Left To Suffer Premiere New Song “Fatal Attraction”

Left To Suffer have premiered a new song titled “Fatal Attraction.” This track is from the band’s new EP “And Dying Forever,” which will be released on July 8.

Vocalist Taylor Barber commented:

“A series of grieving leads to inevitable enlightenment no matter how hard it may become. Welcome to your forever, ‘And Dying Forever‘, our upcoming EP is coming July 8th. To celebrate the release of our EP we will also be playing a series of shows on the West Coast with I Declare War, TBA , and Mouth For War. We are excited to start this new chapter with you all…”

Tour Dates:

07/08 Anaheim, CA – Chain Reaction
07/09 Fresno, CA – Full Circle Brewery
07/10 Las Vegas, NV – Eagle Hall

Nonpoint Recording New EP

Nonpoint have entered the studio to begin the recording process for their new EP. You can find some footage from the sessions below:

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Saint Asonia (Staind, Ex-Three Days Grace, Etc.) Premiere “Above It All” Music Video

Saint Asonia (Staind, ex-Three Days Grace, etc.) have premiered a new video for their new song “Above It All.” This track is from the band’s new EP “Introvert,” which will be released on July 1.

Vocalist Adam Gontier commented:

“‘Above It All‘ is about rising above all the chaos, negativity, judgment and living the life you want to, not the life that is expected of you by others. The song was written during the first lockdown in Canada after COVID hit. None of us had ever been through anything like this in our lifetimes and no one really knew how we as a society should act and deal with a global pandemic. I really felt it gave people a great opportunity to search inside themselves about how best to deal with these crazy circumstances and choose how they want to live their lives coming out of this.”

“Introvert” Track Listing:

01. “Above It All”
02. “Better Late Than Never”
03. “Chew Me Up”
04. “So What”
05. “Left Behind”
06. “Bite The Bullet”
07. “Blinding Lights” (The Weeknd cover)

Kirk Windstein Offers Update On Down’s Covers EP, Says The Band May Do A New Album “At Some Point”

During a recent interview with Pierre Gutiérrez of Rock Talks, Kirk Windstein (Crowbar) offered an update on Down’s upcoming covers EP. Notably, he also mentioned that the band may end up doing a new album “at some point.”

Windstein said the following about the upcoming EP:

“We have been talking about this for a long time. What’s been happening is DOWN is kind of now as it started, which was a side project. We love doing it and it’s a ton of fun and we love it — we love the band; it’s an amazing band — but everybody’s back to doing their other bands. Pepper’s [Keenan, guitar] doing C.O.C. full-time, Jimmy’s [Bower, drums] doing EYEHATEGOD, I’m doing CROWBAR, Phil’s [Anselmo, vocals] got a lot on his hands and a lot of projects, as he always did and always will.

I would love to knock out this cover-song EP. We really haven’t, to my knowledge, agreed upon the songs a hundred percent yet. Right now we’re more concerned with just being properly rehearsed for the shows that we have coming up at the end of May. And we have three festivals in Europe at the end of June that we need to be prepared for as well. So we’re kind of concentrating on that, and maybe after that we’ll see where we’re at with the cover-song EP.”

He continued when asked if they have agreed on any songs:

“We have a few that I think we all agree on, but in the end it’s really Phil’s choice. The other guys, and Phil as well, have texted each other back and forth and e-mailed each other a million different songs that we think would be good. To me, we need to just sit down and have an actual meeting and say, ‘All right, guys. What songs are we gonna do? And let’s learn ’em. And make ’em sound like DOWN.’ We don’t wanna be a cover-song band like you have on a cruise ship or something; we want to redo these songs in a DOWN style. And no disrespect to cover-song bands on a cruise ship or anywhere else… But seriously, we just need to agree on the songs and get down to work with it.

Life starts to take over as you get older. We have children, and some of us are married… Life starts to take over where it’s difficult with everyone’s schedule, like, ‘Okay, when can we all get together?’ Because this one’s got this family function going on and this one’s got this family function going on. As you get older, it does make it a little more difficult. But we just need to get in a room and talk and figure it out. And I can’t wait to do that; I think it’s gonna be great.”

He also added the following when asked if he can reveal any of the song choices:

“I’d rather not [discuss that in interviews yet] because there’s only maybe one or two that are really set in stone. Some of it’s some obscure stuff, so I would rather… When we have one hundred percent agreement on all the guys as to what we’re gonna do, then maybe in interviews we’ll talk about it.”

He went on to say one track might be a KISS cover:

“Pepper threw one out that I love, so you never know. Once again, it’s really up to Phil in the end, what he feels is great for his voice and what KISS song, if we did, would we do. I mean, we have one in mind, but can we make it sound like DOWN? Maybe so. It’s gotta sound like we wrote it; it’s gotta sound like us.”

Windstein also had the following to say about a possible new album:

“That’s another thing that needs to be discussed at some point. To me, it would almost be easier to just everybody write riffs and get together than try to decide on which cover songs to do. I’m sure that we’ll get around to it at some point. We’re not getting any younger and it’s something that we enjoy and I think that the fans would love it as well. So I’m sure at some point we’ll get around to it.”

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Betraying The Martyrs To Release New EP “Silver Lining” In June

Betraying The Martyrs have revealed the details for their new EP “Silver Lining.“ The effort will be released on June 24 and the track listing for it can be found below:

01. “Black Hole”
02. “Pressure”
03. “Embers”
04. “Mirror”
05. “Swan Song”

If you missed it, the band’s recently released video for “Swan Song” can be found HERE.

Breaking In A Sequence Release New EP “Defy The Algorithm”

Breaking In A Sequence, the band featuring ex-Korn drummer David Silveria, have released a new EP titled “Defy The Algorithm.” The effort features the following tracks:

01. “Twine”
02. “Surprise”
03. “Worn Down”
04. “Antibodies”
05. “Leave Me Be”
06. “Naive”

God Mother Share “Obeveklig” Studio Diary

God Mother have shared a studio diary for their new EP “Obeveklig.” You can check that out below. The EP will be released on May 6 and it can be pre-ordered HERE. A video for the effort’s first single, “Teething,” was released last month and it can be seen below as well.

Earth Crisis Finish New 7″ Release “Vegan For The Animals”

Earth Crisis have finished recording a new 7″ release titled “Vegan For The Animals.“ Frontman Karl Buechner said the following about the effort during a recent appearance on “The Meep Meep Podcast“:

“We’re 200% proud to be vegan straight edge and to write songs to this day that literally spell it out. We just did a 7-inch that’s getting released, hopefully, this summer and it’s called ‘Vegan For The Animals‘ and that’s the catch line for the song; nothing will ever change when it comes to that.”

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