Repentance Team Up With Fear Factory’s Milo Silvestro For New Song “Withered & Decayed”

Repentance have teamed up with Fear Factory’s Milo Silvestro for a new song titled “Withered & Decayed.” This track is from the band’s new album “The Process Of Human Demise,” which will be released on August 4.

Guitarist Shaun Glass commented:

“When we started working on the album, we knew we wanted to have another guest. We were looking for someone that we thought would complement our style. Around that time, Fear Factory was close to announcing Milo Silvestro as their new singer.

I mentioned the idea to Dino [Cazares, Fear Factory guitarist], who’s a close personal friend and he brought up the idea of seeing if Milo would be interested. We sent over the track. When he laid down his tracks in his studio, we knew we had what we were looking for. His style fit really well with Adam [Gilley] our singer and him trading verses and singing together on the choruses. We hope our friends and fans enjoy the rollercoaster ride it delivers.”

Silvestro added:

“I had a blast recording vocals on this banger. It’s heavy, it’s fresh, it’s got the hook and it’s always a real pleasure to work with these gentlemen. Horns up!”

“The Process Of Human Demise” track listing:

01. “Buried By Fear”
02. “Withered And Decayed” (feat. Milo Silvestro)
03. “Reborn”
04. “The Process Of Human Demise”
05. “Empire”
06. “Down In The Water”
07. “A Future Untold”
08. “All The Misery”
09. “Light It Up”
10. “No Innocence”
11. “A Grave For The False Ones”
12. “Venom Inside”

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