Voivod To Release “Forgotten In Space: The Noise Records Years” Box Set In July

Voivod will be releasing a new deluxe box set, titled “Forgotten In Space: The Noise Records Years,” on July 29. The set will include three albums, “Rrröööaarrr,“ “Killing Technology,” and “Dimension Hatröss,” as well as rare and previously unreleased content.

More information was shared on the set:

Remastered on red & black splatter vinyl

Remastered on green & purple swirl vinyl

Remastered on grey & red swirl vinyl

First time on vinyl. Green & black splatter vinyl

First time on vinyl. Blue & white splatter vinyl

40 page book containing new sleeve note interviews with Michel ‘Away’ Langevin telling the story of the early years of Voivod. Contains rare and previously unseen photos.

Mini documentary of interviews, live performances, behind the scenes & promotional videos from 1985 to 1989. Also includes previously unreleased video concert, live in Chicago ’88 and audio concert from World War III festival 1985.

Contains all the tracks from the expanded studio albums plus the live & demo albums.

‘Forgotten In Space’ will also be available as a 5 x CDs and DVD clamshell box set containing all the studio albums, bonus rare demo and live albums, the DVD containing the mini documentary and previously unreleased live concerts and a 20 page booklet.”

You can find a video for a previously unreleased 1987 demo of “Psychic Vacuum“ below:

DevilDriver To Release “Clouds Over California The Studio Albums: 2003 – 2011” Box Set In July

DevilDriver will be releasing a new box set, titled “Clouds Over California The Studio Albums: 2003 – 2011,” on July 29. The set, which will be available on CD and vinyl, will include the following albums: “DevilDriver,“ “The Fury In Our Maker’s Hand,“ “The Last Kind Words,“ “Pray For Villains,“ and “Beast.“ Pre-orders can be found HERE.

Union Square Music To Release New Soulfly Box Set “The Soul Remains Insane” In June

Union Square Music will be releasing a new Soulfly box set, titled “The Soul Remains Insane – The Studio Albums 1998 To 2004,” on June 17. The set, which will be available on CD and vinyl, will include the following albums: “Soulfly,“ “Primitive,“ “3,” and “Prophecy.“ A rarities collection, titled “Soulfire,” will also be included. That effort will feature the following rarities:

01. “Cangaceiro”
02. “Ain’t No Feeble Bastard”
03. “Possibility Of Life’s Destruction”
04. “Chaos”
05. “Soulfire”
06. “I Will Refuse”
07. “Under The Sun”
08. “Tribe” (Tribal Terrorism Mix)
09. “Quilombo” (Zumbi Dub Mix)
10. “Umbabarauma” (World Cup Mix)
11. “Terrorist” (Total Destruction Mix)
12. “Berimbau Jam”

Tool Charging Fans $810 For Autographed Ultra Deluxe Vinyl Edition Of “Fear Inoculum” (UPDATED)

UPDATE: According to a new post on Reddit, the band have now lowered the price of the vinyl to $750 following backlash from fans.

Original Story:

Tool are apparently charging fans $810 for an autographed ultra deluxe vinyl edition of “Fear Inoculum” at their live shows. A number of fans broke the news online including one who shared a photo from the merch booth on Reddit. A press representative also confirmed the news to Loudwire, saying the actual price is $750 with additional charges for venue fees and tax.

Tool said the following about the set:

“There’s some late breaking news from the band. Having just received their personal allotment of the forthcoming (TBA) FEAR INOCULUM ULTRA DELUXE LP, they were inspired to offer for sale this very limited number of advance pressings to TOOLARMY VIP PACKAGE holders (taking advantage of their early merch access) beginning with tonight’s show in Philadelphia and extending to the remaining shows in Elmont, Newark, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and so forth, or until there are no more available (prior to the worldwide release that’s projected for sometime in April).

Furthermore, these early vinyl arrivals (only a tour item for the time being) have been AUTOGRAPHED, adding a personal touch to the cover imagery. The package contains 5 discs of industry best 180g vinyl, with audio tracks on one side and etched art on the reverse of each side of the disc.Though the quantities are very limited, should there be any remaining copies, they will be made available to concert goers at the general merch booth.”

New Skid Row Box Set “The Atlantic Years 1989-1996” To Be Released In December

A new limited edition Skid Row box set, titled “The Atlantic Years 1989-1996,” is set to be released on December 3. The effort, which can be pre-ordered on CD and vinyl, will feature: “Skid Row,” “Slave To The Grind,” “B-Side Ourselves,” “Subhuman Race,” and “Subhuman Beings On Tour!!.”

Paradise Lost To Release “The Lost And The Painless” Box Set In November

Paradise Lost will be releasing a new box set titled “The Lost And The Painless“ on November 26. The effort, which will focus on the band’s early years, can be pre-ordered as a 6-CD/1-DVD set HERE. Notably, the set will also include a 92-page book, which will celebrate the 30th anniversary of “Gothic.“ That record will also be available on limited edition gold vinyl and cassette on November 26 as well.

“The Lost And The Painless” Track Listing:

CD 1 (The Demos):

“Paradise Lost” (1988):

01. “Drown In Darkness”
02. “Internal Torment”
03. “Morbid Existence”

“Frozen Illusion” (1989):

04. “Paradise Lost”
05. “Internal Torment”
06. “Frozen Illusion”

CD 2 (“Lost Paradise“):

01. “Intro”
02. “Deadly Inner Sense”
03. “Paradise Lost”
04. “Our Saviour”
05. “Rotting Misery”
06. “Frozen Illusion”
07. “Breeding Fear”
08. “Lost Paradise”
09. “Internal Torment II”

CD 3 (“Gothic“):

01. “Gothic”
02. “Dead Emotion”
03. “Shattered”
04. “Rapture”
05. “Eternal”
06. “Falling Forever”
07. “Angel Tears”
08. “Silent”
09. “The Painless”
10. “Desolate”

CD 4 (“Gothic” EP):

01. “Gothic” (Mix)
02. “Rotting Misery” (Doom Dub)
03. “Breeding Fear” (Demolition Dub)
04. “The Painless” (Mix)

CD 5:

‘Live Death’, Live In Bradford UK, 1989:

01. “Deadly Inner Sense”
02. “Frozen Illusion”
03. “Breeding Fear”
04. “Paradise Lost”
05. “Our Saviour”
06. “Rotting Misery”
07. “Internal Torment”

Live In Liverpool, 1989:

08. “Internal Torment”
09. “Our Saviour”
10. “Plains Of Desolation”
11. “Drown In Darkness”
12. “Paradise Lost”
13. “Nuclear Abomination”

CD 6 (“Live In Ludwigsburg, Germany, 1991“):

01. “Intro”
02. “Dead Emotion”
03. “Gothic”
04. “Paradise Lost”
05. “Breeding Fear”
06. “Eternal”
07. “Shattered”
08. “Frozen Illusion”
09. “Angel Tears”
10. “The Painless”
11. “Our Saviour”
12. “Deadly Inner Sense”


“‘Live Death’, Live In Bradford UK, 1989“:

01. “Deadly Inner Sense”
02. “Frozen Illusion”
03. “Breeding Fear”
04. “Paradise Lost”
05. “Our Saviour”
06. “Rotting Misery”
07. “Internal Torment”

“On Tour With Autopsy, 1990“:

01. “Deadly Inner Sense”
02. “Frozen Illusion”
03. “Breeding Fear”
04. “Paradise Lost”
05. “The Painless”

“The Lost Tapes, 1991“:

01. “Intro”
02. “Dead Emotion”
03. “Gothic”
04. “Paradise Lost”
05. “Breeding Fear”
06. “Eternal”
07. “Shattered”
08. “Frozen Illusion”
09. “Angel Tears”
10. “Silent”
11. “The Painless”

“Live In Berlin, 1991“:

01. “Dead Emotion”
02. “Gothic”
03. “Breeding Fear”
04. “Eternal”
05. “The Painless”
06. “Deadly Inner Sense”
07. “Our Saviour”

Nick Holmes commented:

“Looking at the artwork for ‘The Lost And The Painless‘ and remembering those early albums and live shows, It’s amazing to think that ‘Gothic‘ was released 30 years ago.

It serves as a very important chapter in the life of the band and conjures a lot of nostalgia from the early 90’s. We lived off crisps, slept in squats, on people’s floors and under vehicles. Cigarettes were £1.50 a packet, Stella Artois beer was still 5.2% proof, and travelling in a Ford Transit van with all the equipment and 10 people sitting on an old mattress was considered normal.

Distant memories aside, it was also a great time for Death Metal music in general, and ‘The Lost And The Painless‘ serves as a timely reminder.”

Sepultura To Release “Sepulnation – The Studio Albums 1998 – 2009” Box Set In October

Sepultura will be releasing a new box set titled “Sepulnation – The Studio Albums 1998 – 2009” on October 22. The set will be available on vinyl and CD and it will feature: “Against,“ “Nation,“ “Roorback,“ “Dante XXI,” “A-Lex,“ and their covers EP “Revolusongs.” Pre-orders can be found HERE. With this news, the group have also shared a new video for their cover of Public Enemy‘s “Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos” (feat. late Brazilian rapper Sabotage). Derrick Green commented:

“It’s an honor and privilege to be a part of Sepultura‘s history. I’m proud of all the work we have done together and it only makes sense to have this box set format released for the fans to have the complete history of Sepultura. Long live the Sepulnation!”

Overkill To Release “The Atlantic Years 1986 – 1994” Box Set In October

Overkill will be releasing a new box set titled “The Atlantic Years 1986 – 1994“ on October 29. The set is available to pre-order on CD and vinyl and it will feature the following records: “Taking Over,“ “Under The Influence,“ “The Years Of Decay,“ “Horroscope,“ “I Hear Black,“ and “W.F.O.“

Lordi To Release “Lordiversity” Box Set In November, Premiere “Believe Me” Video

Lordi will be releasing a new box set, titled “Lordiversity,” on November 26. The effort, which will be available as a seven-CD box set and as a seven-vinyl box set, will feature seven new albums including: “Skelectric Dinosaur,” “SuperFlyTrap,” “The Masterbeast From The Moon,” “Abusement Park,” “Humanimals,” “Abracadaver,” and “Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular.” You can find a video for the first single, “Believe Me,” below. Mr. Lordi commented:

“Within a week when the ‘Killectour’ was cut short in March 2020, I realized we’re gonna have to use the sudden extra time somehow. It was clear that it is the time to start planning the new album, even though ‘Killection’ was released not even two months before. I was thinking that the most boring thing we could do after ‘Killection’ is to do another basic Lordi album. And I was very much enjoying the different styles of songwriting, recording and production on ‘Killection’, but another boring idea would have been to do a part 2. Since ‘Killection’ is a fictional compilation album from a fictional back catalog that doesn’t exist, I got the idea that the only thing that could top that is to record and release that fictional back catalog. And until Halloween 2021 the fictional back catalog will be no longer fictional, it actually will exist… at least for the most part. My original idea was to release 10 albums, but the label said that is insane. But seven is a number they felt that is somewhat sane, hahahaha!”

Watch Former Metallica Bassist Jason Newsted Unbox Deluxe Box Set Edition Of “The Black Album”

Metallica have shared an unboxing video for the 30th anniversary deluxe box set edition of “The Black Album.” The clip features the band’s former bassist Jason Newsted and it can be seen below. As previously reported, the set will be released on September 10 alongside a massive tribute album called “The Metallica Blacklist”