Ozzy Osbourne Shares New Animated Video For “Crazy Train”

Ozzy Osbourne has shared a new animated video for his song “Crazy Train.” The clip was created by Tiny Concert and it is being released as part of the frontman’s 40th anniversary celebration for “Blizzard Of Ozz.” A new expanded edition of that record was digitally released today (September 18). A new black and red swirl vinyl pressing will also be released on October 23 via Best Buy. Furthermore, fans can now buy new merch HERE and take part in a Twitter listening party on September 20.

Ozzy Osbourne To Digitally Release 40th Anniversary Expanded Edition Of “Blizzard Of Ozz”

Ozzy Osbourne will be digitally releasing a 40th anniversary expanded edition of his debut solo album “Blizzard Of Ozz” later this week. The effort will be available on September 18 and it will feature a number of bonus tracks.

“Blizzard Of Ozz” Expanded Edition Track Listing:

01. “I Don’t Know”
02. “Crazy Train”
03. “Goodbye To Romance”
04. “Dee”
05. “Suicide Solution”
06. “Mr. Crowley”
07. “No Bone Movies”
08. “Revelation (Mother Earth)”
09. “Steal Away (The Night)”
10. “You Looking At Me, Looking At You”
11. “Goodbye To Romance” (2010 guitar & vocal mix)
12. “RR” [Outtake from “Blizzard Of Ozz” Sessions]
13. “I Don’t Know” (from ‘Ozzy Live‘)
14. “Crazy Train” (from ‘Ozzy Live‘)
15. “Mr. Crowley” (from ‘Ozzy Live‘)
16. “Revelation (Mother Earth)” (from ‘Ozzy Live‘)
17. “Steal Away (The Night)” (from ‘Ozzy Live‘)
18. “Suicide Solution” (from ‘Ozzy Live‘)
19. “You Said It All” (live) (from ‘Mr. Crowley’ EP)

In other news, Osbourne is also planning to release digital video versions of “Live & Loud” and “Live At Budokan.“

Iron Maiden To Release 40th Anniversary Vinyl Pressing Of Their Self-Titled Debut Album

Iron Maiden will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of their debut self-titled album by releasing a new limited edition vinyl pressing on October 9. You can pre-order the effort as a crystal clear picture disc at ironmaiden.com.

The Obsessed To Celebrate 40th Anniversary With “Live At Big Dipper” Release

The Obsessed will be celebrating their 40th anniversary with a new live release titled “Live At Big Dipper.” The effort, which will be available on August 21, features a rough recording from an early show that drummer Dave “The Slave” Flood, bassist Mark “Professor Dark” Laue, and singer/guitarist Scott “Wino” Weinrichat played at the Big Dipper in Maryland, as well as several demos.

A description of the release was shared on Bandcamp:

“Live at Big Dipper is an authorized bootleg of Wino’s favorite-ever show with the original Obsessed lineup from the early 80s. We say “bootleg” because it’s a noisy, scratchy recording rescued from a worn aging tape that sounds like it was stored in a tool shed for 35 years. But despite the raw recroding, the performances are magic, and you can hear why this is a critical document of a seminal band at the peak of their early powers.”

Wino also commented:

“Years of spinning our wheels culminated in The Obsessed being known as a formidable live band, with a strange metal-glam-punk look. This show at the Big Dipper was one of the last if not the last show of the OG Obsessed lineup, and it’s my favorite by far. It’s raw and noisy and took some cleanin’ up, but here it is. If it ain’t heavy, it ain’t shit!!!”

“Live At Big Dipper” Track Listing:

01. “Lifer City” (Live)
02. “Field of Hours” (Live)
03. “Iron and Stone” (Live)
04. “Endless Circles” (Live)
05. “Leather Nuns” (Live)
06. “Decimation” (Live)
07. “Freedom” (Live)
08.” Mental Kingdom” (Live)
09. “Failsafe” (Live)
10. “Kill Ugly Naked” (Demo)
11. “A World Apart” (Demo)
12. “Higher Power” (Demo)
13. “Neatz Brigade” (Demo)

AC/DC’s Full “The Story Of Back In Black” Documentary Is Available To Watch For A Limited Time

AC/DC’s full “The Story Of Back In Black” documentary is now available to watch in full for a limited time. You can find that below courtesy of Loudwire. The film is being released as part of the band’s 40th anniversary celebration for “Back In Black.”

Guns N’ Roses, Alice In Chains, Anthrax, Lamb Of God, Etc. Members To Celebrate 40th Anniversary Of AC/DC’s “Back In Black” During Upcoming Livestream Event

Consequence Of Sound and Gibson will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of AC/DC’s “Back In Black” with a special livestream on July 24 at 5:00 p.m. ET. The virtual event, which will be hosted by Jared James Nichols, will find members of Guns N’ Roses, Alice In Chains, Anthrax, Trivium, Lamb Of God, Refused, Airbourne, GWAR, and more paying tribute to the iconic album. Fans can watch the livestream on Consequence Of Sound’s Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitch channels.

Motörhead To Release 40th Anniversary Box Set Edition Of “Ace Of Spades” In October

A new 40th anniversary edition of Motörhead‘s “Ace Of Spades” will be released on October 30. The effort will be available as a two CD set with a book and as a triple LP set with a book. There will also be two different super deluxe box sets. Pre-orders can be found HERE.

The most expensive box set will include the following:

  • The “Ace Of Spades” album, half-speed mastered and created from the original master tapes.
  • Two double-live albums of previously unheard concerts from the ‘Ace Up Your Sleeve‘ tour.
  • ‘A Fistful Of Instrumentals‘ : An EP of previously unreleased, instrumental tracks from 1980.
  • ‘The Good, The Broke & The Ugly‘. A double album of B-sides, outtakes and rare tracks.
  • ‘Ace On Your Screens‘: A DVD compilation of rare TV appearances from 1980-81, a live concert from 1981 and a 5.1 audio mix of the original album.
  • The ‘Ace Of Spades‘ story. A 40 page book telling the story of ‘Ace Of Spades‘ through previously unpublished interviews with the people that were there. Includes never before seen photos and memorabilia.
  • The ‘Ace Up Your Sleeve‘ tour program.
  • The Motörhead Rock Commando comic.
  • A set of 5 poker dice that can be played on the game board inside the box set lid.
  • A deck of Motörhead playing cards.
  • A bespoke Texas Hold Em poker mat.
  • A set of Motörhead casino chips.
  • Two Motörhead shot glasses.
  • All encased in a bespoke wooden, Wild West dynamite box.
  • A limited edition 7″ reproduction of the Dutch ‘Ace Of Spades‘ single, with a previously unreleased instrumental version on Side B.

Track Listing:

“Ace Of Spades“:

Side One:

01. “Ace Of Spades”
02. “Love Me Like A Reptile”
03. “Shoot You In The Back”
04. “Live To Win”
05. “Fast And Loose”
06. “(We Are) The Road Crew”

Side Two:

01. “Fire Fire”
02. “Jailbait”
03. “Dance”
04. “Bite The Bullet”
05. “The Chase Is Better Than The Catch”
06. “The Hammer”

“A Fistful Of Instrumentals” (10″):

Side One:

01. “Ace Of Spades” (instrumental demo)
02. “Hump On Your Back” (instrumental demo)
03. “Shoot You In The Back” (instrumental demo)
04. “Fast And Loose” (instrumental demo)

Side Two:

01. “Dirty Love” (instrumental demo)
02. “Love Me Like A Reptile” (instrumental demo)
03. “Dance” (instrumental demo)

“Live At Parc Expo, Orleans – March 5, 1981“:

Side One:

01. “Ace Of Spades”
02. “Stay Clean”
03. “Over The Top”
04. “Metropolis”
05. “Shoot You In The Back”

Side Two:

01. “The Hammer”
02. “Jailbait”
03. “Leaving Here”
04. “Fire Fire”
05. “Love Me Like A Reptile”

Side Three:

01. “Capricorn”
02. “Too Late, Too Late”
03. “(We Are) The Road Crew”
04. “No Class”

Side Four:

01. “Bite The Bullet”
02. “The Chase Is Better Than The Catch”
03. “Overkill”
04. “Bomber”

‘Ace On Your Screens‘ DVD:

Part 1 : Motörhead on TV 1980-1981
Part 2 : BBC In The City; Live In Belfast ‘81
Part 3 : 5.1 audio mix of “Ace Of Spades”

“Live At Whitla Hall, Belfast – December 23, 1981“:

Side One:

01. “Ace Of Spades”
02. “Stay Clean”
03. “Over The Top”
04. “The Hammer”
05. “Shoot You In The Back”
06. “Metropolis”

Side Two:

01. “(We Are) The Road Crew”
02. “No Class”
03. “Bite The Bullet”
04. “The Chase Is Better Than The Catch”

Side Three:

01. “Jailbait”
02. “Leaving Here”
03. “Capricorn”
04. “Too Late, Too Late”

Side Four:

01. “Overkill”
02. “Bomber”
03. “Motörhead”

“The Good, The Broke & The Ugly“:

Side One:

01. “Ace Of Spades” (alternative version)
02. “Dirty Love”
03. “Love Me Like A Reptile” (Alternative Long Version)
04. “Shoot You In The Back” (alternative version)

Side Two:

01. “Hump On Your Back”
02. “Fast And Loose” (alternative version)
03. “(We Are) The Road Crew” (alternative version)
04. “Fire Fire” (alternative version)
05. “Jailbait” (alternative version)

Side Three:

01. “Waltz Of The Vampire”
02. “The Hammer” (alternative version)
03. “Dirty Love” (alternative long version)
04. “Bastard”
05. “Godzilla Akimbo”

Side Four:

01. “Love Me Like A Reptile” (alternative version)
02. “Dirty Love” (alternative version)
03. “Please Don’t Touch” (performed by Headgirl)
04. “Bomber” (performed by Girlschool)
05. “Emergency”

“Ace Of Spades” (7″) (D2C exclusive):

Side One:

01. “Ace Of Spades”

Side Two:

01. “Ace Of Spades” (instrumental – previously unreleased)