Def Leppard To Release “The Early Years 79-81” Box Set

Def Leppard have announced that they will be releasing a new box set, titled “The Early Years 79-81,” on March 20. The five-disc set will come with remasters of “Through The Night” and “High ‘N’ Dry,” as well as b-sides, rarities, etc. You can check out an early Nick Tauber-produced version of “Rock Brigade” from the release below:

The following description of the set was shared on

‘The Early Years 79-81’ boxset represents the band’s first two albums, ‘On Through The Night’ (1980) and ‘High ‘N’ Dry’ (1981), and has been prepared in conjunction with singer Joe Elliott who has acted as executive producer on the set. The mastering has been done by the band’s long serving sound engineer Ronan McHugh.

This deluxe set comes with 5-CDs consisting of the original album remastered, B-sides, rarities and re-mix versions, Radio One sessions, Live from Reading and the first ever appearance of an unreleased and newly mixed show from Oxford in 1980. These remasters have been highly anticipated, and much requested, by Def Leppard fans globally.

The album also features an instant grat track, the much sought-after Nick Tauber produced version of ‘Rock Brigade’, which was originally pencilled as a single for the UK but was never released at the time. Today, 40 years on, the track receives its first release.

Joe Elliott says, “Well the fans asked, and we listened! Really excited to have our early years reworked with a load of rare material including the newly unearthed Live at the Oxford New Theatre, recorded on the 1980 UK tour …. It’s been a trip putting this boxset together and I hope you all enjoy listening to it as much as we did working on it! ”

‘On Through The Night’, the band’s debut album, was released in 1980 and immediately put the rock world on notice. The band were destined for big things with the album charting at #15 in the UK and #51 in the US. Produced by Tom Allom (Judas Priest, Black Sabbath), it featured many of the band’s live favourites and some updated versions of early singles. The album achieved platinum status in 1989.

‘High ‘N’ Dry’, the first of Def Leppard’s albums to be produced by Robert ‘Mutt’ Lange, was released in 1981. It reached #26 in the UK charts and #38 in the US, further cementing the bands status.

‘The Early Years 79-81’ boxset includes a history of the band’s first two albums written by Mojo and Classic Rock writer Paul Elliott (no relation) featuring personal insights from the band on the making and releasing of those early records as well as rare photos and memorabilia.

Both albums have been remastered and will be available on 1CD version, black vinyl, and limited edition coloured vinyl.

‘The Early Year 79-81’ 5CD Boxset


01. Rock Brigade
02. Hello America
03. Sorrow Is A Woman
04. It Could Be You
05. Satellite
06. When the Walls Came Tumbling Down
07. Wasted
08. Rocks Off
09. It Don’t Matter
10. Answer to The Master
11. Overture


01. Let It Go
02. Another Hit and Run
03. High N Dry (Saturday Night)
04. Bringin’ On the Heartache
05. Switch 625
06. You Got Me Runnin’
07. Lady Strange
08. On Through the Night
09. Mirror Mirror (Look into My Eyes)
10. No No No


01. When the Walls Came Tumbling Down
02. It Could Be You
03. Rock Brigade
04. Satellite
05. Medicine Man
06. Answer to the Master
07. When the Rain Falls
08. Sorrow Is a Woman
09. Good Morning Freedom
10. Don’t Matter to Me
11. Overture
12. Lady Strange
13. GetchaRocks Off
14. Hello America
15. Wasted
16. Ride into The Sun


01. Ride into The Sun – The Def Leppard EP
02. Getcha Rocks Off – The Def Leppard EP
03. The Overture – The Def Leppard EP
04. Wasted -Single
05. Hello America – Single
06. Rock Brigade – Unreleased Nick Tauber produced version
07. Glad I’m Alive – Unreleased Nick Tauber produced version
08. Good Morning Freedom – Single
09. Let It Go – Single Edit
10. Switch 625 – Single Edit
11. Bringin’ On the Heartbreak – Single Edit
12. Me and My Wine – Original Version
13. Bringin’ On the Heartbreak – Remix
14. Me and My Wine – Remix


01. Glad I’m Alive (Andy Peebles Session – 07/06/1979)
02. Sorrow Is A Woman (Andy Peebles Session – 07/06/1979)
03. Wasted (Andy Peebles Session – 07/06/1979)
04.Answer to The Master (Andy Peebles Session – 07/06/1979)
05. Satellite (Friday Rock Show Session – 03/10/1979)
06. Rock Brigade (Friday Rock Show Session – 03/10/1979)
07. Wasted (Friday Rock Show Session – 03/10/1979)
08. Good Morning Freedom (Friday Rock Show Session – 03/10/1979)
09. Satellite / When the Walls Came Tumbling Down (Live at the Reading Festival – 24/08/1980)
10. Medicine Man (Live at the Reading Festival – 24/08/1980)
11. The Overture (Live at the Reading Festival – 24/08/1980)
12. Lady Strange (Live at the Reading Festival – 24/08/1980)
13. Getcha Rocks Off (Live at the Reading Festival – 24/08/1980)

Ratt To Release “The Atlantic Years 1984-1990” Box Set In March

Ratt will be releasing a new box set, titled “The Atlantic Years 1984-1990,” on March 27. The set will come with CD versions of “Out Of The Cellar,” “Invasion Of Your Privacy,” “Dancing Undercover,” “Reach For The Sky,” and “Detonator” housed in a clamshell.

“The Atlantic Years 1984-1990” Track Listing:

Disc 1: “Out Of The Cellar” (1984):

01. “Wanted Man”
02. “You’re In Trouble”
03. “Round And Round”
04. “In Your Direction”
05. “She Wants Money”
06. “Lack Of Communication”
07. “Back For More”
08. “The Morning After”
09. “I’m Insane”
10. “Scene Of The Crime”
11. “Round And Round” (single edit) (bonus track)

Disc 2: “Invasion Of Your Privacy” (1985):

01. “You’re In Love”
02. “Never Use Love”
03. “Lay It Down”
04. “Give It All”
05. “Closer To My Heart”
06. “Between The Eyes”
07. “What You Give Is What You Get”
08. “Got Me On The Line”
09. “You Should Know By Now”
10. “Dangerous But Worth The Risk”
11. “What You Give Is What You Get” (single edit) (bonus track)

Disc 3: “Dancing Undercover” (1986):

01. “Dance”
02. “One Good Lover”
03. “Drive Me Crazy”
04. “Slip Of The Lip”
05. “Body Talk”
06. “Looking For Love”
07. “7th Avenue”
08. “It Doesn’t Matter”
09. “Take A Chance”
10. “Enough Is Enough”
11. “Dance” (single edit) (bonus track)

Disc 4: “Reach For The Sky” (1988):

01. “City To City”
02. “I Want A Woman”
03. “Way Cool Jr.”
04. “Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds”
05. “I Want To Love You Tonight”
06. “Chain Reaction”
07. “No Surprise”
08. “Bottom Line”
09. “What’s It Gonna Be”
10. “What I’m After”
11. “Way Cool Jr.” (MTV Unplugged) (bonus track)

Disc 5: “Detonator” (1990):

01. “Intro To Shame”
02. “Shame Shame Shame”
03. “Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job”
04. “Scratch That Itch”
05. “One Step Away”
06. “Hard Time”
07. “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose”
08. “All Or Nothing”
09. “Can’t Wait On Love”
10. “Givin’ Yourself Away”
11. “Top Secret”
12. “Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job” (Ratt Fonic Monster Mix) (bonus track)
13. “Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job” (Ratt Fonic Radio Mix) (bonus track)
14. “Nobody Rides For Free” (Point Break Soundtrack) (bonus track)

Failure To Perform “Comfort,” “Magnified,” & “Fantastic Planet” In Full At July Shows, Announce New Vinyl Box Set

Failure will be performing “Comfort,“ “Magnified,” and “Fantastic Planet“ in full during three-night residencies in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. With this news, the band have also announced that they will be releasing a new vinyl set featuring those records. The release, which is titled “Failure: 1992-1996,” will be available on April 7.

The band issued the following statement:

“We will be playing our first three albums: Comfort, Magnified and Fantastic Planet, in their entirety in a trio of July residencies: July 9 to 11 at Chicago’s Thalia Hall, July 16 to 18 at The Echoplex in Los Angeles and July 23 to 25 at New York City’s Bowery Ballroom.

We have also announced an April 7 release of FAILURE 1992-1996, a four-piece vinyl box set featuring the three ‘90s-era albums. With the original masters finally being unearthed, Comfort, Magnified and Fantastic Planet have been meticulously restored, remixed, and remastered by Ken to a new level of sonic fidelity that eclipses all previous iterations of the band’s early work.

‘Almost everything people have heard from these albums has been sourced from 16bit digital files made in the ‘90s, which was state of the art at the time,’ explains Ken. ‘But when we found out we were getting our hands on the original analog master tapes, and with all the confusion and lack of quality control on several of the previous iterations, we set out to create the definitive versions of Comfort, Magnified and Fantastic Planet. Everything has been sourced directly from first generation multitrack and stereo master tapes. This is us finally getting to present our early work the way we’ve always wanted to.’

In addition to all the originally released songs from the three albums, we have discovered several unreleased songs which have also been restored and will be included in the box set. ‘Listening to the b-sides and outtakes from that first year of being a band takes me right back to playing the tiny stage at Jabberjaw in Los Angeles,’ added Greg. ‘It’s always surprising to me how much of the expansiveness and atmosphere of the later records exist in embryonic form on those earliest stripped-down recordings.’

‘These new versions have all the magic from the originals, but now, instead of looking through a hazy pane of glass, the window has been completely opened and you can hear all the elements in their full glory,’ said Kellii.

FAILURE: 1992 to 1996 is available exclusively via with pre-orders available now. Bundled packages, featuring the box set and various VIP or ticketing packages, are available via

FAILURE: 1992 – 1996 tracklist:


Screen Man
Muffled Snaps
Salt Wound


Let It Drip
Wonderful Life
Wet Gravity
Empty Friend
Small Crimes

Fantastic Planet

Saturday Saviour
Sergeant Politeness
Segue 1
Smoking Umbrellas
Segue 2
Dirty Blue Balloons
Segue 3
The Nurse Who Loved Me
Another Space Song
Stuck On You

Outtakes (not listed in sequence):

Petting the Carpet
You’re Too Much *
Lunch *
Pennies *
Rat Sack *
Wake Up
Count My Eyes *
Comfort *
Solaris 2014

* – Previously unreleased

Tour dates:

July 9 Chicago, IL Comfort at Thalia Hall
July 10 Chicago, IL Magnified at Thalia Hall
July 11 Chicago, IL Fantastic Planet at Thalia Hall
July 16 Los Angeles, CA Comfort at The Echoplex
July 17 Los Angeles, CA Magnified at The Echoplex
July 18 Los Angeles, CA Fantastic Planet at The Echoplex
July 23 New York, NY Comfort at Bowery Ballroom
July 24 New York, NY Magnified at Bowery Ballroom
July 25 New York, NY Fantastic Planet at Bowery Ballroom

Tickets for Chicago are on-sale this Friday, Dec. 20 at 11 am central. Tickets for Los Angeles are on-sale tomorrow, Tuesday, Dec. 17, at 12 noon pacific. Tickets for NY are on-sale Dec. 20 at 12 noon eastern.”

New Years Day To Release “Through The Years” Limited Edition Box Set

New Years Day will be releasing a new limited edition box set called “Through The Years” on January 24. The set will come with the band’s complete discography on custom colored vinyl, a Blu-ray featuring their various music videos, and a four-page picture book of never-before-seen photos that were chosen and captioned by frontwoman Ash Costello. The set is limited to 500 copies and it can be pre-ordered HERE. Costello commented:

“I recorded New Years Day’s first album, ‘My Dear’, in my friend’s bedroom closet in 2005, nearly 15 years ago. From then till now, every song recorded has been like a ripped page from that day in my personal life’s journal. It’s exciting to see it all together now, like a map of our band’s career. I hope everyone enjoys being able to own the entire journey, and I hope it inspires the listeners to never give up on their dream.”

Iron Maiden & Robinsons Brewery To Release “Trooper” Mixed Beer Collection Box

Iron Maiden and Robinsons Brewery have announced that they will be releasing a “Trooper” mixed beer collection box to celebrate selling 25 million pints of beer. The 12-bottle set will come with “Trooper,” “Sun And Steel,” and “Light Brigade,” as well as three limited edition beers: “Trooper 666,” “Red ‘N’ Black,” and “Hallowed.”

Trooper brand manager Sam Kennerley commented:

“Is there any better way to celebrate 25 million pints sold of Trooper than by releasing all of our beers in one collection for the very first time? We are asked daily when we are going to be re-releasing certain beers, so this is an opportunity for fans to get their hands on every beer in our collection to date.”

Notably, “Trooper” beer will also be available via Amazon for the first time. Kennerley added the following about that:

“By having our beers for sale on Amazon and on our own web site, we are enabling more fans to get their hands on the beer. With nationwide distribution, including the Channel Islands and Northern Ireland, Amazon will now reinforce our online presence and help more people enjoy Trooper across the country.”

Fans that order the new box set are expected to get it by November 15.

Van Halen To Release “The Japanese Singles 1978-1984” In November

Van Halen have announced that they will be releasing a new 7″ vinyl set set, titled “The Japanese Singles 1978-1984,” on November 1. The set, which can be pre-ordered HERE, will feature 13 singles that were released in Japan between 1978 and 1984.

The following description was shared on

Van Halen released 13 singles in Japan between 1978 and 1984 that are collected in this new 7” vinyl set. Each replica single features the original sleeve artwork and comes housed in a cigarette-style box.

THE JAPANESE SINGLES 1978-1984 encompasses the first six albums released by Van Halen, which featured guitarist Eddie Van Halen, drummer Alex Van Halen, singer David Lee Roth, and bassist Michael Anthony. Those albums include the band’s self-titled debut and 1984, which were both certified Diamond for U.S. sales in excess of 10 million. This rare feat places them on an elite short list of double RIAA-certified Diamond Award honorees.

The original album version of each song is featured in this set except for: “Hot For Teacher,” which has a unique single edit that was issued exclusively in Japan; along with the single edit versions of “(Oh) Pretty Woman” and “I’ll Wait.”

THE JAPANESE SINGLES 1978-1984 opens with a trio of singles from Van Halen (1978): “Ain’t Talkin’ ’Bout Love,” “On Fire” and a blistering cover of the Kinks’ “You Really Got Me,” which was the band’s first single and first Top 40 hit. The band’s 1979 follow-up Van Halen II (certified 5x platinum) generated two singles on the collection: “Somebody Get Me A Doctor” and “Dance The Night Away.”

The multi-platinum albums Women and Children First (1980) and Fair Warning (1981) are represented by “And The Cradle Will Rock” and “Unchained” respectively. The 1982 album Diver Down (certified 4x platinum) contributes two singles: “(Oh) Pretty Woman” and “Dancing In The Street.” THE JAPANESE SINGLES 1978-1984 concludes with “I’ll Wait,” “Panama,” “Hot For Teacher” and the #1 smash “Jump” – all from VAN HALEN’s seminal album, 1984.

“The Japanese Singles 1978-1984” Track Listing:

Disc One:

A. “You Really Got Me”
B. “Atomic Punk”

Disc Two:

A. “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love”
B. “Runnin’ With The Devil”

Disc Three:

A. “On Fire”
B. “Jamie’s Cryin'”

Disc Four:

A. “Dance The Night Away”
B. “Spanish Fly”

Disc Five:

A. “Somebody Get Me Doctor”
B. “Women In Love”

Disc Six:

A. “And The Cradle Will Rock”
B. “Could This Be Magic?”

Disc Seven:

A. “Unchained”
B. “So This Is Love?”

Disc Eight:

A. “(Oh) Pretty Woman”
B. “Happy Trails”

Disc Nine:

A. “Dancing In The Street”
B. “The Full Bug”

Disc Ten:

A. “Jump”
B. “House Of Pain”

Disc Eleven:

A. “I’ll Wait”
B. “Girl Gone Bad”

Disc Twelve:

A. “Panama”
B. “Drop Dead Legs”

Disc Thirteen:

A. “Hot For Teacher”
B. “Little Dreamer”

Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) To Release “Digging Deep” Seven Inch Vinyl Box Set

Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) has announced that he will be releasing a new limited edition 7″ singles box set, titled “Digging Deep,” on December 13. The following description was shared on

“Robert Plant is celebrating the second season of his hugely popular podcast, Digging Deep with Robert Plant, with the release of a very special limited edition 7″ singles box set. Digging Deep includes 16 A-sides and rare B-sides spanning three decades, remastered versions available on vinyl for the first time. The eight-disc collection also features restored artwork from the original 7″ releases, packaged in a bespoke hardback book.”

Track Listing:

Vinyl 1:

Side A: “Burning Down One Side”
Side B: “Like I’ve Never Been Gone”

Vinyl 2:

Side A: “Big Log”
Side B: “In The Mood”

Vinyl 3:

Side A: “Too Loud”
Side B: “Little By Little”

Vinyl 4:

Side A: “Ship of Fools”

Side B: “Tall Cool One”

Vinyl 5:

Side A: “Hurting Kind”
Side B: “Tie Dye on the Highway”

Vinyl 6:

Side A: “Calling To You”
Side B: “29 Palms”

Vinyl 7:

Side A: “Song To The Siren”
Side B: “Morning Dew”

Vinyl 8:

Side A: “Shine It All Around”
Side B: “Tin Pan Valley”