Halestorm Are Already Working On Ideas For Their Next Album

It looks like Halestorm are already thinking about their next album. During a recent interview with May The Rock Be With You, frontwoman Lzzy Hale revealed that the band are hoping to have “a new record — kind of — set and figured out” by the end of 2023. Guitarist Joe Hottinger also chimed in saying “maybe [it’ll even be] done.”

Hottinger said the following:

“[‘Back From The Dead’] hasn’t even been out a year… We’re leaving in a few days to head Down Under [for an Australian tour], and we’re just churning right now with new ideas and thoughts and pictures of the next record. I’m excited to get some writing going. Get through this run and start hustling down here [in the studio].”

Hale continued:

“Joe and I were hanging out last night, and it was just, like, all these new ideas and new titles and new riffs and stuff. And we got really excited about it. Like, ‘Is it happening? Is the feeling happening again?'”

Hottinger added:

“That last record just kind of drained us. We were so happy to get out on the road and not think about that sort of thing and think about rock shows and touring and traveling and having fun and seeing places and seeing all our old friends. So we’ve been doing that for over a year now. So it’s, like, ‘All right.’ The old gears are turning new again.”

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Watch Halestorm And Daughtry Members Perform With Alice In Chains Tribute Band Into The Flood

During their January 10 set at The Basement East in Nashville, TN, Alice In Chains tribute band Into The Flood were joined onstage by Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale and Joe Hottinger and Daughtry’s Chris Daughtry. You can see footage of Hale and Daughtry performing “Man In The Box“ and footage of Hale and Hottinger performing “Rain When I Die“ below:

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Metal Anarchy’s Top Albums Of 2022

I have put together a list of my top 10 albums of 2022. You can check that out below. This is just for fun and I know I probably left out some of your favorites, but these are all of the albums that I enjoyed the most this year:

10. Korn – “Requiem”

Korn’s latest album finds the band returning to form with a classic dose of nu-metal. It has all of the elements fans have come to love over the years wrapped into a small package with no filler. Some highlights from this one include: “Let The Dark Do The Rest,” “Worst Is On Its Way,” and “Lost In The Grandeur.”

09. Undeath – “It’s Time…To Rise from The Grave”

Undeath’s latest album is a full-on display of pummeling death metal that manages to stay true to the genre while still sounding fresh. It’s a killer record that proves the future of death metal is in good hands. Some highlights from this one include: “Rise from The Grave,” “Defiled Again,” and “Fiend For Corpses.”

08. Slipknot – “The End, So Far”

Slipknot’s latest album feels like a culmination of the band’s career and a glimpse into the future all at once. It combines elements from throughout the band’s history with new soundscapes to create something that sounds familiar yet slightly different. Some highlights from this one include: “Hivemind,” “Warranty,” and “Medicine For The Dead.”

07. Venom Prison – “Erebos”

Venom Prison’s latest album finds the band expanding their sound, while still sounding as crushing as ever. The effort is still a death metal record at its core, but it shows an evolutionary step forward for a band that keep rising to greater heights within the scene. Some highlights from this one include: “Comfort Of Complicity,” “Born From Chaos,” and “Nemesis.”

06. Lamb Of God – “Omens”

Lamb Of God have continued to crank out high-quality material for years and “Omens” is no exception. The effort is a heavy, classic sounding Lamb Of God record that takes into account the band’s evolution through a more focused lens. Some highlights from this one include: “Gomorrah,” “Ditch,” and “To The Grave.”

05. Halestorm – “Back From The Dead”

Halestorm are one of the strongest acts in the current rock scene and their latest album further cements that fact. The record gives the fans exactly what they want, Lzzy Hale’s soaring vocals backed by a hard rock explosion. Some highlights from this one include: “Wicked Ways,” “Brightside,” and the title track.

04. Arch Enemy – “Deceivers”

Arch Enemy’s latest album is one of their best pieces of work to date. All of the songs have the potential to become melodic death metal classics thanks to the band’s impeccable musicianship and powerful vocals. Some highlights from this one include: “Handshake With Hell,” “In The Eye Of The Storm,” and “The Watcher.”

03. Electric Callboy – “TEKKNO”

Electric Callboy’s latest album “TEKKNO” is a catchy display of electro-metalcore that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s a fun ride that makes you want to smile and headbang the whole way through. Some highlights from this one include: “We Got The Moves,” “Hurrikan,” and “Arrow of Love”.”

02. Motionless In White – “Scoring The End Of The World”

Motionless In White managed to top themselves again with their latest album. The record is a work of art that packs elements of metal, hard rock, and industrial into infectious songs that you can’t help but move to. Some highlights from this one include: “Werewolf,” “Slaughterhouse (feat. Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris),” and “Broadcasting From Beyond The Grave: Corpse Nation.”

01. Ghost – “Impera”

You can’t get much bigger than Ghost’s latest album. The effort combines elements of ’80s hard rock and pop to create massive songs that have the ability to transcend into the mainstream. Some highlights from this one include: “Spillways,” “Watcher In The Sky,” and “Respite On The Spitalfields.”

Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale On the Possibility Of A Solo Album: “It’s Gonna Happen”

During a recent interview with RockSverige, Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale was asked about the possibility of a solo album. The singer/guitarist responded by saying “it’s gonna happen” at some point in the future.

Hale said the following:

“There might. My guys in the band are actually begging me to do that. They’re the ones going, ‘Hey, you can do a solo album so we can have some time off?’

I have a lot of songs that are very much… If you’re thinking of Stevie Nicks’s ‘Bella Donna’… You can hear when you’re listening to Fleetwood Mac and when you’re listening to Stevie Nicks’s solo records where her voice is in the band. Fleetwood Mac would not be the same without her, but you can really accentuate that corner of the world of the band.

I feel like if I were to do a solo record, which I have plenty of songs that have never seen the light of day that I could choose from, you would definitely be able to hear what my specific influence is on the band.

Yeah, absolutely, I think it most likely will be in the future. Whether it’s my decision or the guys are, like, ‘You just go!’ Either way, it’s gonna happen.”

Halestorm To Release Deluxe Edition Of “Back From The Dead” In December

Halestorm will be releasing a deluxe edition of their latest album, “Back From The Dead,” on December 9. The effort’s first single, “Mine,” can be found below:

“Back From The Dead” Deluxe Edition Track Listing:

01. “Back From The Dead”
02. “Wicked Ways”
03. “Strange Girl”
04. “Brightside”
05. “The Steeple”
06. “Terrible Things”
07. “My Redemption”
08. “Bombshell”
09. “I Come First”
10. “Psycho Crazy”
11. “Raise Your Horns”
12. “Mine”
13. “Heavy MeNtal (Fuck Yeah)”
14. “Legendary”
15. “Wannabe”
16. “You Only Die Once”
17. “Alien”
18. “Special”

Lzzy Hale commented:

“I’m so pleased to be able to give you more. A deluxe version of ‘Back From The Dead‘ with seven bonus tracks means you get to dig down deeper into the Halestorm graveyard. Most of these songs are in the spirit of taking chances and were some of the first we’d written after getting together post lockdown. Enjoy the ride!”

Lzzy Hale Confirms Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” Is One Of Two Covers Halestorm Recently Recorded

During a recent interview with Noise11.com, Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale revealed that the band have recorded a studio version of their take on Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.” She said the following about that:

“[Halestorm] finished recording two new covers. Whether or not we’re going to just release those as individual songs or have a cover EP, I have no idea what we’re gonna do with them yet. But we’ve begun recording some of those just for fun as well. I’m gonna tell you one. We ended up doing a cover of ‘Jolene’ by Dolly Parton in the stylings of Halestorm. [Laughs] I’m not gonna tell you the other one.”

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Halestorm Have Already Recorded Two Songs For “ReAniMate 4.0: The CoVeRs eP”

During a recent appearance on “Thunder Underground,” Halestorm’s Arejay Hale offered an update on the band’s next covers EP, “ReAniMate 4.0: The CoVeRs eP.” According to him, two songs have already been recorded for the effort.

Hale said the following:

“Actually, we kind of already have started on it. We tracked two songs in Nashville before this tour started. But I don’t think I’m allowed to say what they are. But, yeah, we’ve got some ideas in mind.

I always love covering the modern pop songs. Like we did Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’; we did ‘Get Lucky’ by Daft Punk; we did ‘Heathens’ by Twenty One Pilots. Those, to me, are the most fun. But also I do love the challenge of trying to replicate the brilliance of the classic METALLICA stuff, the Soundgarden stuff. So that was the most challenging, ’cause you have such a respect for that era that you don’t wanna mess it up. You wanna pay respect to them and you don’t wanna change anything.

So, as far as ‘4.0’ goes, I feel like it will probably be a nice balance of those things — paying tribute to the classics, putting our own little twist on it, but also kind of rocking up pop songs.”

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Watch Halestorm Cover Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”

Halestorm have shared two video clips of themselves performing Dolly Parton’s classic track “Jolene.” You can check those out below: