Tarja Turunen To Release “Best Of: Living The Dream” In December

Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish) will be releasing a new “best-of” collection, titled “Best Of: Living The Dream,” on December 2. The CD and vinyl copies will feature 16 tracks and deluxe liner notes. The effort will also be available as a limited edition mediabook with 13 bonus tracks and a live show called “Circus Life” and as a limited edition box set with 19 bonus tracks, four picture discs, six art prints, two posters, and a fine art print signed by Turunen.

“Best Of: Living The Dream” Track Listing:

CD1 / LP1+2:

01. “Eye Of The Storm” (brand new song)
02. “I Walk Alone” (single version)
03. “Die Alive” (alternative version)
04. “Enough”
05. “Falling Awake” (feat. Jason Hook)
06. “Until My Last Breath” (single version)
07. “I Feel Immortal” (radio remix)
08. “Victim Of A Ritual”
09. “500 Letters”
10. “Never Enough”
11. “Innocence” (radio edit)
12. “Demons In You” (feat. Alissa White-Gluz)
13. “Diva”
14. “Dead Promises” (feat. Björn “Speed” Strid)
15. “Tears In Rain”
16. “You And I” (band version)

CD2 / Picture Disc 3+4:

01. “Oasis”
02. “Sing For Me”
03. “Anteroom Of Death” (edit version)
04. “In For A Kill”
05. “Naiad”
06. “Crimson Deep”
07. “Mystique Voyage”
08. “Deliverance”
09. “Into The Sun”
10. “Eagle Eye (feat. Chad Smith)
11. “Too Many”
12. “Love To Hate”
13. “Shadow Play”


01. “Rukous, Op. 40 : N°2”
02. “Oi, Kiitos Sa Luojani Armollinen”
03. “Ave Maria” (Camille Saint-Saëns)
04. “Ave Maria” (Giulio Caccini)
05. “Ave Maria” (Tarja Turunen)
06. “Walking In The Air”
07. “You Would Have Loved This”
08. “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”
09. “Together”
10. “O Tannenbaum”
11. “What Child Is This”
12. “Varpunen Jouluaamuna”
13. “Heinillä Härkien”
14. “En Etsi Valtaa Loistoa”
15. “Witch-Hunt”
16. “You Take My Breath Away”
17. “I Feel Pretty”
18. “The Cruellest Goodbye”
19. “World in My Eyes”


01. “Mystique Voyage”
02. “500 Letters”
03. “Naiad”
04. “Diva”
05. “You And I”
06. “Love To Hate”
07. “Demons In You”
08. “Never Enough”
09. “Falling Awake
10. “I Feel Immortal
11. “I Walk Alone”
12. “Victim Of Ritual”
13. “Innocence”
14. “Die Alive”
15. “Tears In Rain”
16. “Dead Promises”
17. “Until My Last Breath”
18. “Shadow Play”

Turunen commented:

“After all these years, I still really can’t believe it’s time for me to release a proper ‘Best Of’ album. So many beautiful moments, unbelievable. It has been a dream to put together this collection. And I really hope that you will enjoy this as much as I did while making it.”

The effort’s first single, a previously unreleased song titled “Eye Of The Storm,” can be found below. Turunen added the following about that track:

“It was the right time to finally release this song,” Tarja explains. “It has a very deep feeling of closure in it. It’s been influenced by two very important countries in my life: Finland and Argentina. It’s an internal battle inside of me. Because at that time in life, I was really searching for my place in this world, where I belong as a person, as an individual.”

Stephen Pearcy Planning To Release New Compilation Featuring Previously Unreleased RATT Songs, Solo Music, And Re-Recordings

RATT’s Stephen Pearcy has revealed that he is planning to release a new compilation album, titled “Legacy,” early next year. He shared the following information regarding that:

“RATT Stephen Pearcy with co producer Ron Mancuso at Studio77 #lasvegas today for the new Stephen Pearcy record “LEGACY” at Golden Robot Records tba. It’s coming together, finally picked the songs, finished sequencing, next mix and mastering. Just picking the songs (21) was tough enough, so many there might have to be a part two. Going to be way cool kidz, unreleased never before heard RATT songs, solo, re recordings and versions. Once mastered I’ll be able to give everyone a taste of what’s to come. So many great songs never before heard, now it’s time. Release dates TBA”

Deep Purple Digitally Release “Extras: The Now What?! B-Sides And Bonus Songs” Compilation

Deep Purple have released a new compilation album titled “Extras: The Now What?! B-Sides And Bonus Songs.” The effort is currently available in digital outlets and can be found on the service of your choice HERE.

earMUSIC shared more info on the set:

“The idea of this compilation started after sharing previously released ‘rare tracks’ on a private playlist. We believe it is a very interesting listen for all the fans that like to go deeper into the bands production process.

“NOW What?!” was a very important album for the band, bringing them back to No.1 (in Germany and many other countries). It is packed full of songs that have become modern hits and highlights in their history. It is an album that brings back many special memories of joy and well-deserved success.

Here is a short description of what you can find on the compilation:

1. “Hell To Pay (Radio Edit)”:

This edit was the first single released before the album came out. It was available as CD-Single and 7”, together with ‘All The Time in The World’. A great rock song, played live nearly every night during the NOW What?! and infinite tours.

2. “It´ll Be Me”:

This cover version of a Jerry Lee Lewis classic was added as bonus track on many editions of the NOW What?! CD. Compared to other songs on this compilation it will be an easy one to find on physical formats.

3. “All The Time in the World (Radio Mix Edit)”:

This version was a mix that became ready before the full album was finished. It is a little shorter than the album version and it features extra percussions and less guitar. The song obtained some radio airplay in various countries, paving the way for the album’s success. Listening back to it, we still believe that it is a Purple classic, and was played live occasionally during the NOW What?! tour. This version was released as B-Side on the “Hell To Pay” CD single and 7” vinyl.

4. “First Sign Of Madness”:

This studio song did not make it to the final album but it is a fantastic rock track; previously included on the Gold Edition of NOW What?! as well as the ‘Vincent Price’ single on CD-Maxi and 7”.

5+6. “Uncommon Man” & “Above and Beyond” – instrumentals:

These two songs were inspired by the late, great Jon Lord, who sadly passed away during the recording of the album. While the lyrics are a very important part of both songs, these instrumental versions show the beauty and the finesse of the instrumental parts.

7+8. “Après Vous” and “Hell To Pay” – instrumentals:

Previously released only as digital downloads and B-Side of the “Out of Hand” 10” Vinyl single. The vinyl 10” is not an easy one to find and the songs are available to stream for the first time.

9. “Green Onions / Hush (Live in Gaevle)”:

This great live version was mixed specifically to be released as B-Side of the “Above and Beyond” CD-single (also available as purple 7” vinyl, with a different B-Side). It shows the joy and energy that the band brought to the NOW What?! tour and gives a taste of the atmosphere on-stage and in the audience.

We hope you enjoy this playlist / compilation. Long live Deep Purple!”

Listen To Pure Noise Records’ New Covers Compilation “Dead Formats Volume 1“

Pure Noise Records have teamed up with Pabst Blue Ribbon for a new covers compilation titled “Dead Formats Volume 1.” The effort, which features Chamber, Rotting Out, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Hawthorne Heights, etc., can be streamed below:

“Dead Formats Volume 1” Track Listing:

01. State Champs – “What’s My Age Again?” (Blink-182 cover)
02. Four Year Strong – “Brain Stew / Jaded” (Green Day cover)
03. Drug Church – “Someday I Suppose” (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones cover)
04. Microwave – “Santeria” (Sublime cover)
05. Lurk – “Fell In Love With a Girl” (The White Stripes cover)
06. SeeYouSpaceCowboy – “Seven Years” (Saosin cover)
07. Hawthorne Heights – “Inside Out” (Eve 6 cover)
08. Spanish Love Songs – “We’ve Had Enough” (Alkaline Trio cover)
09. Elder Brother – “The Black Parade” (My Chemical Romance cover)
10. Rotting Out – “Society” (Pennywise cover)
11. Chamber – “Davidian” (Machine Head cover)
12. Seaway – “I’m The One” (Descendents cover)
13. Can’t Swim – “Radio” (NOFX cover)
14. The Dirty Nil – “Filler” (Minor Threat cover)
15. Red City Radio – “Move Along” (The All-American Rejects)

The Pretty Reckless To Release New Compilation Album “Other Worlds” In November

The Pretty Reckless will be releasing a new compilation album, titled “Other Worlds,” on November 4. The effort will feature covers and acoustic/alternative versions of some of the band’s songs. The first single, a remixed version of “Got So High,” can be found below:

“Other Worlds” Track Listing:

01. “Got So High” (remix)
02. “Loud Love” (Soundgarden cover)
03. “The Keeper” (Chris Cornell cover) (feat. Alain Johannes)
04. “Quicksand” (David Bowie cover) (feat. Mike Garson)
05. “25” (acoustic)
06. “Only Love Can Save Me Now” (acoustic)
07. “Death By Rock And Roll” (acoustic)
08. “Halfway There” (Soundgarden cover) (feat. Matt Cameron)
09. “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding” (Elvis Costello cover)
10. “Harley Darling” (acoustic)
11. “Got So High” (album version)

Singer Taylor Momsen commented:

“For a long time, we’ve been trying to figure out an alternative way of releasing music, including songs we love that didn’t make our records, covers, and alternate versions. We found a way to do this coherently and consistently with ‘Other Worlds’. We’re a rock band, so there are lots of electric guitars on our records. However, we’ve gotten incredible feedback from fans about our acoustic performances, and we’d never put those out in any real format. So, this is a different take on the traditional format of a record and a stripped back version of us that our fans haven’t really heard before, but it’s still us.”

Guitarist Ben Phillips added:

“You get to hear a different side of Taylor’s vocals. It was a chance for us to see what she would sound like singing songs by people who have inspired us. It also gave us some perspective of where we need to go and what we need to be if we want to be that good.”

Red Fang, Osees, Magic Sword, Etc. Contribute To Dungeons & Dragons-Inspired Compilation “Spelljams”

Chris Funk (The Decemberists) has curated a new compilation album inspired by the Dungeons & Dragons game “Spelljammer: Adventures In Space.” The effort is titled “Spelljams” and it features Red Fang, Osees, Magic Sword, Lucius, Black Marble, Shabazz Palaces, and more. The compilation is available in various digital outlets and it can also be pre-ordered on vinyl.

“Spelljams” Track Listing:

01. Magic Sword – “Seeds Of Destruction”
02. Osees – “Arena Of Blood”
03. Reggie Watts – “Space Is A Place”
04. TEKE::TEKE – “Visible Lights”
05. Black Marble – “Far”
06. Mikaela Davis – “Left Hand Path”
07. Lucius – “Love Is The Disaster”
08. Penny & Sparrow – “Xedalli”
09. Y La Bamba – “Moon Dancer”
10. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – “Light Of Xaryxis”
11. MonoNeon – “Spacefighters”
12. Cardioid & Pink Paint – “Crystalline Climbers”
13. Devon Gilfillian – “Me And The Moon”
14. Red Fang – “Endless Sea”
15. Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band – “Ghost Of The Nautiloid”
16. Deru & Arooj Aftab – “Forgotten Land”
17. Wizard Of Waz – “Topolah’s Song”
18. Califone – “Chaotic.Evil.Astral.Elves”
19. Shabazz Palaces – “The Door To Endlessness”

Funk commented:

“Helping facilitate bringing this world to life through music and the amazing artists’ visions that were selected was an honor of a lifetime. I am of the opinion when people think of Dungeons & Dragons that there is a preconceived underscore of what these worlds might sound like. With this bold return to Spelljammer we were excited to push the boundaries deep into Wildspace, working with artists from diverse musical backgrounds that could challenge what music in the multiverse of the world’s greatest roleplaying game might sound like. Each artist was given a character or plot prompt from the storyline, then challenged to write an original composition based on Light of Xaryxis. We hope you enjoy the result!”

Incantation Release “Tricennial Of Blasphemy” Rarities Compilation

Incantation are celebrating their 30th anniversary with a new rarities compilation titled “Tricennial Of Blasphemy.” The effort is currently available digitally and it will also be available on CD and vinyl on October 7.

“Tricennial Of Blasphemy” Track Listing:

01. “Pest Savagery” (Previously Unreleased)
02. “Ordained by Night’s Will” (Previously Unreleased)
03. “Obelisk Reflection” (25th Anniversary LP)
04. “Nefarious Warriors” (25th Anniversary LP)
05. “Degeneration” (Decibel Magazine Flexi Series)
06. “Absolved in Blood” (After Party Massacre OST)
07. “Scapegoat” (Scapegoat 7″)
08. “Sacrificial Sanctification” (Scapegoat 7″)
09. “Thieves of the Cloth” (Thieves Of The Cloth)
10. “Exiling Righteousness” (Thieves Of The Cloth)
11. “Hell Awaits” (Slayer cover)
12. “Horde of Bestial Flames” (Diabolical Conquest outtake)
13. “Ethereal Misery” (Legions of Iron & Steel Compilation)
14. “Impending Diabolical Conquest” (1996 Promo)
15. “Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish” (1996 Promo)
16. “Nocturnal Kingdom of Demonic Enlightenment” (1996 Promo)
17. “Subjugation Divine” (1996 Promo)
18. “Emaciated Holy Figure” (Relapse Corporate Death Compilation)
19. “Deliverance of Horrific Prophecies” (Deliverance of Horrific Prophecies 7″)
20. “Profanation” (Deliverance of Horrific Prophecies 7″)
21. “Intro-Entrantment of Evil” (Entrantment of Evil 7″)
22. “Eternal Torture” (Entrantment of Evil 7″)
23. “Devoured Death” (Entrantment of Evil 7″)
24. “Unholy Massacre” (Entrantment of Evil 7″)
25. “Oath of Armageddon” (Live 2014)
26. “Portal Consecration” (Live 2014)
27. “Impending Diabolical Conquest” (Live 2010)
28. “From Hollow Sands” (Live 2013)
29. “Iconoclasm of Catholicism” (Live 2013)
30. “Absolved in Blood” (Live 2010)
31. “Lead to Desolation” (Live 2010)

Smith/Kotzen (Iron Maiden, The Winery Dogs) To Release “Better Days …And Nights” In September

Smith/Kotzen, the project featuring Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) and Richie Kotzen (The Winery Dogs), will be releasing a new compilation album, titled “Better Days …And Nights,” on September 16. The effort will include the band’s “Better Days” EP and various live tracks. You can find a live video for “Hate And Love” below:

“Better Days …And Nights” Track Listing:


01. “Better Days”
02. “Got A Hold On Me”
03. “Hate And Love”
04. “Rise Again”


05. “Hate And Love” (Live)
06. “Got A Hold On Me” (Live)
07. “Scars” (Live)
08. “You Don’t Know Me” (Live)
09. “Running” (Live)

Smith commented:

“I think everyone in the band was extremely happy with how our very first tour turned out. We were all naturally a little anxious as we’d never played live together before but once we got out there, everything fell into place really easily and we all had a tremendous amount of fun. I can’t wait until we can do it again and get to play in many more places next time round.”

Kotzen added:

“We spent a lot of time discussing which of the songs from the live show to include on this CD. We wanted to capture an accurate snapshot of the special vibe we all felt on the tour and I think we’ve achieved this in the songs we’ve selected, and hope our fans will agree. We’re looking forward to seeing everybody again on future tours.”

Raven To Release “Leave ‘Em Bleeding” In September

Raven will be releasing a new compilation album, titled “Leave ‘Em Bleeding,” on September 30. The effort will feature songs from “ExtermiNation” and “Metal City,” along with various bonus tracks. John Gallagher commented:

“In a way, this record is a retrospective on the past seven years, which were hugely important to us, even if they haven’t always been easy.”

“Leave ‘Em Bleeding” Track Listing

01. “Top Of The Mountain”
02. “Metal City”
03. “The Power”
04. “Destroy All Monsters”
05. “Battle March / Tank Treads”
06. “Crash Bang Wallop” (live)
07. “Necessary Evil”
08. “Space Station #5” (Montrose cover)
09. “Malice In Geordieland”
10. “Bad Reputation” (Thin Lizzy cover)
11. “Rock This Town”
12. “Stay Hard” (live)

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard Release “Demos Vol. 3 + Vol. 4” Compilation

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard have released a new demo compilation titled “Demos Vol. 3 + Vol. 4.” Fans can purchase the set via Bandcamp.

“Demos Vol. 3 + Vol. 4” Track Listing:

01. “Music To Eat Pond Scum To”
02. “All Is Known” (Demo 1)
03. “Stoned Mullet” (Demo)
04. “Greenhouse Heat Death” (Demo 1)
05. “Party Potential”
06. “Gaia” (Demo)
07. “German Rock n’ Rolle”
08. “Sleep Drifter” (Demo 1)
09. “Mariposa”
10. “Mars For The Rich” (Demo 2)
11. “The Hungry Wolf Of Fate” (Demo 1)
12. “Flying Fishie”
13. “The Dripping Tap” (Demo 1)
14. “Music To Die To”
15. “Sleep Drifter” (Demo 2)
16. “Uncolonise”
17. “Altered Beast I” (Demo)
18. “Worm”
19. “The Bird Song” (Demo 2)
20. “Kelebek”
21. “Predator X” (Demo)
22. “Tea And Jam”
23. “Big Fig Wasp” (Demo)
24. “Cookies”
25. “The Mother Hen”
26. “The Dripping Tap” (Demo 2)

Stu Mackenzie commented:

“! On Bandcamp now !


*A refresher to anyone who’s forgotten or is new here. “Bootleg” in gizzard-speak means anyone is allowed to make copies of this album. If you’re a label you can release it like any other release. If you’re not a label you can go create a label right now and sell this album to whoever you want. Or if you just wanna make some tapes, CDs 7”s or whatevs for fun, YOU CAN. You don’t need our permission or anything – just goooo to the bootleg section on our website to find everything you need. Only rule is u gotta send us some to our @gizzverse store. IT’S SO FUN!

PS a bunch more bootlegs dropping on @gizzverse – head there for deets

Stu xox”