhammer’s music is still relevant and in demand all of these many years later.”

Here’s the track listing for “Apocalyptic Raids”:

01. “The Third Of The Storms (Evoked Damnation)”
02. “Massacra”
03. “Triumph Of Death”
04. “Horus / Aggressor”
05. “Revelations Of Doom”
06. “Messiah”

Blue Öyster Cult Announce New Live Release “40th Anniversary – Agents Of Fortune – Live 2016” & “Heaven Forbid” Reissue

Blue Öyster Cult will be releasing a new live set titled “40th Anniversary – Agents Of Fortune – Live 2016” on March 6. The effort, which will be available on CD/DVD, Blu-ray, and vinyl, was recorded during the band’s April 18, 2016 show at Red Studios in Hollywood, CA in which they performed “Agents Of Fortune” in full for the Audience Music Network. Furthermore, the band will also be reissuing “Heaven Forbid” on March 6 as well.

“40th Anniversary – Agents Of Fortune – Live 2016” Track Listing:


01. “This Ain’t The Summer Of Love”
02. “True Confessions”
03. “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”
04. “E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)”
05. “The Revenge Of Vera Gemini”
06. “Sinful Love”
07. “Tattoo Vampire”
08. “Morning Final”
09. “Tenderloin”
10. “Debbie Denise”

DVD / Blu-Ray:

01. “True Confessions”
02. “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”
03. “E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)”
04. “The Revenge Of Vera Gemini”
05. “Sinful Love”
06. “Tattoo Vampire”
07. “Morning Final”
08. “Tenderloin”
09. “Debbie Denise”

Bonus Content:

* This Ain’t The Summer of Love (Audio only / Blu Ray only)
* Band interview
* Behind The Scenes TV Spot
* BOC My Story TV Spot
* Live On Audience Music TV Spot

“Heaven Forbid” Track Listing:

01. “See You In Black”
02. “Harvest Moon”
03. “Power Underneath Dispair”
04. “X-Ray Eyes”
05. “Hammer Back”
06. “Damaged”
07. “Cold Gray Light Of Dawn”
08. “Real World”
09. “Live For Me”
10. “Still Burnin'”
11. “In Thee” (live at Millbrook)

Blaze Bayley (Ex-Iron Maiden) Planning To Release New Album In March 2021

Blaze Bayley (ex-Iron Maiden) has revealed that he is planning to release a new album in March 2021. With this news, the singer also revealed that he will be reissuing “Tenth Dimension” in September 2020. He is also planning a European/UK tour featuring a “Tenth Dimension” setlist. Prior to all this, Bayley will release a new live album/DVD titled “Live In Czech” on April 3.

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Welcome 2020! Having said goodbye to another year and in thanking you for all the wonderful support, we also take this opportunity to welcome you to 2020. Firstly, we wish you a very happy and healthy new year, and next take a moment to tell you about our plans for this year and a little further. Live in Czech As you know, in April we release 'Live in Czech' which is the concluding piece of the 'Infinite Entanglement' trilogy, featuring the setlist played on the 'Tour of the Eagle Spirit', including some of the more epic tracks like 'Eagle Spirit' and 'Together We Can Move the Sun'. Thank you so much to all of you that have pre-ordered 'Live in Czech' so far. New full metal studio album Apart from our Brazil Tour this month, Burr Fest in March and summer festivals, we will concentrate on song-writing for a brand new full metal album planned for release in March 2021. As you can see below, Blaze and Chris have already started and early reports from Blaze are that the results so far are very exciting. Tenth Dimension So, what's happening in the later part of 2020? We're thrilled to say that in September we plan to re-issue the 'Tenth Dimension' album which will be re-packaged with upgraded artwork and we'll also release for the first time a vinyl version. In many ways that album is a prequel to the trilogy and so it's interesting to explore that more deeply. To go with that re-issue we are soon to announce a European Tour for September-October, and a UK Tour for November, both featuring a 'Tenth Dimension' setlist. So, that gives you a clear idea of where we're heading with our plans for 2020-2021…. April 2020 : 'Live in Czech' CD and DVD September 2020 : 'Tenth Dimension' CD re-issue and vinyl LP March 2021 : new full metal studio album Thank you once again for making all this even possible. We'll bring you more news as soon as we can. #blazebayley #britishmetal @iron maiden #wolfsbane #liveinczech #tenthdimension #newalbum

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Satyricon To Release 20th Anniversary Edition Of “Rebel Extravaganza” In December

Satyricon have announced that they will be releasing a 20th anniversary edition of “Rebel Extravaganza” on December 13. This version of the effort was remastered and it will be available as a special limited picture double vinyl set, as a 2-LP gatefold, and as a digipack.

Sigurd “Satyr” Wongraven commented:

“As much as Rebel was a new record to us, it was also a protest. I felt the genre was turning gothic and that there were more interesting and sustainable types of expression that could be incorporated in the Black Metal to make it grow and spark new life into it.

My own bottomless misanthropy at the time, was also instrumental in shaping the record. Frost and I are proud of how this record contributed to a development for the genre we all know now was necessary. This was a record many discovered in hindsight and that says a lot about its complexity, controversy and importance.

Today, 20 years later, the new version sounds and looks better than this record has ever done. We hope you feel the same way.”

Zakk Wylde To Reissue Pride & Glory’s Debut Album

Zakk Wylde has announced that he will be reissuing Pride & Glory’s debut album as a vinyl picture disc on October 25. The effort, which can be pre-ordered HERE, will come with various bonus tracks including an acoustic version of “Machine Gun Man” and an alternate version of “Mother Mary.“ Five more bonus tracks will also be available on a download card. For now, the acoustic version of “Machine Gun Man” can be streamed below:

Track Listing:

01. “Losin’ Your Mind”
02. “Horse Called War”
03. “Shine On”
04. “Lovin’ Woman”
05. “Harvester Of Pain”
06. “The Chosen One”
07. “Sweet Jesus”
08. “Troubled Wine”
09. “Machine Gun Man”
10. “Cry Me a River”
11. “Toe’n The Line”
12. “Found A Friend”
13. “Fadin’ Away”
14. “Hate Your Guts”
15. “Machine Gun Man” (acoustic version)
16. “Mother Mary” (alternate version)

Bonus Tracks (available via download card):

01. “The Wizard” (Black Sabbath cover)
02. “Torn and Tattered”
03. “In My Time of Dyin'” (Led Zeppelin cover)
04. “The Hammer & the Nail”
05. “Come Together” (The Beatles cover)