Sodom To Release 20th Anniversary Edition Of “M-16”

Sodom will be releasing a 20th anniversary edition of “M-16” on December 10. The effort can be pre-ordered as a 4xLP vinyl boxset, as a 2xLP set, and as a 1 CD mediabook set. The first single, a live version of “Remember The Fallen” from the 2001 Wacken Open Air festival, can be found below. Tom Angelripper commented:

“The recording is definitely one of Sodom’s classics, not least because of its consistent thematic concept. It was also our last collaboration with producer Harris Johns, finalizing an important era for the band. I’m very happy that ‘M-16’ will now be re-released as a ‘20th Anniversary Edition’ with new versions and lots of attention to detail.”

Sodom Share Lyric Video For New Version Of “Bombenhagel”

Sodom have shared a lyric video for a new version of their song “Bombenhagel.” The updated take on the track is featured on the band’s new “Bombenhagel” EP, which was released today (August 20). Tom Angelripper commented:

“I wanted a recording of our old classic by the new lineup. Of course that was really special with a drummer such as Toni [Merkel] and two stringsmen. This new arrangement of our anthem definitely holds a few surprises in store.”

“Harris [Johns] practically insisted on contributing a special kind of solo, in line with his outstanding skill. Naturally, that’s been a real pleasure for us because we’re all aware of what he’s done for us. Without Harris, Sodom wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Sodom Reveal Details For New EP “Bombenhagel”

Sodom have revealed the details for their new EP “Bombenhagel.” The effort will be released on August 20 and it will feature three songs including the title track, “Coup De Grace,” and “Pestiferous Posse.” Tom Angelripper said the following about the effort:

“Originally we had planned to bring out the record in time for this year’s summer festival season, including a sticker with all confirmed tour dates. Of course, the way it looks at the moment, all festivals will be postponed until 2022. But the EP will be released anyway, as a sign of life. As a signal to our fans: We’re still around! The story continues.”

Sodom To Release New EP “Bombenhagel” In August

Sodom have announced that they will be releasing a new EP titled “Bombenhagel” on August 20. The band commented:

“In a period when other bands appear to remain stuck in anguish, 20 August 2021 will see Tom Angelripper and band members Frank Blackfire (guitar), Yorck Segatz (guitar) and Toni Merkel (drums) release their brand-new EP “Bombenhagel” via Steamhammer, available on CD, 12” vinyl and digital. The pre-sale will start on May 21st… stay tuned for more info!”

Sodom Premiere “Friendly Fire” Video

Sodom have premiered a new video for their new song “Friendly Fire.” This track is from the band’s new album “Genesis XIX,“ which will be released on November 27.

Tom Angelripper commented:

“So, here it is… my favorite on this album. I can hardly believe or indeed describe how much I love this song. I’m pretty sure it sets the direction for our next album. And in the meantime, I’m convinced that it’s the clever sequence and combination of notes in our twelve equal system that makes music (generally) so diverse. Lord, I wish we’d known that back then.

Often in a war situation, soldiers find themselves having to direct their weapons against their own comrades who are holed up close to enemy positions. These victims were accepted as part and parcel of the overall victory. Large numbers of supposed enemy planes were also shot down…”

Sodom Reveal Details For New Album “Genesis XIX”

Sodom have officially revealed the details for their new album “Genesis XIX.” The effort will be released on November 27 and the cover art and track listing can be found below:

“Genesis XIX” Track Listing:

01. “Blind Superstition”
02. “Sodom & Gomorrah”
03. “Euthanasia”
04. “Genesis XIX”
05. “Nicht Mehr Mein Land”
06. “Glock N’ Roll”
07. “The Harponeer”
08. “Dehumanized”
09. “Occult Perpetrator”
10. “Waldo & Pigpen”
11. “Indoctrination”
12. “Friendly Fire“

Sodom Finish Mixing New Album “Genesis XIX”

Sodom have officially finished the mixing process for their new album “Genesis XIX.” The band commented:

“Done with the mix at Woodhouse Studio in Hagen with legendary producer Siggi Bemm!”

Sodom Begin Recording New Album

Sodom have officially entered Woodhouse Studio in Hagen, Germany to begin the recording process for their new album “Genesis XIX.” The effort is expected to be released later this year.

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