More Footage Of Mastodon Performing With Neurosis’ Scott Kelly On Current European Tour Available

Mastodon’s current European tour has seen them performing a special encore each night with Scott Kelly (Neurosis). This sets feature all six tracks Kelly guested on over the years including: “Crystal Skull”, “Scorpion Breath”, “Aqua Dementia”, “Crack The Syke”, “Spectrelight”, and “Diamond In The Witch House.” Now, some more footage of the two playing together has surfaced online:

[via The PRP]


Watch Footage Of Mastodon Performing With Neurosis’ Scott Kelly In Berlin

Mastodon officially kicked off their European tour with Scott Kelly (Neurosis) in Berlin, Germany last night (November 10). This trek sees the band performing all six tracks Kelly guested on live, including: “Crystal Skull”, “Scorpion Breath”, “Aqua Dementia”, “Crack The Syke”, “Spectrelight”, and “Diamond In The Witch House”. Check out footage of “Crack The Skye” from Berlin below:

[via The PRP]

Mastodon Release New “Sultan’s Curse” Imperial Stout

Mastodon have joined forces with Mikkeller Brewing once again to create a new imperial stout called “Sultan’s Curse,” named after a track on the band’s latest album “Emperor Of Sand“. The beer was made available today (October 19) at Mikkeller Brewing in San Diego, CA.

Here’s a description of the beverage:

“A monster Imperial Stout with intense layers of dates and coffee, which sit gracefully above a complementing cardamom brightness. Toasted pistachios bring depth and texture alongside an integrated spiced and vanilla bouquet from the bourbon-barrel aging. Full-bodied and complex.”

Dark Matter Coffee dicussed their contribution:

“We were stoked to do an ode to the old world of coffee for our friends at Mikkeller and Mastodon. We sourced a Yemeni coffee with loads of fresh tobacco, vanilla, and bakers chocolate to pile on to the decadence of the stout.”

Brann Dailor also commented on the beer:

“We are beer lovers and enthusiasts so it makes us really happy to have our name on such a delicious brew and what goes together better than heavy metal and beer?”

More info is avaialble HERE.

Mastodon, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, Etc. Albums To Get New Vinyl Picture Disc Releases

Warner Bros. and Reprise have announced the release of various picture discs from multiple artists. Those albums include Mastodon’s “Blood Mountain,” “Crack The Skye,” and “The Hunter,” Green Day’s “Dookie” and “Revolution Radio,” My Chemical Romance’s “I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love” and “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge,” Linkin Park’s “Minutes To Midnight,” and more. You can find those HERE. Some are available now, while others will be released at a later date.

Mastodon Release In-Studio Performance Video For “Toe To Toes”

Mastodon have premiered a new in-studio performance video for “Toe To Toes.” You can watch that over at Revolver. This song is from the band’s new EP “Cold Dark Place,” which is set to be released digitally and on CD on September 22 and on limited edition 10″ picture disc on October 27. Brent Hinds was originally planning to release it as a solo album about a “nasty breakup” and then considered adding it on to “Emperor Of Sand,” but it will now be a standalone release.