Spiritbox Release Acoustic Version Of “Constance”

Spiritbox have released an acoustic version of their song “Constance.” This take on the track was recorded in a church with a string trio as part of the Grammy Museum’s “Spotlight Saturdays” series.

Mike Stringer commented:

“This live version of ‘Constance’ was a very ambitious project for us. Before we left to start recording ‘Eternal Blue,’ I had a rough demo of an acoustic version of Constance written. While we were tracking the album, the Grammy Museum asked us if we’d want to contribute to their “Collection:Live” series with a live acoustic/stringed composition of the song. Of course this was a huge honor for us and something we couldn’t turn down, but it posed a challenge as we were recording in the middle of the desert, and I had never written a string composition before. After learning how to turn midi into notation, and some back and forth with our producer Dan Braunstein, and violinist Haruka Horii, we had a version we were confident in. This was the first time we had ever performed this song live, and the addition of the strings by Haruka Horii, Bonnie Brooksbank, and Mark Bassett really brought this whole thing to life. Putting this together was a great experience, and I hope to explore more acoustic compositions in the future with Spiritbox.”

With this news, the band have also launched pre-orders for a limited edition “Constance” 7″ butterfly picture disc. You can get that HERE. As previously reported, Spiritbox’s new album “Eternal Blue” will be released on September 17.

Melvins To Release Double Acoustic Album “Five Legged Dog” In October

The Melvins will be releasing a double acoustic album titled “Five Legged Dog“ on October 15 (vinyl out January 28). The 36-track set will feature stripped down versions of songs from throughout the band’s career.

“Five Legged Dog” Track Listing:

01. “Edgar The Elephant” (“A Walk With Love & Death“)
02. “Up The Dumper” (“The Bootlicker“)
03. “Hung Bunny/Roman Dog Bird” (“Lysol“)
04. “Hooch” (“Houdini“)
05. “Billy Fish” (“Nude With Boots“)
06. “Shevil” (“Stoner Witch“)
07. “Charlie” (Redd Kross cover from “Escape From LA” single)
08. “A Growing Disgust” (“Freak Puke“)
09. “Eye Flys“/”Woman” (“Gluey Porch Treatments” – “Woman” is a Free cover)
10. “Pitfalls In Serving Warrants” (“Honky“)
11. “Outside Chance” (The Turtles cover from “Slithering Slaughter” single)
12. “Evil New War God” (“The Bride Screamed Murder“)
13. “The Bloated Pope” (“Pigs of the Roman Empire“)
14. “Bad Move” (“The Fickle Finger of Fate“)
15. “With Teeth” (“Lysol“)
16. “Halo of Flies” (“Alice Cooper cover from “Sieg Howdy“!)
17. “Oven” (“Ozma“)
18. “Sway” (The Rolling Stones cover – previously unrecorded by the Melvins)
19. “Anaconda” (“Bullhead“)
20. “Lovely Butterfly” (“Honky“)
21. “Boris” (“Bullhead“)
22. “It’s Shoved” (“Bullhead“)
23. “Honey Bucket” (“Houdini“)
24. “We Are Doomed” (“The Bulls & The Bees“)
25. “Flypaper” (Brainiac cover – previously unrecorded by the Melvins)
26. “Let God Be Your Gardener” (“Ozma“)
27. “At The Stake” (“Stoner Witch“)
28. “Night Goat” (“Houdini“)
29. “Queen” (“Stoner Witch“)
30. “Everybody’s Talking” (Fred Neil cover – previously unrecorded by the Melvins) (feat. Jeff Pinkus)
31. “Revolve” (“Stoner Witch“)
32. “Suicide In Progress” (“Nude With Boots“)
33. “Prig” (“The Bootlicker“)
34. “The Bit” (“Stag“)
35. “Civilized Worm” (“(A) Senile Animal“)
36. “Don’t Forget to Breathe” (“Pinkus Abortion Technician“) (feat. Jeff Pinkus)

Buzz Osborne commented:

“I knew I wanted to do something ridiculously big. 36 songs reimagined by us acoustically is certainly ridiculous but it works. The magic of the songs is still there regardless of it being acoustic. Since we weren’t touring we had the time to do something of this size. I’m very excited about this record. Dale and Steven did a fantastic job on this. I think it’s a very special record. I can’t think of anyone else who’s done something like this.”

The effort’s first single, an acoustic version of “Night Goat,” can be found below. Dale Crover had the following to say about that track:

“I think people will be surprised that we can do an acoustic version of a song like ‘Night Goat‘ without losing any of the heaviness. We also worked hard on the vocal arrangements. People are going to freak out!”

Megadeth’s “Unplugged In Boston” To Receive Commercial Release In August

Megadeth‘s “Unplugged In Boston” will officially receive a commercial release on August 20. That effort was recorded during an acoustic show at Bill’s Bar in Boston, MA on May 9, 2001. Pre-orders can be found HERE.

“Unplugged In Boston” Track Listing:

01. “Dread And The Fugitive Mind”
02. “Trust”
03. “Time: The Beginning”
04. “Use The Man”
05. “Holy Wars…The Punishment Due”
06. “Almost Honest”
07. “Promises”
08. “She-Wolf”
09. “Moto Psycho”
10. “Symphony Of Destruction”

Bad Omens Share Video For Unplugged Version Of “If I’m There”

Bad Omens have premiered a new video for an unplugged version of their song “If I’m There.“ That track is from the band’s 2020 EP “FGBGFM Unplugged” and it will also appear on their new Record Store Day release “Live + Unplugged” (out July 17).

Mastodon To Stream Acoustic Set From Georgia Aquarium

Mastodon have announced a special livestream show, which will find them playing an acoustic set at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA. The virtual event will take place on July 15 and it will include exclusive commentary from the band. Tickets can be purchased HERE. Notably, $1 from each t-shirt bundle will go towards the Georgia Aquarium.

Black Veil Brides Release All The Damn Vampires Remix Of “Scarlet Cross” And New Acoustic Version

Black Veil Brides have released a three-track single titled “Scarlet Cross.” The effort features the previously released album version of the song, a remix by All The Damn Vampires, and an acoustic version of the track. You can check those out below. As previously reported, the band’s new album “The Phantom Tomorrow” was recently delayed and will now be released on October 29.

Watch Atreyu Perform Acoustic Version Of “Warrior” For Tucson’s KFMA

Atreyu recently performed an acoustic version of their song “Warrior” for Tucson’s KFMA. You can see footage of that at the 11:15 mark in the below video. The studio version of the track features Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and it will appear on the band’s new album “Baptize,” which is set to be released on June 4.

[via Blabbermouth]

Northlane Announce “2D” Acoustic EP

Northlane will be releasing a new acoustic EP titled “2D” on May 21. You can pre-order that effort HERE.

“2D” Track Listing:

01. “Bloodline” (acoustic)
02. “Rift” (acoustic)
03. “4D” (acoustic)
04. “Enemy Of The Night” (acoustic)
05. “Sleepless” (acoustic)

You can stream the acoustic version of “Rift” below. Marcus Bridge commented:

“Recording an acoustic EP is something that we’ve wanted to do for quite some time and felt right with the personal nature of the songs from ‘Alien‘. I wanted to strip these songs back to the bare minimum to juxtapose the soundscapes of the album, a 2D version of sorts. A song like ‘Rift‘ has a completely different energy in this context and took on new meaning with the recording in the depths of lockdown, now almost feeling like a cry of frustration and despair.”

GWAR Premiere Video For Acoustic Version Of “I’ll Be Your Monster”

GWAR have premiered a new video for their acoustic version of “I’ll Be Your Monster.“ This track is from the band’s new acoustic EP “The Disc With No Name,“ which will be released on May 28.