RATT Planning 2018 Tour

RATT have confirmed that they will be touring in 2018. The band’s current lineup includes Stephen Pearcy, Juan Croucier, Warren DeMartini, and former Quiet Riot guitarist Carlos Cavazo.



Reunited Ratt Announce 2017 U.S. Dates

The newly reunited Ratt, featuring Stephen Pearcy, Juan Croucier, and Warren DeMartini, have announced some U.S. shows. Check out the dates for those below.


Tour Dates:

04/26 – The Paramount – Huntington, NY
04/27 – Theatre of Living Arts – Philadelphia, PA
04/28 – The Sherman Theater – Stroudsburg, PA
04/29 – M3 Rock Festival – Columbia, MD
05/28 – Rocklahoma – Pryor, OK
06/01 – Limelight – Peoria, IL
06/02 – Concord Music Hall – Chicago, IL
06/03 – Rockfest – Kansas City, KS
07/07 – Uncle Sam Jam – Woodhaven, MI
07/12 – Rock Fest – Cadott, WI

Bobby Blotzer On Battle Over Ratt Name : “This Is Definitely Not Over”

A judge recently denied Bobby Blotzer’s appeal regarding the Ratt name, but he still seems to be fighting. Boltzer still believes that Stephen Pearcy, Juan Croucier, and Warren DeMartini do not have a right to tour as RATT.


Here’s Boltzer’s statement:

“Hey Rattlers:
Just a small bit of info regarding the three bland mice show over the weekend and where things stand on the legal side

Thing look a lot worse than you think. If those lying thieves or anyone not privy to this knows whats going on, it sure as fk ain’t over. It it were, where’s the judgement?
PREDICTION: Injunction granted W.B.S. Inc RATT on tour all year.
Can’t give it all but, I can say with a true tongue, this is definitely not over. Very good surprises coming.
I saw a video of a couple of songs. Groundhog day.
SOS, Snoor
The Crypt Keeper Pearcy and his 15 year old stage garb,
Newz soon. FAHQ

Blotzer’s Attorney Says Demartini, Pearcy, & Croucier “Do Not Have Permission” To Call Themselves RATT

It was previously announced that Stephen Pearcy, Juan Croucier, and Warren DeMartini have gained the rights to the RATT name, and that Bobby Blotzer was expelled from the partnership, after a judge ruled in their favor. Now, Blotzer and his lawyer Drew Sherman appeared on One on One With Mitch Lafon and said the three don’t have rights to the name, because the WBS, Inc. Corporation owns it, and when the band created the corporation it only included Blotzer and DeMartini.


Sherman said the following:

“Essentially, WBS owns the name. They — meaning Stephen, Juan, Warren — whatever they’re going out as, they do not have permission to [tour as Ratt]. So right now they’re infringing the trademarks of Ratt owned by WBS.”

“The ruling that we have, there are many legal strategies that will be employed in order to change and bring to the court’s attention various other pieces of evidence as well as prior rulings. So it’s a long time before this is done. We’re not even at the appeals part yet, because there’s no judgment to appeal. So there’s a lot of time. Status quo will remain, and WBS owns the marks.”

Blotzer the following about his version of RATT:

“We’ve had tremendous, great success with this band out here. I mean, we’re headlining big gigs. It’s doing really well. I’m very proud of that. So I think [they’re] seeing this kind of success, now all of a sudden, from not liking each other or talking, [they’re in] collusion together and they decide that they’re gonna do this at this point, and there you have it. They’re making their move, and they don’t have the name Ratt.”

You can listen to the full podcast to hear more.

Stephen Pearcy, Juan Croucier, & Warren DeMartini Win The Rights To The RATT Name

Stephen Pearcy, Juan Croucier, and Warren DeMartini have officially gained the rigts to the RATT name, after a judge ruled against Bobby Blotzer, who has be touring under the name on his own. You can read more about that in the below press release, which was shared on eddietrunk.com.


“After the four remaining original members of Ratt (Pearcy, DeMartini, Croucier and Blotzer) finished touring in 2014, Bobby Blotzer began touring as Bobby Blotzer’s Ratt Experience, and Juan Croucier began touring as Ratt’s Juan Croucier. Realizing that he could make ten times as much per show touring as Ratt, Blotzer relabeled his cover band as Ratt, over the objections of every other member of the band. He then proceeded to get into litigation with each of his three partners in an effort to usurp control of the Ratt name, claiming that WBS owned the band name and he controlled WBS.

A Federal District Court in the Central District of California has now Ordered judgment to be entered against WBS/Blotzer, finding that WBS does not own the Ratt name (WBS, Inc. v. Juan Croucier et al., Case No. 2:15-cv-07251-DDP). Under a 1985 written Ratt Partnership Agreement, the name/trademarks are the property of the partnership and can only be transferred with the unanimous approval of all partners. Thus, in 1997 when Blotzer, DeMartini and Pearcy purported to transfer the trademarks to WBS, that transfer was invalid since Juan Croucier (Ratt bassist) whom was still a partner, and never advised of, let alone consented to, the transfer. Thus, the partnership still owns the Ratt name.

Pearcy, DeMartini and Croucier have also expelled Blotzer from the partnership. Blotzer thus has no further interest in the Ratt name and may now only refer to himself as a “former member of Ratt” as per the partnership agreement. DeMartini, Pearcy and Croucier look forward to continuing to tour as Ratt and thank their fans for all the ongoing support.”

RATT’s Stephen Pearcy, Juan Crouceir, & Warren DeMartini Play Surprise Show On Monsters Of Rock Cruise

RATT’s Stephen Pearcy, Juan Crouceir, and Warren DeMartini reunited and performed a surprise show today (October 1), on the Monsters Of Rock Cruise. The three were also joined by Carlos Cavazo (Quiet Riot) and Jimmy DeGrasso (ex-Megadeth, etc.) Check out some footage that Eddie Trunk (That Metal Show) shared on Periscope/Twitter:

Stephen Percy Says There Will Probably Never Be A New RATT Album

Stephen Pearcy was recently interviewed by Eddie Trunk, on his podcast, and discussed his departure from RATT. The singer said there will probably never be a new album.


The following was transcribed by Blabbermouth:

“It’s unfortunate. We get Juan [Croucier, bass] back into the mix a few years back, thinking things were gonna be copacetic and cool, and they just got worse. I made [it] very clear and [made everyone] aware, I can move on and do what I need to do without my band RATT, per se, and this monster I created. And so be it. Things got worse. And [I’m] just dealing with it and moving. It’s like rehab or something — you get rid of all these bad things in your life and you make things good.”

On whether things have gotten better between him and his former bandmates in the last several months since he announced his departure from RATT:

“It’s actually gotten worse, to some extent. And probably we’ll never see another RATT record because of it, and so be it. Like I said, you get rid of the bad to make your life good. And, as far as I’m concerned, that entails everything in my life. So, as far as a band, a band is a band. I mean, we were lucky to be around ten years, let alone, off and on, for thirty-plus. So, you know, it’s probably a done deal. But so be it. If people wanna hear the band, they can hear RATT music with me, singing my songs, but I doubt there’ll ever be another RATT record, no.”
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