Original Candlebox Lineup To Perform Debut Album In Full At Special Seattle, WA Show

Candlebox’s original lineup, featuring Peter Klett, Bardi Martin, Kevin Martin, and Scott Mercado, will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of their self-titled debut album by performing it in full at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, WA on July 21. The band will also be joined by special guests SweetWater and Green Apple Quick Step.

Kevin Martin said the following:

“I can’t believe its been 25 years, it seems like yesterday we were playing the 1st of 3 sold out shows at the Paramount and to be able to come back 25 years later to that same magical venue to play these songs for our fans is truly overwhelming and humbling. I don’t think any of us ever thought that we had made a record that would have such a profound affect on so many. I mean, we were proud of it of course and we loved what we had created but to think that it was going to reach so many people and that it was still going to be as impactful 25 years later, no way. I think we are all amazed that its 25 years old, very humbling for sure and I couldn’t be more grateful that our fans still love what we do all these years later.”

Klett also commented:

“I’m truly looking forward to getting back together with the guys where it started all those years ago. Playing the songs that literally changed our lives and continue to do so and to be able to play them in the The Paramount with our fans there is going to be amazing!”

Bardi Martin added:

“It is amazing, I mean, if you’d have asked me in 1993 if I thought we’d be playing this album for our fans in 25 years I dont know how i would have responded. I think i would probably have said “I hope so” but really I’m just amazed and cannot wait to celebrate these past 25 years with the guys and the fans!”

Mercado commented as well:

“I’m so stoked to be reuniting with the 3 guys that changed my life immeasurably and presented the most magical moments I’ll ever experience on this Earth. I love these guys and can’t wait to play the songs from the album that catapulted our musical careers.”

In other news, the band’s current lineup, Kevin Martin, Adam Kury, Brian Quinn, Island Styles, and Robin Diaz, also have the following dates booked:

01/25 Grand Rapids, MI – 2 Monroe Live
01/26 Detroit, MI – St. Andrews Hall
01/27 Northfield, OH – Hard Rock Live
02/28 Ponte Vedra Beach, FL – Ponte Vedra Concert Hall
03/01 St. Petersburg, FL – Jannus Live
03/02 Orlando, FL – The Plaza Live
03/03 Fort Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room
04/06 Washington, DC – City Winery DC
04/07 Boston, MA – City Winery
04/08 New York, NY – City Winery
04/09 New York, NY – City Winery
04/13 Atlanta, GA – City Winery Atlanta
04/14 Nashville, TN – City Winery
04/15 Chicago, IL – City Winery
04/16 Chicago, IL – City Winery
05/25 Pryor, OK – Rocklahoma
05/26 Dallas, TX – KEGL Festival
05/27 Pryor, OK – Rocklahoma
06/01 Baton Rouge, LA – L’Auberage Casino & Hotel
06/02 Biloxi, MS – Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
06/29 Youngstown, OH – Southern Park Mall
06/30 Washington, PA – The Meadows Racetrack & Casino
09/15 Kamus, UT – Dejoria Center


Dream Theater Post Mini-Documentary On “Images And Words” 25th Anniversary Tour

Dream Theater have posted a mini-documentary on their “Images And Words” 25th anniversary tour. The clip was shot by Randy M. Salo (Freqstv) in Germany.

Stone Temple Pilots Stream Previously Unreleased Demo “Only Dying”

Stone Temple Pilots are streaming their previously unreleased demo “Only Dying,” via Rolling Stone. The song, which was originally going to be used as part of “The Crow” soundtrack before Brandon Lee’s death, will come with the new 25th anniversary edition of “Core.” That set will be released on September 29.

Click the LINK to go to the stream.

Dean DeLeo commented:

“I remember Scott really wanted to redo the song and quite honestly, the guitar tone we chose on that … I don’t know what I was thinking. Maybe I was listening to too much Robert Smith or something. It’s a song where I don’t think we reached our full potential as songwriters quite yet. But honestly, it really is a beautiful song.”

White Zombie’s “La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. I” To Be Pressed On Purple Vinyl For 25th Anniversary

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of White Zombie‘s “La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. I,” the effort will be released on limited edition 180 gram purple vinyl on September 29 (limited to 2,000 copies). Preorders are available at bullmoose.com.

[via The PRP]

Listen To 1993 Live Performance Of Stone Temple Pilots’ “Plush” From Upcoming Deluxe Edition Of “Core”

A live version of Stone Temple Pilots’ “Plush,” which was recorded at the Castaic Lake Natural Amphitheater in Castaic Lake, CA in 1993, is now available to stream via Loudwire. This version of the song will comes with the new 25th anniversary edition of “Core,” which will be released on September 29.

Click the LINK to go to the stream.

Listen To Early Demo Version Of Stone Temple Pilots’ “Sex Type Thing”

A demo version of Stone Temple Pilots’s “Sex Type Thing” is now available to stream via Spotify. You can also find an unoffical stream below. This version of the song will come with the new 25th anniversary edition of “Core,” which will be released on September 29.

Stone Temple Pilots To Release 25th Anniversary “Super Deluxe Edition” Of “Core”

Stone Temple Pilots be releasing a 25th anniversary edition of their 1992 debut album “Core” on September 29. It will be available as a “Super Deluxe Edition”, with the remastered album, three bonus CD’s (including demos, live tracks, and their “MTV Unplugged” performance), a vinyl version of the original album, and a DVD (including a 5.1 surround sound mix of the album and four music videos), in a hardcover book complete with rare photos (limited to 15,000). The first 1,000 people to preorder those will also get a replica of the 7″ single for “Plush.” There will also be a 2 CD “Deluxe Version”, which only comes with the remastered album and rarities. A one disc remastered album and digital copy will be made available as well. Preorders can be found atstonetemplepilots.com.

“Super Deluxe Edition” Track Listing:

Disc One: Original Album Remastered:

01 – “Dead & Bloated”
02 – “Sex Type Thing”
03 – “Wicked Garden”
04 – “No Memory”
05 – “Sin”
06 – “Naked Sunday”
07 – “Creep”
08 – “Piece Of Pie”
09 – “Plush”
10 – “Wet My Bed”
11 – “Crackerman”
12 – “Where The River Goes”

Disc Two: Demos And B-sides:

01 – “Only Dying” (demo)
02 – “Wicked Garden” (demo)
03 – “Naked Sunday” (demo)
04 – “Where The River Goes” (demo)
05 – “Dead & Bloated” (demo)
06 – “Sex Type Thing” (demo)
07 – “Sin” (demo)
08 – “Creep” (demo)
09 – “Plush” (demo)
10 – “Sex Type Thing” (Swing Type Version)
11 – “Plush” (Acoustic Type Version)
12 – “Creep” (New Album Version)
13 – “Plush” (Acoustic from MTV Headbanger’s Ball Take 1)

Disc Three: Live 1993:

Live At Castaic Lake Natural Amphitheater (July 2, 1993)
01 – “Crackerman”
02 – “Wicked Garden”
03 – “No Memory”
04 – “Sin”
05 – “Plush”
06 – “Where The River Goes”
07 – “Sex Type Thing”
08 – “Wet My Bed”
09 – “Naked Sunday”

Live At The Reading Festival (August 27, 1993)
10 – “Wicked Garden”
11 – “No Memory”
12 – “Sin”
13 – “Lounge Fly”
14 – “Dead & Bloated”
15 – “Sex Type Thing”
16 – “Naked Sunday”

Disc Four: MTV Unplugged (November 17, 1993)

01 – “Crackerman””
02 – “Creep”
03 – “Andy Warhol” (David Bowie cover)
04 – “Plush”
05 – “Big Empty”
06 – “Wicked Garden”
07 – “Sex Type Thing”

Disc Five: (DVD) Original Album 5.1 Mix & Music Videos:

“Sex Type Thing”
“Wicked Garden”