Super7 To Release Premium Action Figure Based On The Minotaur From Slayer’s “Show No Mercy” Cover Art

Super7 are planning to release a premium Ultimates action figure based on the minotaur from the cover art for Slayer‘s “Show No Mercy.” Pre-orders can be found at Here’s a description of the toy:

“SLAAAAAAAYEER! The latest 7” scale ULTIMATES! Figure immortalizes the iconic heavy metal beast from the cover of Slayer’s game-changing 1983 debut album Show No Mercy! The figure is lavishly detailed and painted and comes packaged in a deluxe slip case-style box and features an epic assortment of interchangeable accessories.”

Kerry King: “I Don’t Think Slayer Are Ever Going To Play Again”

During a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Kerry King was asked if Slayer would be open to reuniting for more “Big Four” shows with Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax. The guitarist responded with the following:

“I would! But the way that I’m moving forward is I don’t think Slayer are ever going to play again. There’s no business of me playing by myself! Ha ha!”

Gary Holt Agrees With Kerry King That Slayer Called It Quits Too Soon: “We Were Totally Killing It”

During a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Gary Holt discussed Kerry King’s recent assertation that Slayer “quit too early.” He said the following:

“I’d have to agree. We were still playing at the top of our game, we were totally killing it. The band had a lot of years left in it, but I guess when it’s time, it’s time. When you decide to walk away from something, walk away. I can’t tell anybody they made the wrong decision. Better to go out on top than go out unable to play your own songs, and this shit isn’t easy. Playing ‘Angel Of Death’ at 70 years old would be fucking hard. But it was time for me to come back [to Exodus], let’s put it that way. I was really missing my first family.”

Gary Holt On The Possibility Of A Slayer Reunion: “To My Knowledge, It’ll Never Happen”

During a recent appearance on the “Scars And Guitars” podcast, Gary Holt was asked about the possibility of a Slayer reunion. He responded with the following:

“I highly doubt it… To my knowledge, it’ll never happen again. To my knowledge, I don’t know at the same time. Maybe someday someone just offers so much money that it changes people’s minds. But the band went out on a fucking super-high note, on top, and why sully that? I mean, we’ve already outlasted MÖTLEY CRÜE’s retirement. [Laughs] Well, theirs has gone a little longer because of the pandemic, but it took them — what? — a year to decide they’d tour again.”

This news comes after Kerry King recently said that the band “quit too early

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Kerry King Says Slayer “Quit Too Early”

Slayer’s Kerry King recently reflected on the band’s retirement, saying that he thinks they “quit too early.” The guitarist made the comment in a new video that was released in honor of Machine Head’s 30th anniversary:

“So, I hear congratulations are in order for my friends in Machine Head. Apparently, it’s 30 years, which is quite an achievement. Not a lot of bands get there. We did, and then we quit too early. Fuck us. Fuck me. I hate fucking not playing.”

Dave Lombardo Reflects On The 35th Anniversary Of Slayer’s “Reign In Blood”: “I Look At That Album As A Masterpiece”

During a recent interview with Metal Injection, Dave Lombardo reflected on the 35th anniversary of Slayer’s iconic 1986 album “Reign In Blood.” The drummer says he still regards the effort “as a masterpiece.”

Lombardo said the following:

“I look at that album as a masterpiece. And it’s one of those albums that will stand the test of time. It’s brilliant. The fire, the energy that that album has. I don’t hear that in other records. I don’t know if it’s because I’m listening to a band that I was part of that I have this perspective that’s objective. But you know, it’s brilliant and I’m very appreciative … I think that album will forever be like the epitome of thrash music and part of a historic time in music history.

You know, that energy, I miss that and I miss that style of playing.

Slayer is different. Slayer is different from Mr. Bungle and the other thrash bands I played with. Slayer had a certain energy that’s unlike anything else. And so that definitely is for me one of the greatest metal records ever made.”

Texas Lawyer Runs Into Slayer’s Tom Araya While Dressed As Michael Myers

Here’s a random story for you. Mark A. Metzger III, a lawyer in a Galveston, Texas, ended up running into Slayer frontman Tom Araya while he was walking around in a Michael Myers costume. He shared some photos of the meeting, which you can see below. According to ABC13, Metzger was later detained after police received reports about a masked man with a bloody knife. Authorities ultimately realized that the knife was fake and set Metzger free after citing him for disorderly conduct.

Slayer’s Early Catalog To Be Reissued On CD, Vinyl & Cassette

Metal Blade Records have announced that they will be reissuing Sayer’s early catalog on October 22. “Show No Mercy,” “Haunting The Chapel,” “Live Undead,” and “Hell Awaits” will all be available on CD, vinyl, and cassette. Pre-orders can be found HERE.

Here’s the available options:

“Show No Mercy“:

– jewelcase CD
– cassette (featuring a fold-out J-card and a smokey tint cassette shell)
– 180g black vinyl
– transparent red / black split vinyl (US exclusive)
– orange marbled vinyl (US exclusive)
– transparent red / black splatter vinyl (US exclusive)
– orange / red melt vinyl (EU exclusive)
– red / white splatter vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 1000 copies)

“Haunting The Chapel“:

– jewelcase CD
– cassette (featuring a fold-out J-card and a smokey tint cassette shell)
– 180g black vinyl
– opaque red / black split vinyl (US exclusive)
– red / white marbled vinyl (US exclusive)
– black / white splatter vinyl (US exclusive)
– red / white melt vinyl (EU exclusive)
– red / black splatter vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 1000 copies)

“Live Undead“:

– jewelcase CD
– cassette (featuring a fold-out J-card and a smokey tint cassette shell)
– 180g black vinyl
– midnight blue / black split vinyl (US exclusive)
– grey / black marbled vinyl (US exclusive)
– clear / blood red splatter vinyl (US exclusive)
– blue / white / black splatter vinyl (EU exclusive)
– blue / black splatter vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 1000 copies)

“Hell Awaits“:

– jewelcase CD
– cassette (featuring a fold-out J-card and a smokey tint cassette shell)
– 180g black vinyl
– transparent orange / black split vinyl (US exclusive)
– red marbled vinyl (US exclusive)
– transparent orange / black splatter vinyl (US exclusive)
– orange / red splatter vinyl (EU exclusive)
– red / yellow / black circle splatter vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 1000 copies)

New Zealand Mother Reportedly Names Her Three Children Metallica, Slayer, And Pantera

According to journalist and documentary filmmaker David Farrier (“Dark Tourist”), a mother in New Zealand has apparently named her three children Metallica, Slayer, and Pantera. Farrier tweeted the following about that:

[via Blabbermouth]

Dave Lombardo Says His Classic Slayer Drum Kits Were Stolen

During a recent interview with “Hangin’ & Bangin'”, former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo revealed that a lot of his classic drum kits have been stolen over the years. He said the following about that when asked how many drums he has collected during his career:

“Unfortunately… I don’t have many. Two storage units, at two different times in periods of my life, were broken into. So, I think, probably five-six drum kits out of the first storage unit were stolen. It was cleaned out – everything, road cases. And Slayer’s rehearsal room that we were at in Riverside was broken into; everything was stolen, all my classic drum sets. So I’m slowly building everything up again and trying to piece together some of my old classic kits, from kits that I see online that are similar.”

[via Metal Injection]