Ozzy Osbourne To Digitally Release 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition Of “Blizzard Of Ozz”

Ozzy Osbourne will be digitally releasing a 40th anniversary expanded edition of his debut solo album “Blizzard Of Ozz” later this week. The effort will be available on September 18 and it will feature a number of bonus tracks.

“Blizzard Of Ozz” Expanded Edition Track Listing:

01. “I Don’t Know”
02. “Crazy Train”
03. “Goodbye To Romance”
04. “Dee”
05. “Suicide Solution”
06. “Mr. Crowley”
07. “No Bone Movies”
08. “Revelation (Mother Earth)”
09. “Steal Away (The Night)”
10. “You Looking At Me, Looking At You”
11. “Goodbye To Romance” (2010 guitar & vocal mix)
12. “RR” [Outtake from “Blizzard Of Ozz” Sessions]
13. “I Don’t Know” (from ‘Ozzy Live‘)
14. “Crazy Train” (from ‘Ozzy Live‘)
15. “Mr. Crowley” (from ‘Ozzy Live‘)
16. “Revelation (Mother Earth)” (from ‘Ozzy Live‘)
17. “Steal Away (The Night)” (from ‘Ozzy Live‘)
18. “Suicide Solution” (from ‘Ozzy Live‘)
19. “You Said It All” (live) (from ‘Mr. Crowley’ EP)

In other news, Osbourne is also planning to release digital video versions of “Live & Loud” and “Live At Budokan.“

Remastered Expanded Edition Of Motörhead’s “On Parole” To Be Released In October

A remastered expanded edition of Motörhead’s “On Parole” is set to be released on October 9 as part of National Album Day. The effort, which will be available as a single CD and double LP, will come with six bonus tracks, new liner notes by original drummer Lucas Fox, rare photos, and archive content. It will also feature a rare Canadian version of the cover art.

Track Listing:

01. “Motörhead” (2020 Remaster)
02. “On Parole” (2020 Remaster)
03. “Vibrator” (2020 Remaster)
04. “Iron Horse / Born To Lose” (2020 Remaster)
05. “City Kids” (2020 Remaster)
06. “Fools” (2020 Remaster)
07. “The Watcher” (2020 Remaster)
08. “Leaving Here” (2020 Remaster)
09. “Lost Johnny” (2020 Remaster)

Bonus Tracks:

10. “On Parole” (Original Take)
11. “City Kids” (Original Take)
12. “Iron Horse” / Born To Lose (Original Take)
13. “Motörhead” (Original Take)
14. “Leaving Here” (Original Take)
15. “Fools” (Demo Version)

Nickelback To Release “All The Right Reasons: 15th Anniversary Expanded Edition” In October

Nickelback will be releasing a 15th anniversary expanded edition of “All The Right Reasons” on October 2. The two-disc set will feature a remastered version of the original album, b-sides and audio from the band’s August 8, 2006 show in Sturgis, SD.

“All The Right Reasons: 15th Anniversary Expanded Edition” Track listing:

Disc One:

01. “Follow You Home”
02. “Fight For All The Wrong Reasons”
03. “Photograph”
04. “Animals”
05. “Savin’ Me”
06. “Far Away”
07. “Next Contestant”
08. “Side Of A Bullet”
09. “If Everyone Cared”
10. “Someone That You’re With”
11. “Rockstar”
12. “We Will Rock You”
13. “Photograph” (Acoustic)
14. “Too Bad” (Acoustic)
15. “Someday” (Live Acoustic)

Disc Two (Live at Buffalo Chip, Sturgis, SD):

01. “Intro”
02. “Animals”
03. “Woke Up This Morning”
04. “Photograph”
05. “Because Of You”
06. “Far Away”
07. “Never Again”
08. “Savin’ Me”
09. “Someday”
10. “Side Of A Bullet”
11. “How You Remind Me”
12. “Too Bad”
13. “Figured You Out”

You can stream a remastered acoustic version of “Photograph” below:

Rise Against Release Expanded Edition Of “The Black Market”

Rise Against have released an expanded edition of their 2014 album “The Black Market.” This version of the effort comes with three bonus tracks including “About Damn Time” and “We Will Never Forget” from the band’s “The Eco-Terrorist In Me” 7 inch EP and “Escape Artists” from the Japanese edition of “The Black Market.”

“The Black Market” (Expanded Edition) Track Listing:

01. “A Beautiful Indifference”
02. “Awake Too Long”
03. “Bridges”
04. “I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore”
05. “Methadone”
06. “People Live Here”
07. “Sudden Life”
08. “The Black Market”
09. “The Eco-Terrorist In Me”
10. “The Great Die-Off”
11. “Tragedy + Time”
12. “Zero Visibility”
13. “Escape Artists” (bonus track)
14. “About Damn Time” (bonus track)
15. “We Will Never Forget” (bonus track)

Guns N’ Roses Officially Reveal Details For “Locked N’ Loaded” Edition Of “Appetite For Destruction”

Following the leak earlier today, Guns N’ Roses have now officially announced their remasterd and expanded 30th anniversary edition of “Appetite For Destruction.” There are a number of options including a $999 “Locked N’ Loaded” box set, a $179 super deluxe edition, a $19.98 2 CD deluxe edition, etc. It will be released on June 29, and pre-orders can be found HERE. You can also check out a rarity called “Shadow Of Your Love”, along with some unboxing videos for the “Locked N’ Loaded” and super deluxe editions below:

Here’s what the $999 “Locked N’ Loaded” set comes with:

“The Appetite For Destruction: Locked N’ Loaded box is the one true GN’R Holy Grail. The box includes the Super Deluxe Edition with 4CDs featuring the album newly remastered for the first time ever; B-sides N’ EPs newly remastered; the previously unreleased 1986 Sound City Session N’ More recordings; a Blu-ray Audio disc with the album, bonus tracks and music videos in brand new 5.1 surround sound along with the unearthed music video for “It’s So Easy” originally shot in 1989 but never finished; and a 96-page hardcover book showcasing unseen photos from Axl Rose’s personal archive and a wealth of memorabilia.

In addition, the Locked N’ Loaded box contains high quality collectables including seven 12-inch 180g audiophile vinyl discs, seven 7-inch singles on yellow vinyl, a dozen lithos newly visualizing each song on Appetite, 5 custom hand-made metal-cast band skull face rings, 5 hand-made metal-cast band skull face lapel pins, buttons, patches, replica concert tickets and gig flyers, 5 metal skull face and signature-stamped guitar picks, a turntable mat, wall posters, replica ‘85/’86 club days banner, a Robert Williams painting litho, never-before-seen band lithos, a numbered certificate of authenticity and more.


Simulated-Leather & Wood Cabinet with Embossed GN’R Logos
Handmade 3D Cross
96-page Hardcover Book with Unreleased Photos from Axl’s Personal Archive and a Bombardment of Memorabilia – Simulated-leather Wrapped Slipcase and
Book Cover with Embossed GN’R Logos
4 CDs
73 Total Tracks – 49 Tracks Previously Unreleased
First Ever Album Remaster from Original Analog Tapes
12 Tracks from B-sides N’ EPs Newly Remastered from Original Analog Tapes
25 Unreleased Recordings from 1986 Sound City Session
2 Unreleased Recordings from Mike Clink Sessions:
“Shadow Of Your Love” – from December 1986 Mike Clink tryout session
“Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)” – from GN’R LIES sessions
1 Blu-ray Audio Disc
New 96kHz 24-bit 5.1 Surround Sound Mixes from Original Analog Multi-tracks
Original Album Mixed by Elliot Scheiner
5 Bonus Tracks Mixed by Elliot Scheiner & Frank Filipetti
All songs feature brand new animations
4 Original Music Videos in 5.1
Unreleased 1989 “It’s So Easy” Video in 5.1
Seven 180-gram Audiophile 12-inch LPs
All Vinyl Cut from 192kHz 24-bit Remastered High-Resolution Audio
Original Album Expanded to 2-LPs for Maximum Audiophile Playback
Limited Edition Foil Art Slipcase
Side 4 Extra Bonus: Hologroove Hologram of GN’R Logo
LIVE LIKE A SUICIDE EP (1-LP) with Extra Track “Shadow Of Your Love”

6 Replica 7-inch Singles + New 7-inch for “Shadow Of Your Love” on Yellow Vinyl

“It’s So Easy” b/w “Mr. Brownstone”
“Welcome To The Jungle” b/w “Whole Lotta Rosie (Live)”
“Sweet Child O’ Mine” b/w “Out Ta Get Me”
“Paradise City” b/w “Used To Love Her”
“Patience” b/w “Rocket Queen”
“Nightrain” b/w “Reckless Life”
“Shadow Of Your Love” b/w “Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)”

32GB Metal Cross USB Stick with High-Resolution Audio Formats from All 4 CDs
19kHz 24-bit AIFF Files
96kHz 24-bit AIFF Files
44.1kHz 16-bit AIFF Files
12 New Illustration Lithos – Visualizing Each Song on the Album
5 Metal Band Skull Face Rings
5 Metal Band Skull Face Lapel Pins
5 Metal Guitar Picks with Band Skull Faces & Signatures
5 Previously Unseen Band Member Lithos
5 GN’R Logo Buttons
Robert Williams Painting Litho 12”x24”
Replica ‘85/’86 Gig Banner 27”x40”
“Welcome To The Jungle” Video Invite Flyer – Originally Drawn by Slash
Turntable Mat
Microfiber Vinyl Cleaning Cloth
7-inch Large Hole Adapter
6 Replica Early Years Gig Flyers
6 Iron-on Stitched Logo Patches
2-inch Collectable Coin
Bandana with Silver Metallic Ink
2 Wall Posters 24”x36”
Temporary Band Member Tattoos
3 Replica Ticket Stubs
Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

Welcome To The Jungle
It’s So Easy
Out Ta Get Me
Mr. Brownstone
Paradise City
My Michelle
Think About You
Sweet Child O’ Mine
You’re Crazy
Anything Goes
Rocket Queen
Produced by Mike Clink

Mixed by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero


Reckless Life
Nice Boys
Move To The City (Live)
Mama Kin
Shadow Of Your Love (Live)
You’re Crazy (Acoustic Version)
Used To Love Her
You’re Crazy
It’s So Easy (Live)
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (Live)
Whole Lotta Rosie (Live)


All Previously Unreleased

Welcome To The Jungle (1986 Sound City Session)
Nightrain (1986 Sound City Session)
Out Ta Get Me (1986 Sound City Session)
Paradise City (1986 Sound City Session)
My Michelle (1986 Sound City Session)
Think About You (1986 Sound City Session)
You’re Crazy (1986 Sound City Session)
Anything Goes (1986 Sound City Session)
Rocket Queen (1986 Sound City Session)
Shadow Of Your Love (1986 Sound City Session)
Heartbreak Hotel (1986 Sound City Session)
Jumpin’ Jack Flash (1986 Sound City Session)


All Previously Unreleased:
Shadow Of Your Love
Move To The City (1986 Sound City Session)
Ain’t Goin’ Down No More (Instrumental Version – 1986 Sound City Session)
The Plague (1986 Sound City Session)
Nice Boys (1986 Sound City Session)
Back Off Bitch (1986 Sound City Session)
Reckless Life (1986 Sound City Session)
Mama Kin (1986 Sound City Session)
New Work Tune (1986 Sound City Session)
November Rain (Piano Version – 1986 Sound City Session)
Move To The City (Acoustic Version – 1986 Sound City Session)
You’re Crazy (Acoustic Version – 1986 Sound City Session)
November Rain (Acoustic Version – 1986 Sound City Session)
Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Acoustic Version – 1986 Sound City Session)
Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)


96kHz 24-bit 5.1 Surround Sound & Remastered Stereo

5.1 Surround Sound mixed by *Elliot Scheiner and **Frank Filipetti

All Previously Unreleased


Welcome To The Jungle
It’s So Easy
Out Ta Get Me
Mr. Brownstone
Paradise City
My Michelle
Think About You
Sweet Child O’ Mine
You’re Crazy
Anything Goes
Rocket Queen
Produced by Mike Clink

Stereo mixed by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero


Shadow Of Your Love**
Used To Love Her**
You’re Crazy**
Move To The City (1988 Acoustic Version)**


Welcome To The Jungle
Sweet Child O’Mine
Paradise City
It’s So Easy – BRAND NEW VIDEO FROM 1989″

Details Leak For Guns N’ Roses’ Remastered & Expanded “Appetite For Destruction” Box Set

UPDATE: The details have now been officially revealed.

Original Story:

As previously reported, Guns N’ Roses recent teasing was leading up to the reveal of a remasterd and expanded 30th anniversary edition of “Appetite For Destruction.” The set will officially be announced at 9 pm tonight, but a leaked unboxing video has revealed the contents of their “Locked N’ Loaded” box set. It is expected to be released on June 29, and is rumored to cost $650, while an Amazon listing says the CD version will be $179.98.

Here’s what the box set will include:

  • Embossed Faux Leather and Wood Cabinet
  • Handmade 3D Cross
  • Super deluxe edition: 96 page handbound book with unreleased photos from Axl Rose’s personal archive
  • 4 CD’s in total with 73 total tracks featuring 49 unreleased tracks
  • 1 blu ray audio disc with new 5.1 surround sound mixes
  • Seven 12″ 180 Gram LPS
  • Original Album expanded into two LPs
  • First ever album remaster from analog tapes
  • Limited Edition foil slipcase
  • 4th side hologroove hologram
  • 1 LP B-Sides N’ EPs and Live Like a Suicide EP
  • 3LP Sound City Session and 25 unreleased songs from the 1986 session
  • 2 unreleased tracks from Mike Clink Sessions
  • 7 7″ singles on yellow vinyl
  • 12 New illustration lithos visualizing each song from Appetite for Destruction
  • Turntable Mat
  • 6 Replica Gig Flyers
  • Welcome to the Jungle Video Invite Flyer
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 6 Iron-On Stitched Logo Patches
  • 5 Metal Guitar Picks
  • 3 Replica Ticket Stubs
  • 5 metal Band Skull Lapel Pins
  • 2-Inch Collectable Coin
  • 5 buttons
  • 7″ adapter
  • 5 Metal Band Skull Rings
  • USB Stick
  • 5 Never-Before Seen Band Member Photo Lithos
  • 6 Temporary Band Member Tattoos
  • Robert Williams Painting Litho
  • Two Wall Posters
  • Custom bandana With Silver Metallic Ink
  • Replica 85’/86′ Concert Banner Featuring Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

[via Loudwire]

Guns N’ Roses’ Recent Teasing Seems To Be For A “Locked N’ Loaded” Expanded Edition Of “Appetite For Destruction”

UPDATE: The contents of the box set have now leaked.

Original Story:

As the rumors suggested, Guns N’ Roses recent teasing seems to be leading up to the reveal of a remasterd and expanded 30th anniversary edition of “Appetite For Destruction.” The below picture surfaced on Reddit, and it says the reissue will be called “Appetite For Destruction: Locked N’ Loaded” and that it will be available on June 29. This means the other rumors regarding a reunion with Steven Adler and Izzy Stradlin are most likely false, as expected. In fact, Adler even told Australia’s Heavy that no one has approached him about playing any shows. An offical announcement is expected to be made tomorrow night (May 3) at 9pm.

[via The PRP]

While She Sleeps To Release Special Edition Of “You Are We” In July

While She Sleeps have announced that they will be releasing a new special edition of their latest album “You Are We” on July 20. This version will come with the original album plus eight additional bonus tracks.

Track Listing:

01. “You Are We”
02. “Steal The Sun”
03. “Feel”
04. “Empire Of Silence”
05. “Wide Awake”
06. “Silence Speaks”
07. “Settle Down Society”
08. “Hurricane”
09. “Revolt”
10. “Civil Isolation”
11. “In Another Now”
12. “Feel” (reimagined live at St Pancras Old Church in London)
13. “Silence Speaks” (reimagined live at St Pancras Old Church in London)
14. “Hurricane” (reimagined live at St Pancras Old Church in London)
15. “Civil Isolation” (demo)
16. “Feel” (demo)
17. “Fear In Change” (instrumental demo)
18. “I Am While She Sleeps”
19. “Lost Ideas“

Guitarist Sean Long commented:

“We feel that ‘You Are We‘ demonstrated such a special connection between us and our fans so we wanted to give them the chance to receive as much content as possible from the campaign. We, even as a ‘heavy’ band, have always had a strong love for acoustic and stripped backed songs so it made sense to finally realize some of our songs in this way. The St. Pancras show was so much out of our comfort zone that it made the night electric.

‘Lost Ideas‘ is something people never get to hear, yet I think it’s so pure and interesting. It’s from the absolute beginning of the writing process and you get to hear the essence of some of our biggest songs in their simplest and most organic form. It also includes some natural ideas that never made it into any of the songs on You Are We itself. This is something I would have loved to hear from my favorite artists over the years so I’m happy we are giving our fans this chance.”

Expanded Edition Of Sepultura’s “Arise” To Be Released In June

Rhino Records will be releasing a remastered expanded edition of Sepultura‘s “Arise” on June 15. It will be available on CD, vinyl, and digitally.

CD Track Listing:

Disc One:

2018 Remaster:

01. “Arise”
02. “Dead Embryonic Cells”
03. “Desperate Cry”
04. “Murder”
05. “Subtraction”
06. “Altered State”
07. “Under Siege (Regnum Irae)”
08. “Meaningless Movements”
09. “Infected Voice”

Bonus Tracks:

10. “Orgasmatron” (Motörhead cover) (studio version)
11. “Intro” (instrumental)
12. “C.I.U. (Criminals In Uniform)”
13. “Desperate Cry” (Scott Burns mix)
14. “Drug Me”

“Arise” Rough Mixes:

15. “Dead Embryonic Cells” (rough mix)
16. “Dead Embryonic Cells” (industrial remix)

“Arise” writing sessions (August 1989):

17. “For Our Own Good (C.U.I.)”
18. “Murder”
19. “Altered State”

Disc Two:

“Arise” Writing Sessions (March 1990):

01. “Under Siege (Regnum Irae)”
02. “Meaningless Movements”
03. “Infected Voice”

“Arise” basic tracks:

04. “Altered State”
05. “Dead Embryonic Cells”
06. “Desperate Cry”
07. “Infected Voice”
08. “Meaningless Movements”
09. “Murder”
10. “Under Siege (Regnum Irae)”

Under Siege (live in Barcelona 1991):

11. “Arise”
12. “Desperate Cry”
13. “Dead Embryonic Cells”
14. “Mass Hypnosis”
15. “Inner Self”
16. “Troops Of Doom”
17. “Beneath The Remains”
18. “Orgasmatron” (Motörhead cover)

Vinyl Track Listing:

Side One:

01. “Arise”
02. “Dead Embryonic Cells”
03. “Desperate Cry”
04. “Murder”
05. “Subtraction”

Side Two:

01. “Altered State”
02. “Under Siege (Regnum Irae)”
03. “Meaningless Movements”
04. “Infected Voice”

Side Three:

01. “Arise” (live)
02. “Dead Embryonic Cells” (industrial remix)
03. “Desperate Cry” (live)
04. “Murder” (writing session 1989)
05. “Murder”” (basic track)

Side Four:

01. “Altered State” (basic track)
02. “Under Siege (Regnum Irae)” (basic track)
03. “Meaningless Movements” (writing session 1990)
04. “Infected Voice” (writing session 1990)
05. “Orgasmatron” (Motörhead cover) (studio version)

Rush To Release Expanded 40th Anniversary Edition Of “A Farewell To Kings”

Rush will release a an expanded 40th anniversary edition of “A Farewell To Kings” on Decmber 1. The set will simply be called “A Farewell To Kings – 40th Anniversary,” and it will be available as a Super Deluxe Edition, a three-CD Deluxe Edition, a four-LP Deluxe Edition, and as a Deluxe Digital Edition.

The following was shared about the various configurations on rush.com:

The Super Deluxe Edition includes three CDs, one Blu-ray Audio disc and four high-quality 180-gram vinyl LPs. The set encompasses the Abbey Road Mastering Studios 2015 remastered edition of the album for the first time on CD; a complete Rush concert recorded in February 1978 at London’s Hammersmith Odeon, newly mixed by longtime Rush engineer and original A Farewell to Kings producer Terry Brown from the multi-track live tapes; four newly-recorded cover versions of songs from the original album by Dream Theater, Big Wreck, The Trews and Alain Johannes; and an instrumental studio outtake of the spacey sound effects the band has creatively titled “Cygnus X-2 Eh.” The Hammersmith show features, for the first-time ever, over 34 minutes of unreleased performances including a complete “2112” suite, “Lakeside Park,” a drum solo and “Closer To The Heart.” The Super Deluxe Edition’s audio content on its CDs is duplicated on its vinyl discs. Meanwhile, the Blu-ray Audio disc contains a brand new 5.1 surround mix of the album by four-time Grammy® nominated surround sound producer Steven Wilson, along with three original 1977 promo videos from a newly found 2-inch quad video master significantly improving the video quality for “Closer To The Heart.” The Super Deluxe package also includes an elaborate new 40th anniversary cover treatment by longtime Rush creative director Hugh Syme, who has also created a new piece of artwork for each of the album’s six songs, and an extensive 12,000-word liner notes by Grammy®-winning rock historian Rob Bowman.

The Super Deluxe Edition of A Farewell to Kings—40th Anniversary will also include several exclusive items, including a unique King’s Ring, with custom velvet pouch and neck chain; two lithographs with original artwork by Hugh Syme; a special 12-inch turntable mat featuring distinctive artwork by Hugh Syme; and a reproduction of Rush’s original 1978 A Farewell To Kings tour program.

A Farewell to Kings—40th Anniversary second configuration will be released in a three-CD Deluxe Edition, with the newly reasserted A Farewell to Kings album, the Hammersmith Odeon show, the four new cover songs, “Cygnus X-2 Eh” outtake, Hugh Syme’s song-specific artwork and Rob Bowman’s liner notes.

The third configuration will be offered as an audiophile 180-gram four-LP Deluxe Edition featuring the same audio content as the three-CD edition with double-gatefold packaging, 32-page vinyl-size booklet, the special 12-inch turntable mat, along with Syme’s artwork and Bowman’s liner notes.

The fourth configuration, the Deluxe Digital Edition, will feature the original album as disc 1, the complete Hammersmith concert unedited as disc 2, and the four covers songs plus the “Cygnus X-2 Eh” outtake as disc 3.