Nuclear Power Trio Premiere “A Clear And Present Rager” Video

Nuclear Power Trio, the band featuring “Donald Trump,” “Vladimir Putin,” and “Kim Jong-un,” have premiered a new video for the title track of their new EP “A Clear And Present Rager.” That effort will be released on October 30.

“A Clear And Present Rager” Track Listing:

01. “A Clear And Present Rager”
02. “Grab ‘Em By The Pyongyang”
03. “The Fusion Collusion”
04. “Ukraine In The Membrane”
05. “Mutually Assured Seduction”

“Trump” said the following about the EP:

“Frankly, a lot of power trio recordings are just pathetic. We thought about records we all liked sonically and kept coming back to ‘Cattle Decapitation‘, so it was terrific that Dave [Otero, producer] had us all out to beautiful Colorado to golf and record.”

“Putin” added the following when asked about the band’s plans to achieve peace through music:

“Everything will probably never be good for people, but we have to try, because I truly believe in the power of music. Do you see my heart?” Vladimir was shirtless, on one of his majestic white horses, tapping a finger to his chest. “I play from here.”

The following was also said in a press release:

“The EP’s October release is set immediately before the United States presidential elections, a timely moment to catalyze a bold and conscientious path towards world peace. Our world has seen more than enough conflict. If there’s a chance at unity, if there’s a chance to turn gnarly riffage into a better society, then it’s a chance that must be taken.

These three leaders are no strangers to stopping at nothing to get what they want – and they want peace. The unknown future rolls toward us, but we face it, for the first time, with a sense of hope. If these three men, these world leaders of differing views and morals, can learn the value of a peaceful existence on Earth through music, maybe we can too.”

My Dying Bride To Release New EP “Macabre Cabaret”, Premiere New Song “A Secret Kiss”

My Dying Bride will be releasing a new EP titled “Macabre Cabaret” on November 20. The effort will feature three songs including the title track, “A Secret Kiss,” and “A Purse Of Gold And Stars.” Physical copies will also come with an additional “hidden gem.” A lyric video for the first single “A Secret Kiss” can be found below:

Aaron Stainthorpe said the following about the new songs:

“‘Macabre Cabaret’ delves into the shadow empire of dark love and the consequences of unchecked sexuality. The deep passion of physical desire and its all-conquering rage over pure love is written bleakly here. A destructive essence within the soul can’t help but rear its ugly head.

‘A Secret Kiss’ is the final and lasting mark on the soul any human will feel when the lights have dulled and nothing meaningful remains for them. All religion features a shadow creature who arrives at the point of extinction and the release of the human soul, to either guide them to majesty or allow them do fall eternally into the ether.

‘A Purse Of Gold And Stars’ is where we keep our hopes and desires and affection, perhaps in a dreamlike state, unattainable yet we still reach out for them. The trinkets and shiny baubles we call happiness and love are what we try so hard to keep close and protect. But it is never quite like that in real life and is often a struggle tainted with sadness but still, we hold the purse close and in tight cold hands.”

Earth Groans To Release New EP “Waste” In October, Premiere New Song “Shatter”

Earth Groans have announced that they will be releasing their new EP “Waste” on October 23. The effort will feature five tracks including: “Abdandoned” (feat. Brook Reeves), “Ghost,” “Unchain,” “Shatter,” and “Come Down.” You can stream “Shatter” below:

The Black Dahlia Murder, Revocation, Etc. Members To Guest On New Nitesoil EP

Nitesoil, the project launched by Frank Godla (Meek Is Murder, Enabler) and Nick Emde (Contracult Collective, White Widows Pact), will be releasing their debut EP “Abusement Park” on November 6. The effort can be pre-ordered HERE and 100% of the proceeds will go towards the Cancer Research Institute.

“Abusement Park” Track Listing:

01. “Odio” (feat. Jessica Pimentel of Brujeria/Alekhine’s Gun)
02. “The Extinction Gene” (feat. Dave Davidson of Revocation/Gargoyl)
03. “Burn Me Down” (feat. Aaron Heinold of Hivesmasher)
04. “The Abusement Park” (feat. Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder)
05. “Mother Of Lust” (feat. Gost)
06. “D.S.I.T.S.” (feat. Doug Moore of Pyrrhon)

Godla commented:

“We started this band as a joke we thought no one would hear; a folder of sick riffs from Nick titled “Slammy Sosa”. Once I spent weeks rearranging and tracking grooves, black mailing some killer death metal vocalists to come over to my house and participate, and kidnapping one of the sickest engineers in the game to mix and master this shit in order to be released…we’re still a joke. But at least it sounds legit, and it’s all for charity you chumps!”

The first single, “Burn Me Down” (feat. Aaron Heinold), can be found below:

Sacrificer (I Declare War) Release New Live EP “Live From The End Of The World”

Sacrificer (I Declare War) have released a new EP titled “Live From The End Of The World.“ You can find the effort on the service of your choice HERE.

“Live From The End Of The World“ Track Listing:

01. “Fatal Circle”
02. “No Toleration”
03. “Rogue Wave”
04. “Black Horizon”
05. “Bug”
06. “Sun”
07. “Pale Horse”
08. “Hail”

The band previously said the following about the EP:

“The live music scene was rocked by the global pandemic of 2020. We had been preparing a set of material from our first 2 EPs that we were really happy with, however since we were unable to share this music with you live, we decided to record a live EP and accompanying video.

The EP is titled “Live From The End Of The World” and is due 9/18/2020. The single is titled “Pale Horse“, and the full video will release here on our facebook page 9/11/2020.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement over these difficult months. We truly appreciate it. We have been working on a new album, and have many of the songs written, but details are scarce at this point. We want to take our time and make something really memorable and worthwhile.

Stay tuned more details to come!”

Nile’s Brian Kingsland Launches New Project Imperishable

Nile guitarist Brian Kingsland has launched a new project called Imperishable. The band, which also features bassist Alex Rush and drummer Tommy Harrison, will be releasing a new EP titled “Revelation In Purity” in the coming months. A teaser for the first single “Exclusion Continuum” can be found below. Kingsland commented:

“From a compositional standpoint, Imperishable’s mission is to deliver material that is dark and aggressive, yet, memorable. In my opinion, we achieved that objective with ‘Exclusion Continuum’.”

Alter Bridge To Release “Walk The Sky 2.0” EP, Premiere “Native Son” Video

Alter Bridge will be releasing a new EP titled “Walk The Sky 2.0” on November 6. The effort will feature one new song titled “Last Rites,“ as well as live versions of “Wouldn’t You Rather,” “Pay No Mind,” “Native Son,” “Godspeed,” “In The Deep,” and “Dying Light.” Pre-orders can be found HERE. With this news, the band have also premiered a new stop-motion animated video for “Native Son”:

Brook Reeves On New Impending Doom EP: “I Would Expect The Heaviest Stuff You Ever Heard From Us”

Brook Reeves will soon be entering the studio to work on the new Impending Doom EP. The frontman said the following about the effort:

“I would expect the heaviest stuff you ever heard from us.”

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Cryptodira Release New EP “Better Left Unsaid”

Cryptodira have surprise released a new EP titled “Better Left Unsaid.” The effort features two new songs including the title track and “Unequal Exchange.“ A new album titled “The Angel Of History” is expected to follow later this year.

Frontman Scott Acquavella commented:

“There’s been no shortage of inspiration throughout our recent writing process, and upon stepping back and looking at the body of work we had amassed, there was a sense that these two songs fit together in an extraordinary way that makes them stand out on their own. We’ve always been a band that writes with a much larger picture in mind, but there was something uniquely rewarding about telling a sonically short story. So the Better Left Unsaid EP is our way of exploring that territory.”

Drummer Matthew Taibi added:

“As it was written in the Grundrisse, “language is the presence of community,” and a genuinely livable community begins where individualism ends. Language is not only a bridge between members of a community; language embeds communal being into the most private corners of mental life. An individual (or ego) can only know their hopes and desires by using language, i.e., something their community gifted them. Living in a community and using language properly both mean knowing where and when to decenter yourself. Sustainable happiness will be found sooner on the margins.”