Dethklok Digitally Release Expanded Edition Of “The Dethalbum”

Dethklok have digitally released an expanded edition of “The Dethalbum.“ You can find the 24-track record on the service of your choice HERE. This news comes ahead of the upcoming film “Metalocalypse: Army Of The Doomstar” and its official soundtrack. A new album, titled “Dethalbum IV,” and a co-headlining tour with BABYMETAL are planned as well.

“The Dethalbum” (Expanded Edition) Track Listing:

01. “Murmaider”
02. “Go Into The Water”
03. “Awaken”
04. “Bloodrocuted”
05. “Go Forth And Die”
06. “Fansong”
07. “Better Metal Snake”
08. “The Lost Vikings”
09. “Thunderhorse”
10. “Briefcase Full Of Guts”
11. “Birthday Dethday”
12. “Hatredcopter”
13. “Castratikron”
14. “Face Fisted”
15. “Detharmonic”
16. “Deththeme”
17. “Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle”
18. “Blood Ocean”
19. “Murdertrain A Comin’”
20. “Pickles Intro”
21. “Kill You”
22. “Hatredy”
23. “Dethklok Gets In Tune”
24. “Go Into The Water” (Gulf of Danzig Remix)

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