Alpha Wolf Announce New Lo-Fi EP “Shh”

Alpha Wolf will be releasing a new lo-fi EP, titled “Shh,” on March 31. The band worked on the effort with Mik and it will feature new versions of “60cm Of Steel,” “Spirit Breaker,” “Golden Fate Gut Ache,” “Don’t Ask,” and “Bleed 4 You.” The reworked version of “60cm Of Steel“ can be found below. The group commented:

“We think lo-fi as a genre is a great breakaway from our usual heavy tunes and it’s something we can show our family at Christmas without getting odd looks.”

Glass Casket To Release New Self-Titled EP In June

Glass Casket (Between The Buried And Me, ex-The Faceless, etc.) will be releasing a new self-titled EP on June 9. The effort will feature four tracks including: “Merrymaker,” “Let Them Go,” “Prison Of Empathy,” and “For The Living.” You can stream “Let Them Go” over at Metal Injection.

Guitarist Dustie Waring commented:

“Back in 2014, Wes Hauch came and stayed with me for about a month and we put together some material with Blake [Richardson] and demo’d out a few things. I guess it just wasn’t the right time, so we just sat on it for a while and stored riffs and parts away for when things lined up.

Fast forward to about a year ago… Blake started working on some stuff and emailed us ideas. Everything kind of took shape from there and I started demoing guitars just to see where we were at, how the songs made us feel. Everyone was pretty stoked on the material, so Blake tracked his drums at home, I went in and tracked with [producer] Jamie King, Adam [Cody] came in and did his vocals with Jamie, and Wes tracked his solos at home. Very fast, very easy process for us at this point, and it came out better than expected. It was time.”

Vocalist Adam Cody added:

“The lyrics on this release are the completion of a circle for me. I’ve waited a long time to release another album with Glass Casket. Our first two albums were full of despair and heartache. The lyrics on this release are full of drive and determination. They focus on dealing with mental illness and overcoming obstacles one day at a time. It also deals with letting go of past tragedies. The ongoing fight we all deal with on a daily basis. No one is above it.”

Atreyu To Release “The Hope Of A Spark” EP In April, Announce Spring U.S. Tour

Atreyu have announced that they will be releasing a new EP, titled “The Hope Of A Spark,” on April 14. The band said the following about that effort:

“‘The Hope Of A Spark‘ is the feeling of being at the very bottom. It’s a plea for something to reveal itself to help you find an escape from the darkness. It’s the glimmer of light showing you the possibility of a way out.”

In other news, the band have also announced a spring tour with Point North, Within Destruction, and LYLVC:

04/27 Sacramento, CA – Ace Of Spades
04/28 Reno, NV – Virginia Street Brewhouse
04/29 Bend, OR – Midtown Ballroom
04/30 Seattle, WA – The Showbox
05/02 Boise, ID – Knitting Factory
05/03 Salt Lake City, UT – The Complex
05/05 Phoenix, AZ – The Van Buren
05/06 Los Angeles, CA – The Forum (Atreyu supporting Kayzo)
05/07 San Diego, CA – House Of Blues
05/08 Tucson, AZ – Encore
05/10 San Antonio, TX – Vibes Event Center
05/11 Corpus Christi, TX – Brewster Street Ice House Downtown
05/12 Houston, TX – Warehouse Live
05/13 Dallas, TX – The Echo Lounge & Music Hall
05/15 Joliet, IL – The Forge
05/16 Belvidere, IL – The Apollo Theatre
05/18 Oklahoma City, OK – Diamond Ballroom
05/19 Lawrence, KS – The Granada
05/20 Colorado Springs, CO – Sunshine Studios Live (no Point North)
05/21 Englewood, CO – Gothic Theatre (no Point North)

Spotlights Release New EP “Seance”

Spotlights have digitally released a new EP titled “Seance.“ The effort includes two tracks, “Algorithmic” and “Sunset Burial,“ from the band’s new album “Alchemy For The Dead“ (out April 28) and three b-sides, “Unalive,“ “Should Time Stand Still,” and “Your Morning Kill.“

Todd Morse (The Offspring) Announces New EP “Time Stopper”

The Offspring’s Todd Morse will be releasing a new solo EP, titled “Time Stopper,” on March 24. The effort will feature the following songs:

01. “Everything Fun (Is Bad for Me)”
02. “Screaming Babies”
03. “This is Not My Armageddon”
04. “All the Rules”
05. “Making Time Stop”

Pre-orders can be found HERE.

Fugitive (Power Trip, Etc.) To Release Physical Copies Of “Maniac” In April

Fugitive, the project featuring guitarist Blake Ibanez (Power Trip), vocalist Seth Gilmore (Skourge), drummer Lincoln Mullins (Creeping Death), bassist Andy Messer (ANS, Stymie), and guitarist Victor Gutierrez (Impalers), have revealed that their debut EP, “Maniac,” will be receiving a physical release on April 28. Fans can pre-order the effort on CD, cassette, and vinyl through 20 Buck Spin.

Thy Art Is Murder, Fit For An Autopsy, & Malevolence Announce New Split EP “The Aggression Sessions”

Thy Art Is Murder, Fit For An Autopsy, and Malevolence have announced a new split EP titled “The Aggression Sessions.“ That effort will be released on April 7 (vinyl out July 21).

“The Aggression Sessions” Track Listing:

01. Fit For An Autopsy – “Hellions”
02. Thy Art Is Murder – “Until There Is No Longer”
03. Malevolence – “Waste Of Myself”
04. Fit For An Autopsy – “Under A Serpent Sun” (At The Gates cover)
05. Thy Art Is Murder – “Hammer Smashed Face” (Cannibal Corpse cover)
06. Malevolence – “Left Outside Alone” (Anastacia cover)

Thy Art Is Murder and Fit For An Autopsy commented:

“Before we had even completed work on ‘The Depressions Sessions‘ we knew a lifelong friendship had been forged between Thy Art Is Murder and Fit For An Autopsy, and that we would have to do another variation of the project.

‘The Aggression Sessions‘ concept was born almost immediately following the completion of the first iteration but has taken many years to finally find the time to record and release it amidst the chaotic touring and music release schedules of both bands. We wanted to take things back to some of our favorite inspirations for writing and performing heavy and aggressive music this time, encapsulating the tone of the EP title. We hope everyone enjoys!

Joining us for round 2, please welcome Malevolence into the series. Much love to The Acacia Strain, and thank you to them for being a part of this lineage. Check out their new forthcoming record as well!

Working with friends and peers and avoiding the pitfalls of competitiveness has always been the most rewarding part of being in a band, so as always thank you for the support and opportunity to have this platform. See you all on the road soon!”

Malevolence bassist Wilkie Robinson added:

“New Jersey to Australia to Sheffield! it was an absolute pleasure to be involved in this big international metal link-up and a great opportunity for us to have fun creatively outside of the usual expectations. Shout out to Eliran Kantor for killing the artwork and Nuclear Blast for making it all happen.”

The effort’s first single, Fit For An Autopsy‘s “Hellions,” can be found below. The band said the following about that:

“‘Hellions‘ was a fun look back at some of our more brutal and fast-paced roots more akin to our earlier material. This year marks the 10-year anniversary of Hellbound, the record which we all collectively feel really started things in motion for the band.

It was a blast to channel the energy and excitement we had at that time back into our music in 2023. It’s only natural for bands to evolve and expand their sound over time, but we never forgot where we came from, so this one is for those who were here from day one!”

Omnium Gatherum Announce New EP “Slasher”, Share Video For The Title Track

Omnium Gatherum have announced a new EP titled “Slasher.” The effort will be released on June 2 and it will feature the following songs: “Slasher,” “Maniac” (Michael Sembello cover), “Sacred,” and “Lovelorn.” An official video for the title track can be found below:

Vocalist Jukka Pelkonen commented:

“A powerful fast song with a message like a plea to oneself! The darkness within can be an ally or an enemy. You are both the hunter and the hunted! ‘Slasher‘ is also the title of our upcoming EP. This bad boy delivers two more OG songs and a furious cover. For now, check out the rippings of ‘Slasher‘!”

Guitarist/vocalist Markus Vanhala added:

“Hello from OG HQ! We’ll serve you a snack in between album cycles – it’s called ‘Slasher‘, it’s an EP and it rocks! This release is a two-sided coin: A-side is presenting our new guitar hero and team player on the other side of the Atlantic, Mr. Nick Cordle (who joined the band right after our ‘Origin‘ release); B-side is presenting two older songs which were recorded already during the ‘Origin‘ sessions and aimed to release as digi-singles (but here they are on vinyl and CD too now finally). Enjoy!”

Attack Attack! To Release “Dark Waves” EP In March

Attack Attack! have announced that their new EP, “Dark Waves,” will be released on March 31. If you missed them, the effort’s first two singles, “Dark Waves” and “Paralyzed (Until We Meet Again),” can be found HERE.

The band commented:

“THE DARK WAVES E.P. IS OUT MARCH 31 via Oxide Records! 🦀⛓️🔥

Once again, this entire E.P. was produced by the legend behind the Someday Came Suddenly and Self Titled albums, @joeyismusick.

Vinyl and CD pre-orders are available now and expected to ship by release. We opted for 180 gram black lacquer vinyl to focus on quality for these initial pressings and to make sure these get to everyone by the week of release. These will still be shipped directly from Chris and the band.

We will also have a full merch collection for the E.P. available late next week.

Thanks again for the massive support this past week on the release of our title track Dark Waves and new song Paralyzed (Until We Meet Again). We hope everyone has been enjoying these songs and this new era as much as we are.

~ Chris, The Andrews, Cameron & Ryland.”