Mayhem Premiere “Falsified And Hated” Music Video

Mayhem have premiered a new video for their song “Falsified And Hated.” This track is from the band’s latest album “Daemon.”

Guitarist Teloch said the following:

“This is the first official music video we have released, so indeed some thought went into this. Instead of having us filmed at some dodgy location with instruments not even plugged in, we did something different, in the true tradition of the band. We hired Johan Bååth (Watain, etc.) as a director and we also were lucky enough to get the infamous Swedish graffiti artist Ziggy Jonas Rasmusson to do his ritualistic paintings for the video.”

Producer Tore Stjerna also commented:

“It’s a very strong track with tons of energy. It also stands out in an interesting way with its hints towards industrial music. The insanity of this roller-coaster ride of a song marries beautifully with the twisted art featured in the video.”

Director Johan Bååth added:

“When I was asked to do the very first Mayhem music video, I thought I really had to do something more than just a plain black metal video, I wanted to take it one step further and do something different but stay true to the genre and, of course, Mayhem’s iconic legacy as a band. I thought of the artist Ziggy Jonas Rasmusson and his ritualistic paintings and I asked him if he wanted to participate. Together we came up with this idea of a ritualistic painted pentagon-shaped room, completely surrounded by five painted walls, facing a centered pentagram-painting with Ziggy’s ‘hex-text’ signs and symbols all over, each of the five point corners symbolizing human expiration. In the middle, we see an organic neoplasm tumor-like shaped form, all muddy and dirty with wooden branches ensnared around it. The surreal and scary-looking outgrowth is almost breathing with dark energy, attached to several plastic tubes connected to five cloaked characters symbolizing the five members of Mayhem. They’re completely occupied with different ritual tasks destroying all humanity and contributing matter and dark energy to the demon creation in the middle.”

Mayhem & Abbath Set For 2020 “Decibel Magazine Tour”

Mayhem and Abbath will be hitting the road on the 2020 “Decibel Magazine Tour.” You can find the dates for that run below. It’s also worth noting that further acts will be announced in December.

Tour Dates:

03/13 Denver, CO – The Ogden Theatre
03/14 Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
03/16 Portland, OR – Roseland Ballroom
03/17 Seattle, WA – Showbox Market
03/18 Vancouver, BC – The Imperial
03/20 San Francisco, CA – The Regency Ballroom
03/21 Santa Ana, CA – The Observatory
03/22 San Diego, CA – The Observatory NP
03/24 Phoenix, AZ – The Pressroom
03/25 Albuquerque, NM – Sunshine Theater
03/27 Austin, TX – Empire Garage
03/28 Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey Live
03/29 Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall
03/31 Tampa, FL – The Ritz
04/01 Atlanta, GA – Masquerade
04/02 Charlotte, NC – The Underground
04/03 Philadelphia, PA – The Fillmore
04/04 New York, NY – Webster Hall
04/06 Boston, MA – The Paradise
04/07 Montreal, QC – Corona Theater
04/08 Toronto, ON – Danforth Music Hall
04/09 Pittsburgh, PA – Mr. Smalls
04/10 Chicago, IL – The Metro

Mayhem’s Necrobutcher Claims He Was Planning To Kill Euronymous Himself

Back in 1993, Varg “Count Grishnackh” Vikernes (Burzum) infamously murdered Mayhem’s Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth, but it appears he wasn’t the only one that wanted him dead. During a recent interview with Consequence Of Sound, Jørn “Necrobutcher” Stubberud revealed that he was actually planning to kill Aarseth himself.

Stubberud said the following:

“In the middle of the process of the songwriting and stuff [‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas‘], our buddy Per Ohlin decided to take his own life. I felt very sad about that and was struck by sorrow for a long time. I still actually feel sorrow about that. But the first year was particularly bad. Especially since my friend – ‘friend’ – Euronymous took fucking photos of [Ohlin‘s] corpse.

So that didn’t help much with the grief. I felt like I needed to go over and kill that Øystein Euronymous fucking backstabber. But y’know it’s funny with the karma, y’know, bad karma there… ’cause he went behind my back, called Varg Vikernes, got him to play bass on the album and then that was kinda bad karma I guess, because we all know what happened to him.”

He also added:

“OK, I can tell it right now, because I’ve been holding it in for many years, but actually I was on my way down to kill him [Aarseth] myself. And when it happened, I saw the morning paper, thinking ‘Fuck, I gotta get home to my place and get out all the weapons and drugs and shit I had in my house, because they’re coming to my house because I’m probably going to be the No. 1 suspect for this.’

But little did I know that the Norwegian police already knew that Count Grishnackh [Vikernes] was going down also to kill him. Because they bugged his phone, and he actually talked about this killing before he went to Bergen so the cops already knew that he was coming, so they probably were thinking to themselves, ‘We didn’t nail this guy for the church burnings, so let’s nail him for murder, and get rid of this fucking guy in Oslo the same time.’ So that’s basically what happened.”

Mayhem Premiere New Song “Of Worms And Ruins”

Mayhem have premiered a new song titled “Of Worms And Ruins.” This track is from their new album “Daemon,” which will be released on October 25. The group commented:

“Here we are, yet another chapter written in the book of Mayhem, with a track that Ghul wrote. This is a premiere track for Ghul, showing off what he will bring to the table. So indeed our new album has two composers, instead of one. It shall be much more interesting, as for Mayhem, having two composers in the band, is not the norm. Turn up the fucking volume!”

Mayhem Premiere New Song “Worthless Abominations Destroyed”

Mayhem have premiered a new song titled “Worthless Abominations Destroyed.” This track is from the band’s new album “Daemon,” which will be released on October 25. Teloch commented:

“After teasing you guys for over six months, it’s finally time to show you what we have been up to in the studio this summer. Here’s ‘Worthless Abominations Destroyed’, a track that was made with the intention to have this ‘all is lost and hopeless’ feeling.”

Mayhem Reveal Details For New Album “Daemon”

Mayhem have revealed the details for their new album “Daemon.” The effort will be released on October 25 and the cover art and track listing can be found below:

“Daemon” Track Listing:

01. “The Dying False King”
02. “Agenda Ignis”
03. “Bad Blood”
04. “Malum”
05. “Falsified And Hated”
06. “Aeon Daemonium”
07. “Worthless Abomination Destroyed”
08. “Daemon Spawn”
09. “Of Worms And Ruins”
10. “Invoke The Oath”

The band commented:

“’Daemon’ isn’t a direct follow-up to ‘Esoteric Warfare’. Like all Mayhem albums of their time, ‘Daemon’ is unto itself. The wolf solitary and singular. Indeed, ‘Daemon’ also isn’t a new chapter in our storied career. Rather, it’s a new tome, authoritative yet wild in character. Composed and decomposed with the same lineup – Necrobutcher (bass), Hellhammer (drums), Attila (vocals), Teloch (guitars), and Ghul (guitars) – that handled ‘Esoteric Warfare’ and performed ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’ in its entirety over the last few years, ‘Daemon’ isn’t a retrofit of classic songs like ‘Freezing Moon,’ ‘Pagan Fears,’ or ‘Buried by Time and Dust’ either. That’s what the live album, ‘De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive’ (2016), was for. ‘Daemon’ is change, an opportunity for the maw of hell to open wider.”